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绘制胸肌 - 作业示例

Pec Invention - Assignment Example

if you haven’t seen the previous episode you might get confused.
接下来我会介绍一种绘画策略 它适用肌肉绘制的大多数情况
I want to show you a strategy. Ok, this is a strategy that’s gonna work for most muscles.
策略就是找到肌肉的插入点和起源点 再将两点连接
That strategy is find the insertion, find the origins, and then connect the dots. ok
这是一种相当不错的方式 因为它不用
this was a pretty good one show that with because it’s not too crazy of a
关心具体姿势 好 我先在这里找到肱部的插入点 然后找到
pose. Ok, so I found the insertion along humerus. found the origin along
距离锁骨一半的起点 接下来是胸骨的起点
half of the clavicle now I’m finding the origin along the sternum and now find the
沿着腹部区域的起点 角度向下 然后是腹部区域的
origin along the abdominal section. kinda angling it downward and there’s the abdominal section on
另一边 这些起源点和插入点不要漏掉
the other side and these origins and insertions in case you missed it
these are the points where the muscle attaches to the body. sometimes they
有的会连接在骨头上 有的则是连接在其它肌肉上
attached to bones sometimes they attached to other muscles. so these are
points where they’re connected and everything in between is just kind of
有点像悬挂在那儿 有时被拉伸 有时被压紧 取决于
hanging there being stretched or compressed and so depending on the
你要在哪些位置绘制这些形状 一般来说 就是找到插入点
position you determine the shape in between. Basically you find the insertion and
还有起源点 然后连接上它们 那么我找到了所有的插入点
the origin then you just connect the dots. So I found all the insertions and the
还有起源点 就在锁骨的左半部分 现在
origins and now I’m starting with the clavicular portion on the left and now I’m
我要开始做锁骨的右半部分 看看它是不是比
doing the clavicular portion on the right. and look at how much thicker it is than some of
我们在上面看到的例子还要厚 我们往下看
the other examples we’re looking from above. We’re looking down at him now and so if you
compare it to
例子4中的Ryan抬手情况相比 那是一块因透视角度而缩短的
example number four when Ryan was raising his arm. that was a very foreshortened
锁骨区域 你会只看到一块非常薄的
angle of the clavicular section and so you’re just seeing a very thin
肌肉 但这里我们会看到非常厚的一块 几乎整个顶部
piece of it. and this one we’re seeing a very thick piece. almost the entire top
我在思考角度问题 不只是插入点和起源点了
so I think about the angle, not just insertions and origins but also think about the
你还要考虑视觉角度 OK 胸骨区域先连接上这些点
angle that you’re looking from. ok so sternal section just connecting the dots
从胸骨出发向上 略高于
starts in the sternum goes up just a little bit higher than where the
连接在肱部上的锁骨区域 然后是腹部
clavicular portion attached to the humerus and then for the abdominal section
it goes up even higher
同样 肱骨连接到胸骨角落时也高一些
other side, same thing attaches a little higher up on the humerus right up to
the corner on the sternum. abdominal section wrapping around underneath
stretching up to that
highest point on the humerus.
还有另外一小块 这些线条呈现弯曲度
another little piece down here. grab some lines showing the curvature since we’re
是因为我们从上往下在看他 因此要用一定的曲度来包裹住
looking down at him I’m gonna curve around as if it’s wrapping around the
这些肋骨 只要一点就行 他是呈拉伸状态 因此不用
ribs. just a little bit, he is stretching out of it so it’s not gonna be wrapping
包裹的太过 如果他是把手臂拉回到背面
that much. if he was to pull his arms back behind him
这些胸大肌会弯曲包裹在胸腔上 包裹得非常非常紧
those pecs would curve around the ribcage even more and be very very tight around
因为这里他将两个手臂都向前伸展了一些 因此不用太弯曲
there but since he’s bringing both arms forward a little bit it’s not gonna be too curved.
加上一些颜色 这里我要再来做一次
adding some color. again I’m also gonna do something I didn’t do any of the
在其它视频里没有做的 给你演示一下
other ones but just want to show you
如果你想来那么一点小挑战的话 那就是我要从另一个方向
incase you want a little bit of a challenge and that is to wrap some cross
为他加上轮廓线 之前我常做的是
contour lines the other way so what I was doing before was wrapping the cross
根据肌肉纤维的方向来绘制轮廓线 但是这次
contour lines with the direction of the muscle fibers but this one this one you’re
我打算沿着垂直方向来加轮廓线 因此 如果你有见过
kind of wrapping it around perpendicular to it. so if you’ve got a cylinder the
肌肉纤维的管道 会看到纤维是在管道里
muscle fibers would kind of flow up and down with the cylinder from the
从一端到另一端上下流动的 最后会形成
from one cap to the other cap right and that’s what the muscle fibers do. but then you got
覆盖面 椭圆形状的包裹着这些管道
the caps, you got those ellipses that you can wrap around the cyllinder and
我们现在画的这样 一组管道是圆形的
that’s kind of what we’re doing here. each of these bundles is rounded off and
因此你能想出这些曲线是怎么延伸的 它们会延伸向你
so you gotta figure out which way will these curves go. Are they flowing towards
还是越来越远离你 距离是多少
you or are they flowing away from you and how much so
有一定挑战 但是可以试试看 希望你能喜欢这节课
a bit of a challenge but go ahead and give it a try. I hope you guys enjoyed this lesson if you wanna
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that’s proko.com/ anatomy. that’s it thanks for watching
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