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眼镜框挑选原则干货爱美请收藏 – 译学馆
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Right Glasses for Your Face Shape & Makeup Hacks & Tips For Glasses ♥ Wengie

嗨 大家好 我是Wengie 欢迎回到我的频道 今天要讨论的是眼镜
Hey guys, it’s Wengie here! Welcome back to my channel, and today is all about glasses!
今天我将教你们怎样挑选你们的眼镜框 我也会说一些非常
So I’m gonna be teaching you how to pick your frames, and I’m also going to be showing some really
重要的戴着眼镜时候的化妆技巧 嘿 伙计们 我现在在马尼拉拍摄一场真人秀
important tips for makeup when you’re wearing glasses. Hey guys, I’m shooting in Manila right now for a
真的非常刺激 但是我想让你们知道这其实付费广告
reality show. This is actually really exciting, but I just wanna let you guys know that this is a paid
伙计们 这全都是公开的 现在让我们继续观看视频
advertisement, full disclosure guys, and let’s get on with the video!
首先 眼镜框的形状可能是最重要的部分 一个要记住的重要的规则是
First, the shape of the frames are probably the most important part. A good rule to remember is
挑选一个和你的脸型相反的形状 圆脸戴方的镜框看起来会好看些
pick a shape that contrasts to your natural face shape. Round faces look better in squares frames,
因为它补充强调了你脸型的棱角 方型脸戴圆形的镜框会更搭
as it adds and emphasizes angular features of your face, square faces are complimented by round frames
因为它柔化和突出了你眼睛圆溜溜的特征 长脸的长度会长一些
as it softens and focuses your eyes on the rounder features. Longer faces have more length.
适合戴那种高度更高的镜框 这样才能平衡竖线 为了让短些的脸看起来长些
You suit frames that are taller in height which balances out the vertical lines. To make a shorter face appear
基本上应该选一个更短的镜框 一个很好的经验法则就是记住镜框应该
longer, you basically just pick a shorter frame. A really good rule of thumb is to remember the frames should
在你的眉毛之下 颧骨之上 除非你真的想要一个特别的形状
sit underneath your eyebrows, as well as above your cheekbones, unless you’re going for a really unique shape.
尝试多种眼镜框也是很重要的 太宽的镜框会让你的眼睛看起来挨得特别近
With a few frames that are also super important, a frame that is too wide can make your eyes look really
这看起来会很呆板 太窄的镜框会让你的脸看起来
close together, which is completely unflattering. A frame too narrow can make your face seem
很宽 只要尝试一些镜框 并拍一些自拍 你就会发现适合的
wider. Just need to try on a bunch of frames and probably take selfies with them. When you find the right
轻一点的镜框会更舒服些 1001 Optical 的Piovino镜框真的是超级轻
one, you’ll know. Lighter frames are more comfortable, 1001 Optical Piovino frames that are incredibly light
你可以把这些镜框弯折180度 甚至踩踏都不会毁坏它们 说真的
you can bend these frames over 180 degrees and even step on them without breaking them. Seriously
我第一次看到的时候 我都不敢相信 如果你像我一样是个十足的调皮蛋 那么这些镜框就很适合你
the first time I saw this, I didn’t believe it. These frames are perfect if you’re a complete clutz like me.
如果你想要知道怎么样才能得到1001 Optical 的免费的镜框 请看到视频的最后
And if you wanna find out how to get a free pair of these from 1001 Optical, please stay til the end of the video.
对于那些像我这种低鼻梁的人来说 我们的镜框通常会框在我们的脸颊上 当我们
For people like me with low nose bridges, often our frames sit on our cheeks and move when we
笑的时候就会一起动 这是因为鼻托太低了 Piovino 的镜框有着更高的鼻托来适应
smile. This is because the nose piece is too low. Piovino frames have higher nose bridges to suit
亚洲脸 这就是为什么整个韩国流行音乐的明星都喜欢戴它们 找一家optical商店
an Asian face, which is why they’re worn by k-pop stars all over Korea. Pick an optical store that can
它可以为你量身定做鼻托 这是很重要的 如果你想让这些镜框合适地架着
customize the nose piece for you, this is so important because you want these frames to sit properly.
我有一副非常神奇的镜片 它可以减少来自屏幕和液晶显示器的所有有害的蓝光
I have a pair of lenses that are amazing because they cut out all the harmful blue light that comes from
此外 你必须得考虑防紫外线的涂层 或者你可以买一副
screens and LCD monitors. In addition, you wanna consider the UV protection coating. Or you can buy a
可以转换成太阳镜的眼镜 我由衷地觉得Piovino的眼镜都非常可爱
pair of glasses that are convertible into sunnies. I honesty think these ones are so cute by Piovino and I’ve
never seen a funkier pair of convertible sunnie glasses.
戴眼镜的时候我喜欢自然的妆容 我会教你们自然的棕色烟熏妆
I love natural makeup when it comes to glasses, so I’ll teach you a natural brown smokey makeup
和你的眼镜很衬的妆 首先 使用轻水性粉底 这样才不会弄脏你的
look to wear with your glasses. First of all, apply a light watery base foundation so it doesn’t smear on your
镜框 厚的和油性的粉底沾到你的镜片会带来很多麻烦 眼镜
frames. Thick and oily foundations causes so much trouble when it gets on your lenses. Glasses can
也会投下阴影 这会让你的的眼睛和你的颧骨看起来很黑 用一个浅色的遮瑕膏
also cast a shadow, making your under eyes and cheekbones appear darker. Apply a lighter coloured
涂一个三角形在你眼镜架住的眼睛下方 接下来 找到你的眼镜和你的脸接触的地方
concealer underneath your eyes where your glasses sit, in a triangle. Next find out where your glasses touch your
用湿润的海绵晕染这些区域 这样这些区域的彩妆才不至于
face and make sure you blend out these areas with a damp sponge, so that the makeup applied to these areas
太厚 然后用轻粉轻轻地拍打这个区域来定妆 因为你想让你的妆
aren’t too thick and then use a face to lightly powder this area to set it, because you want the makeup to sit
很好地呈现在你的脸上而不是你的眼镜上 当你戴眼镜的时候 眉毛应该强化视觉效果 所以干净的
on your face and not your glasses. Now eyebrows are visually emphasized when you wear glasses, so clean
眉毛是必须的而且真的很衬你的镜框 哈哈抱歉使用了双关语 我只是用眉笔
brows are a must and really frame your frames. Ha, excuse the pun. I’m just using a brow pencil to
画出清晰的眉线 要记住的事情就是你的镜框越薄 你的眉毛就应该越粗
draw clean lines. A really good thing to remember is the thicker your frames, the bolder your brows can be, and
越薄的镜框则更适合柔和自然的眉毛 而且 你的镜框越方
the thinner frames suit a soft and more natural brow. Also, the more angular your glasses are, think of having
就应该画一个有棱角的眉毛 这样才和镜框相衬 最后用眉毛凝膏让你的眉毛形状能够保持一整天
a more angular brow to compliment them. Finish off with a brow gel to keep your brow hairs in place all day.
画眼影前应该先给眼影打底 因为你肯定不希望你的眼妆脱落
Apply an eyeshadow primer before your shadow because you don’t want your eye makeup to come off
弄脏你的镜片 特别是如果你像我一样是油性肌肤 然后用接近肤色无光泽的眼影
and smear on your lenses, especially if you have oily lids like me. Then apply a skin coloured matte shadow
涂在底妆的上面 这样我们的眼影才能很好地晕染开来 而不会蹭到粘在眼影底妆上面
on top of the primer so that our eye shadows blend well over and don’t just catch and stick on the primer. Apply a
最后用一个中号的棕色遮住你所有的毛孔 我更喜欢无色的中性的色调 因为它在眼镜下会非常自然
medium matte brown all over your lids. I prefer more matte neutral shades as it looks very natural underneath
glasses. Now take a blending brush and blend out the edges of the colour you’ve just applied. Now apply a
然后用一个深棕色睫毛膏涂上眼线 接下来用一个中性的棕色涂下眼线
darker matte brown on your lash line. Take a medium brown and apply this close to the lower lash line as well
for some definition. Now apply a highlighting colour to your lower waterline and your inner corners to
来提亮你的眼睛 接下来用同样的颜色把它涂到眉骨上并把它晕染开来
brighten up your eyes and then take the same colour and apply it on your brow bone, blending it down.
然后用一支深棕色眉笔 把你上面的内眼线和眼线延长
Next take a dark brown pencil liner and upper define the upper waterline and your lash line, extending out slightly.
厚的镜框实际上需要厚重的线条 但是我的镜框是薄的所以我想要让我的眼线
Thicker frames actually call for thicker and bolder liner, whereas I have thin frames so I wanted to keep my liner
和我的下眼线细些 同时 用眼线笔在你的内眼线画一下 这样会让你的眼睛看起来
subtle, as well as the lower lash line. Also, placing the pencil liner below your waterline makes your eyes look
更圆 而用你的眉笔画一下内眼线实际上会让你的脸看起来更瘦长
rounder, whereas placing your pencil on the waterline will actually make your eyes look thinner. Now
你不想让你的睫毛粘在你的镜片上面把镜片弄脏 所以我们必须在我们用假睫毛之前把它弄弯曲
you don’t want your lashes to stick on your lenses and smear, so we’re going to have to our curl our lashes
如果你的镜片和你的眼睛跟近 那可能是因为鼻托
well before applying mascara. If your lenses are too close to your eyes, it may be because the nose piece is
对于你来说太低了 一个高一点的鼻托会确保你的眼镜和你的睫毛保持一定的距离
too low for you. A taller nose piece ensures that your glasses sit further away from your lashes. Use a
使用防水的睫毛膏这样白天才不会弄脏 而且镜框越厚 你的睫毛就应该越厚
waterproof mascara so that it doesn’t smear during the day. Again, the thicker the frame, the thicker your lashes
这样才能平衡外观 现在你可以在镜框的阴影下使用高光
will need to be to balance out the look. Now you wanna apply highlighters where the frame casts shadows on
戴上你的镜框 然后在你的颧骨上用高光提亮眼镜投下的阴影区域 然后
your face. Put your frames on and apply a highlighter on your cheekbones where it covers it up, blending
晕染到你的太阳穴 前额 鼻梁 上唇和下巴 这些区域基本上都可以用
towards your temple, forehead, nose bridge, cupids bow, and chin. Basically where you normally apply
高光 戴眼镜的时候会突出你的的鼻子 所以修饰它的轮廓 重塑
a highlighter. Wearing glasses may also put a high emphasis on your nose, so contouring and shaping this
它可以让你更美 戴上眼镜 然后给露出的地方描轮廓
can really enhance your look. Put your frames on and contour your nose bridge where it’s showing,
this means you don’t put too much product on the places where your frames touch your face, as well as
而应该更多地用在镜框造成的影子下方 我也喜欢修饰我的
putting more contour on places where a shadow will be cast by your frames. I also like to contour where my
鼻子 让它和脸更搭 让这块区域看起来比较薄 同时我也会在鼻孔下方涂一下 让鼻子看起来比较短
nose meets my cheeks to make the area look thinner, as well as below my nostrils to shorten my nose.
现在把你的眼镜摘掉 然后把眼镜会盖住的区域晕染一下 这里我们不用
Now take your glasses off and blend your contour to the areas cover by glasses so that we don’t put too
涂太多 修饰剩下的脸也是个人的喜好 但是我的镜框比较方
much product there. Contouring the rest of your face is also personal preference, but my frames are angular so
所以我喜欢画一下我的颧骨 让它看起来也比较有棱角 戴着眼镜会让我知道
I like to use it to make my cheekbones look more angular to match. Keeping the frames on gives me a
这妆在我戴眼镜时候呈现的样子 如果你想知道哪里应该打高光 它也将非常有帮助
great guide on how it will look when I’m wearing it. It’s also useful to see where to apply more highlighter as
well. I’m adding more highlighter in the areas underneath the arms of my glasses because they can
因为它们也会形成轻微的影子 所以突出这个地方会让你的颧骨看起来很时尚很迷人
also cast a slight shadow there so emphasizing this place can make your cheekbones pop and look amazing.
戴眼镜的时候 腮红的位置也是很重要的 你的腮红应该在你的脸颊中间
Blush placement is also important to do with your frames on. Your blush should sit in the middle of your
用一些较强的颜色涂在你镜框的底部 这样它们就会显示出来 这将保证
face, with the stronger colour being applied at the bottom of your frames so they show. This ensures that
当你戴眼镜的时候 你腮红的颜色还是可以看得到 我也会使用桃红色
that the blush colour can be seen while you’re wearing your glasses, I’m also using a peachy coral colour
这和棕色的彩妆很搭 从这个位置开始把腮红晕染开 当你戴眼镜的时候 嘴唇也是脸部非常重要的部分
that suits our brown makeup, blending the blush out from this placement. The lips are also a huge focal point
珊瑚桃色的嘴唇就会非常自然 也会很衬像我戴着的这种细细的镜框
when wearing glasses, and coral peachy tones for the lips are very natural and flattering for thinner frames like
厚重的镜框和厚重的嘴唇也非常搭 你也可以考虑这种选择
mine. Bold frames are very flattering with bold lip colours so you may consider that option as well.
我用唇线笔勾勒出清晰的唇线 然后一个桃色的唇彩就完成了
I’m using a lip liner to get a clean lip line, and a peachy colour lip gloss to finish off the look.
我也会涂一下我额头的边缘 因为我刚开始的时候忘记涂了 这可以让你的额头看起来
I’m also contouring the edge of my forehead because I forgot to do this earlier, and it can really help make your
更加瘦一些 是的 就是这样 我们已经完成了
forehead appear thinner. So yeah, that’s it, we’re done!
如果你在商店里订购你的镜片 1000 Optical 将会免费赠送你一副镜框喔 你也可以
1001 Optical is giving you a free pair of frames if you get your lenses prescribed in store, and you can also
用医疗基金付款 我的镜片是4.0 所以如果没有眼镜 我将什么都看不到
claim this on your healthcare fund. My prescription is actually like 4.0, so I’m actually pretty blind without my
总之 如果你觉得这个视频对你有帮助 或者你是一个眼镜佩戴者
glasses. If you found this video helpful in any way, or you a glasses wearer,
please take a couple of seconds and press that thumb up button,