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Reclined Twist Yoga Pose - Yoga With Adriene

大家好 欢迎来到Adrien的瑜伽课堂
Hello, and welcome to Yoga With Adrien.
我是Adrien 今天我们学习仰卧扭转式
I am Adrien. And today we’re going to learn the reclined twist.
which is like a full body massager.
对下背部及全身都有好处 这个体式很舒服 能让身心镇静下来
Really great for the lower back and overall, um, really nice, calming, cooling posture.
现在请上毯子 我们开始学仰卧扭转
So, hop on the mat, and let’s learn reclined twist.
好 我们开始做养身扭转体式 躺好 耶
OK, so for reclined twist, we are going to start, surprise, on our backs reclined. Yeah!
So l’m coming to a flat back position here,
and rest the soles of my feet on the mat just for a second.
深吸一口气 呼气时将身体的重量释放到垫子上
Take a deep breath in as you exhale, relax the weight of you body into the mat,
and then a little two for one here.
抬起脚 抱膝至胸前 双手抱住胫骨
I’m going to press up of my toes, hug my knees to my chest, wrap the arms on the shins,
保持片刻 我把这个动作加入瑜伽练习中
and just take a second anytime, I can work this one into my yoga practice, I do,
and rock little side to side here.
给背部一种按摩的感觉 下背部这里
Just checking in with the back a kind of massaging, the lower back here,
even checking in with the shoulders.
有时我用这个动作让肩膀远离耳朵 增加一点空间
Sometimes I use this as an opportunity to crawl my shoulders away from my ears, create little space.
Feels good,
然后左右摇摆 开始
and then I’m ready to rock. So, here we go.
I’m in inhale,
双手抬高 高出头
reach my fingertips up over head.
轻松自然地吸气呼气 将呼吸带到身体两侧 从左到右 就像Texas T型坡道一样
Nice and easy breath in and then exhale, bring them to the side, left to right, it’s kind of Texas T,
哟 说哟 这里 保持垂直 哟
yo, we say yo, here, Texas T, yo.
接着要弹钢琴 听着有些浮夸 跟着做吧
Then l’m gonna play a little piano, I know this sounds cheesy, but just hang with me, hmm.
10个手指都要按在地上 一个一个地按
I’m going to press into all ten fingerprints, so just one by one here,
这样做是为了把意念带走 我不锁住意念
and I do this just a kind of bring my awareness all the way out, so I’m not just keeping it, um,
选择把意念加在这儿 对吧?
a select focus here, right?
瑜伽把意念放到身体各部位 甚至身体之外
Yoga is about expending the awareness to all parts of the body, and even beyond.
到极远处 我做起来太容易了 抱歉 好
To infinity and beyond. It’s too easy as I’m doing. I’m sorry, OK.
这里弹弹钢琴 10个手指头动都起来
So I play a little piano here, all ten fingerprints rolling,
接着连接到我的中心 细微的身体运动
and then l’m gonna connect to my center, a little subtle body movement here,
通过把注意力带到核心 就是肚皮
by bringing my attention in, to the core, the belly,
重申一下 这只是一种内在的能量
So, again, this is just a tiny kind of energetic internal,
呜呜 集中注意力 动作不要大
wuwu, focuse, so, not big movement.
嗯 想象着把肚脐往下压 尾骨上卷
But just, um, imagine drawing your belly button your navel down, and scouping your tailbone up.
So there, your lower back become super yummy flush with the mat,
现在准备扭转 吸气 深深地吸气
now ready to twist, I’m gonna inhale in, deep breath,
呼气 膝盖并拢
and on exhale, I’m gonna melt my knees,
转向房间右边 即垫子右侧
towards the right side of the room, or towards the right side of my mat.
动作自然 缓慢
l’m gonna move nice and slow here,
保持背部和颈部延展 下巴对齐胸部
keeping the back and neck nice and long here, chin tuck into the chest.
关注自己的感觉 尤其在是第一次扭转时
Just noticing the sensation that I fall into, especially that first twist,
checking in with the body in the spine,
深吸口气 然后呼气
taking deep breath in, and then exhaling,
the weight of my legs completely to the right side of the mat,
this already feels really yummy at my lower back.
腹部受到挤压 就像拧海棉一样
My belly are already getting a nice squeeze, like ring on the spunge.
下面是几个动作要点 要加深一点扭转
Couple of action points, to go little deeper into the twist,
or just to check in with that full spine from the crown of the head, to the tip of tail bone.
I’m gonna notice that my left shoulder starts to peel up a little bit.
just sassy and stylish.
为了这个体式达到最好效果 我将意识向下穿透左肩
But, to get the most out of the pose, I’m going to send my awareness, my intention down through that left shoulder.
基本上 我要把左肩固定在地上
So, essentially, I’m pining my left shoulder down to the earth.
如果左肩不能完全落到地上 也没关系
Now if my left shoulder doesn’t come all the way down to the earth, then, that’s OK.
I’m gonna be patient and kind to myself,
as the Yoga Teachings, describe,
and encourage us to do and just let that be my intention.
所以即便肩不能完全落到地上 有意念就行
So even you doesn’t come all the way down to the earth, those are my intentions,
将意念放到左肩 我开始用意念加深扭转
by breaking my awareness into that left shoulder, I start to get more of sensation to my twist.
Now I can take my right palm here, and use it to guide my left side a little bit deeper into the pose,
I’m pressing down to my left shoulder,
双腿下落远一点 深一点 轻柔地扭转
guiding my legs a little further, a littler deeper, gently into the twist,
深呼吸 吸到腹部
breathing deep into the belly here.
最后是选作的动作 将头转向左侧
Then finally there’s the option to turn the head here, turning onto the left side,
顺着左手指看过去 进一步加深体式
looking past my left fingertips here, to just go a little bit deeper into the pose.
Couple of nice long deep breaths here,
接着深吸一口气 准备做下一个动作
then to come out, I’ll take a deep breath in.
呼气 松开 回正 慢慢 舒适自然地回到中间位置
And on the exhale, unravel, coming back generally, nice and easy through center,
noticing the sensations in the back,
因为要转到另一边 吸气
as I come through in transition to the other side, so inhaling,
呼气 并拢双膝倒向左边
exhale, melting the knees now to the left side of the room,
或者倒到垫子左边 缓慢自然地 慢慢做
or the left side of the mat here, nice and slow, taking my time,
l heard a little bit of pop.
当然 现在要放下右肩
Now, of couse, turning that right shoulder down,
或许扭转会加深 随着你的左手掌
going a little bit deeper perhaps, whenver you are ready by taking your left palm,
的引导 有时我喜欢拍拍大腿这里
guiding sometime I even like to just kind of pat my thigh here.
很舒服 有力的抚摸 引导加深扭转
It’s good, feels good, powerful touch, just guiding a little bit deeper into the pose.
我第一次练瑜伽扭转时 腿只能到这么远
When I first started Yoga, I did twist, I pretty sure my legs only when this far,
so give youself a little bit of, hmm,
关爱 当你做扭转时
love and kindness as you even move into this reclined twist,
just give it time,
and let each exhale be an opportunity maybe to go a little bit deeper,
then on exhale,
melting back to center.
So the great thing about reclined twist or any reclined or so, hmm, for that matter,
is you have the suport to the earth,
比你站着扭转的幅度要大 对吧?
um, more so than you do and stand posture, right?
这样 你可以保持扭转姿势很长时间
So, use it, you can then hanging in the twist for quite while.
如果感觉良好深呼吸 微笑 静下心来 放松下背部
If it feels good, breathing deep, smiling, calming mind, releasing the lower back.
为了更多刺激核心区 我们做钟摆式
uhmm, for more of core activation, we can do a little tictok,
吸气 呼气 并拢双膝向右扭转 再吸气
so we can inhale in, exhale, melts the knees to the right, and then inhale in,
呼气 双膝并拢回到中间位置
exhale, melt the knees back to the center,
inhale in,
呼气 双膝并拢向左边倒 吸气
exhale, melt the knees to the left, and inhale in,
双膝并拢回到中间位置 这样反复做
melts the knees back to the center, so I’m essentially moving back and forth,
可以按自己的节奏 自己的幅度做动作
you can move your own rhythm, your own pace,
按摩背部 当你转到中间位置时
massaging the back, as you move through the center,
but l recommend especially is beginner for the foundation of yoga,
在这悬一会 意念依次放在下面几点
to just hang, hang out there for a little bit, go through your check list,
呼吸 制造空间 让自己有时间加深一点体式 对吧?
breath, create space, allow yourself the time to go a little deeper in the pose, right?
通常做五个呼吸 如果你愿意
it’s usually after about that fifth breaths, that you like,
出现了一点空间 这以前是没有的
dissolve into a little space, that you never know was there,
当然 我们每个体式都想让自己舒服
and then of course, we enjoy, finding what feels good in each posture.
Reclined twrist.
好 朋友们 这就是仰卧式扭转 试一下吧 告诉我做得如何
OK, my friends, so that was reclined twrist, give it a try, and let me know how it goes,
uhmm, in fact, if you are listening to me now,
then you have exercise to other videos of our foundations of yoga series,
试一下 一月一次就行 很想知道你们的想法
give them a try, even you can just try one in the whole month, l’m very curious to see how you feel,
l’m looking for some feedback,
so let me know how it goes for you,
希望下次再见 Namaste
hmmm, and l’ll see you next time, l hope, Namaste.