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Phone Photography Hacks - Hack It: EP24

好的 所以这条视频是送给所有喜欢用手机拍照的你们的
All right! So this one is for all of you who love taking photos with your phones.
Have you ever noticed this HDR mode on your camera?
大多数都注意到过 但是
Most of us have it, but
How many of us actually know what it does?
It’s great in situations when there’s a lot of contrast in lighting
例如 天空很亮而树下的物体却很暗
e.g. if the sky is really bright and subject under the tree is really dark
我们打开HDR模式 你的相机便会拍三张照
We page the HDR mode on, your camera will take three photos.
Arranging from properly expose for the bright parts to properly expose for the dark parts
然后它会把这三幅图像混合在一起 就能得到曝光最适合的图像了
It then blends images giving you the one best properly exposed image.
You can see the detail in the sky and I’m not so dark.
看到了吗 这是没有打开HDR模式时这幅照片的样子
See? This is what it looks like without HDR on
The picture looks so much better with HDR mode on.
所以呢 当拍摄运动的东西时HDR模式就不好用了
so, of course HDR mode is not gonna work well with movement,
所以 当你拍摄移动的东西时就不要用它了
So, don’t use it if you taking photos of moving subjects.
Have you ever wished that you could remove unwanted objects or people in the picture?
这里有一些你们可以使用的很酷的软件 这个叫做TouchRetouch
here’s really cool app you can try. It’s called TouchRetouch.
比如 你想在墙前面拍张照但是那儿有个很丑的开关被拍进去了
Say, you wanna take a picture in front of a wall and that’s kinda really ugly light switch in the way
This app helps you remove that.
你只需要把你不想要的部分涂出来 它就没了
All you gotta do is highlight the parts you don’t want and it’s gone
看到了吗 看起来超棒的 对吧 像魔法一样
See? it looks cool, right? It’s like a magic.
还比如 你在拍一张照片 某个路人走过 毁了你的照片
So, you’re taking a photo and some random photo-bummer messes up your shot,
只要移走她 她就消失在风里了
just remove her, she kinda dissolved into thin air.
这确实会花一点钱 但我觉得还蛮值的
It does cost a little bit of money, but I think it’s worth it.
现在呢 有一些有趣的利用视觉错觉的小把戏 大家可以去试试
Now here’s a really cool optical illusion trick that you can try that’s really fun.
Have your friend stands away from you and shoot from an angle where they look really tiny
超可爱的 对吧 你可以创造个拇指姑娘
Super cute, right? You can make a itsy-bitsy.
Now, any professional photographer will tell you that angles make a huge difference in making you look slimmer in photos.
They are absolutely right!
所以呢 这里有一些我在模特时学到的最棒的提示 (说错了……)
So, here are some of the best tips that I learn during a model. [“No…”]
Here’s some of the best tips I’ve learnt as a model
如果你想让你的胳膊看起来更细 千万不要像这样儿让你的胳膊紧压着你的身体
If you wanna make your arm looks slimmer, avoid pressing your arm against your body like this.
最好是把你的手放在屁股上 胳膊看起来就细多了 当当当当
Best thing to do is put your hand on your hip, so that it looks a lot slimmer. Voila!
这是业内非常常见的拍照技巧 所有明星 模特都在这么做 你们可以去看看
So this is a very common trick of the trade, all the celebrities and models they’re all doing it. You can go check it out.
但是有时候当你这么做的时候 会看起来有点装腔作势
But sometimes when you do that, it can look a little bit posey,
所以要试着更自然一点就比如 让胳膊像这样自然下垂
so try and make a little natural like, it just kinda fell there.
Try avoid facing the camera straight on
Now, a lot of tourists out there they do it and it kinda like a bit …
“对啊 我在巴黎耶 ”“没错 我在大中国 ”
“…Yeah, I’m in Paris.” “…yeah I’m in China.”
拍游客照也可以很有趣的 来个角度 美
You know, you could have fun with it, angle it, be fabulous!
让你的身体有个45度角的角度 会使你看起来更苗条更性感
Angle your body 45 degrees, and then, that will help you look slimmer and sexy.
可以看出摆角度之前和之后了吧 小魔仙全身变
and you see the before and the after. WanderBug!
Stick your chin forward and down to make your photo look more angular
有棱角的话 我可以告诉你 让你看上去更美
And that, I’ll tell you, makes you look wonderful.
当你在下巴上下功夫的时候确实会感觉有点尴尬不舒服 但是
It does feel a little awkward when you’re doing it, and it doesn’t feel right, but
在一张照片里 绝对看上去更好 相信我
but in a photo, it looks better, trust me.
这是之前 脸看起来更胖 然后这是之后 脸看起来棒极了
This is the Before, face look fatter; and this is the After, face look great.
If you wanna get a simple colour filter for your photo
here’s a really cool hack you can try
All you gotta do is colour a piece of scotch tape and stick it on camera lens
或者你可以把手指放在闪光灯上 就可以得到瞬间的红色滤镜效果
Or you can place your finger over the flash for an instant red filter effect
Most people like to take pictures with their subjects in the middle of the picture
但是下一次 试试把它们放在一边
but next time, try putting them to the side instead
这样的话 看起来会更专业
and that way, it looks a lot more professional.
这叫做1/3法则 会让你的照片看起来好的多
It’s called the rule of 1/3, and this will make your pictures look way better.
Place your subject on the intersecting line
事实上 你的相机以及你的instagram都有这个网格可以帮你
Actually, both of your camera and instagram have this grid to help you
如果你在给一个人拍照 要确保他们的眼睛和网格线持平
If you’re taking a person, make sure the line is lined up with their eyes
We all know that tapping on a subject or adjust focus an exposure on it,
那你知道如果你点击并按住的话 它会锁定这个对焦和曝光吗
did you know if you tab and hold, this will lock the focus and exposure
so this is great for situations like a concert for example,
where you’re trying to focus on the stage and everybody is walking in front of your camera
不幸的是 这只适用于最新的手机
Unfortunately, this only works for the newer phones
所以如果你的手机是旧版的 抱歉咯 它没有更新
so if you’ve got an older phone, sorry. It’s un-updated.
我们今天的节目就到这里了 谢谢大家的观看
so it comes to the end of our episode, thank you so much for watching
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