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Slicing an Arrow in Half Mid-Air in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

Hello, the Internet.
各位网友 大家好
– I’m Gav. – I’m Dan.
– 我是Gav – 我是Dan
We are The Slow Mo Guys.
One of my favorite channels, very high production value, Corridor Digital…
《走廊视觉》是我很喜欢的一个的频道 制作水准很高
– I like it. – It’s a good channel.
– 我也喜欢 – 是很不错
Even the second channel is good.
So what I’m gonna do is just nick one of their ideas.
所以 接下来我要做的 只是“借鉴”一下他们的想法
– At least you’re being upfront. – Yeah, I saw them try and slice an arrow in half with a katana.
– 你还挺坦诚 – 对 我看到过他们尝试用武士刀把一支箭切成两半
And it looked pretty cool, like a sort of medium slo-mo.
看起来非常酷 有点像中速的慢动作
– Yeah. – So I figured why don’t we just super slow-mo.
– Yeah.
– 是的 – 我就想 我们为什么不弄个超级慢动作呢?
– 挺好的
I’m gonna have to be firing the arrow. You’re gonna have to do the chopping.
等下我来射箭 你来切箭
– Yeah, how do you fill that? – I’ll just preset the Phantom.
– 可以 你怎么装的这个? – 我会预设好高速摄像机
I don’t know. I feel I could do archery at beavers or something.
我不知道 我觉得我能射中海狸或者别的东西
– Beavers? Oh, you’re gonna fire it off now. – Yes.
– 海狸?哦 你现在要射箭了吗 – 对
All right. Okay.
好的 行吧
Oh god, I’ve already… All right.
天啊 我已经……行吧
Oh, that is gone.
哇 箭已经飞出去了
That goes at some clip that.
– I’m so I still have lost my confidence in you being able to do it now. – Oh really?
– 我开始担心你是否能做到了 – 哦 真的吗?
Yes, well, I don’t really have any control other than I guess to do some micro pulls.
对 我甚至没怎么控制它 就轻轻一拉
But really, once it’s locked in, that’s like a set speed, isn’t it?
但讲真 一固定 它就像有一个设定速度一样
Yeah, you have to aim that nicely so I can actually hit it because
这样啊 你得瞄准点 我好切中它
otherwise, I’m gonna be just going collecting arrows.
不然的话 我就要捡很多次箭
How many attempts do you think it will take you
to sever it right in the middle of the arrow?
– A clean… clean cut? – Yeah.
– I reckon like thirty times.
– 干净利落地切断吗? – 是的
– 大概30次吧
– How many arrows do we have? – We’ve got six. We’ve got six.
– 我们有多少支箭来着? – 六支 一共六支
Yeah, I did’t really think about it how much.
是的 我记不起来到底有多少支了
– Just get one. – Yeah, one hour.
– 就一个小时 – 好的 一个小时
Right, you know if I miss it, it won’t break.
好的 如果我没切中 它是不会断的
– All right. Let’s set the Phantom. – All right.
– 是的 那我们设置一下高速摄像机 – 好的
– And start what could be a very long process of trying to get this shot. – Right.
– 然后就开始切箭 感觉要很久才能切中 – 对的
Okay, so we’re gonna do a few things because there’s no one on the Phantom.
好的 因为高速摄像机那里没有人 我们得先做几件事
I’m gonna have the trigger on a wire in my pocket.
我把触发器连上线 放在我口袋里
And just so Dan doesn’t get skewered through the guts,
these are sort of rubber tipped training arrows, that
would probably hurt but not go in to Dan.
– All right. Dan, goggles on gloves on. – Yeah.
– 好了 Dan 快戴上护目镜和手套 – 好的
– Then you can hit the target? – I don’t know about that.
– 你能击中靶子吗? – 我也不知道
Okay, let’s see.
好 让我们拭目以待

Flippin’ heck.
That really goes in and all. Don’t hit me with that thing.
竟然真的射进靶子了 你可千万别射到我
– I’ll try not to. – Okay.
– 我尽力 – 那就好
All right. If you get on the first attempt to save us all a lot of time.
好了 如果你一次就能切到 我们能省好多时间
– Yeah. – I’m off screen because
– 是的 – 我得离屏幕远一点
I need to be far enough away that Dan can see.
我要离Dan远点 他才能看见我
Alright. I’m gonna count you down there.
Whoo, this is gonna be hard work, I could tell already.
呼 我已经开始觉得这事很难了
Three, two, one, fire.
三 二 一 射击
I got it. I got it. Trigger.
我切中了 我做到了 看下触发器
– I got it. – What?
– I nailed it.
– 我做到了 – 什么?
– 我切到箭了
– I got the front. – You got the front.
– I got the front.
– 我切到了箭的前端 – 你真的切到了?!
– 我切到了
– What, I got it. – Wait.
– I got it.
– 哇 我做到了 – 等等
– 我做到了
– Wait. – I got it clean.
– 不是吧 – 我一下就切到了
– Wait. – I got it cleanly.
– 等下 – 我切得很利落
What? What.
怎么了 有什么问题吗?
– Did we get it? – Alright, packed it up.
– 拍到了吗? – 拍到了 我们可以收工了
So I bought six, we needed one.
我买了六支箭 结果就只要一支
Excellent. There we go.
优秀 这就是我们想要的结果
– That was my test one. – That was your test one.
– 那支是我测试用的箭 – 那是你测试用的箭
– And then you got it on the next one. – Yeah.
– 然后第二支你就切中了 – 对
I was like, got my eye in, and we’re done.
就感觉 集中一下注意力 然后就结束了
I thought it to be a longer video
cause it took Corridor guys a few goes.
We got here so early for this. We have like hours left.
我们来的好早 现在还有很多时间
We can try this again with a close-up.
Yeah, all right.
嗯 也行
– That’s delicious. – Jesus.
– 太棒了 – 天啊
Either I was gonna miss or
you deflected the arrow away from the target.
So, I like slice… I think you weren’t missing.
所以我喜欢切箭 我认为你不会射偏
– I think you… – Yeah.
– You deflected the arrow.
– 我觉得 – 对
– 你切偏了
It bounced up and then the flights kicked in again.
那支箭弹了起来 之后又飞了起来
It’s stabilized and continued higher than the target.
We could have used real arrows with somebody stood there.
我们应该用真箭 然后找个人站在那里
Well, I think the tip would have still hit them.
嗯 我觉得他们还是会被箭打到
And it… like the tip span and like went in backwards.
箭头飞了一段时间 切中后是箭的末端在飞
To be fair, you did make a nice clean sever
说实话 你下刀很干脆
that would have really hurt still.
Oh yeah, well, that’s true.
是的 那倒是
You’re like the guy behind me who I’m like protecting.
你站在我后面 像是我在保护的人一样
So you’d be like… I’ll be coming like this.
然后我被箭射中 像这样
You would be stood there with the tip of the arrow.
你就站在那里 身上插着箭头
– I will be like, “You know what? I appreciate it. Look at that!” – People be like…
– 这时候我就会说 “真的太感谢你了!” – 然后大家……
People be like how did that happen? Like, what happened?
大家就会一脸茫然 怎么了?发生了什么?
– I can’t believe that. – Thanks.
– 我简直不敢相信 – 谢谢
That’s pretty good of it. I heard that.
That was wicked.
– So the tip landed here, right? – That’s how I know I got it properly
– 这是掉落的箭头 – 对 我知道我切中了
because I, I sliced, felt a very small amount of resistance and I looked around,
因为我切的时候感觉有点阻力 然后我环顾四周
– and I saw the tip. – Wow, what a clean slice, isn’t it?
– 然后就看到了箭头 – 哇哦 多么干净的刀法
So this is where it hit and then bounced off onto the floor.
这就是箭头击中的点 然后它反弹掉在了地上
This part isn’t quite so clean and there’s a small shard of it that come off the back there.
这一部分不是很整齐 有一小块碎片从后面掉下来了
That part is…
marries up with the front. And there’s like a small bit of like wood that’s come off the side.
和箭头的前半部分连在一起 边上好像也掉了一小块木片
I’d also hit the ground a lot, you know with a lot more force could it’s still sailing away.
我还切到地面了 阻力很大 但还是切下去了
Oh, that’s probably the chipping here. But this second part I’m sure that came off…
哦 应该就是切到了这里 旁边肯定掉了一小块木片
in the slo-mo. We can see that little extra chip come off.
Okay. This time for a close-up.
好了 这回试试近摄镜头
I’m gonna try to fire right past the Phantom, and I start to shoot it.
And then we’ll try and get a much closer shot of you doing the exact same thing, if you can.
如果可以的话 你射两次箭吧 第二次试试更近的镜头
– I’ll try. – I imagine if it actually hits me, it’s got a bloody earth.
– 我尽力 – 那支箭如果射到我 地上会有很多血的
Yeah, I bet it would.
是的 那肯定
Be a nice Bruce.
– Just trust you are here. – Yeah.
– 我相信你 – 好的
– Are you ready? – Yeah.
– 准备好了吗? – 准备好了
Three, two, one, fire.
三 二 一 射击
Got it.
– I got the back of it. – You got it?
– 我切中了箭的后半部分 – 你切中了?
I got the back of it.
对 切到了后面
You know what? I have actually slightly worried at how close to the lens I put that.
I must have missed that by a few inches.
Eyes on the arrow, eyes on the prize.
盯着这支箭 成功就在眼前
– I see that when you… – The guy still got it to the gut.
– 我看到了 – 我还是在肚子的位置切到箭了
At least didn’t get to the shoulder.
Yeah, that was actually really nice positioning of the weather here.
对 箭羽真的是很好的切箭位置
Because all the feathers are coming off and float.
因为所有的羽毛都掉了 漂在空中
Oh yeah, it’s like loads of actual feathers just like splinter everywhere.
对啊 就像到处都是碎羽毛一样
What you need is…
directly in the middle and hopefully just like in Armageddon, they’ll miss the target.
直接把箭切成两半 然后就像世界末日一样 这两半都没击中靶子
– Oh, yeah. – Just like that asteroid missed the earth.

– 哦 我懂了 – 就像小行星错过地球一样
We’ve got two hours left. I think you’re asking a bit much.
我们就剩两个小时了 我觉得你的要求得太多了
All right, the weather’s taking a turn, we’re losing light.
好吧 开始变天了 光线有点不足了
We might get rained on in a bit, but
before that happens, let’s try and get one more same angle.
但在下雨之前 让我们试着再找一个相同的角度
I like that angle.
Okay, just try and get a more central hit.
好的 试着切到箭的正中间
And I know it’s asking a lot.
– All right. I’ll try. – Three, two, one, fire.
– 好的 我试试 – 三 二 一 射击
Got it.
Got this, got the end again.
切中了 还是切到了后面
Damn it.
How much time do you think distance-wise there is between there and there?
– Time? – Time.
– 时间? – 对 时间
Point zero zero… Something of a second.
So it seems like miles out, but I’m point bugger all.
所以这看起来像有几英里远 但实际上转瞬而已
Yeah, I would say that…
对 我想说的是
I would say the difference between here and here
我想说的是 这里到这里的距离
could be measured in milliseconds.
Probably, it’s going pretty fast.
很有可能 它飞的太快了
– We could probably calculate how quickly fast. – Yeah.
– 我们可以计算一下有多快 – 是的
How quick that is.
– We can calculate it on the white. – Yeah.
– 我们可以计算白色的部分 – 没错
Three, two, one, fire!
三二一 射击
Got it at the back again. Damn it.
该死 我又切到了后面
That was a really nasty cut.
– Was it? – Yeah.
– 是吗? – 嗯
I sliced it really finely there.
– How was it? – It is pretty nasty split but I think you save the blog.
– 怎么样? – 是很难切 不过我觉得你成功了
Well, you made it so that each end of the arrow sort of hit in flat.
你做到了 箭的切口很平整
– Ah. – And the top of it deviate away.
– 这样子 – 而且箭的前半部分没碰到靶子
Well, we ran out of arrows quite quickly,
because you were so damn good at getting them.
– I need… I got them from the beginning and sort of a middle. – Oh. Yeah.
– 一开始我就切到了比较中间的位置 – 噢 是的
And the end…
I’d like to think that you could…
I’d like to think that you could stand behind me on a battle field and be all right.
我觉得在战场上 你要是站在我身后 就可以安然无恙了
– Yeah, I would stand behind you. – Yeah.
– 嗯 我会站在你身后的 – 嗯
Yeah, I’d probably take it instead of here,
对 那样箭就射不到我的心脏
– I‘d like take it like here and here. – Yeah.
– 但会射到我的头 – 哈哈是的
It was interesting that, you know, the further forward you hit on the arrow,
有趣的是 你切中箭的位置越往前
it would always deviate the arrow.
But if there was enough of the arrow left,
the feathers could still cause the rifling, to the point where it would just stabilize again
就可以继续往前飞 直到再次稳定
– on a different… on a different path. – Because…
– 虽然飞行的轨迹不同 – 因为
Also because of the weight of the arrows, is that the front.
The… The further forward the the slice was, the cleaner the cut.
越是切在箭的前面部分 切口就越干净
Because obviously the weight is behind the cut.
因为很明显 箭的重量在切口后面
Whereas, it’s less weight behind the cut, and it’s sort of easily movable.
反之 切口后面的重量越轻 它就更容易移动
– So it’s gonna be much less. – There are much more splintery,
– Yeah.
– 所以切口会比较不平整 – 碎片也更多
– 是的
and long cuts to the back.
Yeah, if you see the comparison there between the front and the back.
对 两种切口一对比就很明显了
So we pretty much can’t film anymore, because:
A, we’re out of arrows; and B is
a big old storm rolling. That’s about to blow all of our equipment away.
而且会有一场暴风雨 可能会吹走我们所有的设备
Well, that’s not the only reason.
呃 那不是唯一的原因
There is a sea. There’s a reason, sea. That’s why we’re stopping filming. And…
还有一个原因是 我们在海边
I sort of… sort of shot the monitor.
还有就是 我稍微 射到了显示器
You destroyed the mana for this slo-mo camera.
So we can’t actually shoot anymore.
所以 我们再也拍不了视频了
That’s the big reason why we can’t shoot.
It’s because we’ve set, we’ve got a full video
on the Monitor Carnage over on the second channel.
So make sure you check that out
if you like seeing things that are expensive and useful destroyed.
We just don’t usually break equipment on this channel, surprisingly.
我们做这个频道竟然很少破坏设备 太让人意外了
– Surprisingly. It’s very well. – That’s the first loss of equipment
– 是很意外 但很好 – 这是自从经典的“佳能户外运动摄像机事件”以来
since the classic GoPro Canon incident.
Wait, that means we’re even. You won all.
等下 那意味着我们扯平了 你赢了
– But mine was a GoPro. – Yeah.
– And yours was that.
– 但我弄坏的是一个摄像机 – 是的
– 你弄坏的是显示器
– Mine was a several thousand dollar small HD monitor. – Yeah.
– 我毁掉的是一台价值几千美元的小型高清显示器 – 是的
All right. Make sure you go and
好的 请大家一定要
check out the video over there. Because…
– We need to buy a new monitor. – Yeah.
– 因为我们需要买一个新的显示器 – 是的
– Subscribe and watch the video. – Well, tell 9 friends.
– 订阅并观看视频 – 对 告诉你的九个朋友
– Yeah. – We need to fund a new monitor.
– 是的 – 我们得集资买一台新的显示器
Guys, they’ve broken some equipment.
朋友们 他们已经弄坏了一些设备了
Alright, Thank you very much for watching. We’ll see you in the next video.
好了 感谢大家的观看 我们下个视频再见
Love and kisses.
爱你们 么么
I think I was born in the wrong time.
You’d have been an excellent Japanese man from the past.