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Navy SEALs Have a '40 Percent Rule' And It's the Key to Overcoming Mental Barriers

我第一次是在圣迭哥一次100米跑的活动中接触海豹突击队的 那时我作为
I first met SEAL at a 100 mile run in San Diego and I was running this race as part
六人接力赛的一员与朋友一起参加 而他却一个人跑完了全程
of a six person relay team with friends and he was running the entire race by himself.
这个活动是没有补给的 你需要自己带上补给
And the run was unsupported so you have to bring your own supplies. So we had, you know,
结果我们带多了点 有帐篷 药物 有食物
we overdid it a little bit. We had a tent and we had masseuses and food. I mean we were
就像是做好了要在那里呆上一周的准备 他呢 只带了一把折叠椅
ready for like in case we had to stay there a week. And he had a folding chair, a bottle
一瓶水 还有一袋咸饼干 我那时在想 这家伙是谁
of water and a bag of crackers. And I just thought to myself like who is this guy. I’ve
我从没见过这样的 比赛过程中 我一直观察着他
never seen anything like it. And during the race I kept an eye on him and around mile
大概到70英里的位置(112公里) 他的重量是260磅(117公斤) 对于一名专业跑步运动员来说太大了
70 he weighed probably 260 pounds which is quite large for an ultra runner. He had broken
他的两只脚的小骨头都骨折了 肾脏也被损坏了 但他完成了比赛
all the small bones in both of his feet and had kidney damage and he finished the race.
于是当我谷歌他的时候 发现他有着一个精彩的人生故事 我决定要
So when it was done I Googled him. He had a fascinating life story and I decided literally
直接打电话约他见面 于是我飞过去见到他与他坐了
to cold call him. And I flew out and met with him and after sitting with him for a couple
刚十几分钟 我就意识到 自己可以从这人身上学到太多的东西 那些让他
of minutes I realized that I could learn so much from a guy like this that what makes
非常健康的诀窍 以及我生命当中的那些不足之处
him tick and various buckets in my life would be so much better if a little bit of what
他要能帮助我解决掉一些就好 于是我邀请他来我家过上一个月
he had rubbed off on me. I asked him to come live with my family and I for a month. So
我邀请一名海豹突击队队员来我家生活 那时我已经结婚了 有一个18个月大的孩子
at the time that I invited SEAL to come live with us I had an 18-month-old son. I was married,
后来又又了两个孩子 我卖掉了几个公司 我的确在一个
still am. Two more kids since. And I had sold a couple of businesses. I was in a great place
让人得意的生活中 但是那却是循规蹈矩的 虽然循规蹈矩不坏
professionally in my life but I was also in a routine. And routines are great but they
但那也是个瓶颈 我发现自己没法变得更好
can also be a rut. And I found that I just wasn’t getting better. I was doing the same
我每天做的和大多数人一样的事 起床 上班 回家 你懂的 晚饭
thing every day like so many of us. Wake up, go to work, come home, you know, have dinner,
日复一日 我希望能摆脱掉这种自动驾驶模式 我认为他可能是
repeat. And I just wanted to get off autopilot. And I thought that he would be a great way
to get in good shape but also to just mix up my routine and get better.
这名海豹突击队员来我家的第一天 要求我做
The first day that SEAL came to live with me he asked me to do – he said how many
他问我能做多少个引体向上?我不太擅长做引体向上 我大概做了8个 只是过线的8个
pullups can you do? And I’m not great at pullups. I did about eight. Just getting over
他说 好的 休息30秒再来一次
the bar eight. And he said all right. Take 30 seconds and do it again. So 30 seconds
于是30秒后我又上了单杠这次是很挣扎的6个 他说好的 再来一次
later I got up on the bar and I did six, struggling. And he said all right, one more time. We waited
我休息了30秒 然后艰难的完成了3 4个 我简直没法
30 seconds and I barely got three or four and I was done. I mean couldn’t move my
抬胳膊了 然后他说 好的 我们不再做完100个 就不离开这里
arms done. And he said all right. We’re not leaving here until you do 100 more. And
我想 不能拒绝 那么我们要在这呆上相当长一段时间了 因为
I thought there’s no – well we’re going to be here for quite a long time because there’s
我没法做到100个 但是最后我在他的指导下一次做1个 证明了
no way that I could do 100. But I ended up doing it one at a time and he showed me, proved
我们都有着巨大的 超过自己认为的巨大的潜力
to me right there that there was so much more, we’re all capable of so much more than we
这真是一堂伟大的课 但这其实只是我们做的第一件事
think we are. And it was just a great lesson. It was actually the first thing that we did.
It was just a great lesson that we have so much more in our reserve tank than we think
这名海豹突击队员告诉我的 也记录在这本书里
we do. One of the things that SEAL said to me and it’s in the book and one thing that
人们常说的一件事 我也认可的 他说 当你的脑袋告诉你说
people have said that really resonated with them. He would say that when your mind is
你已经到顶了 其实你才到了百分之四十 他有条座右铭是
telling you you’re done, you’re really only 40 percent done. And he had a motto if
如果这件事很容易我们就不做 这就是他的每天强迫我们
it doesn’t suck we don’t do it. And that was his way of every day forcing us to get
远离舒适 不断找出让自己舒服的基线
uncomfortable to figure out what our baseline was and what our comfort level was and just
然后彻底打破掉 这条百分之四十法则也许看上去简单 但是
turning it upside down. The 40 percent rule maybe it’s give or take a little but look
看看马拉松 大部分人们跑马拉松时在16到20英里处放弃
at a marathon. Most people hit the wall in a marathon at mile anywhere from 16 t0 20.
其实 这个国家的99%的人可以跑完马拉松
And, you know, 99 percent of the people in this country that run marathons finish and
they all, predominantly all of them go through this hit the wall. So where does that extra
那么 剩下的百分之50到60数字从哪里来?我的意思是 他的脑袋告诉他
50 or 60 percent or whatever the number is come from? I mean it’s their brain saying
我完了 没法继续了 但他们会说什么?
I’m done, I don’t want to continue but their will saying you know what? Let me get
让我到达终点吧 我们都拥有这样的意志 只是我们该如何
to the finish line. So we all have that will. It’s just a matter of how do we apply it
运用它的问题 而且不仅仅是在每年一次的马拉松上 而是用在每天的生活中
to not just with the once a year marathon but to our daily lives to make it apply to
a variety of things.