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胸肌模型跟踪 - 作业示例

Pec Model Tracing - Assignment Example

If you haven’t seen the previous episode you might get confused.
All right. So, this is a really cool view actually. We’re looking from the bottom
and we can see a very clear seperation between the sternal and abdominal sections,
which explains the double curve you’ll see in the arm.
so I started with the clavicular origin wrapping it around
and you can see here how it goes over the volume of the sternal section
包裹它的这块厚肌肉 扭转延伸至肱骨部分
that thickness wraps over it and then twists around to connect to the humerus.
you can see how that left side that I drew is kind of facing upwards
当这块肌肉向肱骨部分延伸时 那里几乎是水平面了并且会有一些扭转
It’s kind of a top plane as it goes towards the humorous it twist a little bit and now it’s
然后现在这部分直接面对我们了 真酷 有点像是一条带子
facing us. so really cool sheet. kinda like a little strap in there and now I’m working on
现在我要说的是胸骨部分 由于现在这里肌肉在收缩我们能很清楚的看出来
and now i’m working on the sternal section that’s a very clear one on him at this moment as he’s flexing
在腹部的这个地方 你能发现在这个部分
and the abdominal section right there and you can see in this area how the
肌肉束丛是如何通过不同方式聚集在一起 比如这里
how the muscle bundles will kind of group together in various ways like in this one we’re
我们发现左边的这两组 它们似乎比较厚一些
seeing these two group on the left they’re kinda like two thicker ones. Then you’ve got a
中间这里是一块比较小的 然后在外面这部分你能看到另外一快小的
tiny one in the middle and then you got another tail coming out on the outside
that reaches down a little bit farther towards the abs. so very interesting organization
有趣的肌纤维结构 然后你们看在胸骨部分
of muscle fibers and you can see on the stern section I’m just kind of wrapping
我把这部分以上的肌纤维框起来表示向上倾斜的走势 然后
the fibers over that volume really showing that up tilt. I’m gonna draw the
我之所以我在这里画上这个三角结构 是因为我想向你们说明我能确切都看到的胸部肌肉部分
deltoid here just because I want to show you how much of the pec I was actually seeing
和我补充的部分 所以这个三角表示的是这里整个区域
and how much I invented so this whole volume right in here is the the deltoid and it’s
它覆盖了整个部分 整个 但是现在我要擦一部分 把这里画成虚线
covering up this whole section so all of this but I’m erasing, making a dotted line
这就是所有在三角肌以下的胸部肌肉 然后我们看三角肌是如何
that’s all pec underneath the deltoid and look at how the deltoid actually
包围住胸部肌肉部分的 在三角肌的底部边缘
wraps over the volume of the pec. you can see the bottom edge of the deltoid is a
这里是一个C形弯 因为这里它是覆盖包裹住这里的肌肉的
C curve because its wrapping over the volume of the pec.
that right there was the acromial section of the deltoid.
好了 另一边倒是没有什么特别值得说明的 但要注意腋窝部分还是要注意
ok, other side not as much information but also the armpit is a little confusing so
先从我们知道的开始吧 这里是胸骨的边缘部分 现在这个部分
let’s start with what we know. I’ve got the border of the sternum I got the top border of
是锁骨上缘 然后你会发现锁骨部分包裹这
the clavicle and then you have the clavicular portion kind of wrapping over the
胸骨的一部分 但是你无法确切的观察到后面的部分 然后在这里
sternal portion and behind it you can’t really see much. then right there is a
little bump on the left side of the sternal portion and as it wraps around
直到延伸至其自身后方到手臂处 真是个复杂的角度
and behind itself back into the arm. very complicated angle so you
can see the cross contour lines I added to the fibers. see how it’s
wrapping around the roundness of the abdominal section and back into the arm
so that little overlap in the bottom left corner really helps to show that
然后 腹部的肌肉束和其内部的部分
and again the abdominal muscle bundles kinda have that same pattern where you
有个相同的结构 这里有两束大肌肉 而在中间的一条
got the ones on the inside, you’ve got two big ones and then one in the middle of its kind
of going up a little higher
接着左边的那条或者说是外面的那条 就更往下方延伸
and then one on the left or on the outside that reaches down more. and there’s the
接着 这副图片里覆盖胸部肌肉的腱膜非常典型
aponeurosis wrapping around the abs and pretty much gonna be it for this one. very very
因为这个姿势是一个很好很好的教学案例 毕竟这个角度很不常见 所以
very good pose to study because this isn’t an angle you usually see, so being able
to see this angle and see how these muscle fibers, how all three
尤其是观察这三个部分如何去互相作用和影响 例如其中一个是如何覆盖在某一部分只上而另一个则分布其下
sections interact together, how one wraps over the volume of the other goes underneath
another. just that play between these volumes really good to see in this photo.
希望你们喜欢这节课 如果你们想了解更多的绘画素材
I hope you guys enjoyed this lesson. if you wanna see more drawing examples go to
登录proko.com/anatomy 那里有我制作的其他八个例子
proko.com/anatomy. I have eight more example which serve as the
在proko.com/anatomy上 作为上节课作业的答案
answers to the assignment from the last lesson that’s proko.com/anatomy.
那就到这里 感谢观看
that’s it! thanks for watching
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