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哲理冥想对抗焦虑 – 译学馆
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Philosophical Meditation

Our minds give us trouble.
And one of the leading ways people nowadays deal with them, is meditation.
冥想可以安抚情绪 放空自己
Sessions where you quieten thoughts, empty the mind,
跳出困局 远观外界
and focus on just a few things outside of you
你会发现 沙沙的落叶 潺潺的流水
like, the rustle of leaves, or the flow of water.
但是 生命学院有其他的方法 带你开挂
But, at the School of Life, we want to put forward an alternative,
or, rather a complementary idea.
我们想了一种方法 不是基于东方理念
We’ve devised a technique, based not on Eastern thought,
but on ideas that come down to us from the Western philosophical tradition.
称之为 哲学冥想
We call it, a “philosophical meditation”
前提是 我们得有那么多的焦虑
The basic premise is that a lot of the trouble in our minds,
这些难题都是没来得及解决 检测 或正视的
comes from thoughts that haven’t been untangled, examined, and properly confronted.
然而光阴似箭 没解决的焦虑一个接一个的来
And that because life moves so fast, we accumulate a lot of un-thought thoughts
on a daily basis.
打个比方 说失眠吧
Insomnia, for example,
is chiefly the revenge of thoughts we havent had in the day.
那些混杂的 被忽略的问题影响了我们
Muddled, unfocused thoughts generate a static of anxious electricity,
or else give rise to clouds of nonspecific gloom.
If we’ve been out of touch with our thoughts for too long,
we can get snappy or suddenly enraged.
正好 哲学冥想能帮我们解决这一困扰
This, is what philosophical meditation is designed to help us with.
It’s a tool for systematically clearing up our minds,
and making sense of our disavowed feelings and ideas.
首先需要做的是 抽点时间出来
The first priority, is to set aside a bit of time.
至少每隔几天 要腾个二十多分钟的时间来
Idealy some twenty minutes at least once every few days.
要么是清晨 坐在床上的时候
You should sit, probably in bed, early in the morning,
要么是晚间 阅读的时候
or late in the evening, with a pad of paper,
自省的问问 三个问题
and ancher your investigation of yourself around 3 large questions.
问自己 最近我在焦虑啥
Firstly: “What am I currently anxious about?”
问自己 我不高兴谁做了啥事儿
Secondly: “What am I upset about, and with whom?”
再问自己 最近有什么是我觉得激动和令人振奋的?
And thirdly: “What am I currently excited and ambitious about?”
首先 在我们自问自答的时候
At first, when asked to respond to question like these
像 那些说不清道不明还有点害怕的焦虑
the mind tends to be inarticulate and a bit scared.
通常情况下 是一时说不出个因为所以的
Generally, something comes to mind, but often you can’t quite tell what it is yet.
可能是个词 画面 一个地点甚至一个人名
It might, just for now, be a word, or a mental image, or a place, or a persons name.
This doesn’t matter.
有想法的时候提笔就写 别管其他的
Grab the ideas when they’re there without thinking too much, write everything down,
不论多细小 也别在意写出来到底是个啥
however minor, and don’t worry too much about it’s ultimate sense.
Philosophical meditation can be compared to cleaning out a large, clogged-up cupboard.
但 首先你必须把能想到的都写出来
You have to take everything out and pile it up on the bed first
得在解决问题之前 都理出来
before starting to sort it out.
然后 问自己 我为什么而焦虑
So, to kick off, under: “What am I anxious about?”
You might accumulate a list of concerns you haven’t looked at head on,
but have glimpsed in the course of the day.
这样说好像 没有道理
It’ll be nonsense to anyone else,
你也可能觉得想的太过了 但还是要坚持去理
and perhaps almost to yourself too, but keep going.
等能想的都写出来了以后 用另一套问题一个个筛选
With all the thoughts taken out, then past and through the sieve of a set of questions.
问 这真的是我焦虑的点么
Ask: “What is this anxiety really about?”
并想出焦虑的时间段 最大的难题 不放过一个细节
Tell the story of the coming anxious period or challenge in great, almost tedious detail.
然后 正视每个问题
Then, confront head on everything that could go wrong
把它当做焦虑的点来考究 即使可能搞错了问题点
with the worrying situation or idea.
再剔除 就算最坏的情况发生 你也能接受的部分
Now tease out how you might still be OK, even if the worst happened.
Don’t cheer yourself up with false optimism.
Make yourself at home with the darkest possibilities.
Realize that almost everything is ultimately rather survivable.
Then, it’s time to move on to the second part of the philosophical meditation;
细细品味 之前提到过的第二个问题
the bit where you ask the second big question:
我到底为谁沮丧 为啥沮丧
“Who am I upset with and why?”
理论上 我们通常不会要自己
The theory here, is that we often don’t allow ourselves
to analyze the hurts that we receive from other people
because we’re humiliatingly vulnerable and pretend we’re not.
Yet we pay for this false stoicism dearly.
For undigested hurts generate bitterness, confusion,
and misdirected aggression.
We might go cold on our partners, with whom we’re unknowingly furious.
So, empty the cupboard of the mind of all its multiple hurts.
看着你写下的东西 用以下问题一一过一遍
Take all you’ve written, and pass it through the following set of questions:
Retell yourself all of the upsetting incidents you’ve faced,
一个细节也不放过 仿佛你是在跟
in great detail, as if you were telling them to an extremely kind, interested
and patient friend.
Then ask:
对这些伤害你的人 一个好会怎么做
“How might a nice person have end up doing what this person did to you?”
If they weren’t actively mean,
What other explanations could there be for the hurt they have caused?
如果这些发生在朋友身上 你会怎么建议他们
Lastly, if this would happen to a friend, how would you advise them?
接下来 想想脑子里那些
Next, it’s time to take out of the cupboard of the mind all the thoughts
that relate to ambition, and excitement.
This needs a range of positive emotions,
例如 兴趣爱好 追逐华明 等等
tremors of interest, tentative enthusiasm to lights and so on
that are hovering on the edges of consciousness.
问问自己 最近有什么使你激动 羡慕又向往的
Ask: “What recently made you feel excited, envious or desiring?”
There’s then an another set of questions to sieve these feelings through.
Describe your excitements as if to a sympathetic, interested friend.
You need to change your life in certain ways,
那 要怎样在光天化日之下改变自己呢
so, what would it be, to change your life in the light of this?
另你激动的事往往是你生活中没遇到过的 那你到底缺少什么呢
This exciting thing holds clue to whats missing in your life, what might be missing?
要是你的想法会说话 你觉得它会说什么呢
If this thing could talk, what might it tell you?
要是这些兴奋事儿能改变你的生活 会是些什么呢
If this thing could try to change your life, what changes might it advise?
如果生活的其他部分也能独自发表意见 那会怎样
If other parts of your life were more like this, what might they be like?
回答这些问题 是至关重要的开始
Answering all these questions starts the vital work
of decoding the scrambled thoughts, that normally clog up our minds.
The longer we’ve gone without doing one of these mental audits,
the more there will be to go through.
Philosophical meditation doesn’t magically solve problems,
但能营造想要的环境 极大的给我们解决问题提供帮助
but it huuugely helps us, by creating an occasion
这样就能看清我们的问题 并有序解决
where we can identify our thoughts, and get them in some kind of order.
让复杂的情绪虑具体化 例如 恐惧 愤怒 希望
Fears, resentments, and hopes become easier to name.
We get less scared of the contents of our own minds
从而变得冷静 化解痛苦 明确人生方向
we grow calmer, less bitter and clearer about our diection in life.
We start, at last on the journey to knowing ourselves properly.





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