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这种鱼竟然敢占鲨鱼便宜 – 译学馆
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接下来的节目是Jonathan bird’s 的蓝色世界
Coming up on Jonathan Bird’s Blue World,
a fish that sticks to sharks!
嗨 我是Jonathan bird 欢迎来到我的世界
Hi, I’m Jonathan Bird, and welcome to my world!
大家知道我爱鲨鱼 我花了很多时间观察和拍摄他们
Everyone knows that I love sharks, and I have spent a lot of time watching them and filming
你可能发现在鲨鱼身边会出现一种“搭便车“的鱼 这是一种很奇特的鱼
them. You may have noticed that sharks very often have hitch-hikers: a peculiar fish hanging
吸附在鲨鱼身上 搭个顺风车
on for a free ride.
一天24个小时 好像鲨鱼都会被这些搭顺风车的鱼困扰着
24 hours a day, sharks often seem to be plagued by many of these freeloaders.
你看到那么大的虎鲨 你不可能不被它吸引
Being a big tough Tiger shark doesn’t make you immune to the attention of these fish.
鲨鱼体型越大 粘附在他身上的鱼也越大
The bigger the shark, the bigger the freeloader!
他们叫印鱼 他们对鲨鱼穷追不舍 其他生物
They’re called remoras, and they don’t limit their attention to sharks. Any animal from
从巨型鲸鲨到海豚 鲸鱼 甚至海龟都可能会有一只或两只印鱼
the massive whale shark to dolphins, whales and even sea turtles may have a remora or
two attached.
尽管 最初这些鱼看起来像是寄生虫 但实际上他们有相当重要
Although at first these fish may seem more like parasites, they actually perform an important
印鱼的食物 一部分来自宿主身上的寄生虫
function. The remora gets some of its meals by picking real parasites from its host. They
这实际上有助于它们的宿主 保持健康和干净
actually help keep their host clean and healthy.
印鱼还得益于鲨鱼混杂的饮食习惯 靠着鲨鱼进食后留下的从鲨鱼口中
Remoras also take advantage of a shark’s messy eating habits, feeding on scraps which
escape the shark’s jaws.
印鱼靠着他们头顶一种长相奇怪的吸盘来印附于其主体 这是
The remora attaches to its host using a strange-looking sucker on the top of its head. This is actually
一种变异的背鳍 经过几百万年的进化 变成现在吸盘的形状
a modified dorsal fin changed over millions of years of evolution to form a suction cup
Got ’em!!
这就是印鱼 在他的头顶你看到一大片吸盘 你可以看到这一圈
Here is a remora. On the top of its head is a suction cup. You can see all away around
有一小块皮肤 让它可以吸附在其他鱼类身上 而且
little flap of skin that allows it to form a suction cup to stick on to other fish. And
在吸盘上还有小小的鱼骨 可以帮它快速向一个方向前进 并应对粗糙的地表
on the suction cup it has little ribs that are smooth in one direction and sandpapery
这是他们的鱼鳍 已经进化成吸盘样子
rough in the other direction. This is actually their dorsal fin, which has evolved to become
the suction cup. So this is the top–even though it looks
upside down right now–that’s
the top of the remora.
所以它的下面是肚子 这是肚子 现在让我们来看看 如果让它黏在我的手上
So this underneath is the belly. That’s the belly. Now watch this. If I let it stick
即使不在水中 它们也能支撑自己的体重
on my hand it will grab on. Even when I’m out of the water can hold its own weight.
现在我们已经做的够多了 该让它们走了 虽然
So now we’ve done enough I think we’ll let this little guy go. Actually we don’t
我们不知道它是雄是雌 但现在我们要放它走了 首先 不能让它再粘着我的手啦
know if it’s a guy or a girl but we’re going to let it go. First I’m going to un-stick
走啦 准备好了吗 对 游吧 你自由啦
it. Here we go. Ready? All right! Swim! Be free!
印鱼可能对他们的寄主来说挺重要 但是这并不能说它没有给他们
Remoras may perform an important role for their host, but this is not to say that they
don’t bother them.
I have traveled to the island of Yap to try a little experiment with sharks and remoras.
现在在船底下有一群灰色的暗礁鲨鱼 有一些鲨鱼身上
Right down below the boat is a school of gray reef sharks and some of those sharks have
吸附着印鱼 我们打算通过喂食让他们兴奋起来 并等待
remoras on them. We’re going to feed the sharks and get them really excited, and wait till
you see what happens!
我下到海里 加入那群已经在暗礁周围游动的鲨鱼的行列中
I drop down below the waves to join the sharks which are already swarming around the reef,
looking for some hidden fish.
当我们喂鲨鱼时他们显得很兴奋 他们相互打架
The sharks get really excited when we start feeding them. As they bump against each other
争抢食物 许多印鱼在这之中被撞掉了
and compete for food, many of their remoras get knocked off.
当这场盛宴结束之后 很多印鱼发现他们无家可归了 到处游动
After the excitement dies down, these remoras find themselves homeless…swimming around
没有寄主 现在他们需要回到鲨鱼身上 但是这对他们来说
without a host. Now they need to get back on a shark, but this is not as easy as you
might think!
这些鱼悄悄的靠近鲨鱼 但是要注意小心翼翼不要触碰他们
This remora is stealthily approaching a shark, but notice how it’s careful not to touch the
如果鲨鱼在他们吸附上来之前发现了他们 他们就无法吸附在它们身上了
shark. If the shark takes off before the remora sticks on, the remora can’t keep up.
当鲨鱼感觉到身上有印鱼的时候 会发生什么呢 它会转身 印鱼也就
Here’s what happens when a shark can feel the remora. It turns away and the remora can’t
抓不住它了 从而会我们知道鲨鱼不喜欢它们 如果有机会
get a grip. This is how we know that the sharks don’t really like the remoras. Given the chance,
鲨鱼就可能会在印鱼吸附前就游走 也可能鲨鱼是觉得有点痒了?
they take off before allowing a remora to attach. Maybe they tickle?
很快印鱼们又会重新尝试 这次是不同的鲨鱼了 得到一个免费的坐骑不像他们想的
Soon it tries again, this time with another shark. Getting a free ride is not as easy
as it looks!
我花了好几分钟拍摄印鱼 幸运的是 印鱼没觉得我们特别
I spend a few minutes filming the remoras. Fortunately, remoras don’t find divers particularly
有吸引力 我们不用担心会打扰到他们 可能因为
attractive, so I don’t need to worry about dodging them. Maybe it’s because I don’t have
我们没有寄生物需要清理 可能氧气瓶的泡泡声音太大
any parasites to clean. Maybe the scuba bubbles are too loud.
我结束了潜水并回到了船上 我对海洋中神奇的生物又充满赞叹
As I end my dive and head up to the boat, I am again amazed by the creatures of the
ocean. I have seen remoras a thousand times on dives all over the world and never given
从来没有过多思考过 事实上他们有精彩的生活 我们看到的学到的不过是
them much thought. It turns out that they have a fascinating life and we have probably
only just scratched the surface in learning about them.