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Richard Dawkins: 2 Flaws Plague Unscientific Belief, from Trump & Alt-Right to Religious Doctrine

It’s very unfortunate when you inadvertently find people agreeing with you who they’re
也是最不可能想站在你这一边的人 这是多么不幸
the last people who wish to agree with you.
我的意思是 我鄙视特朗普
I mean I despise Trump.
I despise everything that he stands for.
但真实情况是 许多人认为我应该站在他这一边
But it’s perfectly true that many people think that I ought to be on his side because
因为 他对穆斯林采取了严苛的 偏执的 可怕的政策
he has these draconian illiberal horrible policies towards Muslims, trying to stop Muslims
entering the country.
What a horrible thing to do.
多么无礼 不明智 偏执 残忍的一件事
What an impolite unwise illiberal inhumane thing to do.
并且 如果极右倾团体因为错误的原因同意我所说的
And so I’m embarrassed if people on the alt-right agree with something that I say
for the wrong reasons.
科学中 关于宗教所说的灵魂 并没有太多研究
There’s not a great deal about religion in science in the soul.
关于这个 我把大部分要说的都写进了更早的书《上帝错觉》里了
Most of what I have to say about that is in my earlier book The God Delusion, so I can
如果你们需要的话 我能复述一遍
rehearse that if you wish.
对我来说 作为一名科学家 主要的论据是具有科学性的
To me as a scientist the main argument is a scientific one.
我认为 “宇宙是被超自然的智慧创造出来的”这一假说
I think that the hypothesis that the universe was created by a supernatural intelligence
是一个科学假说 但是一个糟糕的 错误的假说
is a scientific hypothesis, it’s a bad hypothesis, it’s a false hypothesis, but it has to be
judged on its scientific merits.
具有超自然 富有创造力智慧生命的宇宙
The universe would be a very different kind of universe if there was a supernatural creative
和不具备这种生命的宇宙 是很不一样的
intelligence in it than if there wasn’t.
So much of my argument is a scientific argument.
There is no positive reason to believe in anything supernatural.
如果你看了我提出的所有(超自然存在的)理由 他们没有一个
If you look at all the reasons that have been offered none of them stand up, none of them
站得住脚 没有一个靠谱
hold water.
我们以达尔文式的进化方式进化而来 有极好的理论解释生命为何形成
We have in the form of Darwinian evolution we have a superb theory of why living things
它们为何如此 为何看起来像是被创造的
have come into being, why they are the way they are, why they look as though they’ve
been designed and they undoubtedly do look as though they’ve been designed.
生命是被创造的错觉十分强大 直到达尔文出现以前
The illusion of design in living things is immensely powerful and it’s no wonder that
until Darwinian came along almost everybody believed that it was created by a supernatural
但是现在 我们有了达尔文 有了他的继承者
But we now have Darwin, we now have Darwin and his successors.
We now know how life came about.
生命的复杂 美好 高雅和生命是被创造的错觉 到目前为止
And the complexity and the beauty, the elegance and the illusion of design of life has always
been by far the most powerful argument for the existence of supernatural gods and that
is completely blown out of the water.
第二个争论是 宗教是否有 有害的 不好的影响
The secondary argument is whether religion has evil effects, whether religion has bad
总的来说 我认为有
effects and on balance I think it does.
真正的问题是 宗教信仰得意于它不需要支持
The real problem is that religious faith prides itself on not needing support.
你不能说某个人违背了他们的信仰 他们仅仅说
You can’t argue somebody out of their faith they simply say that’s my faith you have
这是我的信仰 你不得不接受它
to accept it.
并且 这意味着 如果他们的信仰 他们的宗教教育他们
And that means that if their faith tells them, if their religious upbringing tells them that
他们必须做坏事 比如炸毁东西 杀判教者 把同性恋从高楼扔下
they must do bad things like blow things up, kill apostates, throw gay people off high
等等 如果宗教告诉他们这些 那你不能说他们违背宗教
buildings, et cetera, if their religion tells them that then you can’t argue them out
因为这来自他们的信仰 而信仰 根据定义 是没有争论的
of it because it comes from their faith, and faith by definition has no argument, faith
信仰背后隐藏的说法是 不 这是我的信仰
by definition and shelter behind the wall that says no it’s my faith I don’t have
我不需要为它辩护 它就在那里 它就是信仰 我认为这可能十分罪恶
to defend it it’s just there, it’s just faith, that I think is potentially very evil.
That’s very far from saying that every religious person is evil.
当然 许多人因为他们的信仰做好事 并且那很棒
Of course, many people do good things because of their faith and that’s great, but the
但信仰可能导致 并确实导致了许多罪恶事件发生
fact that faith can lead to and does lead to significant numbers of evil things and
比如女性在某些神治国遭受可怕的压抑 同性恋在神治国的命运也如此
the horrific repression of women, for example, in certain theocracies and of gay people in
在某些国家 判教者被判死刑 音乐 艺术和乐趣受到令人不快的压抑
theocracies, the sentences of apostates to death, the joyless suppression of the music
and art and fun in certain countries because of religious indoctrination, religious faith,
这些事实上都可能来自宗教信仰 做这些糟糕事情的人
the fact that this can follow from religious faith the people who do these awful things
不认为这些事很糟 相反 他们认为自己在做好事 在遵从正义
don’t think they’re terrible they think they’re doing good, they think they’re
在遵守神的意愿 并将因此上天堂
being righteous, they think they’re obeying the will of their god and that they’re going
to go to paradise because of it, that I think because it has the potential to be evil we
have to regarded that as an evil.