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PPT“关于我们”页制作1 – 译学馆
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Slide Design Tutorial | 'About Us' Page in PowerPoint (Part 1 of 2)

你好 YouTube 本课我们将制作“关于我们”这一页
Hello,YouTube .In this tutorial, we’ll creat an “about us”page.
We’ll search for a nice image you can use in your powerpoint.
这个就是幻灯片完成后的样子 那么准备开始制作吧
And, this is how does the slide to look after we’ve done. So let us kick in and start working.
嘿 欢迎回到课堂
Hey, welcome back to the course.
Right now we’ll be designing the next slide, which will be the “about us” page.
对于如何制作这一页 方法有许多种
There are many approaches on how to prepare such a page.
但我想我已经有了主意 我们会用一张大图片来做
But I think I already have an idea and we’ll use a big picture for that.
So let me start by adding the new slide for the “about us” page.
I told you that I’ll present you one on one how I create this presentations.
So I’ll also review very nice resources for you.
这就是其中一个网站 这是一个非常好的网站
And here is one of them,’s a great website.
在这儿你可以找到完全免费 没有版权限制的图片
Where you can find completely free without copyright images.
And there are adding ten new photos every ten days.
那么 我输入“一些办公室图片”
So I just tap in “some office photo”.
正如你看到的 这儿的图片并不多
And as you see there are not so many photos.
但是 我们可以用那一张 我们也可以用这一张 我已经下载了其中的两张
But we could use that one.We could use that one. I have download the two of them.
我们会把这两张图片插入幻灯片 那么我们开始吧
And we’ll enter them into the presentation. So let’s start.
我最喜欢删除新幻灯片上的所有东西 我选中图片
My favorite thing to do, delete everything.I take the photo.
例如这张办公室图片 我把它插入幻灯片
For example this office photo, and I place it in the presentation.
它有点儿大 这是一张长方形图片 那么我要做什么呢
It’s quite a bit big, and it’s a rectangle photo. So what I want to do.
我点击顶部的“图片工具” 选取裁剪
I click the “picture tools” on the top. I go to “crop” .
我裁剪一点儿图片底部 像这样
And I crop the bottom side just a little bit. Let’s say like that.
或者再多一点 因为我喜欢这张图的上面部分
or even a bit more,because I like the top side of the image.
And I simply make the image big.
我希望这张图覆盖 大概 整张幻灯片的百分之七十五
I would like the image to cover, for example,75 percent of this slide.
那么 它应该像这样 不要太大
So it should be something like this, not too much.
我们可以再调整后面的大小 幻灯片会自动切断
So we can resize it’s later. Powerpoint is snapping this automatically.
我仍然需要裁剪这张图片 再一次像那样从底部开始
And I still need to crop this image. Let’s say from the bottom again like that.
好了 耶 这看起来好一点儿了
Alright, yeah,this looks a little bit better.
我想它再大点儿 于是我再做一遍
I want to it to be more, so I do it again.
我再一次裁剪 这张图片被我弄丑了 我把它整个都裁掉了
I crop again. I’m really ugly with this photo.I crop whole of it.
没关系 我只是希望它达到我想要的效果
It doesn’t matter. I just want to achieve the effect I want it to achieve.
我有点儿慢 我加快速度 从这儿选取4个图标
I’m a little bit too slow. So let me speed up.I take 4 icons from here.
复制图标 把它们插入幻灯片
I copy them and I insert them on the slide.
好了 现在选中它们有点儿困难 让我把它们放到下面
Alright, I have trouble selecting them now. Let me take them to the bottom.
And let me set the image back.
我觉得 这张图片有点儿太小 再一次调整其大小
As I see, the image is a little bit too small.I can resize it.
我想要为你们展示一个好的技巧 怎样简单有效的覆盖图片
I want to show you a nice trick how to cover up the image with a simple effect.
选中一个长方形 使它的大小和图片大小完全一致
I select a rectangle. I make the rectangle exactly the same size as the image.
在长方形上右击鼠标 选择形状格式
I right click on the rectangle. I go to format shape.
首先是形状轮廓线 选择无轮廓线
First I make shape outline, “No outline” .
And now I want to select the branding color this time using for the entire presentation.
既然我已经做了灰色的标题 我们都将采用同类灰色
Let’s say since I’ve already make the title grey. We’ll go for a greysh approach.
只要选择一种灰色 可以再暗一点
And I’ll simply select a grey color. It can be even darker.
并且调整其透明度 你可以看到我们做出了一个非常棒的效果
And I work with the transparency, as you see we can creat a very nice effect.
我们可以看到一点下面的图片 可能太暗了
When the image is a little bit visible, maybe it’s too dark.
现在它太模糊了 这需要些技巧 它给图片增添了些许味道
Now it’s too milky. This should do the trick. This adds a little bit more flavor to the image.
好了 已经完成了 组合图片 或许我该选择一张暗一点的图片
All right, I have done with that.I group the image. Maybe I should select a darker image with.
没关系 我们就用这张图片
Never mind,we use an image like that.
接下来 我开始处理图标
And I start working with the icons.
I align the icons together, all four of them.
PowerPoint会助我完成此步 选中所有图标
PowerPoint is helping me with that. I select all of them.
我想把这些图标变大一些 就一些些
I want to make them to just slightly bigger, just slightly.
因为它们都是矢量图标 我可以随意重新着色
And since they’re vectorial icons. I can recolor them as I would like.
So I select another color for each of the shapes.
一个漂亮的蓝色图标 一个漂亮的绿色图标 一个漂亮的蓝色图标
A nice blue one. A nice green one. A nice orange one.
再看看 还有哪些基础颜色
And for example, what do we have from the basic colors?
好吧 这个就用棕黄色 完成了 现在选中所有图标
Well,it can be a brownish yellow. It’s all right. Now I select all of the icons.
去到连接工具栏 把这些图标放到前面
I go to “joint tools” , and I bring them forward.
所以它们现在在图片前面 我把它们放到这儿
So they’re in forward of the image. I place them here.
And I select another time insert shapes.
我想为这些图标做一个背景 长按换档键
And I would like make some background for the shapes. So by holding the shift key.
I create a perfect rectangle.
I want the rectangle to have a white fill.
接着选中轮廓线 选择粗细
Then I select the shape outline. I go to “weight” .
做一条粗一些的 大概3磅的轮廓线圈住图标
and make a big, maybe a 3 pound outline around it.
正如你所见 这将会是所有图标的背景
As you see, this will be a background for all the images.
点击几次向后移 它们就到图标后面了 把背景图形变小一点
Click a few times send backwards, and they’re backwards already. I make them smaller.
当然 图标的选择要根据你是做哪种生意
Well,the images should de(pend), the icons should depend on what type of business
现在你可以这样做 复制该图形4遍
you’re doing right now. I copy it four times.
接着要把所有图形后移 希望它们能完美地盖住图标
And I send all of them backwards, hoping that they will cover up the icons perfectly.
行了 现在做什么呢 一直选择形状轮廓
All right, what I should now do? I should always select shape outline.
通过利用吸色管 我要把轮廓色变得与图标色一致
And by using the eyedropper, I should make the outline the same with the icon.
好的 图标已经处理完成 迅速复制第一张幻灯片文本
OK, the icons are already. I quickly copy the text from the first slide.
把文本插到这儿 写上公司名称
To insert that here, may with company name.
选中文本 调成白色 把它放到中间
I select the text. I make it white,and I place it in the middle.
接着 回到第一张 选中文本 迅速下移文本框
Then, I go back.I select the text. Degrade quickly a textbox.
And I’ll make the text a little bit smaller.
等我一下 让我在这儿编辑一些文字
Wait a second for me to right here editing. I find out some text.
我觉得要把文本调整的刚好合适 看着我做吧
I think it should be adjust to be justified. I’ll just do it.
刚好覆盖文本框 我觉得这张幻灯片已经设计和准备完毕了
To cover up the box, and I think the slide is ready and designed.
我们还可以在这插入一个公司标语 但是现在有点过于拥挤了
We could still enter a tagline here, but that’s now overcrowded.
这里的文本采用了橘色 我不确定好不好
I’m also not convinced by the orange we’re using, but somehow
the image which has also the orange chair works with that.
那么接下来 我们准备开始整张幻灯片的动画制作
So as it is, we’re ready to begin animating the whole slide.
This design is a part of my PowerPoint course, where I teach
在本课程中 我会教授如何创制14张同样令人惊叹的幻灯片 如果你想报名参加本课程
How to create 14 of such amazing slides. If you would like to participate and enroll of this course.
I have a special discount only for the viewers here from YouTube.
You can click on the link, which showing in the middle of screen right now.
观看一下本课程 如果你有兴趣 只要10美元即可报名
Take a look at this course, and if you’re interested in it. You can enroll in it for only ten bucks.
我认为这个价格十分合理 因为它只提供给YouTube的观众
I think this is a very fair offer, because it offered only here to the YouTube viewers.
And I hope you feel appreciated, and I like that you spend time on learning something new in PowerPoint.
It can be a really useful and effective software.
如果你知道如何利用 并且学会用一些快捷键
If you know how to use it and how to use some shortcuts
这会真正提高你的工作效率 加快工作流程
to really make your work efficient and enhance your work flow.
谢谢收看 你也可以继续观看第二部分 接下来我会制作这张幻灯片的动画效果
Thank you for listening, you can also continue to the second part, where I make the animations on this slide.