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No work experience? Tell me about yourself: Teen job interviews with no experience (Part 2)

In this week’s job search tip, we’re gonna be going over advice for those of you
在这周的职位搜索秘诀中 我们会重温一遍对你们
interviewing for your very first job. We’re gonna go over the interview
第一次找工作的人的建议 我们会重温这个面试问题
question “Tell me about yourself”
and find out what employers are really looking for. That’s coming up!
并发现老板们究竟看重的是什么 准备好吧!
Hey guys, I’m Kim with Snagajob, your number one source for hourly jobs, and
嗨你们好 我是金 来自小时工网站 它是小时工资源第一网站
welcome to Job Hunters,
欢迎来到 求职者
our weekly advice show, where we give you everything from resume advice
这是我们每周的意见节目 在这里我们会给你们所有的建议
to interview tips and everything in between. This week we’re going to talk about the
从简历到面试 以及中间所有的过程 本周我们将会讨论
job interview question
‘Tell me about yourself” and how to answer it if you’ve had no job experience.
“对我做下自我介绍” 和如果你没有任何工作经历该怎么回答它
Now this may be one of the first questions you’re asked in an interview
so you’re really gonna wanna be prepared so you don’t start off on an
所以你真的需要好好准备一下 以免到时候以一种尴尬的语气开始
awkward note and say things like:
“Well, I’ve never really worked before but I’m pretty awesome and worth the risk.”
“哦 我以前没有怎么工作过但我还不错 应该值得冒这个险”
“Let’s see. Hmm. I’m a junior at Springfield High School. That’s about it.”
“让我想想 嗯 我是斯普林菲尔斯高中的高三学生 差不多就是这样”
“Um, me? About me? Well, let’s see here. I like TV.
“呃 我吗? 关于我的? 好吧 让我想想 我喜欢看电视”
All sorts of TV. Reality TV, sports on TV.”
“各种电视节目 真人秀 运动节目”
“I like dogs. I like cats. I like puppies. I like kittens. But I guess those are like dogs and cats but their cuter.”
“我喜欢狗 我喜欢猫 我喜欢小狗 我喜欢小喵 但我猜那些可能就是猫和狗吧 但它们更可爱啊”
“One time I went to a dairy farm. I talked to a farmer. For like a week, I thought I wanted to be a farmer but
“有一次我去了一个奶牛场 我和一个农夫交谈了一阵 之后那一周 我觉得我想要成为一个农民”
lactose intolerant, that wouldn’t work.”
“但是我患有乳糖不耐症 所以不行”
In another video, we talked about
在另外一个视频里 我们说过
answering this question by talking about your skills, experience, and time you’ve
怎样回答这类问题 可以谈谈你的技术 你的经历
been doing those things.
But if you don’t have any experience you wanna pull from what you do have
但是如果你没有任何的工作经历 你可能想从你经历过的
like volunteer work, school activities, sports, etc.
志愿者工作 学校活动 运动项目等等中提取经验
That show off that you’re professional and a very fast learner.
这些都展示了你是一个专业的 迅速的学习者
Now remember, to keep it short and sweet. They were really don’t need to hear your life story.
记住 要说得简短而动听 面试官们真的不想听你的人生故事
Just why you will make the best fit for that position.
“I’m currently a student at Springfield High School
where I’m very active in our Student Council Association. As a rep for my class, I’ve
“我是学校学生会的积极分子 作为我们班级的代表
gotten the chance to volunteer with a lot of fundraising events, so I’ve gotten pretty
comfortable handling money.
所以在管钱方面 我还是挺得心应手的
That’s why I think I’d be a perfect fit for this cashier position.”
Now make sure you check out this other video we made where we talk about things you can put
on your resume if you’ve had no real job experience. So we know it’s really scary
其中我们讲了如果你没有正式的工作经历 你应该在简历上写什么
to find that first job but it’s not as hard as you may think it is
我们知道找第一份工作是有点可怕 但也没有你想像得那么难
and we are here to help. So if you have any concerns or questions about nailing that first job,
我们就是来帮助你的 所以如果你对于这第一份工作还有任何的问题或担忧
just comment below and we may even make a video about it. So thanks for joining us today,
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if you like this video please let us know so we know to continue to make videos like this.
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