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Sandwich Bag Fire Starter

Guess who just turned up at my place.
格兰特· 汤普森 任性之王
It is Grant Thompson The King Of Random
G: What’s up guys
实际上 Grant 打算给我演示一个生存窍门
D: Grant is actually going to show me a little survival tip,
假设你在树林中 需要生火 但没有火柴和打火机
let’s say you’re stuck out in the woods, and you need to make a fire, but you don’t have say… Matches or a lighter
We’re going to try to use a ziploc bag to start a fire
我想 生火时 你首先要准备好一些火绒
G: I guess when you’re building a fire the first thing you’re going to need is some tinder
所以 我们需要把周围打扫干净 以便这东西能充分燃烧
So we’re gonna have to go scavenge around for some options this stuff works pretty well
D: now this is pretty dry
没错 我们要让这玩意尽可能的干燥 若可能的话 我们肯定会拿别的东西替代它
G: Yeah, we definitely want something that’s off the ground if possible because we need it as dry as possible
第一步 将这些火绒磨成粉 我现在只是照Grant的指示去做
The first step was to grind up the tinder into a fine powder. I’m just following Grant’s instructions here
我不确定这是否有用 看这里 这些我们找来的东西还是不错的
I’m not really sure if this is going to work see that right there. That’s the stuff We’re going for it’s super fine
然后放上托盘 再夹一点火绒在上面 这样我们就为
We’re gonna take our base plate. We’re going to pinch a nice little pile in there. okay, so at this point We’re pretty much ready
to start
the ignition process
那还要做点什么呢 我们需要密封袋和一点水
So what do we need for that? …for that We’re going to need Ziplock bag and a little bit of water
现在它只是一个普通的三明治密封塑料袋 我们要向其中注水 直至它半满 差不多的时候你告诉我
Now this is just a regular ziploc sandwich Baggie. We’re going to pour that in till it’s about halfway full, you let me know when
从小河 溪流 任何你喜欢的地方取水
Grab water from a Creek or stream or wherever you like now
这就是窍门所在 我们要让它变成一个水球
Here’s the trick we want to develop this into some kind [of] a liquid sphere
We’re going to be making a liquid magnifying glass
I do that by turning my ziploc bag you know 45 degrees
让它变成钻石形 随后我们将这两个角对折
So it creates this diamond shape and then we’re [just] going to gather these two Corners together
We’re going to lose a little bit of water as we do okay
我现在捏住它 然后扭转 让所有的水都呆在里面
I’m going to pinch that off and the next goal is to twist it trap all that water inside
你看 当我扭曲它的时候 里面的水对每块地方施加相等的压力
You see as I twist it it creates pressure that exerts [-] almost an equal pressure on all sides
And now while it’s not a perfect sphere
It will eventually start to bubble out
我们需要的一个不错的水球 实际上 我们已经做成了一个临时放大镜
Into a nice liquid sphere where we need it we’ve essentially just made a makeshift magnifying glass
就像用放大镜生火那样 你也可以用这个水球生火
And you start to fire the same way you would with a magnifying glass
现在他朝你这边旋转水球 你能看到哪个方向最佳
Now once he rolled the ball around you can see where it looks the best
我们在找一个接近球体的方向 找到了我就停下来
We’re looking for as close to as sphere as possible. Which is right there now if I back it out
你可以看到它一下子就开始冒烟了 难以置信 这个透镜的焦距就是所有光线的汇集处啊
You can see there start smoking immediately that’s incredible the focal length of the lens is the place where [all] of the light converges?
That’s really what we’re trying to establish here, right is
Position the tinder pile at the focal point of this
水球充当凸透镜 现在你能看到冒着一点烟了
Spherical by convex lens [essentially] now you can see [that’s] been smoking [for] a little while Mm-hmm
我们已经有了一点灰烬作为基础 它烧着了一点
We’ve developed a little bit of an Ember base. It’s burned a little bit
是的 所以现在我要在它上面撒一点燃料
Yeah, so now I’m going to sprinkle a little bit more fuel on top there
这样就会使它升温 让它从底部燃烧 然后我会再在上面加点燃料
And that will cause the heat to rise and burn that from the bottom and I’m going to again from the top nice
这非常有趣 你把水球放下了一点 现在燃料的表面实际上已经不是焦点了
It’s interesting how you’re like kind of bringing it down so that the surface of that is not actually where the most concentrated
光线汇聚的地方在燃料深处 这是对的
Rays are you’re concentrating even deeper down into the pile. That’s right because
我们不想浪费这些温度 如果恰好让焦点在燃料上面 就像这样
We don’t want the heat to [dissipate] too much, and if we’re at an extreme focal point like this. Yes
温度会散失掉 所以如果我们加热周围的地方 实际上有助于加快燃烧的进程 没错吧
The heats going to bleed off, so if we can warm the surrounding area it actually helps speed the process, right?
我们要重复这个过程 直到它持续冒烟
We’re just going to repeat that process until it will stay smoking on its own
我们只用了一两分钟 就已经冒出了这么多烟
[we’ve] only been at this for a minute or two and the amount of smoke
我们能看见很明显的 有点撒出来了 一点阳光的冲洗和反复 我们真的在加温
We’re seeing there is it’s pretty significant [a] little bit of sprinkle a little bit of sunlight rinse and repeat. We’re really elevating the temperature
嗯 我
Mm-Hmm I
Just point our pile smoking pretty well on its own now
我打算带着这个塑料袋到前面去 把它放到一边 需要时可以反复利用
I’m going to go ahead and take this plastic bag and just set it to the side we could reuse this again if we wanted
这个时候 我们差不多可以开始加一点小的易燃物了 你可以在这儿捡到一些小碎片
To at this point. We can probably start adding smaller pieces of tinder. You’ll get a few of these little pieces here
我们打算把它弄成小块 并确保它非常的干燥
We’re going to go down to small we want it to be extremely light airy
当然还得有氧气的加入 因为如果没有氧气 你可能会被这烟熏死 酷
Sure to still allow the [oxygen] to get in there exactly because if you take away the oxygen you smother the fire cool
我觉得快好了 就把它放这儿一两分钟吧
I think right there. We’re just going to let it sit for a [couple] minutes now
好的 我们去拔些这个 我们发现它们就附在地上
Well that’s going we can start chopping up some of these pieces. We just found lying on the ground. They’re dry
非常的干燥 像稻草似的 我们要把它们撕成很细的纤维
It’s almost like straw. We’re going to pull them into very thin fibers
我们想做个像鸟巢一样的东西 要干燥通风 并能迅速着火
We want to make something that [resembles] a bird’s nest something that’s light airy and can catch fire very quickly now
我们要做些改变 尽量不用煤炭
We need to transfer this without disturbing the coals as much as possible
我喜欢的做法是抓住末端 嗯 抓住这把干草
The way that I like to do that is take this base. Mm-hmm. We’re going to take this grass
把它放上面然后轻轻的一翻 就像这样
We’re going to put over top and we’re just going to gently roll. It over like this
[哦] 哇 现在你可以看到所有这些燃料都陷进这堆草里了 然后把它盖住
[oh] wow now you can see all those hot coals transfer down into the grass and we’re just going to cover it over
把它遮好 以防风吹 就像这样
To help conceal block it from some of the wind like this and
因为空气能穿过这些干草 提高温度
now because of all that straw the air can flow through it and help build the heat one trick that I use it look a
刷耍个小把戏 很好玩 就这样拿着 然后转圈
Little bit funny, I just stick this in my hand and spin in circles
说实话 确实管用
And it really works honestly
That’s impressive
You can already see it smoking a little bit more
稍等一会儿 让温度升到足够高的时候
We’re going to give that a second just for the heat to build back up
对 但你可以看到
Yeah but you can totally see
有更多的燃料烧着了 现在我们希望看到更多的烟 希望继续变多
There’s a lot more fuel catching on fire now what we want to be seeing is thicker smoke and we want to see it
所以我们看到烟熄灭或者变少了 好像没有风就减弱了一样 好像风把它给加热了
progressing so we see the smoke dying down or getting weaker like slow down get out of the breeze give it a chance for the
好了 如果你往下看 几乎可以看到现在燃着红色火苗
Heat to build this is ready if you look down in there. You can almost see glowing Red Embers now
它想变得更亮 更亮
It wants to light it wants to light it
只需要弹一弹 它就会燃起来 只需这一下旋转小“魔法”
Just needs a little bit of a flick it’s going to build up a little more a little spinning trick
[哦]看它变成红亮的火焰了 我要搞一下 惊讶一爆了 然后我们就离开这儿 哇
[oh] you see that goes hot flame. I’ll go amazing boom and then we’re out here. Oh
哈 哈 着了 对不起 Derrick我没事
Ha ha shoot. Sorry [Derrick] is [ok]
我们已经清楚的演示了生火的过程 我的朋友用三明治包装袋和光生着了火
We’ve clearly demonstrated forming fire. Well that my friend is how to start a fire [with] a sandwich bag and bright side
干得不错 我想说的是真棒 谢谢观看 任性之王
[eh] [that’s] nicely done. [I] want to say a huge. Thank you to grant here king of random
你们应该去关注他的频道 那儿有很多任性的东西 他也教会了我一两样
You should go check out his channel. There’s lots of very random things and it’s taught me a thing or two
That’s for sure [a] lot about survival
Hacks and a lot of those things that you really shouldn’t try at home
And then we show you why you shouldn’t try them at home back?
我们在我的频道放了个视频 尝试融化玻璃
We just put a video on my channel trying to melt glass we took a Dr.
我们用的是Dr.Pepper的玻璃瓶 把他融化在背上 我做的很棒 所以快去看看吧
Pepper bottle and melted that in the back here, and I worked amazingly well, so go check it out
I’ll put a link in the description (