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用图片做边框的幻灯片 – 译学馆
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Powerpoint slide with an image background and border ✔

大家好 欢迎来到这个教程我将会向你演示如何做出这样的幻灯片
Hello and welcome in this tutorial I want to show you how to prepare such a slide.
这是一张有图像边框的幻灯片 而这张图是主体之一
It will be an informational slide with an image border. The image is one of the main
尽管只是在边框处呈现 但却营造出了一个很棒的视觉感受
parts, although we only see the border around, and this creates a really nice visual experience and it adds some
而且它让幻灯片增添了色彩和深度感 让我们开始来制作吧
color and depth into the slide. Let’s head over to the tutorial and start designing it.
嗨 欢迎来到这个教程 现在我们将要设计由图片做背景的
Hello and welcome into this tutorial. Now, we will design a slide which I believe
幻灯片 相信它会很受欢迎的 我先删掉中间的目录
is gaining in popularity, namely a slide with the image background. So I will delete the content
in the middle. I will take an image and I will place the image in the background. And the thing you want to probably
或者也可以点击右键 —设置背景格式—选择
do here, you can also right click – format background – select
图片或纹理填充—点击文件 然后选择图片 把图片放在中间
picture or texture fill – select file and select the image. But I will just place this image here in the middle.
然后选择 “插入—形状—矩形” 插入一个矩形
Then I will go to insert – to shapes and I will insert a rectangle shape.
首先 把矩形设置为和幻灯片一样的大小
Now at 1st, I will make the rectangle to the size of this slide, okay?
然后按住 [Shift] 键将它调小 直到合适的大小
Then I take my shift key and I make it smaller. Once I think it’s small enough,
点击它并且在 “形状格式” 选项卡选择 “对齐—水平居中”
like this, I will click on it and in the format tab, I will go to align –
和 “对齐—(垂直)垂直居中” 好了 再选择
align center – align – align middle. Okay, now I can go to
“形状轮廓—无轮廓” 然后是“形状填充—白色” 这样就把模板准备好了
shape outline – no outline – shape fill white, and I have the template prepared.
然后我感觉幻灯片上部和下部的空白太小了 点击这里
Now I see the space on the top and the bottom is too small. So I will select this,
按住左边的 [Ctrl] 键 也可以是左边的[alt]键 好了 这样就空出了更多
press my left Ctrl key, maybe also left alt, so I have more freedom and I will try
让上下平衡下 好了 这就是幻灯片的基本模板了 而且
to make an equal space now here. So this is basically the template you want for your slide, and it looks
看起来真的很酷 很有趣 图片仅作为边框而内容会在这里
really cool, it looks really interesting because the image is only a border and the content will be here.
如果想突出这部分的话 就选择它并加上阴影
You can also click on this object and make a little shadow over it if you want it to stand a little bit more out.
只需点击 “形状效果—阴影” 选择合适的阴影即可
This can be done by shape effect – shadow and selecting the appropriate shadow.
比如选择第一个 如果我想要的话 就可以像
Let’s for example select the 1st simple one. Now once I would have that, I could insert
操作普通幻灯片一样插入文本和对象 而把这个
the text and the objects and just roll with it as I roll with a normal slide just including
当做背景 继续选择 “插入—(横排)文本框”
this as the border background. I can then simply continue by going to insert – selecting
text boxes and start to populate this slide. Let me select the 1st text boxes –
在其中输入 your presentation 并将文本设为居中
your presentation. I will select the text to the middle.
将文字设得小一些并且设置为灰色 作为表头注脚
I will make the text smaller, I will make the text grey so it’s just a slight information
放在顶部和底部 同时设定一个更加有趣的字体
on the top and bottom, and I will select a more interesting font for this.
这次我就设置成Califomian Calisto
I think I will go this time with something like this, Califomian, Calisto.
选择并复制一份 这是顶部的 底部的
Let’s select such a style, okay? On the top, on the bottom I want
this as well like
而中间 我示范下插入一个图表 先插入
and in the middle, I would like to for example insert a graph. So I will go to shapes –
图形 我选择了圆……选择半圆
insert shapes and I will work with a circle.Now I want this half circle here.
我们看下这个图形在 PPT中叫什么 这个在PPT中叫做弧块 很酷的是
Let’s see how it called in PowerPoint. PowerPoint calls this as a block arc, and the cool thing here is
我可以把它放在这 控制点用于设定弧的宽度
that I can for example place this here. One handle is to work with the width
另一个用于设定弧度 我也可以做一个完整的圆或
and the second with the completion of this circle. I can make a complete circle or
一部分圆 然后就形成了这样的形状 弄小一点
I can make it partially complete. So I will make an object like this, I make it smaller.
再次选择 “形状轮廓—无轮廓” 设定“形状填充”
Let’s for example, select shape outline again – no outline. Shape fill,
这次选择 “渐变” 吧 选择“更多渐变” 我自己来设定渐变
let’s select a gradient. I will go to more gradients, I will my gradient
第一个渐变设置成绿色 选择亮绿色
and the 1st should be something around green. Let’s select a bright green,
再一个来深绿 比如这样的
and a dark green. Dark green like this,
太棒了 现在有了一个环 可以代表百分比
boom! Perfect. Now you have a circle, this could be for example a percentage. So I will just
复制这个文本 输入76%什么的
copy this text, select 76% something.
回到 “开始” 选项卡 让字体变大 颜色设置为黑色
Go to home, make it bigger, make it black and this is
这就是设计幻灯片的方法了 继续添加一些对象
how you could approach designing the slide. I will now continue and add some elements and I will see you
先看一下 此次我主要想讲的是如何创建图片框
in a moment because the main thing I wanted to teach you here is, how to create this image border and it looks
它真的很有趣 具现代化 现在的幻灯片中有这种风格的
really really interesting and really modern and I see new presentations are including this style now.
我想是因为它确实很好看 好了 现在我来修改一下
So it’s I think were to consider and it really looks very nice. Okay, I edit some elements,
将它们三个一起选中 再次选择“形状格式—纵向对齐”
I have grouped them and I could now select all 3 of them, again go to format – align,
让它们平均分布 也就是水平间隔相同 现在你就
and I could distribute them horizontally. This would make equal spaces between those objects. Now you could just
可以在上面放文字了 例如 复制一个文本框 粘贴
place some text here. For example, … oh sorry. Let’s make this a text. Now you could paste a
文字 把它设置成灰色 这就是一些信息
text in the text box – make it grey as this one. This would be some information. If that’s
如果觉得太模糊了而且有点太大了 可以把它设置成这样 现在是居中的
too dark and I think it’s a bit too big or let’s stay with it like this. Now in the middle
而且有点模糊 选择更多颜色 然后把灰色设定得更深
and it’s a bit dark, so I will go more colors, and I will make the grey a bit darker,
我想说的是浅色有些难于阅读 好了 现在是标题
I mean to us bright, so it was very hard to read. Perfect. Now the title –
Title of this information slide 现在基本已经完成了
Title of this information slide, and basically you are ready.
把文字变大加黑加粗 看起来真的好有趣
Make it big, make it black, make it bold. I think this looks really interesting.
这个风格简约 却又可以传达很多有趣的信息
It’s kind of minimalistic with, still it conveys enough information to be interesting and
而且因为砍掉了一部分的幻灯片 所以工作区域小了一些
remember that you chopped of a part of the slide, so the working area got a bit smaller
但依然看起来很好看 当预览的时候 我确实很满意这个整体设计
but still this looks very nice and if I preview this slide, I am really satisfied about the whole design.
I think it looks really pleasant for the eye.
感谢你观看这个视频 希望咱们下节课再见
Thank you very much for watching this video and I hope I see you in the next tutorial.