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如何设计PPT图表中的饼图 – 译学馆
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Powerpoint pie chart - how to work with charts ✔

大家好欢迎收看本期教学视频 在这节课里我将向大家展示
Hello there and welcome. In this tutorial. I would like to show you how you
如何在演示文稿中制作饼状图 我还会给大家展示怎么使用
can go over a Pie chart in PowerPoint. I want to show you how you can use
一些有趣的颜色 如何使单一数据信息变得突出醒目
interesting colors for it, how to make one information stand out
and how to overall make the slide easy to read for everyone.
好吧接下来我就不浪费时间了 我们继续来讲解这节内容
Okay then I will not waste any time and keep going.
首先 像往常一样我先把所有的内容都删除了 因为我想要一张干净
At first, as usual I delete everything because I want a clean
整洁的幻灯片 接着我们要把幻灯片调成黑色系的颜色
slide, and this time we will work with dark colors.
我这已经准备好了一个配色方案 这次我选的这个配色方案
I have already prepared a color scheme. This color scheme is this time a bit
是稍微深一点儿的黑色 一般我们都喜欢亮色的设计 所以接下来我要用取色管
more dark because we always go for those bright slides, so I will eyedropper,
选取一种颜色来做为我幻灯片的背景色 这是一种
select the color and I will select my background color. It’s a dark
深蓝色 如果我要让这个饼状图置于页面左边 该怎么做?
blueish color. Now, if I do want a chart on the left side,
, I would go to insert – I will go to charts and I would
自定义我自己的饼状图了 因为这节课要讲的就是饼状图
select my Pie chart because in this lesson we will work with a Pie chart.
好的 选择并确定之后我们看到这个简单的饼状图就已经出来了
Okay, the simple Pie chart is alright. Once you have put it
我们把它放到演示文稿之后 你就可以选取一些相应的数值
into PowerPoint, you then can select the appropriate values here and
匹配好数值后 你还可以调整百分比的占比下面我们就以百分比做演示
you can go with values, you can go with percent. Let’s for example try percent’s.
I will go 25%, 60%,
还有5% 我有漏掉了什么数值吗?我刚漏数了
5% and what I have left? I have left
10% 我现在再数一遍看看对不对 70到95 没错
10% as I count properly. 70 into 95. Okay,
100% 现在数对了 就像刚才操作的那般现在看到的就是我做好的
100%. Like that and this would be my prepared
饼状图 好的现在我不再需要表格了 我想要
Pie chart. I don’t need the chart anymore and I would like
让它变得更加整洁一些 点一下这边的删除按钮把它删掉把数值与图形相互匹配
it to be more clean. I can either click on it and delete it
或者是在选框的右侧 你会看到有这样一个“添加”按钮
or on the right side, you have this plus button.
This chart element button allows you to add different element
像这里就是 我不想要图例在此处显示
on the chart like here. For example, I do not want the legend
to be displayed, but I would like the percentage to be displayed here.
好的 我们可以选择数据标签 这个功能使我可以打开
Okay, data labels. This is data labels and I can open
并选择让它们在何处显示 你可以把它放在中心位置 或者图表内沿
them and select where should they be displayed. On the center, inside
图表外侧都可以 好的 那我们首先先选择
end, outside end? Okay, let’s at first select
放在图表内侧 但如果你…如果你想要
inside end, but what if… if you would like
让它们放大并覆盖此处 并且只有25%
them to be above here with the biggest and the 25%
这一个数据在内侧 那也没问题 这是一个很简单的功能
one inside. That’s no problem. This is a simple element
你可以点击并拖拽它到你想放的任何一个位置 所以
which you can click and drag and place everywhere you want. So,
我先把这两个数据点击并拖拽到此处 然后等一会我们就可以知道它看起来是什么样子的
I will click and drag those two here, and we will later see how does this look.
好的 我不喜欢这些白色边框 所以我先要
Okay, I do not like those white borders, so I would
click on each object – I will go to format – shape outline and
再选择“无边框”就可以了 我把剩余的四个都设置为“无边框” 好了
select no outline. I do this for all four of them. Okay,
现在我们看到图表已经全部没有边框了 再下来我需要再选择我的配色方案
now I have no outline. Now I need to select my color scheme and
我不喜欢颜色过于复杂 现在它看起来非常清爽
I do not like those many colors. It’s very clean
简洁 如果你喜欢一些高饱和色 你就可以用单一的
and simple if you select one strong color, so one
背景色来搭配浓烈的颜色 这样一来这种高饱和色
background color and one strong color and the strong color will
就会成为你这张幻灯片里想要去突出的色调了 所以我们一起来看看 我先选中整个
be the thing that you will be explaining on this slide. So let’s say that I will select the entire
chart – I will go to shape fill – once again eyedropper
选中我想要的黑色…噢抱歉 我填充
and I will select my dark color… oh sorry, I filled this
了另一个目标 我想要填充的是这个形状 那好 用取色管
object, I wanted to fill this shape. Yup, Eyedropper,
是这种颜色吗?没错 就是它 好的 现在看不见东西了
is this the color? Yup, it is. Okay, now we don’t see anything.
这就是为什么我们要逐一选中每个目标 再来把它们的位置
That, why I would select each object and place them a
稍微向左挪一下 再左一点…
bit to the left, a bit to the left…
也许这是比较痛苦的一部分 好啦现在整个部分都已经移得稍微远一些了
and maybe this will be the pain part, so the main part will be a bit further away.
如果你觉得没有空间了 那么就试着把它稍微放大一些
If you have no space, just try and make it a bit bigger.
好的 就像这样 那两个可以稍微拉近一些
Okay, like this. Those 2 could be closer.
I want them to be kind of equal,
也许太远了 抱歉 变成这样吧 好了
and maybe this is too far away, I am sorry! I will make it like this. Okay,
那么这个就应该是一个不同颜色的 所以我要先选中这个形状
and this one should have a different color. So I will select this one,
再点一次“形状填充”—用取色管取色 我要选
shape fill once again – eyedropper and I will select
PPT边框的浓烈颜色 好的 现在来添加文本
my stronger outline color. Okay, now I have the text.
点击“文本”选项 要把文本调成白色 因为现在这个看不太清楚
You can click on the text and I need this text to be white because it’s not visible.
我要回到主页—找到“文本颜色”选项并点击 接着选择白色并点击确定
I will go to home – I will go to text colors and I will make it white.
或者你也可以直接ctrl+b(应用)这种颜色 再把它加粗 放大
Maybe also ctrl +B like bold, bigger
那么现在看起来是不是好了很多 好的 接下来这个60%应该
so we see it better. Okay, and this 60% should
要把它移得更靠近中心一些 这个25% 好的
be more in the center. This 25%, well let’s
来让我看看 它也可以放到这个目标色块上
see, it can be also on this object.
Now I think my Pie chart is pretty
好的 我可以把它移到屏幕的左侧位置 噢对不起!
okay. it could stay on the left side of the screen. Oh sorry!
And this is how I would approach to design a Pie chart.
现在 我们可以在页面的右侧把文本或者是其他事物填充进去
Now, the right side would be filled out with for example text or object.
我先选择“插入”选项—选择“文本框”选项 因为我要把文本写在
I would go to insert – text box and I would stay within
这块颜色区域之内 那么我就把这张幻灯片的标题打上去
this color range. So this would be the slide title
我们就把这张幻灯片叫做“饼状图”吧 我先选中“饼状图”文字 先试着
or let me call Pie chart. So I will select Pie chart and let’s experiment
为它填充些颜色 这种颜色可能太强烈了 加粗它看看
with the colors. This will be the stronger, bolder one.
也许我们应当坚持选用白色 因为这个文本就在这块橙色
We should maybe stick to white text and just at orange
元素附近 就像这样就做好我的标题了 好的
element, like this would be my title. Okay, and
接着我要做一个橘色的下划线 再次点击“插入”选项—选择“形状”选项
I would make an orange underline. Go to insert – shapes,
take a simple line or a simple rectangle or a rounded rectangle.
我们可以选择一个圆角矩形 嘭!就像这样
Maybe we will take a rounded rectangle, boom! Like this.
再选择填充无边框的橘色选项 好的 我认为这个
No outline orange. Okay, I think this
看起来相当不错 当然了我要把它调整得稍微小一点
looks quite nice. I will make this of course a bit smaller.
没错 它在文本下面看起来已经可以了
Yup, this seems okay under the text,
接下来我就要把文本放上去 好的 我们选用一份样板文本填充进去
then I would take the text. Okay, take the sample text.
当然我们也要把它变成白色 设置一下…噢 我们可以把它调整成像这样
Of course make it white, make it… oh, it can be adjusted like
this or maybe justified to the sides
再缩小一点 完美 我认为这个看起来很不错
smaller. Perfect. And I think this looks good.
Maybe another point here, so
大家可以看到这里填充的颜色…这个橘色真的很明显突出 我要让它的位置
you see the color stick… the orange really stands out and I would need to make equal
变得均衡一些 接着我要来处理这个对象 在这里设置一个按钮
spaces here. Then I would take this object, place a button
你可以在里面写一些重要的内容 而且这条下划线也可以用
or something important on this side and this could again underline
已经使用过的颜色 我们在这个对象内先写一些比如
this color what you have this point like 25%
growth over the year.
So this would be like the most important information, and
下来我要做些手脚 我先选中这段文本再来移到我的
I could be sneaky, I could select this text. I could go to my
“文本颜色”选项上 用取色管吸取背景文本的颜色
text color, eyedropper and select the background text. Now, this
这样一来就做好了一个漂亮的覆盖按钮 并且这段文本也很明显
would make a nice overlay button and the text would appear
as if it would be cut out of this object.
好的 再多加粗一些 嘭!我觉得
Okay, even bold, boom! And I think this
这样一来我就完成了这张有饼状图的幻灯片 一张非常简单 清晰
would be my prepared slide with the Pie chart. A very simple, a very clean one
有强烈颜色对比的饼状图的幻灯片 而不是用那些有10种颜色以上
with strong colors and the Pie chart… instead of having 10 colors and
like PowerPoint is for example trying us to make those
颜色繁多的幻灯片模板 好了它们已经完成了 但要记住你还可以
colorful ones. Well, they are okay but remember that you can
also go with simplified colors and just underline one
big data which you want to explain on the slide and which stands out here.
真心希望你们喜欢本节课程 很高兴大家的收看
I do really hope you did like this tutorial and this was enjoyable for you
to watch. Thank you very much for your attention.
我是安德鲁帕克 我们下期视频再见
My name is Andrew Pach, and I will see you in the next video.