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Steve Jobs Leadership Skills Breakdown - How To Motivate People

大家好吗 我是查理这里是《非凡领导力》
What’s up everybody? This is Charlie from Charisma on Command.
And today I’m going to be doing a leadership breakdown of Steve Job.
And I say leadership very specifically
Because unlike a lot of people you had seen me do on this channel before
Steve Jobs was not the world’s most likable guy.
事实上 许多在他身边工作过的人都认为他不近人情
In fact, a lot of the people who worked most closely with him would describe him as very abrasive.
但不可否认 他在鼓舞与领导员工方面绝对是专家
But what he was undeniably a master at was inspiring and leading people.
他重回苹果 企图让苹果起死回生
When he came back to Apple to turn that company around,
可所有的员工 顾客 投资者 都没有信心
he had employees, customers investors, all who were doubting what Apple was capable of.
然而 毫不夸张的说 在乔布斯的带领下 苹果一度成为世界上最赚钱的公司
Yet he led them to be, literally, the most profitable company in the world at one point in time.
所以今天我想说说 他是如何做到的这一切都始于一个目标
So what I want to do is talk about how he was able to do that and it starts with a vision.
There needs to be someone who is sort of the keeper and reiterator of the vision,
因为 生活充满着冗杂的工作很多时候
because there’s just a ton of work to do, and a lot of times, you know,
当你迈出一千英里长途的第一步时 这条路就像永远走不到尽头
when you have to walk a thousand miles and you take the first step it, it looks like a long way,
如果有人说:“很好 我们又近了一步” 你就会受到很大的鼓舞
and it really helps if there’s someone there saying “Well, we’re one step closer,” you know.
这个目标是真实存在的 并非海市蜃楼
The goal definitely exists. It’s not just a mirage out there.
所以一千英里的路与一小步 甚至是更长的路
So in a thousand and one little and sometimes larger ways,
the vision needs to be reiterated.
I do that a lot.
So this, perhaps, the most important role of the leader is to set a clear achievable
并且具有说服力的目标 因为不论你管理的是个小团队还是整个公司
and persuasive vision, because whether you’re managing a group of small people, or an entire company,
that group will tear itself apart as it runs in the direction of individuals.
What it needs is a uniting purpose, a uniting vision that is constantly in everybody’s mind
so that they are all moving in the same direction to move that company or that group forward.
现在我想谈谈 乔布斯为苹果设定的目标是什么
So I want to talk about, now, what exactly the vision that Steve has set forward for Apple was,
and why it was so compelling.
What we’re about isn’t making boxes for people to get their jobs done, although we do that well.
而且在某些情况下 我们几乎是做的最好的
We do that better than almost anybody in some cases,
but apples about something more than that.
Apple, at the core, its core value, is that we believe that people with passion can change the world for the better.
That’s what we believe now.
Now, this is the core vision, the core value, whatever, the core passion, whatever you want
核心目标 核心价值 或者说核心情感
to call it, that Steve Jobs has set out for his employees, and for the people who bought his products.
It’s that people with passion can change the world.
现在我们谈谈 为何这个目标看起来很模糊但实际却非常有效
And I want to talk about why this vision was seemingly very broad is, actually, incredibly effective.
首先 它很简单
First one, it’s very simple.
Almost any of the marketing messages that you’ve heard from Apple or Steve Jobs
总结起来也就几个字 或者一句话
boil down to just a few words, certainly one sentence.
想想iPod的口号 “把一千首歌放进你口袋里”
So, if you think back, there was the iPod campaign that was “1,000 songs in your pocket.”
我第一次看见乔布斯谈论 电脑是什么 这个话题时
The first time that I saw Steve Jobs talk about what the computer was.
He said it’s like a bicycle for the mind.
You need to keep your vision, your core set of values very, very simple,
因为你的员工 下属 顾客
because your employees, the people beneath you, the people who are buying your products,
they need to be able to communicate it succinctly to the people around them.
第二 看起来似乎是个悖论
Step two and this is seemingly contradictory.
This isn’t about, you know, we’re going to be the number one computer maker in the entire world,
which is what the mission is for a lot of companies.
This goes beyond being number one.
This goes beyond making a lot of money.
This goes to a fundamental human need,
做能持续影响 改变世界的事情
which is to do something that matters right to have work that has a lasting impact that can change the world.
If your vision is in inspiring people on an emotional level,
if you’re just firing them up with the promise of higher compensation,
that vision will fall flat on its head.
最后 乔布斯从不让目标流于表面 而是用行动贯彻
The last thing is that Steve Jobs didn’t just have this vision in his head.
He was ruthless about living by it.
A lot of people, when they talk about company visions, or even their own personal life visions,
都是言辞浮华 并不能下定决心
it’s a flowery set of words that they don’t actually make decisions by.
Steve Jobs was ruthless in cutting product lines that he didn’t think it would change the world,
that he didn’t think Apple could be the best at.
他一直努力让人们重新树立目标 有所作为
He constantly was refocusing his people on this vision of doing something big
改变世界 老实说 那曾是他们的黄金时代
that was going to change the world, and, honestly, that was their heyday was
when they came out with the iPod and the iPad and even the iMac before that.
That focus on the vision is what made it so powerful.
这就是乔布斯如何鼓励他身边的人 如果你观察苹果的员工
That is what inspired the people around him, and if you’ll look at his employees,
你就能马上发现 他们能很好的清楚的领会这种理念
as we’ll do in just a second they picked up the message loud and clear.
我必须说 在我见过的人中
I have to say, of all the people I’ve met,
there is nobody, clearly, nobody like Steve.
当他在你旁边 跟你说话时你能感觉到身体里有电流
When you are next to him and he was talking to you, you could feel the electricity in your body.
你能感受到他的魅力 那并不是因为他喜欢通过搞个人崇拜来领导别人
You could feel his charisma, and it wasn’t it’s because he was a cult leader
or anything, you just, actually, could feelit,
我并不是一个信徒 但我却也感受到了
because I’m not necessarily a cult follower.
And, he made you feel he could inspire you.
He made you feel like you could do anything.
而且只要你坚信 你就可以做到
And as long as you believe that, you, really, could do anything,
as long as you’re willing to sacrifice everything else.
So, really, that’s what Steve Jobs did for the people around him,
the people under him that worked for him
he made them feel like they could not only change the world,
只要他们肯努力 一切皆有可能
but that anything was possible if they worked hard enough,
所以他们愿意竭尽所能 完成各种任务
and so they were willing to go to really extreme measures to pull the kind of things off
that he asked for were often times were quite frankly, technologically infeasible,
and ridiculous, and very hard to pull off.
但他们都能做到 因为他们坚信
But they managed to do it because of this belief that it was possible,
that passionate people could change the world.
Now this was not the only thing that Steve Jobs had going for him.
实际上有很多件 不过现在我只想提一件
In fact there’s a lot of other stuff but the second one that I want to touch on, now,
is what got people emotionally riled up
因为乔布斯用了很多夸张的比喻 我们来看一下
and it’s that Steve Jobs spoke in high stakes metaphors. Let’s check it out.
如果你愿意 Sun其实是我们的朋友 因为他们在市场上投入了大量的金钱
Sun is, if you will our friend because they’re going to spend their marketing money
to convince people to move into this segment.
But the minute they’ve madetheir choice to move into the segment
无论是受我们影响 还是Sun影响
whether we’ve convinced them or Sun has convinced them
Sun 和NeXt都注定是宿敌
Sun and NeXt are mortal enemies.
这种宿敌 并不是你印象中做电脑
So, there you go, mortal enemies; not something you’d expect someone who talks about computers,
微处理器 或者工作站的人描述商业广告战的方式但是这引燃了人们的激情
microprocessors, and workstations to describe a business battle ads, but that gets people fired up.
换句话说 从宏观上看 如果我们的失败是因为
In other words, if we zoom out the big picture, it would be a shame to have lost the war because
我们赢了一些小战役 那就太丢人了 我和其他同事认为
we won a few battles. And, I sort of feel like I, and so are the rest of us, are concentrated
我们过多的关注无关紧要的战争 而忽视了宏观上的战斗
too much on the smaller battles, that, and we’re not keeping the war in perspective,
and the war is called survival.
他再一次使用了生存 战斗 战役这些富有人情味和煽动力的词汇
Again, he’s talking about survival, war, smaller battles. These are all very human, emotionally-driven,
archaic-type of things, almost.
These go back hundreds, if not thousands, of years, and
在历史的长河里 人们有很多参考点来思考
people have a lot of reference points to think about what war, battle, survival
战争 战斗 生存的意义
means, all the way throughout history
some people, even, from personal experience.
当你使用这些词和修辞手法 而不是简单地说
So when you talk in this sort of terms, and this sort of metaphors, and not just in,
“我们不赢 就会失业”
“Okay, we’ve got to win or we might lose our jobs.”
This gets people emotionally engaged,
and that was something that Steve Jobs was able to do to an incredible level with his own employees.
Well, Big Blue dominates the entire computer industry, the entireinformation age.
Was George Orwell right?
So that’s Steve Jobs talking about IBM, Big Blue, and how they have the majority of market share in the 1980s,
我不喜欢这种说法 但是它非常有效——创造一个敌人
and, again, this is not one that I love, but it is incredibly effective–creating an enemy.
纵观苹果的历史 乔布斯心中一直有一个敌人
Throughout Apple’s history, Steve Jobs always had an enemy in mind.
有时是微软 有时是IBM
At some point, it was Microsoft, it was Big Blue, there.
Other times, it was just conformity, in general.
There was the PC guy versus the Mac guys.
他在演讲中总会树立一个对立面 并用“敌人”这个比喻
There’s always an antithesis in the way that he speaks, and having that enemy, again,
gets people incredibly fired up.
They feel like their survival is on the line.
They feel like they need to win a battle and
所以他们更努力地工作 虽然我本人并不赞成这种策略
they worked that much harder, not a tactic that I’m a huge fan of,
because I don’t think that the world needs to be perceived in terms of us versus them, all the time,
但从乔布斯的立场看 这个方法很有效
but from Steve Jobs’ perspective, this works, this, absolutely,
got people working harder for him.
So you start with this very clear, very simple vision
that gets people moving in the same direction, something that they’re excited about.
这种情感助燃剂也可用比喻解释 用乔布斯的话说
You add to that this jet fuel have emotionally charged metaphor, and in the case of Steve Jobs,
这就是战争 这就是生存
he talked about wars, he talked about survival,
and he added this element of this looming enemy that people needed to fight and struggle against.
That gets people moving very, very passionately.
这些条件 缺一不可 幸运的是 对乔布斯来说
But that all falls apart if one piece isn’t there, and, fortunately, for Steve Jobs,
有一样东西在他心里十分强大 那就是信念
it’s something that he had in spades, which is conviction.
Steve Jobs believed everything that he said to a fault.
He had this vision of the world that he truly felt was going to come true,
and when he communicated with people,
they sensed how much he believed it,
and that certainty made them jump onto his bandwagon.
So I wanted to go, now, to John Scully.
This is the guy who was asked to be the CEO of Apple
when Steve Jobs was working there.
He was currently the CEO of Pepsi
and here he is, recounting the story of how Steve Jobs got him to leave his cushy gig at Pepsi.
然后他就看着我 用乔布斯式特有的凝视
And then, he looked up at me, and just stared at me, with this stare that only Steve Jobs
has, and he said, “You want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life or do you
want to come with me and change the world?”
我当时噎住了 因为我也想知道
And I just gulped because I knew I would wonder
如果不去 我的人生将会错过什么
for the rest of my life what I would have missed.
And there you have it. That is what fires people up. Now, I don’t have a ton of time
to talk about how to develop conviction, maybe, that’s for a topic for another video.
如果你感兴趣 可以在评论区留言
If you’re interested in that, go ahead and let me know in the comments.
But there’s one way that
可以让说服变得非常有效 那就是我们的用词
conviction comes through very, very clearly, and it’s in the choice of words that we use.
Our words betray the way that we feel all the time.
And if you’ll look at Steve Jobs,
he, oftentimes, didn’t talk in terms of possibilities.
He talked in certainties.
He would say, “We are this.” “We will release this computerby this date.”
He talked as if things had already happened,
如果你知道这个诀窍 康纳·麦格雷戈就是一个类似的例子
which is, actually, a very similar thing to Conor McGregor, if you’ve seen that breakdown.
比如 当乔布斯重返苹果时
So I just want to show one example when he come back to Apple, how he
他谈论苹果的再次崛起 他并没有说我们可能会做到
talked about the company bouncing back, and it wasn’t we will likely do this, you know,
we can do this. It is “We will do this.”
I really, deeply appreciate all of the commitment
that’s in this room and with the people not in this room the turning this company around.
This company is absolutely gonna turn around.
实际上 我现在考虑的问题已经不再是:“我们能否让苹果好转?”
As a matter of fact, I think the question now is not, “Can we turn around Apple?”
我认为这是我们该做的 我想现在的问题是:“我们能否让苹果再次变得强大?”
I think that’s the given for us. I think it’s “Can we make Apple really great again?”
然后你就知道 苹果绝对能起死回生
So there you go. This company is absolutely going to turn around.
不论何时你说话的时候 都要特别注重用词
Whatever comment that you do is you pay particular attention to the words that you find yourself using
when you’re speaking to people trying to persuade them.
大部分时候 我们总是想什么说什么
Oftentimes we say exactly what we think
and we show other people exactly how we feel.
See if you are speaking with certainty or,
实际上 就是看你是否会暴露不确定
actually, if you’re betraying the fact that you’re very uncertain yourself.
This isn’t something you can fake.
它在你上千个微表情 语调以及用词中表现
This is communicated in a thousand micro expressions, in your vocal tonality, and in your word choices.
因此 如果你想让自己有说服力
So, if you want to have the conviction around something you’re saying,
you first need to have confidence.
So I set up a separate video with an exercise.
科学证明 它可以帮助你在60秒内获得自信
It is designed to give you a scientifically-proven boost of confidence inside of 60 seconds,
so that you can speak with the conviction of someone like Steve Jobs.
This is the type of thing that I do before I record a video,
before I get on stage and can basically take you from that feeling of nervous anxiety
让你说话更流利 不至于吐字不清 舌头打结
not speaking very clearly, tripping over your words, to speaking much more fluidly,
much more connected with what you have to say,
communicating to the people around you in a much more effective manner.
所以 如果你想看这个视频
So, if you want to see what that video is,
it’s that you can learn in just a few minutes and implement in 60 seconds.
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So, until those future videos, I’m Charlie.
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