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Shibuya After Midnight

大家好 我是Greg想必大家都知道Ins对吧?
Hey guys, Greg here. You know Instagram, right?
Well my friends Jess and Hai, they run Japan’s instameet
and they decided for their meet up to go around Shibuya at night.
So here’s how it went down.
大家好 我是来自“游牧民笔记”频道的Jess实际上 现在我们的活动差不多要接近尾声了
Jess: Hi I’m Jess from ‘Notes of Nomads’. We’re actually at the end of our evening right now.
所以 我们还是从头来看看
So let’s go back to the beginning.
~Music playing~
我现在正站在一座高架桥上 附近有很多建筑工程 所以有一点嘈杂
Jess: We’re standing on a bridge right now – above a highway – so it’s kind of noisy,
there is lot’s of construction going on.
And even though it’s like… what is it? 1 AM?! It’s pretty busy around here.
~Truck motor noise~
~Short honk and rattling of the small digger~
我觉得最令人吃惊的是 这么晚了还有如此多的建筑工地开工
I think the most surprising thing was just how much construction goes on during the night time.
我以前从来没想到 晚上还有这么多工地通宵开工实际上 工人们会在晚上做一些白天不常做的工作
I had absolutely no idea that a deconstruction all through the night, in fact they do some of the stuff that they don’t usually do during the day.
为啥要选在晚上开工呢 我觉得是为了不扰民之类的吧
During the night time I guess they don’t disturb people and things like that.
我本来以为 一到了晚上某个时间时 人们都会停下工作 陆续回家然而不会 这座城市仿佛从不陷入沉睡
I was expecting that there would be a point where people go home – things that stop.
And it didn’t. It’s like the city doesn’t sleep.
– 我买了个肉包子 – 你猜怎么着 我也想来一个
Jess: I got a nikumon. Greg: Aww, you know what? I want to get that one.
你想买一些吗 那儿有不少呢
Jess: It takes more in there. If you want to get them.
这东西就像塞了肉的馒头 非常适合这个寒冷的夜晚我还买了三文治和…
It’s like a steamed bun with meat inside. Delicious for a cold night and I also got a sandwich and…
– 我们买了好些东西- 是呀 我口袋里还有好些东西 我还买了一杯热的印度茶拿铁
Greg: We got more stuff. Jess: Yeah, more stuff in my pocket and I got a hot chai tea latte.
– 我真的爱死日本了 你总能买到各种美味的热饮(Greg 笑)
– 是呀
I love the hot drinks you can get in Japan. It’s so nice.
在夜里你还会发现 街上有好多出租车 这是因为此时 东京的列车基本上都停运了
So one of the things you’ll notice at night is the amount of taxicabs.
That’s because the trains actually stopp in Tokyo.
很多人都觉得他们可能要通宵了 不过他们其实不会
A lot of people think they probably go all throughout the night, but they actually stop.
最后一班列车 凌晨一点
Last train ~ 1 AM
~Sound of rolling train~
~Sound of distant traffic noise~
Taxi cab count
~Noise of cars passing by~
– 这么晚了还出来拍外景 谁想的鬼点子 – 就是你
Greg: So who’s idea was it to come out and shoot photography… ?
Jess: It was definitly your idea.
– 现在?一年中最冷的时间? – 是他出的主意 都怪他
– 现在才两点 街上热闹着呢
Greg: … in the coldest time of the year? Jess: It was him (pointing at Hai). It was all him.
Hai: It’s just on two o’clock now and still kind of busy.
~人声嘈杂 摩肩接踵~
~People walking and talking all over the place~
~More people walking~ ~Rattling motor scooter passing through tunnel~
我很喜欢穿巷子 去一些我平时不大去的地方
Jess: I also really enjoyed walking down the small streets, places that I don’t usually wander.
我平时都是在主干道活动 所以偶尔这样走走小路 看看它们在夜里是什么样的也很酷
I usually walk down the main street, so it’s kind of cool to go down some of the small streets
and see what they would like at night, too.
~Distant noise of cars~ ~Almost quiet place~
~Ambient music playing~
– (耳语)大家干嘛都不讲话?
Greg (whispering): Why is everyone so quiet? ~Group laughing at his words quietly~
~Almost quiet place~ ~Ambient music playing~
~Silent walking~
– 我非常喜欢看这些景点静下来的样子 没有了往日的喧阗 我喜欢安静
Jess: I’m really enjoyed seeing some of the most populous spots without so many people.
I liked going down – takeshi dedori.
– 最后你会发现些空荡荡的街道- 对 就好像我们现在拥有了这里的一切
Greg: You finally found some empty streets. Jess: Yeah and right now we have it all to ourselves (sings: IT’s pretty niiiice).
~Ambient music playing~
– 这里通常聚满了人
It’s usually packed with people.
你可能在网上看过这街景的图片 绝对是挤满了人 但是现在你看看 完全是空荡荡的
You probably seen some images online of the street just absolutely packed,
but as you can see right now, it’s completely empty.
我一个人占据了整条街道 这真的很罕见
We have this whole place to ourselves, which is really rare.
除了我刚刚路过的便利店是开着的 几乎所有的店都关门了
The convenience store we just passed was open, but pretty much everything else is closed.
– 嗯…你看你身后还有其他便利店开着呢?
Greg: Uhm… you know there’s some other convenience store right behind you?
-噢! 你说得对 我身后还有其他便利店开着 所以应该是基本只有便利店还开着了…
Jess: Oh! There you go. There is another convenience store right behind.
So basically the convenience store seem to be open, …
但是在其他店中…所有的店都打烊了 事实上看他们打烊挺有趣的
but everything else … all the shops are closed.
It’s actually interesting to see them closed
因为你很难得能看到他们关门的样子 这里还有很多涂鸦在这条街上
because you don’t usually see them with shutters down and there is actually a lot graffitti going on down the street,
我不是很懂这种 但在不同的生活环境下看到这些还挺酷的
which I didn’t know about. So it’s kind of cool to see it in a different life.
– 祝你玩的愉快- 也祝你愉快!
Greg: Have a good day. Jess: Have a good dayyy.
– 这有个恶魔女孩在右边- 噢 在这里 耶!
Greg: There is a devil girl on the right. Jess: Oh, here. yeah!
– 光怪陆离的景象 带着蘑菇的那种- 而且后面还写着句”Wanted!Come!”
– 在哪里?
Greg: I’ts kind of psychedelic. It’s with mushrooms. Jess: And the one behind she says “Wanted! Come!”
Greg: Where’s this?
好吧 那有着双关的成分在里面- 对啊
Well that’s got a kind of a double meaning in it Jess: Yeah.

~Guitar music playing~
– 现在 这里没其他人了吗?Hai?Hai?- Hai?Hai?
Greg: Now, is there nobody here now? Hai? Hai? Jess: Hai? Hai?
– 不 不幸的是这还有不少人在这 而且都是独身一人在俱乐部那和…
Hai: No, unfortunately there are quite a few people here, still.
And they just stag around, all over clubs and…
– 你说过十字路口这儿没人的- 他们…好吧我没法保证
Greg: You told me there would be nobody on the crossing.
Hai: They were… yeah, now no promises.
我不知道这儿会发生什么-那就是周围全是乱哄哄的人群 我猜 在那边只有那两个人
Jess: I don’t know if it’s gonna happen Greg: That’s about the unbusiest crowd, I guess.
It’s just two people.
– 走!追上去!- 怎么了?
– 为了你自己
Go! Go for it! Oh what’s that?
All for yourself.
You did it! You did it!
– 我刚刚拉伤了- 什么?你伤到自己了?
Hai: I just stretched. Greg: What? You hurt yourself?
啊 我忘记做结尾了 感谢你的收看
Greg: Oh, ops. I forgot to add an ending here. So thank you very much for watching.
你可以在youtube上订阅Jess和Hai的频道 再见
Make sure to catch Jess’ and Hai’s youtube channel and I’ll catch you on the flip side. =)