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奥巴马参与编程一小时活动 – 译学馆
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President Obama does the Hour of Code

(President Barack Obama) Hello everybody! How you doing?
【原始视频:2014年12月8号 白宫编程一小时活动】
[Raw Video: Hour of Code at the White House, December 8 2014]
很高兴见到你 你叫什么名字
Good to see you, what’s your name? Nice to see you.
我想对每个人说 code.org正在做一些伟大的工作 同时我为你们这些年轻人感到自豪
I just want to say to everybody, is doing some incredible work and I’m so proud
of the young people who are here today who came down from New Jersey on a big field trip.
全国各地的人们都在编程 但是有些事我们开始的还是太晚了
All across the country, people are doing code. We’re starting too late, when it comes to
making sure that our young people are familiar not just with how to play a video game, but
也熟悉做游戏 (学生说)就是那里提示你你该向前走了
how to create a video game. (student) Right here it tells you that you have to move forward.
(奥巴马说)好的 但是你慢一些教 我已经是一个老人了 所以刚才那到底是怎么回事
(Obama) Okay you gotta slow down, because I’m an old man. So what’s going on?
有 有学校的合作 有像你们这样的杰出的学生
Because of, because of collaboration with schools, and because of these outstanding students
somebody in this room I suspect is going to come up with an outstanding new
或者新的设备或者一些我不太理解的东西 但是玛利亚和萨沙会教我如何使用它
game or new device or something that I won’t be able to figure out but Malia and Sasha
(副总统 乔拜登说)女孩们能够做任何事情
will be able to teach me how to use it. (Vice President Joe Biden) Girls can do anything!
任何事情 任何事情 任何事情! 不要让任何人告诉你你做不到 (奥巴马)不要言弃
Anything, anything, anything! Don’t let anybody tell you you can’t. (Obama) Don’t give up.
而且不要只是说:“好的吧 我不擅长做这个 我只是不想去做而已”
And don’t just say, “Well, I’m not good at it. I’m just not going to do it.” You gotta
确保你们一直把它坚持下去 老师就在那可以随时解惑 不是吗? 我为你们感到骄傲
make sure that you stay with it, and that’s what teachers are there for. Alright? I’m proud of you guys.
特别感谢: 奥巴马总统和白宫所有的工作人员
Special thanks to: President Obama and all of the White House staff.