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ONE OF THE BEST SPEECHES EVER by Simon Sinek (So Inspiring!)

I have yet to give a speech or have a meeting where somebody doesn’t ask me the millenial question
What’s the millennial question ?
Apparently millennials as a generation
which is a group of people who were born approximately 1984 and after
他们很难管理 受到指责的原因有自恋 自私
Are tough to manage and they’re accused of being entitled and narcissistic self-interested
注意力涣散 懒惰
unfocused lazy
but entitled to the big one and
And because they confound leadership so much
What’s happening is leaders are asking the millennials?
你们想要什么? 千禧一代人说我们想要在一个自己喜欢的地方工作
What do you want and millennials are saying we want to work in a place with purpose love that
我们想要引起轰动 你懂得 不管那意味着什么
We want make an impact you know whatever that means
We want free food and bean bags
and so Somebody articulates some sort of purpose
有许多的免费食物 还有懒人豆袋沙发 然而由于某种原因
there’s lots of free food, and there’s bean bags and yet for some reason
他们还是不高兴 因为
they are still not happy and that’s because
他们缺失了点东西 他们丢了点东西
You that they’re missing. There’s a there’s a missing piece
我所了解的可以被分成四部分 四件事 有四个特点
What I’ve learned is that there I can break it down into four pieces right there are four four things four characteristics
一件事情是教养 第二件事是技术
One is parenting. The other one is a technology.
第三是没耐心 第四是环境
The third is impatience and the fourth is environment.
我们称之为千禧一代的这代人 他们中太多的人在成长过程中
The generation that we call the millennials too many of them grew up
所受的父母教养方式不当 这不是我的话
Subject to, not my words, failed parenting strategies,
you know where for example
一直有人告诉他们 他们很特别
They were told that they were special all the time
有人告诉他们 一辈子他们都能得到想要的任何东西 只要他们想要
They were told that they had anything they want in life, just because they want it.
Right they were told
Some of them got into honors classes not because they deserved it
But because their parents complained and
有的人得了A 不是他们自己赢得的
some of them got A is not because they earned them
But because the teachers didn’t want to deal with the parents
有的孩子获得参与奖 最后一名也得了奖
Some kids got participation medals. You got a medal for coming in the last
对 从科学的角度看 我们很清楚
right Which the science we know is pretty clear
对于那些真正的努力的人 这降低了奖章和奖励的价值
which is it devalues the metal and the reward for those who actually work hard and that?
Actually makes the person who comes last feel embarrassed
因为他们知道自己并不配这些奖章 实际上感觉更糟糕 对吧?
because they know they didn’t deserve it. So actually can feel worse, right?
这些人上了研究生 找到了工作
So you take this group of people in the graduate school and they get a job and
马上就会面临来到现实社会 立刻他们就会发现
The thrust in turn it into the real world and in an instant they find out
他们并不特别 他们的妈妈不会让他们得到职位提升
They’re not special their moms can’t get them a promotion
最后一名什么也得不到 并且不会因为你想要 你就能得到
That you get nothing for coming in last and by the way you can’t just have it cuz you want it
他们的整个自我形象立即破碎了 整个这一代
Right and in an instant their entire self image is shattered and so you have an entire generation
That’s growing up with lower self esteem than previous generations
另一个让问题严重的因素是我们生长在一个Facebook Instagram 的世界 换句话说
The other problem to compound it is we’re growing up in a Facebook Instagram world in other words
We’re good at putting filters on things.
我们擅长告诉人们生活很美好即便我很沮丧 对吗?
We’re good at showing people that life is amazing even though I’m depressed right and
因此每个人都似乎很坚强 每个人都似乎对一切了如指掌
so everybody sounds tough and everybody sounds like they got it all figured out and
事实是他们坚韧不足 大多数人并没有掌握一切
the reality is there’s very little toughness and most people don’t have it figured out,
所以当年长的人说我们做的事情时 他们觉得像是这是你们做成的 而他们不知道怎么回事
and so when the more senior people say what we do, they sound like this is what you got it it, and they have no clue
所以这一代人成长时的自信心不如上一代人 对吧?
So you have an entire generation growing up with lower self esteem than previous generations, right?
不是他们自己的错 不是他们自己的错 他们只是时运不济
Through no fault of their own through no fault of their own right they were dealt a bad hand
Right now let’s add in technology
We know that engagement with social Media and our cell phones
会释放出称为多巴胺的化学物质 这就是当我们收到短信时感觉很爽的原因 对吧?
Releases a chemical called dopamine that’s why when you get a text feels good, right?
你知道我们都有手机 当你觉得有点消沉 觉得有点孤独时 你就会发送10条
So you know we’ve all had it when you’re feeling a little bit down or feeling a bit lonely and so you send out ten
短信给10个朋友 你知道 发送 嗨 嗨 嗨嗨
texts to ten friends you know hi hi Hi Hi hi
因为当你得到回复的时候你会觉得很爽 对吧?
Because it feels good when you get a response, right?
All right
这就是为什么我们要数得了几个赞 为什么要反复看十遍
It’s why we count the likes it’s why we go back ten times
去看如果软件正常运行 照片墙速度变慢了 自己该做…… 自己做错了什么吗?
To see if and if it’s going if my instagram is going slower, I would …did I do something wrong?
他们不再喜欢我了吗?对年轻人来说 解除好友关系是重创 对吧?
Do they not like me anymore right? There’s a trauma for young kids to be unfriended, right?
因为我们知道 收到短信的时 我们受到了多巴胺的刺激 我们为什么喜欢?
Because we know when you get it you get a hit a dopamine which feels good. Why we like it
It’s why we keep going back to it
多巴胺就是当我们抽烟 喝酒 赌博时产生的那种化学物质 会让我们觉得很爽 换句话说
Dopamine is the exact same chemical that makes us feel good when we smoke when we drink and when we gamble in other words
它极度 极度
It’s highly highly
addictive, right
我们对抽烟 赌博和喝酒有年龄限制
we have age restrictions on smoking gambling and alcohol
and we have no age restrictions on Social Media and cell phones
Which is the equivalent of opening up the liquor cabinet and saying to our teenagers?
嘿 顺便问一下 青春期会让你们感到沮丧吗 [作出邀请喝酒的姿势]
Hey by the way this adolescent thing if it gets you down
但那就是现状 就是这样 对吧
But that’s basically what’s happening? That’s basically. What’s happening, right?
that’s basically what happen you have an entire generation that has access to an addictive numbing to
你让他们通过社交媒体和手机 接触到让人上瘾麻木的化学物质多巴胺
chemical called dopamine through social Media and cellphones as they’re going to the high stress of adolescence
这个问题很重要 为什么几乎每个酒鬼都在十几岁时找到了酒
why, that’s important, almost every alcoholic discovered alcohol when they were teenagers?
在我们很小的时候 我们唯一需要的赞同就是父母给的
When we’re very very young the only approval we need is the approval of our parents and
青春期时 我们变了 我们需要同伴的赞同
as we go through adolescence, we make this transition where we now need the approval of our peers
父母对此感到沮丧 而这对我们很重要 让我们走出家庭去适应更广阔的人群
Very frustrating for a parent very important for us that allows us to acculturate outside of our immediate families into the broader tribe
我们处在一个压力很大 很焦虑的时期 我们应该学着去依靠朋友
Right it’s a highly highly stressful and anxious period of our lives and we’re supposed to learn to rely on our friends
some people quite by accident discover alcohol
and numbing effects of dopamine to help them cope with the stresses and anxieties of adolescents.
Unfortunately that becomes hardwired in their brains
在他们以后的生活中 一旦遇到较大的压力 他们不去向人求助
and for the rest of their lives when they suffer significant stress they will not turn to a person
they will turn to the bottle
社交压力 经济压力 职业压力 这是酒鬼喝酒的主要原因 对吧?
Social stress financial stress career stress, that’s pretty much the primary reasons why an alcoholic drinks, right?
What’s happening is because we’re out allowing unfettered access to these dopamine producing devices and Media
基本上开始固化了 我们见到的是随着我们长大 太多的孩子
Basically it’s becoming hardwired and what we’re seeing is as they grow older they too many kids
不知道如何建立深厚的友谊 这是他们自己的话 不是我的
Don’t know how to form deep meaningful relationships their words not mine.
They will admit that many of their friendships are superficial
They will admit that their friends that they don’t count on their friends
他们不指望自己的朋友 虽然他们和朋友一起玩
They don’t rely on their friends they have fun with their friends
But they also know that their friends will cancel out them that something better comes along
深厚的友谊不存在 因为他们从未去建立 更糟糕的是
Deep Meaningful relationships are not there because they never practice the skill set and worse
他们没有一起去应对压力 因此当生活中出现大的压力时
They don’t have the coping mechanisms to deal with stress. So when significant stress starts to show up in their lives
他们不是向人求助 他们向手机求助 他们求助于社交媒体
They’re not turning to a person they’re turning to a device they’re turning to social Media
他们求助于这些只能暂时提供安慰的东西 我们知道 科学很清楚的表明了这一点
They’re turning to these things which offer temporary relief. We know the science is clear
We know that people who spend more time on Facebook so far higher rates of depression than people who spend less time on Facebook?
对吧?这些东西需要平衡 喝酒可以 喝太多不行
Right?These things balanced. Alcohol is not bad. Too much alcohol is bad.
小赌有趣 赌太多就危险了
Gambling is fun.Too much gambling is dangerous.
社交媒体和手机没有错 错在失调
Right there’s nothing wrong with social Media and cell phones. It’s the imbalance
如果你和朋友坐在一起 却和不在那的人发短信聊天
Right if you’re sitting at with your friends, and you’re texting somebody who’s not there
这就是问题 这是上瘾
That’s a problem. That’s an addiction.
如果开会时与别人坐在一起 按理说你应该和他们聊天的
If you’re sitting in a meeting with people you’re supposed to be listening to and speaking
你把手机放在桌子上 面向上或向下
and you put your phone on the table face up or face down
我不管 这暗示出的信息是
I don’t care that sends the subconscious message to the room that
you’re not just you’re just not that important to me right now
这就是现状 你不能把手机收起来因为你上瘾
Right that’s what happens and the fact that you cannot put it away is because you are addicted
right if you wake up
and you check your phone before you say good morning to your girlfriend boyfriend or spouse,
和所有的瘾一样 它迟早会破坏关系
Like all addiction in time it’ll destroy relationships.
浪费时间 浪费金钱
It’ll cost time and it will cost money.
It’ll make your life worse. Right
因此 这一代人没有自信心
So you have a generation growing up with lower self-esteem
that doesn’t have the coping mechanisms to do with strace stress
现在 要加上没耐心 他们生活在一个即时满足的时代
Right now you add in the sense of impatience right they’ve grown up in a world of instant gratification
想要买东西 去亚马逊 第二天就能拿到手
You want to buy something you go on Amazon it arrives the next day
想看电影 登录网站可以看到电影
You want to watch a movie log on and watch a movie
不需要查看电影放映时间 想看电视剧?
you don’t check movie times you want to watch a TV show?
Binge满足你 不需要等上一周 两周 对吧?
Binge you don’t even have to wait week two weeks a week, right?
我知道有人不看电视追剧 因为在这一季结束时可以在Binge看个够 对吧?
I know people who skip seasons just so they can binge at the end of the season, right?
想要约会 用Instagram 你都不用学会打招呼
Instagram if occasion you want to go on a date. You don’t even have to learn how to be like hey
你不用去学 去练习 你不用勉强自己说 对
You don’t even have to learn and practice that skill you don’t have to be the uncomfortable in which is yes
你想说no 有按钮no 但是 对 当你必须点按钮时 我就是个按钮
When you mean no, there’s no when you mean no, but yes when you you have to swipe right bang. I’m a stud
Right you don’t have to learn
社交技巧 对吧?
the social coping mechanisms, right
Everything you want you can have instantaneously
Everything you want instant gratification
工作上的满足感 和友谊的加强 没有相关的App
Job satisfaction and strength of relationships there ain’t no app for that.
这需要缓慢的 曲折的 不舒服的 麻烦的过程
They are slow meandering uncomfortable messy processes
因此 我总是遇到一些刚毕业的学生 他们很优秀 充满幻想 理想主义 勤奋而且精明
And so I keep meeting these wonderful fantastic idealistic hard-working smart kids that just graduated school
他们刚入职 我和他们坐在一起想了解他们工作进展
They’re in their entry-level job. I sit down with them when I go how’s it going they go.
I think I’m going to quit
I’m like why?
他们认为自己还没有引起轰动 而我觉得“你们才干了8个月呀”
They’re like. I’m not making an impact. I’m like you’ve been here eight months
好像他们站在山脚下 想着这个称之为引起世界轰动的抽象概念
It’s as if they’re standing at the foot of a mountain and they have this abstract concept
这是他们想要的 那是山顶 他们看不见这座大山
Called Impact that they want to have in the world. Which is the summit what they don’t see is the Mountain I?
Idon’t care if you go up the mountain quickly or slowly
但是仍然有座山要爬 因此年轻人需要学会的是耐心
But there’s still a mountain and so what this young generation needs to learn is patience
这真的很重要 和爱一样
that some things that really really matter like love or
和工作的满足感 快乐一样
job Fulfillment Joy
对生活的热爱 自信 技能 这些每一个都需要时间的磨练
Love of life self-confidence a skill set any of these things all of these things take time
有时 你可以加快步伐 但是整个旅程
Sometimes you can expedite pieces of it, but the overall journey is
是艰难的 长期的 困难的 如果你不寻求帮助 不学会这套本领
Arduous and long and difficult and if you don’t ask for help and learn that skill set
You will fall off the mountain or you will the worst case scenario the worst case scenario
And we’re already seeing it the worst case scenario is we’re seeing increased from suicide rates.
We’re seeing an increase in this generation
We’re seeing increase in accidental deaths due to drug overdoses
We’re seeing more and more kids drop out of school or take leave of absence due to depression
Unheard of these are this is this is really bad the best-case scenario
刚才讲的都是不好的情形 最好的情形是
The best there’s all bad cases right the best case scenario is
you’ll have an entire population growing up and going through life and just never really finding joy
They will never really find deep deep fulfillment in work or in life.
他们只是过日子 还可以吧
They’ll just just walk through life, and it’ll g just it’s fine
工作怎么样?还行 和昨天一样
How’s your job? It’s fine. The same as yesterday
How’s your relationship? It’s fine?
像这样 就是最好的情形了
Like that’s that’s the best-case scenario
接下来我们提到第四点 环境
Which leads me to the fourth point which is environment,
这群令人吃惊 充满幻想的年轻人只是时运不济
Which is we’re taking this amazing group of young fantastic kids would just dealt a bad hand
这不是他们自己的错 他们处于的商业环境关心盈利胜过关心这些孩子
It’s no fault of their own and we put them in corporate environments that care more about the numbers than they do about the kid
They care more about the short-term gains than the long-term life of this Young human being
we care more about the year than the lifetime
Right and so we are putting them in corporate environments that aren’t helping them build their confidence
That aren’t helping them learn the skills of cooperation.
That aren’t helping them overcome the challenges of a digital world and
finding more balance
that isn’t helping them overcome the need to have instant gratification
and teach them the joys and impact and the fulfillment you get from working hard over on something for a long time
获得快乐 影响力和满足感
that cannot be done in a month or even in a year
强行把他们放入这个商业化的环境里 最糟糕的是他们认为是自己的错 他们责备自己
So with thrusting to them them in corporate environments and the worst part about it is they think it’s them. They blame themselves?
他们认为是自己不行 这就更糟了
They can’t they think it’s them who can’t deal and so it makes it all worse
我在这里告诉他们 不是他们不行 是企业 是企业化环境
It’s not I’m here to tell them it’s not them. It’s the corporations. It’s the corporate environment
It’s the total lack of good leadership in our world today.
That is making them feel the way they do
他们时运不济 我不愿这么说
They were dealt a bad hand in it and I hate to say it
但就是公司的责任 你太差了 我们别无选择
But it’s the company’s responsibility sucks to be you like we have no choice
就是我们现在得到的 要是社会和父母做得好一点就好了
Right this is what we got and I wish that society and their parents did a better job. They didn’t so we’re Gonna
我们让他们进了公司 现在我们得捡起这个烂摊子
We’re getting them in our companies, and we now have to pick up the slack
We have to work extra hard to figure out the ways that we build their competence
We have to work extra hard to find ways to teach them social the social skills that they’re missing out on
会议室里不应该有电话 绝对没有
There should be no cell phones in conference rooms none zero
And I don’t mean the kind of like sitting outside waiting to text
I mean like when you’re sitting and waiting for a meeting to start
没有人走动 这时我们都这样坐着等会议开始[做玩手机的动作]
Nobody go this is what we all do we all sit here and wait for the meeting to start
会议开始了 好吧 我们开会
Meeting starts okay. We start the meeting.
不 这不是人际关系建立的方式 记得我们谈论的这些小事吗
No that’s not how relationships are formed. Remember we talked about it’s the little things
人际关系是这样形成的 在我们等待会议开始时
Relationships are formed this way, we’re waiting for a meeting to start we go
你父亲怎么样? 我听说他住院了
How’s your dad? I heard he was in hospital.
哦 他真的很好 谢谢你的关心 实际上他现在在家里
Oh. He’s really good. Thanks for asking. He’s actually at home now
哦 我真的替他高兴 这让人惊喜 我知道确实挺吓人的
Oh, I’m really glad. It was really amazing. I know it was really scary for
that’s how you form relationships
嘿 你报告做好了吗? 哦 天啊 还没有
Hey, did you ever get that report on oh my God? No? I didn’t help you out
我全做好了 需要我帮你吗?真的?这是信任建立起来的方式
I totally are. Can I help you out with that? Really ? That’s how trust forms
Trust doesn’t form at an event in a day.
即使在不好的日子里 信任也不会立即形成
Even bad times don’t form trust immediately.
信任的形成是缓慢 稳定 持续的
It’s the slow steady consistency
and we have to create mechanisms where we allow for those little innocuous interactions to happen
但是当我们可以在会议室里带手机时 我们就会这样[做玩手机的动作]
but when we allow cell phones in conference rooms we just
好的 开会了 手机放在旁边 你就会这样[时不时看一眼手机]
Ok have the meeting and then my favorite is like when there’s a cell phone there and you go like that you go
刚才有电话 我不能这么快接电话 宽宏大量先生 你懂的
It rings ago. I’m not gonna answer that quick, Mr.. Magnanimous. You know
When you have for dinner with your friends like I do this with my friends
when we’re going out for dinner, and we’re leaving together
我们把手机留在家里 我们给谁打电话呢?
We’ll leave our cell phones at home. Who are we calling?
可能我们中有一个人会带手机 万一需要叫uber车或者是给菜拍个照呢
Maybe one of us will bring a phone in case we need to call an uber or take a picture of our meal
很疯狂 别这样
Insane. come on
不 我是个理想主义者 但我不疯狂
I’m not I’m an idealist, but I’m not insane
我相信他们 我意思是菜看起来还不错
I believe them. I mean it looked really good
we’ll take one phone and
所以就像酒鬼一样 你把酒带出房间的原因是因为我们不相信自己的意志力
So it’s like an alcoholic the reason you take the alcohol out of the house is because we cannot trust our willpower
我们意志不够坚强 但是当你把诱惑拿走 真的就容易多了
We’re just not strong enough, but when you remove the temptation it actually makes it a lot easier
所以当你说别看手机时 通常情况是这样 当有人去洗手间时
and so when you just say don’t check your phone people literally will go like this and somebody will go to the bathroom and
what’s the first thing we do
因为我不想打量这个餐馆一两分钟 你知道 但是如果你没有手机
Because I wouldn’t want to look around the restaurant for a minute and a half you know, but if you don’t have the phone
You just kind of enjoy the world
这才是想法诞生的地方 持续不断地使用电子设备你不可能有创造有想法
and that’s where ideas happen. The constant constant constant engagement is not where you have innovation and ideas
当我们的大脑漫天想象的时候 想法产生了 你看见了东西 想法产生了 这就是创新
Ideas happen when our minds wander we go, and you see something uh I thought they could do that that’s called innovation
Right the we’re taking away all those little moments
你不应该 我们都不应该在床旁边给手机充电
Right you should not end none of us none of us should charge our phones by our beds
We should be charging our phones in the living rooms
把手机拿走 你半夜睡不着醒来 就不会看手机
Right remove the temptation you wake up in the middle of night cause you can’t sleep
but if it’s in the living room
就轻松了 很好 但是我有闹钟 买个闹钟吧
It’s relaxed. It’s fine, Hiya, but it’s my alarm clock. Buy an alarm clock
Haha, it costs $8
我给你买个闹钟 好吧?
I’ll buy you an alarm clock, right?
但是重点是重点是因为我们现在处在这个行业里 无论我们是否喜欢 我们没有选择
But the point is the point is as we now in industry whether we like it or not. We don’t get a choice
We now have a responsibility to make up the shortfall and
去帮助这有惊人的理想主义充满幻想的一代建立他们的自信心 学会耐心 学会社交技能
to help this amazing idealistic fantastic generation build their confidence, learn patience, learn the social skills
在生活和科技之间找到一个更好的平衡点 因为很坦率地说 这是要做的正确的事情
Find a better balance between life and technology because quite frankly it’s it’s the right thing to do
-非常感谢你的到来- 不客气 谢谢邀请我
– Thank you you so much for coming on. – My pleasure . My pleasure. Thanks for having me
谢谢你到来 真是难以置信
Thank you for coming that would be incredible
绝对难以置信 我们到哪能找到你?
absolutely amazing. Where can they find you?
I run that good
Well, you can find me social Media
When you’re not in a meeting
对 我在常呆的那些地方
so so yeah, I’m in all the usual places
但是我得说一件事 我九月份会出一本新书
But um but I will tell you one thing so I have a new book coming out in the September
这明显在推销新书了 但是
this is it’s a thinly veiled plug, but the
You made them very happy
But what’s special about it is I wanted to produce something
that that no digital format could reproduce
因此这是本有插画 有引用的书 插画很美
and so It’s an illustrated quote book. It’s it’s beautifully illustrated
我有点儿固执 我不想在电脑上做插画
I was very sort of pushy about this that I didn’t want the illustrations done on a computer
插画都是手工的画的 还有一首Aloe Blacc的歌他曾获得格莱美奖提名
They were done by hand there’s a song aloe blacc the singer the grammy-nominated singer
The book is called together is better and gave me a song that goes with it
and it’s the music is at the back of the book
歌词是他手写的 真的是他手写的
and it’s actually the lyrics are in his handwriting actually his handwriting and
and here’s the best part
The book is scented
We scented it with a custom scent Made by this amazing company called 1229
and they designed for me the scent of optimism
好吧 现在你们闻闻书页 他们闻起来很乐观
all right, now you smell the pages and they smell like optimism right and
The thing that I love about this is I can’t do that in any ebook format mmM.
I wanted to create something that you had to physically engage with
它被设计成一件赠品 但是第一页写着送给……赠
and it’s designed to be given as a gift but first page says to from
because I wanted it to be given as a gift to
someone you want to say thank you for inspiring you
or to get to someone you wanted to inspire.
It was designed to promote this physical interaction
还要融入真实社会 因此我真的为此骄傲 难以置信
and engaging with the real world, so I’m really proud of it. It’s incredible
很独特 对 很有趣
super unique yeah, it’s fun, but does
像你其它的书一样给人们带来这么多 真的难以置信
Smashingly well as your other books have and have given so much to people and it’s just really really been incredible and
你今天给我们的分享很真诚 谢谢你
what you shared with us today meant honestly. Thank you
真的很感激 谢谢 谢谢
Absolutely one appreciate it. Thank you very much on mars really. Thank you