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彼得·琼斯的创造成功商业的10条黄金法则 – 译学馆
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PETER JONES | 10 Golden Rules to Build a Successful Business

彼得・琼斯是一位知名商人 在通讯行业和出版业上获得了巨大的成功
Peter Jones is a serial entrepreneur. He has been successful in the telecommunications
and publishing industries among many others. Here are this tycoon’s top ten golden rules
to build a successful business. Rule 1: Have a vision
放胆做梦 清晰的明白成功对你来说意味着什么 设立目标和目的
Dream and dream big. Visualise clearly what success means to you. Set objectives and goals
并采取策略来实现你的想法 确保想象是长远的 目标是高远的
and employ strategies to achieve your vision. Make sure the vision is long-sighted and aim
当你逐渐实现你的目标的时候  你的目标会逐渐扩大机会也慢慢出现
high. When you’re close to succeeding in your goals, your goals will move as expanded
opportunities become available. Rule 2: Use your influence
以身作则 这将激励的员工跟随你的脚步 同样也会把工作做得很好
Lead by example as it will empower staff to come with you and do their job well too. Delegate
指派你的任务 这可以让你虚心学习 让人各尽其用
your work. This allows you to learn from others as well and harness their strengths. It is
这很重要 可以让你们扬长避短
important to fill in the gap of any weaknesses in your own skillset by utilising the help
最后 分配工作还可以让你有机会接触到公司的其他方面
of others. Finally, delegation will let you work on other parts of the company such as
比如处理人脉 发展业务
building relationships and developing the business.
建立关系网 分享和学习对于一个企业家来说也很珍贵
Networking, sharing and learning are all valuable tools to an entrepreneur. Use your influence
当你采取这三个方法来创造机会时 要善用你的影响力  通过帮助他人
when utilising these three methods to create opportunities. By helping others, you’ll
你会找到回报 通过影响他人 你可以激励并且说服别人和你一起奋斗
find favours being returned. By influencing them, you can motivate and persuade people
法则三: 建立信心
to get them on board. Rule 3: Build your confidence
开启一项事业需要适当的自信 当压力山大的时候
A certain amount of confidence is needed to start a business and that self-belief is also
你也需要自信来保持前行 自信会让你与别人不同地分析风险
needed to keep going when under pressure. Self-confidence will let you analyse risk
自信心不足 觉得自己无法胜任 这就会导致你真的无法胜任
differently to other people. Not having self-belief and not thinking you can do something can
become a self-fulfilling prophecy, so it’s imperative to believe in yourself. Do not
不过也别自信过了头 让自己自大起来  要记住  你总是在学习中
have too much confidence though as that leads to complacency. Remember, you are always learning.
You can build your confidence in two ways: By gaining knowledge, skills and experience
第二种是改变你对失败的看法  未获得想要的结果时 不要就视它为失败
and by changing your perception of failure. When not getting the desired results, don’t
而是把它看做你能够从中学习的反馈  这种做法在未来将大有裨益
see it as failure, but rather treat it as feedback that you can learn from, which will
法则四: 许下承诺
help you in the future. Rule 4: Make a commitment
想要成为一个成功的企业家 许下巨大的承诺是必不可少的 这样 在其他人每天都回家之后
Huge commitment is required to be a successful entrepreneur as you’ll probably be working
你自己可能要继续工作到很晚  承诺并不意味着你不能够稍微喘息
long after everyone else has gone home each day. Commitment doesn’t mean you can’t
take a break but it does require good communication and organisational skills. Commit to your
对你的想法许下诺言 马上行动 致力于组织化以便于能够有效地计划和履行
vision and act on it immediately. Commit to getting organised so you can plan and deliver
最后 对你的商业伙伴许诺 准备好艰苦奋斗和作出牺牲
effectively. Finally, commit to your business and be prepared to work hard and make sacrifices.
法则五: 立即行动  如果你不及时行动起来 所有的策略 计划和目标就什么都不是
Rule 5: Take action Having the best strategies, plans and goals
对于企业家来说  结果至关重要 但是不劳便无获
mean nothing if you don’t execute on them. Results are vital as an entrepreneur but you
can’t have results without action. (Vision -> Action -> Results) Having an action plan
有用的做法是拥有一份行动计划 列出你今天能完成的任务  这样就能一步步接近你的想法
is a valuable asset. Map out tasks you can do today to help get closer to your vision.
要想做出点什么需要主动性 要主动出击
To make something happen requires initiative, the initiative to take action. Focusing on
把注意力集中在那些能获得巨大回报的地方 对其实施行动
the areas that generate the biggest reward are good places to focus your action. Some
我们可以采取一些措施 诸如利用电话 了解项目和积极交流
of the ways to take action include getting on the phone, going to events and networking.
Rule 6: Aim for results By achieving the results you’re striving
一旦你完成了正在奋斗的目标 你就会接触到获得更大成功的机会
for, you’ll open up new opportunities for even greater success. To achieve results,
为了达到目的 需确定你已设定了清晰的可量化的目标 以及所需要的注意力和精力
make sure you set clear, measurable goals and have the focus and energy required to
当你产生了一个商业想法时 制作出一份计划来标识这个想法的每一个部分
reach them. If you have a business idea, create a business plan identifying each of the component
将其合起来 成功不远矣
parts that, when put together, contribute to a successful outcome.
法则七: 合理的时间规划
Rule 7: Get your timing right Timing is important not just in terms of when
you start a business, but in terms of where your priorities lie in other aspects of your
而且关乎你对于工作和生活其他面的优先选择 工作 家庭 还有经济能力
life such as your job, your family and your available finances. Starting a company requires
成立一家公司需要相当多的时间和精力故而越少分心 越少其他占据注意力的需求 就越好
lots of time and energy so it is better to have less distractions and other demands vying
for your attention. The right circumstances increase your chance of success.
Rule 8: Persevere Determination and persistence are key qualities
of successful entrepreneurs. Knowing when to persevere and when not to is also key.
对于大多数企业来说 失败的体验在一段时间内都是家常便饭
Failure is experienced at some stage by most entrepreneurs, treat failure as a spur to
当下的失败会刺激未来更多的成功为了发展事业 一来要培养坚持的态度
be more successful in the future. Develop an attitude to keep on keeping on but be prepared
to adapt too to grow the business. Be relentless when perusing your goals.
Rule 9: Be caring Be sure to take care of yourself, of those
close to you and of those who have responsibilities and are involved with the business. Your staff
你的员工是你最大的财富 所以要以恰当的方式对他们进行投资
are your biggest asset so invest in them accordingly. Provide the means for training, development
提供培训 职业发展和奖励机制这将会鼓励他们对你忠诚 会促使成功
and incentives for them which will encourage loyalty and success. If you care enough to
如果你能够人尽其用 他们会自发的投入你的想法之中
make your staff feel valued, they’ll buy into your vision. Make sure you are honest,
你要诚实 要支持他们 把自己的许诺告诉他们
supportive and deliver on your promises to them.
法则十 利用直觉尽管经常被不精准的事实所误导
Rule 10: Use your intuition Despite often being dismissed due to the fact
做决定之时 你的直觉会产生不凡的帮助
it is not quantifiable, your intuition can be a significant help when making a decision.
Gut feelings and instinct should not be ignored. As Steve Jobs once said “Never let the noise
of other people’s opinions drown out your own inner voice”.
追随这十条黄金准则 你能拥有一位商业大亨的思维 它们为你提供了
Following these ten golden rules will give you a tycoon mindset and provide a formula
for success in business.