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New York Dog Has $1,500 Luxury Car Collection: CUTE AS FLUFF

ANISHA LAKHANI: How many dogs you know that
同时拥有宾利 法拉利 保时捷和宝马?
have a Bentley, a Ferrari, a Porsche and a Beemer?
ANISHA LAKHANI: I’m going to go bold and
路易吉·马伊斯特罗在美国 甚至可能在全球
I’m going to say that Luigi Maestro has the largest car collection in the United States
and possibly out of any dog on planet earth.
COMM: Luigi Maestro, the five-year-old Shih Tzu has a car collection that many New Yorkers
could only dream of.
安妮莎·拉克哈妮:人类也可以走路 但为什么我们有车呢?我们有车是因为
ANISHA LAKHANI: Humans can walk too, why do we have cars, right? We have cars because
虽然我们可以走路 但我们喜欢旅行 所以我们坐飞机坐车
even though we can walk, we enjoy travelling so we’ll take a plane, take in a drive,
狗也是一样 它们喜欢散步 但坐车更有趣不是吗?
dogs too and they like walks but it’s just more fun, right?
安妮莎·拉克哈妮:所以 先从宝马开始
ANISHA LAKHANI: So, I started with the BMW
然后我又想看看法拉利怎么样 后来我就上瘾了
and then there’s the piece of me that’s like let’s see what the Ferrari’s like – it becomes an addiction!
科姆:除了与众不同的汽车收藏 路易吉还有一个令人
COMM: As well as his unusual collection of cars, Luigi also has an impressive wardrobe
full of canine fashion.
安妮莎·拉克哈妮:路易吉 你想穿这件还是这件?
ANISHA LAKHANI: Do you want to wear this or this outfit, Luigi. What do you think? All
好吧 也许你一件都不喜欢
right, maybe you don’t like any of those.
安妮莎·拉克哈妮:路易吉穿上外套时 整个气质都变了
ANISHA LAKHANI: Luigi, his whole posture changes when he puts on an outfit. This little pajama
路易吉 看看 穿这套小睡衣还是这件拉风的足球外套
set or this cool football outfit, Luigi look.
He swaggers on the street, he enjoys it.
安妮莎·拉克哈妮:我也很享受 这很有趣 彰显他的个性
ANISHA LAKHANI: And I enjoy it too, it’s fun, it’s cute. It brings out his personality.
安妮莎·拉克哈妮:对我来说“宠”是个有趣的词 因为我曾经是一名
ANISHA LAKHANI: Spoiling is really an interesting word to me because I used to be an English
英语老师 所以我确实会对这个词思考很多 如果“宠”意味着毁了他
teacher, so I do tend to think about the word a lot. Spoil means to ruin and so when I’m
那么当我给他买了玩具 让他开心 或当我给他穿上小外套
buying a living being a toy, that makes him smile or I’m putting on a little outfit
使他受人关注 或当我带他去公园他很开心时
that gives him attention or I’m taking him to the park and he’s happy, am I making
him worse? No, I don’t think so.
安妮莎·拉克哈妮:路易吉 这件毛衣怎么样?这儿有他穿的尺码吗?
ANISHA LAKHANI: Luigi I am going to talk to you about this sweater. Do you have his size?
路易吉 这是另外一件 超级名模以及小狗的骄傲
Luigi this is the other choice, a super model, puppy pride.
女士:再见路易吉 谢谢光临奥利弗&贝蒂
LADY: Bye Luigi, thanks for shopping Olive & Bette’s.
ANISHA LAKHANI: I thought I would definitely get some people rolling their eyes, maybe
they do once we’ve whizzed past?
ANISHA LAKHANI: I had never anticipated the warmth, the friendliness of New Yorkers.
ANISHA LAKHANI: I have been with elderly New
他们告诉我:我这辈子从来没见过这样的场景 谢谢你带给我的欢笑
Yorkers, who have told me, I have never seen anything like this in my life, thank you for
这很有趣!我很开心 难道你不开心?
making me smile. It’s funny! I would smile, wouldn’t you?
女士:这辆狗狗车真是太赞了 我有两只狗狗
LADY: This dog car is amazing, I have two
dogs and I would love to put them in this quite frankly. It would be really the best
这真的会成为他们一生中最棒的一天 超级酷!
day of their lives. So, super cool!
男士:太棒了!很有趣 很搞笑 我知道孩子们一定很开心
MAN: That’s wonderful! I mean it is so funny and entertaining. I know the kids get a kick
我也很开心 我以前从未见过这样的场景
out if it, I got a kick out of it. I have never seen anything like that before in my
真的很棒 我很喜欢 这使我快乐
life. That was real good. I liked it. It made my day.
ANISHA LAKHANI: Luigi is my heart, he just,
看着他我就很开心 我很爱他 像爱孩子一样爱他
I look at him and I just feel so happy. I just, I adore him, I love him like a child.
谁不爱呢?我妈她有点失望 她说她不想要四条腿的孙子
Who wouldn’t? My poor mom, she is a little upset, she says that she doesn’t want four
让我们回到托马斯·马尔萨斯的理论中 地球人口已超载
legged grandchildren. We go back to Thomas Malthus’s theory that we are an over populated
我认为动物爱好者不生小孩 把动物当作自己的小孩
planet. I think it is wonderful that there are animal enthused people, who view animals
是很棒的 所以 只能对妈妈说抱歉了
as their little babies and are not bringing more kids in to the world, so, sorry mom!
安妮莎·拉克哈妮:路易吉 相比接受采访你更想开车吧?
ANISHA LAKHANI: Luigi, would you prefer to drive than do this interview?
嗯 他已经在做采访了 他好无聊呀
Yeah, he has had it. So boring, he is so bored. He is very
他很引人注目 别这样 宝贝怎么了?这次采访最无聊了
dramatic, don’t, baby Jesus, what, what happened? This interview is just the most
boring thing. Ok I am sorry.