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Self Freezing Coca-Cola (The trick that works on any soda!)

学会了这个简单的小技能 你就可以拿起任何一瓶汽水 然后瞬间倒出沙冰来
With this one simple trick, you’ll be able to take any bottle of soda, and pour out an
如果现在你还不相信你所看到的东西 这没关系
instant slushy on command. Now if you don’t believe what you’re seeing, that’s ok, but
但这是真的 在这个视频里你将会学会
it is real, and in this project you’ll discover the insanely easy secret to making an instant
soda slushy.
For this project, grab a bottle of room temperature soda, and start shaking it violently. We want
我们需要足够的压强来充实瓶身 现在我把这几瓶500mL的汽水都摇好了
as much pressure to build up inside as we can get. Now I’ve done this with these 500mL
bottles, and set them in the freezer for 3 hours and 15 minutes. This is the point when
这个时候汽水正好达到即将结冰的状态 现在你就可以给你的小伙伴们展示
they’re colder than freezing, but not actually frozen. Now you can show your friends that
这只是一瓶普通的汽水 但是看当我们放一点气出来的时候会发生什么
it’s just a normal soda, but watch what happens if we simply release the pressure, tighten
拧紧瓶盖 然后倒转瓶身 3秒内 整瓶汽水
the cap, and turn it upside down. In just 3 seconds, the entire bottle has turned to
就变成了汽水沙冰 把它倒进玻璃杯里 你就知道沙冰到底有多厚了
an icy soda slush. Pour it in a glass, and you’ll get a good idea of how thick the slush
当它堆到顶端的时候 你就可以看出
really is, and when it starts pushing up at the top you can see it’s a light and fluffy,
这是一份松软的 美味的 富含二氧化碳的沙冰 现在我们来试试非常慢地放气
delicious carbonated ice. Now let’s try removing the pressure very slowly. This is going to
这会需要一点耐心 但是当你打开瓶盖时 你可能会注意到
take a bit of patience, but when you get the cap off, you might notice, your soda didn’t
你的汽水并没有结冰 如果你把它倒进刚刚从冰箱里拿出的速冰碗里
freeze. If you pour it into a frosty bowl that just came out of the freezer, it’ll ice
它会在你的眼前结冰 现在一份汽水沙冰准备好了
up right before your eyes. There’s one chilled soda ready to be served. You could try keeping
你可以尝试着把汽水倒进一个干净的碗里来保持它的液体状态 然后丢进一个冰片
your soda liquified by pouring it in a clean bowl, then freezing it by dropping in one
来使其结冰 结晶会很快扩大 一直到整个碗都被装满
flake of ice. These crystals will grow rapidly, until your entire bowl is filled, and now
现在我们又有了一份汽水沙冰来享用 在一个更大的容器里 比如说在一个玻璃杯里
we have another chilled soda, ready for your enjoyment. On a bigger scale, like in a glass,
你会注意到这些结晶会在杯子的上半部分堆积 如果想让它们扩散到整个杯子
you’ll notice that the crystals collect at the top. To get them to spread out, just take
用一个勺子或一根吸管搅拌一下 你会看到整杯饮料迅速结冰
a spoon, or a straw, and give it a little swirl. You should see the whole drink quickly ices
现在 如果你在思考这个原理 那是因为液体已经过冷了
over. Now, if you’re wondering why this works, it’s because the liquid is supercooled and
而且自身有一个结冰的趋势 它只是需要一个契机来使这个过程开始
actually wants to freeze. It just needs some help getting started. Now this works with
every soda, and sports drink that I’ve tried because it’s the water in the drink that’s
因为事实上是饮料里所含的水在结冰 在冰的状态下 糖浆被锁在了冰结晶里
actually freezing. As the ice forms, the syrup gets trapped between the ice crystals, so
所以沙冰还是保留了原来的味道 如果你想自己进行尝试 要记住每一个冰箱都有细微的不同
the slush keeps its flavor. If you try this yourself, keep in mind that every freezer
所以为了找到你的最佳配方 尝试冷冻不同的时间吧
is a little different, so just play around with the time it takes to get your best results.
我试过冷冻罐装饮料 然后发现这个方法对它们来说也有效
I tried supercooling canned soda and found that they work as well, but you have to release
但是你开罐的时候得非常非常慢 不然它们就会直接在罐内结冰 当你成功打开的时候
the pressure very very slowly or they’ll ice up in the can. When you do get them open,
你会发现对于罐装饮料来说这个方法同样有效 现在你就知道
you’ll see the trick works exactly the same as the others. Well now you know how to super-chill,
如何冷冻你最喜欢的软饮料 并且掌握这3秒钟的沙冰艺术 如果你喜欢这个视频
your favorite soft drink, and master the art of the 3 second slushy. If you like this project,
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