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New English words from the OKTOBERFEST in Germany - ( Festive Spoken English Lesson)

大家好 你达到允许喝酒畅饮的年纪了吗 我这有两杯啤酒
Hello are you old enough to hold the stein? I’ve got two beer mugs here, one for you and
一杯给你一杯给我 选上一杯,这样我们就能在一年一度的世界最盛大的
one for me. Choose yours so that we can cheer our day way to the world’s largest beer festival
德国慕尼黑啤酒节上撒欢儿啦 随我一起去吧
which is called Oktober fest held every year in Germany. Are you with me in this, so let’s
go, my name is Michelle and I’m glad to have you with me.
So guys Oktober fest is the festival where you have everything from mouthwatering food
那里有美味的食物 超赞的音乐 还有随处可见的啤酒,那这是太有趣了
to amazing music and finally beer almost everywhere and I know this is so interesting.
So let’s start with the first word that we have on the board.
This word is very related to beer because this is where you carry the beer, the container
这就是一种容器叫[beer stein](饰花啤酒杯) 一种德国传统的啤酒杯
it’s called the beer sten. A beer stein is a traditional beer mug. Traditional beer mug,
that’s made out of stone ware. So stoneware is basically stones, beautiful adorned stones
有石头制成玻璃 你可以往里面倒入啤酒
and glasses are made out of stones in which you can pour in the beer and have a sip, have
小呷一口或者豪饮一杯,都可以 下一个单词是[pints](品脱杯)也是啤酒杯的一种
the whole of it, just the way you like it. The next word that we have is pints, beer
pints. So beer pints are also beer mugs but they are not so traditional, they are regular
用的杯子 所以你可以用它装啤酒 如果你不会喝酒
beer mugs. So some of you can have beer in the pints and some of you can have cider if
you do not like beer or if you do not drink. The next word that we have with us is souvenir.
So when people go to the Oktober fest in Munich every year, despite knowing that it’s not
allowed to carry the beer mugs. The beautiful beer mugs away, they still carry the beer
mugs and they act like thieves because they want to have a souvenir from there which means
这是一段有实在感的记忆而对这些人而言 饰花啤酒杯就是来慕尼黑啤酒节
a memory, an objective memory. So for them the steins are a souvenir from the Munich
的纪念品 再说说音乐吧,啤酒节上的音乐
Oktober fest. Right, so let’s also talk about the music. The music in the Oktober fest is
just amazing, it’s very lively and mostly you will hear country music. If that’s not
enough to get you on a plane to Germany, then my dear what we have is also beautiful tents
there. Yes, we have beer tents, that’s what we call them, beer tents. Beer tents are almost
like villages. You know a very small village which has its own kitchen, which has its own
brewery. Brewery is where you brew the alcohol or brew the beer and everyone tastes the beer
品酒 那么有厨房有酿酒坊了,你能在啤酒帐篷占上个桌位
from there. So it has got a kitchen and it has got a brewery and to get a table in a
就是[major feat](意思是了不起的成就),就是大家在白板看到的这个
tent is a major feat. Major feat means a big achievement, that’s what you see on the board.
如果你能在任何啤酒帐篷里占到一席之地,这本身就是[major feat]
So if you get a table or a place for yourself in any of the tents, then it is a major feat
也就是件了不起的成就 ,即他/她在啤酒帐篷有个餐位很了不起
which means it’s a big achievement. So he or she made a major feat by getting a table
on the beer tent, in the beer tent. The next word that we have with us is, bursting
[brushing bladder]当然当你在帐篷酒庄,世界各地6百万人也聚集在这里
bladders. Of course when you are in that village tent and there are 6 million people from all
over the world with every tent having thousands of people, they need some really excellent
toilets which are not too occupied and many in number so that they can cater to all the
[brushing bladders](意思是人们肚里装了太多啤酒
bursting bladders which means people who have had a lot of beer and they want to rush to
急匆匆去厕所解决内急) 也就是说着急去上厕所的人就是一群
the toilet. So people who want to rush to the toilet are the people who have bursting
[rushing bladders]的人 所以下次想说去厕所就可以说成[oh,I’m having a brushing bladder,
bladders. So if you want to rush to the toilet, you could say, oh I’m having a bursting bladder,
I really need to rush to the toilet right now.
The next word that we have is revelers. So revelers are all the crazy people who are
一群疯狂寻乐的人 他们爱闹腾,爱聚会
having a lot of fun at the October fest. This means people who are lively and who are in
a party. Party goers or merrymakers. So you could say that each beer tent has thousands
[revelers]在找乐子 接下来一个词是[ubiquitous]
of revelers having fun. The next word that we have is ubiquitous.
So ubiquitous is something which is present everywhere. Ubiquitous is something that is
哪里都有它的存在 那你在慕尼黑啤酒节期待的
present everywhere. What do you expect would be ubiquitous at the Oktober fest, the greatest
beer festival other than beer? So food is another ubiquitous thing at the Oktober fest.
You will find food almost everywhere and each tent has its own special dish.
下个词是[tap the keg][tap]在这里是动词 [keg]是名词
So the next one that we have is tap the keg. Tap here is the verb and keg is the noun.
So keg is a vessel or a drum in which there is a lot of water. It contains beer, vessel
用来储存啤酒,而[tap the keg]就是开启容器
containing beer and tapping the keg means opening it or opening
the tap of the keg, opening it. so the first keg is tapped in the Schottenhammel village
tent in Munich in Germany and it’s the Mayor who taps the first keg by saying Ozapft is,
这是德语中说[it’s tapped]的特有方式
it’s a special way of saying it’s tapped in German, it’s Ozapft is and in English it’s,
it’s tapped. So once the mayor has tapped the keg, everyone can prost their day away,
开怀畅饮共度佳节 那[prost]就是
which means they can cheer their day away and enjoy their day. So to prost means to
cheer or to raise a toast and then they can drink as well, everyone else.
下个要学的是[beer corpses]在德语中也叫[beer Leiche]
The next one that we have is, beer corpses which in German is called as beer Leiche.
它们都指的是一动不动的身体 并不是说人真死了,而是
So beer Leiche or beer corpses are dead bodies. No they are not dead bodies, they are people
who are very, very drunk and they act really crazy and cranky. They behave like they are
因为醉到没有意识 所以他们看起来像死了一样因此称醉汉为[beer corpses]
dead because they are very unconscious. So very drunk people are called beer corpses.
如果你到德国你会发现许多以[beer leiche]命名的酒吧
If you go to Germany, you will find a lot of bars with the name beer leiche.
接下来我们学习的是[keeping your wits about you]
The next one that we have is keeping your wits about you. This is my advice if ever
you think to go to the Oktober fest because when you go to the Oktober fest, there are
因为在啤酒节上[beer corpses]随处可见,为了人身安全,你需要提高警惕
so many beer corpses almost everywhere and you need to be alert about yourself, your
所以[keep your wits about you]就是做好人身安全防范的意思
own safety. So to keep your wits about you means to stay alert for your safety. So this
time is the nest time to go for the Oktober fest because right now the October fest is
going to start in September and it’s going to go on till the end of October. Book your
tickets for this year or book your tickets for next year, you are going to have an experience
的体验吧 如果你喜欢喝酒,那里就是为你打造的地盘
of a lifetime. If you love drinking, then this is the place for you. Come back for more
记得回来给我安利一下世界各地的节日庆典吧 这里是米歇尔课堂,再见
lessons with me about festivals and celebrations all over the world. This is Michelle signing off bye.