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拉塞尔·布兰德 - 觉醒的人

Russell Brand - Awakened Man

I think that one’s reality is a result of your intention and your attention.
通过修养心性 我看清了自己的变化无常以及无足轻重
It’s through spiritual practice that I’ve recognized that my own impermanence,
事实上 我只是一个浑浑度日的人
my own irrelevance, in fact I’m just a person shuffling through life,
I am really no different now from when I was a little kid.
我想说的是 从心底里讲
All I want really is,I don’t want that feeling in my stomach
that people are being, like, treated badly.
I don’t want the feeling that people are being exploited.
People need to live spiritual lives, all of us.
作为人类 拥有和其他人一样无穷的感知意识是件好事
I’m a person, and it’s good to have access to the infinite consciousness that’s available
to all people but through the five senses is delineated,
keeping us trapped on a material plain.
We think reality is what we can apportion through the limited instruments of the senses,
but reality is of course far beyond that.
Spiritual data is that we don’t have the correct instruments to receive it
and live primarily in the realm of the senses.
Anything that we’re describing through science,
都是由有限的五感 通过棱镜那样折射出来的
we’re describing through the prism of the five limited senses.
Our eyes can only see between infrared light and ultraviolet light.
There’s light bouncing around everywhere.
我们的耳朵只能听到小范围分贝内的声音 听不到狗哨声
Our ears can only hear a tiny decibel range, can’t hear the noise of a dog whistle,
can’t hear any high pitched frequency sounds.
是不是还有其他的如 震动 频率 能量 意识
Isn’t it likely then that there are other vibrations, frequencies, energies, consciousness,
moving through the universe?
意识以一种形状不定 且无限延伸的形式存在
Consciousness is an amorphous and expanding entity.
我认为感官限制 禁锢了意识
I think that we allow our consciousness to be prohibited by our senses, prescribed by
our senses, living in the realm of these five apertures into our reality.
但现实是无限的 空间是没有边界的 时间是永恒的
But reality is limitless, space is infinite, time eternal.
通过瑜伽 一个人可以暂时挣脱世俗的枷锁
Through yoga, one can temporarily break the bonds, the chain as to the mundane, the mondial,
“接下来才是重要的” 我们至少可以暂时体悟到”自由”
“that which is of the earth” and we can temporarily at least, receive a taste of the infinite.
对此我不想说地太夸张 毕竟我们是一团短暂的原子
I don’t want to get too cosmic about it but we are just this sort of temporary blob of atoms,
你知道……在无限空间里 拥有片刻的意识
you know.. endowed with consciousness for the merest moments in infinite space.
冥想和瑜伽 我生活中的基本内容
Meditation and yoga, these are fundamental parts of my life.
我知道近来宗教问题举步维艰 教皇辞职
I think it’s difficult these days with religion getting such a rough ride, the Pope resigning,
血腥的恐怖袭击和无意义的废话 这些都偏离了精神的轨道
bloody terrorism and nonsense, it’s difficult to find that access to spirituality
but we are by our nature spiritual people.
如果我们摒弃精神 个体和社会都会遭殃
If we don’t have access to spirituality, we suffer as individuals and society suffers.
我们需要了解的是在某种程度上 人类自身拥有连接万物的无尽能力
We need to recognize at some point that within ourselves there is infinite capacity for connection with all things.
(主持人:我喜欢你描述这样的事实 就是在日常生活中拥有通往隐秘王国的能力)
(Host: Well I love the fact that you describe it as you have a “daily access to unseen realms of power.”)
Daily access to unseen realms of power!
不只是我 每个人都有
Not just me, everyone has that.
对我来说 超自然冥想让我进入了那个状态 不过这既不是因为
For me, what I’ve discovered is that transcendental meditation is useful to me, not because of
独特的环境 也不是因为我原本有奇特的天赋
a unique set of circumstances, not because of my formerly secret brilliance, no.
But because I am a human being.
And it is applicable to all human beings.
而这句话的真正意义在于 豪不夸张的讲在座的各位都是一个整体
And what’s really good about that is literally everyone in this room is one!
直白点讲 我们都是人类
What I say is that we’re basically all right, human beings.
当灾难或事故发生的时候 人们会有帮助他人的欲望
Whenever there’s a disaster, or an accident, people’s impulse it to help one another.
所以我认为 任何激励人们 将人们团结在一起
So I’m thinking, anyone that galvanises people, brings people together and points people toward
引导我们向善 帮助我们克服人性弱点如 恐惧
the better aspects of our nature and help us to overcome our basic things like fear
and desire, I think these people are worthy heroes…rather than the heroes that are nominated
today, heroes that are low vibrational frequency that make us concentrate on dark stuff.
比如……他们想让你谈论贾斯汀·比伯 他们想让你谈论
So like.. they want you to be talking about Justin Beiber, they want you to be talking
电臀舞 他们不想让你谈论炼油方法 只想让你谈论电臀舞
about twerking, they don’t want you talking about fracking, they want you talking about twerking.
他们想让你“闭上臭嘴 瞧你这个傻子”
They want to get you to “shut your fucking mouths and watch this shit you fucking morons”..
and I know because I’ve been part of the charade.
但是 现在你知道……
But, you know…
I’m awake now.
Look beyond the superficial.
这才是当前需要面对的事 不过有些人不分主次
That’s the problem with current affairs, you forget about what’s important.
You allow the agenda to be decided by superficial information.
What am I saying?
What am I talking about?
Don’t think about what I’m wearing.
这些都是多余 肤浅的
These things are redundant, superficial.
(Host: I’m distracted.)
And I don’t think we should be continuing to propagate the idea that famous people are
神奇特别的观念 因为它们无益于人们的生活
magical and special because it makes people that their lives ain’t no good.
I don’t think that we should be living in that kind of fearful paradigm.
It’s that I’m a vegetarian.
I believe that we’re all equal.
我没有权利杀死在屋里飞舞的昆虫 我必须忍受这那个小混蛋
I ain’t got no right to kill.. say a fly comes in my house, I tolerate that little asshole.
因为我认为“它的飞行 只是它生活中的一场旅行”
Because I feel like “he’s a fly, he’s just on his journey here through life.”
当我在沉思或者祷告时 无穷的思绪让我们
When I’m meditating or praying, I say the infinite creative force that brings into being
看清现象并用来指导生活 我默念 你能指引我吗?
all phenomena and guides all life, I say “Can you move through me?”
当事情确实发生的时候 你可能有几分接受 有几分推卸
When things actually work, you sort of treat them.. you sort of shirk them off as if,
你知道 你就像金钱 你远离了瑜伽和冥想
you know, as if you are the money and have got avoid yoga and meditation.
主流人士把它们描绘地很精彩 甚至有点奢侈
They’ve been portrayed quite brilliantly by the mainstream as sort of somehow.. luxury.
但在这它不是一种奢侈 不是娇柔造作 也不是肤浅 而是一种绝对
But it isn’t a luxury, or artificial, or superficial, it’s absolutely integral, it’s absolutely
the most authentic thing.
More real than any of us.
它们觉得快乐 然而它们并不需要快乐
They feel happy, their happy, they don’t need it.
如果没有制造麻烦的人 就是没有麻烦
If there’s not a problem, there’s not a problem.
我想如果人们有类似渴望 不满 极度兴奋这样的情绪
But I think if people have some sort of yearning or dissatisfaction or some itchy irritability
then it might be because they’re not looking in the right direction for a solution and
他们应该自省 意识到通过与高阶事物的相连
that they should look within and that within them there is a limitless, infinite capacity
for bliss through connection to higher things.
你不能靠外在的协作定义自己 你必须找寻
You cannot define yourself in reference to other external coordinates, you must find
内在的你 与事物本质的联系
yourself internally, your relationship witha higher entity.
Think of yourself as a manifestation of some higher thing, some higher frequency.
This is the visible realization.
因为你看不到原子 你能吗
And you know that because you can’t see atoms, can you?
And you certainly can’t see the forces that hold atoms together.
在这个微观量子世界 理查德 这就是一切问题的答案
There, in the micro-quantum world, Richard, lie the answers to everything.
We can’t understand it with our logical rational minds.
We feel it intuitively.
向它看齐 你就能向太阳一样散发光芒
Get yourself in alignment with that stuff and you’ll beam like the sun!
The dead human ape has fulfilled it’s potential.
The dead human ape has not evolved for the last 10,000 years.
These are the achievements of the dead human ape.
现在我们必须转变 成为文明进步的人 这样我们才能够进入
Now we must transform, become enlightened, so we can access the next realm of consciousness
necessary for our evolution.
我认为我们选择忽略精神 这对我们自己
I think we elect to ignore the spiritual and it causes a deficit for ourselves and our
我们的文化 甚至我们的星球都造成了一种伤害
culture and for our planet.
我认为我们过于轻易的就确认自己是独立的 这个想法日渐增强
I think we are too easy to identify ourselves as individuals, that idea is fortified daily
正如前面所说的 原始欲望的刺激使我们越来越看重“自己”
through, as we said before, the stimulation of primal desires, that which anchor us to the self.
我们忽视了我们只在地球上度过非常短暂的一生 基本上
We ignore that we’re here for such a short while, that we’re all basically the same as
我们和别人一样 我们之间相互连接 我们都有一个共同的责任
one another, we’re all connected to each other and we have a collective responsibility.
God is not something that’s about thinking you better than someone or a reason to have
他在我们心中 在我们之下但又超越了被恐惧和欲望驱使的人类
a war with someone, it’s that within us; beneath our and beyond our identity as human beings
driven by fear and desire, defined by the realm of the senses and the material self
which is transitory; there is a divine self that is connected to all living things, that
is part of an infinite source of creativity.
You could probably describe that using quantum physics or science if you want.
我选择相信上帝 因为我认为这是个荣耀
I choose to believe in God because I think what that is the recognition that there
对人们来说是一种神圣的美好认知 如果我们拥有超越我们需求的材料
is divine beauty in all of us and if we privatize that over our own selfish material needs then
我们自然会产生一种与自然和谐相处的文化 我们有这样的机会
we will naturally create a culture more in harmony with our planet and we’ll have a chance.
I think this is one of the great sadnesses of modern life because of our disenfranchisement,
公民选举权利被剥夺 未接触的宗教思想的泯灭
our disillusionment with religion that we don’t have access to these ideas.
对我而言 瑜伽和冥想是在世俗世界里接近美好理念的一种方式
Yoga and meditation for me, is a way, in the secular world of accessing very very beautiful
或许使我们更快乐开心一点 生活在
principles and perhaps make us happier in a time where people feel disillusioned with
这个经济幻灭 为生态忧虑 对政客担心
the economy, concerned about the ecology, worried with politicians, don’t trust what
they’re being told on television.
We’ve got to let go of temporary, transient ideas like individualism.
一神论的教义 死亡 沙漠 向我们传递了这样的信息
The nature of monotheistic faiths, these dead, desert religions, is to encode us with the
idea that individualism is more important that Paganism,
ideologies that integrally relate us to the earth.
We know that we are integrally, indefatigably related to our environment and we live in
the service of our environment because the self is a temporal illusion.
我认为终极真理是同一性 我们的肉体
I suppose the ultimate truth is oneness, that this is a temporary illusion that we temporarily
是会消失的 这一时的幻觉以至我们如此地在意我们的身份
occupy these flesh puppets, that we believe so much in our identity,
我们认同外在的自己 我说话就像自恋的人一样
we believe in our individualism, and I talk as a sort of, very egotistical man (look at my hair, look at
(看看我的头发 看看这些手镯 看看这些滑稽的靴子)
these bracelets, these ridiculous boots) I’m a person who believes in the nature of my
own individualism and my own identity.
But on a deeper level I recognize that all these things are transient.
什么是重要的起决定性作用的 是我们共有的:爱 团结 归属感
And what’s important, what’s defining are things that we all share: love, unity, togetherness.
只要我们的文化表述避开这些概念 抑制这些概念
As long as we have cultural narratives that eschew these ideas, that suppress these ideas,
偏向人类消极的特性:贪婪 自私 欲望 只要这些概念被推广
in favor of negative human traits: greed,selfishness, lust; as long as these ideas
我们就站在了好观念的对立面 我们就会被商家利用
are promoted we’ll exist in opposition toone another and we’ll be exploitable by corporations
that prey upon these negative aspects of humanity.
善恶之间的分界线不在于文化 宗教或信条 而存在于每一个人的心中
The line between good and evil runs not between cultures, religions or creeds, but through every human heart.
现在我意识到自私 欲望和自负存在于我自己的身体里
Now I recognize in myself the capacity for selfishness, for lustfulness, for egotism,
因为我意识到了我内在的品质 我更喜欢另一种文化
and because I recognize the qualities in myself I would prefer a culture that didn’t celebrate,
他们不会庆祝宣扬人类的的消极面 不会反复灌输也不会给予金钱奖励
exsassorbate, stimulate the most negative aspects of our species, inculcate them, reward
them financially, till we get into a kind of a cultural hysteria where we’re destroying the planet.
现实是 我们只有一个地球
Reality is, there is one planet.
There is a certain amount of people on the planet.
There are a certain amount of resources on the planet.
None of these things are gonna last forever.
So we need systems in place that acknowledge the reality.
Not systems that benefit the elite.
Systems that acknowledge the reality.
People need to have access to the resources.
你不能欺骗别人 事实是掌权的人在不断地扩张他们的权力
You can’t lie to people, so that people in power can continue to augment their own power
和享受成果 而劳苦大众却被剥削
and satisfaction while normal people are exploited.
We need systems that get the resources to the people while respecting the planet.
任何对地球或人民不利的制度 哪怕它只增加了
Any system that detrimental to the planet or detrimental to the people, cause it helps
一点点生物需氧量 让它滚蛋
one or two bods.. fuck it off!
You’re allowed to do that you know!
We are creatures on a planet.
We are mammals.
Look at the faces of the people that we’re being asked to vote for as leaders.
Look at them!
看着他们 用心感受!
Look at them, feel it in your hearts!
That ain’t whose meant to be leading us.
Happiness cannot forever be sustained like some glistening bauble.
它是转瞬即逝之物 像白雪公主指尖翕动的蝴蝶
It’s a transitory thing, like a butterfly alighting on Snow White’s finger (in that bit of Snow White.)
所以 像这样 我开心是因为我待人友善
So, like, I’m happy mostly when I’m being nice to other people.
Then I’m happy.
你知道 当他们一直用神话学和神学来分析语义学
You know, when they analyze the semantics consistently through mythology and theology,
中类似“爱” “上帝”这类单词的时候 他们发现共同的主题 John 就是这个连接点
of words like “love”, “God”, they find that the common theme, John, is union.
That we just want to be connected to something higher.
那可能是另外一个人 那可能是上帝 可能是我们与自然的联系
That might be another person, that could be God, that could be a relationship with nature,
could even be a relationship with Westham United.
我觉得真正重要的事是对于你的存在拥有中心信念:爱 同情
I think the important thing is to have the central tenet of your being: love, compassion
and tolerance.
Everyone knows that.
你知道 领悟只是一瞬间的事
You know, like the realization that this is only a temporary thing.
That the only thing that really matters to any of us is love.
That underscoring everything is love.
That if its a biological, anatomical human condition the idea of acquisition and survival
of the species, that that two percent that distinguishes us from the great ape, somewhere
within that is the mind spark that philosophers have always espoused upon and written about
that somewhere within that.. that’s the truth that we’re trying to head towards.
What it felt to me was like, the disillusion of my idea of myself.
Like, I felt like separateness evaporated.
I felt this tremendous sense of oneness.
我觉得我是一个相当古怪的思想家 一个兴奋过度的人
I find that I’m quite an erratic thinker, quite an adrenalized person.
但通过冥想 我感受到了这种美丽的宁静和忘我的连接
But through meditation, I felt this sort of beautiful serenity and selfless connection.
You know, my sort of tendency toward selfishness I felt like kind of exposed, as a superficial
and pointless perspective to have.
I felt a very relaxed sense of oneness.
I felt love.
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being happy in your hearts.