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三星 Note8 上手

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 hands on

三星即将推出 Note 系列的新款手机
Samsung is doing it,they are bringing back for note.
就是它了 这就是即将推出的三星盖乐世 Note8
So here it is.This is the Samsung Galaxy Note8 coming out very very soon.
我知道你们可能会好奇 三星怎么又推出了一款 Note 手机
And I know you are wondering,why they are bringing out another note?
The last one exploded.
三星官方的说法是 还有很多 Note 系列的粉丝
Well,Samsung says that there are fans of the note,
这些粉丝很喜欢这个系列 尤其是因为 Note 配有S-PEN
they are very very passion about it,and they love them Samsung S-PEN.
所以 尽管 Note8 的规格同盖乐世 s8+ 非常接近
So even though the specs of this phone is very similar to the Galaxy s8+,
there are a few differences with the S-PEN that we need to talk about.
但再列举这些之前 我们先讲讲手机的一些基本信息
But before we get into that,there is a bunch of like standard phone stuff to get into.
So let’s break this phone down.
每款 Note 系列手机最重要的就是大屏幕
So the big thing with every single note is it has a gigantic screen.
在 Note8 上 确实称得上是巨屏
And on the Note8 it is gigantic
屏幕有 6.3 英寸 但屏幕技术参数同盖乐世 s8 与 s8+ 上的基本一致
It is 6.3 inches,but it is basicly the same tech as you’ve seen in the Galaxy s8 and s8+.
屏幕分辨率为 2960×1440 外观尺寸比例为 18×5×9
So it is 2960×1440 and 18×5×9 aspect ratio.
So it is very very tall.
But Samsung get a couple of things differently here,
同样都是曲面屏 但如果你仔细观察曲面部分
if you look at the curve screen,and of course there is a curve screen,
其实Note8 的弧度要比 s8 与 s8+ 的弧度要小一些
the curve is a little bit last that does on the Galaxy s8 and s8+.
三星还提到了 这款手机依旧会提供快捷书写功能
And absolutely you have more writing services Samsung says.
They’ve also added some better multi–tasking.
可以利用分屏功能 同时使用两个程序
So one of things you can do is you can launch two apps and pair them together.
这样一来 可以在手机桌面上把两个应用放在一起方便使用
So in your launcher,you have like two app icons next to each other.
比方说 你经常同时用信息跟备忘录
If you always launch,I dont know, massaging and memos,
you can always have these pop up at the same time,
这很顺手 现在很多人经常在大屏手机上分屏处理多任务
which is pretty nice.Now a lot people do as much multi-tasking as they could on this big phone.
用 S-PEN 来拖拽调整窗口大小十分方便
Having a S-PEN to drag the window size,it makes more convenient.
既然提到了 S-PEN
And as long as we are talking the S-PEN,
那么有关 S-PEN 还有些新功能可以说说
let’s show you some of the other new stuff that you can do.
有项我很喜欢的新功能 叫做 即时消息
So my favorite new feature is they have the thing called live massage.
单击 S-PEN 抽出来以后屏幕弹出的功能按钮
You tap on the little popup that comes up from the S-PEN.
在启动的界面里你就可以书写了 记录完了信息
You can start drawing on it.But when you drawn the message,
可以将书写过程存储为标准 gif 动画
you can then save it as a standard animated gif.
如果你把记录的信息 通过短信 Allo
So when you send it out via,you know,text message,Allo,
或是任何你想用的信息服务 发送出去
if you are crazier,whatever message service you are using,
it will work with the thing.
And when you get received on other end actually get watch the animation happen.
这个操作类似于苹果手机的 imessage
It is kind of similar to what you can do with an iphone and imessage,
but it works across basiclly every single app.
S-PEN 过去能做的事情现在依然能做
And of course the S-PEN Stylus does what S-Pen Stylus has always done.
息屏状态下 抽出 S-PEN 可以直接在屏幕上书写
If you pull it out the screen off,you can take a note directly on the off screen.
Note8 上现在支持添加至多 100 条记录 易用性很高
And now on the Note8,you can add up to 100 pages to your meeting notes if you want,which is nice.
稍大的屏幕与 S-PEN 并不是放弃 s8 与 s8+
The slightly larger screen and the S-PEN aren’t the only reasons
而选择 Note8 的唯一原因
to pick the Note8 over the Galaxy s8+ and Galaxy s8.
The other big reason are the cameras.
三星 压缩了相机的体积 在不破坏外观的同时 将双摄放在了 Note8 里
Samsung is putting dual cameras inside the Note8 without having a big old camera bump on it.
利用双摄 能做许多有趣的事情
And we are doing a lot really cool stuff with the two lenses.
首先 两个摄像头都是 1200 像素
First of all they are both 12 megapixel.
一个是广角 一个是长焦
One is a wide angle lens and one is telephoto lens.
So you can turn on dual capture.
And what that does is take a live focus.
除了对焦的主体 其他地方都是模糊的
Now you can see a lot of blur everything is going on here.
But it also take both the wide angle and the telephoto,
so you’ve got different options.
这是三星的旗舰机 所以配置也是旗舰级的
So it’s Samsung’s flagship phone so you expect flagship specs.
And flagship right now means a few really straight forward things.
美版机器使用了目前世界上最顶尖的骁龙 835 处理器
It means a snapdragon 835 processor in the US that used on external stuff or else all arround the world.
运行内存为 6GB 标准版有 64GB 存储空间 可以使用存储卡扩展存储空间
It means 6g ram and a default 64g storage in the US but expandable micro sd on your own.
电池容量为 3300 毫安时
It also means it has a 3300 mAh battery.
现在还不知道单次续航能用多久 官方说法是一天
We don’t know how long it’s gonna cost single last.I’m sure that Samsung tell you all day.
此外官方还透露了 新的电池
We do know that battery has gone through Samsung’s
采用了全新的检测流程 从而有效预防电池爆炸
brand new super safe estimate process to keep explosion from happening.
开这种电池爆炸的玩笑很容易 做简单的事是我的最爱
And it’s easy to make explosion jokes and of course I’m doing it cause I like doing easy things.
不过既然 s8 与 s8+ 电池都没有问题
But the s8 and s8+ haven’t had this problem,
那我们暂时可以认为 Note8 电池也没有问题
so its probably safe to assume that this new note or not have any problem either.
最后要说的 是手机跟手写笔都是 ip68 级别的
Last one I list both the phone and you know the stylus are ip68,
which means it is resistant to water and dust.
如果手机或者手写笔掉厕所了 都不会进水损坏
When you drop the thing in toilet or you drop the stylus in toilet,it will be fine.
对我这种极客狂来说 还有个好消息
Oh,one more thing is super thing to me,cause im a super nerd.
利用三星推出的 DeX 桌面拓展 手机分分钟能变成电脑
Samsung has adapted a DeX switched this phone dock which can plug into and turn the phone into a computer.
可以外接显示器 鼠标 键盘等
You can use on your monitor with a keyboard and a mouse.
轻松切换 无缝衔接
It’s way faster now the switching between phone and desktop is bangbang.
It used to take up like up to 2 minutes to make such happen.
切换后的桌面 类似于 ChromeBook 或是桌面化的 Android 还是挺好用的
It is basiclly like a … like a Chromebook or running Android, feels really good to use.
You will see there is an extra button under the volume buttons.
这是为三星私人助理 Bixby 预留的功能键
That is for Bixby,Samsung’s personal assistant,
Bixby 可以帮助使用者更方便的使用手机
that is designed to help you figure out how to do stuff on the phone,
三星并不打算利用 Bixby 同 Siri 或谷歌助手竞争
and not compete directly with Siri and Google assistant or whatever.
按下功能键 可以启动语音助手
You can hold down to launch the pixie voice.
但是这个按键不能自定义为其他的功能 因为在 s8 与 s8+ 上也是这样
You probably can’t remap it cause you definitely can’t do that on the s8 and s8+.
可以说 三星是在努力建立自己的软件生态
It’s there,Samsung is trying to build its ecosystem.
So we will see how they do that.
那么 但目前为止我们都知道 Note8 的哪些信息呢?
So what do we know about the Note8?
Well, we konw it’s big,it’s a note,the really big.
We know that it has a good performance.
相机表现出色 很合我意
We know that it has some really intriguing cameras that I’m very excited to test out,
能够同当前款苹果手机 甚至下代苹果 平分秋色
against current generation iphone or even the next generation iphone.
还配有 S-PEN 并且即将上市
We konw it has a S-PEN and we know they are coming soon.
最后的最后 美版只有黑色与灰色
And last one on the list,in the US,we know they are only coming in black and grey.
We can make some more options in the future.
But we don’t know yet is the release date of price.
但我猜 很快官方就会正式发布这款手机 价格也会相当昂贵
But I anticipate the release date is very soon, and the price is very high.



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