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基础瑜伽 – 山式 – 译学馆
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基础瑜伽 - 山式

Mountain Pose (Tadasana) - Yoga With Adriene

大家好 我是Adriene 欢迎和我一起做瑜伽
Hi, everyone, my name is Adriene, and welcome to yoga with Adriene.
今天我们学习山式 我最喜欢的一个动作
Today we’re gonna learn Tatasana, one of my favorite poses,
这是一个基础姿势 但是有许多要点
a very basic pose, but it has a lot going on,
more than meets the eye kind of pose, uhm,
so, mountain pose or Tadasana is great for sciatica,
有助于减压 是很棒的地面姿势
it’s great for stress, it’s just overall great grounding pose,
definitely can help you improve your posture,
and it’s a great little container for tapping into the breath,
赶紧站上瑜伽垫 开始学习山式
So, let’s hop on the mat, and learn Tadasana.
好啦 现在开始吧
Ok, so, to begin,
we’re going to be standing on our feet,
l’m gonna take my feet, and l can do this typically in the yoga class,
cause it’s a basic foundational pose you often to do,
站在瑜伽垫上 嗯任何地方都可以
at the front of your mat, uhnm, but stand in anywhere on your mat,
if you don’t have a mat you are on your floor,
stand anywhere in your house that you like,
或者在办公室 无论在哪里都行
or in your office, or everywhere you are,
开始时 脚分开与髋部同宽
and, uha, let’s bring the feet heap with apart, just start,
and because l have been practicing building my poses from the ground up,
l’m gonna immediately think about my foundation that was just touching the earth,
低头看脚 抬起脚趾
and look down at my feet, l’m gonna lift my toes,
伸展脚趾 抱歉 因为我知道你们会关注我闪闪发光的脚指头
like l strech by my own toes there, sorry, cause l realise all you gonna see my bling toe,
which, uhm, there’s a great story behind my big toe art,
这对我来说是新事物 我会把它写在我的博客上
uhm, it’s a new thing for me, and l’ll write that story in my blogs,
如果你们有兴趣 可以去读我的博客
if you’re curious, you can read that story on the blog.
集中注意力 做山式
Let’s take focus together, Tadasana, the mountain pose,
从脚开始 抬起脚趾
starting at the feet, l’m gonna lift my toes,
现在 看看是否把脚的四个角都连在了一起
and right away, l’m gonna see if l can connect all four corners of my feet.
也就是连接大脚指 小脚指
Ok, so that’s the ball join the big toe, the ball join the pinky toe,
and those back to corners of heels,
我向这边转一点 以你们看到我提起脚
So l’m gonna turn this side here, just you can see that when l lift my feet,
l can really tell if l’ve been sitting in the front part of my feet,
or if l tend to hang on the back part,
通过抬起脚趾这个动作 因为需要铺平双脚
by lifting the toes, cause then it requires me to go through all four corners of the feet,
uhm, we also call this in yoga and hot yoga, ‘four part standing’,
这四部分是大脚指肚 小脚指肚
so that’s where that comes from this, ball join the big toe, ball in the pinky toe,
和两个脚后跟 我把脚趾大大的分开
and then back to corners of the heels, so l’m gonna spread my toes wide,
and then I’ll relax my toes back down,
once l have more of awareness or consciousness of my footing where l distribute my weight,
that alone is worth the price of your time and this video,
just understanding where we carry our weight,
and you’ll notice the more as you start to practice this four part equal standing,
uha, the, the more comfortable we’ll become in our bodies,
the posture proves naturally and we’ll gain more awareness of how we stand regularly,
这是有道理的 因为如果我们整天和孩子出去玩 一直背着东西
and make sense, because if we’re hanging out here all the time with the child, just carrying things all the time,
then we need to take the time consciously to counteract to that,
甚至在脑海里 境由心生 就像有时
even in mind, pain builds HUB, like sometimes, like, God~,
天啊 有人用刀砍我 不理他做个深呼吸
my Godness, person cut me who cuts people anymore, and I’ll just take deep breath,
站好 给身体一点意识
and come to my four part standing, just building a little more awareness in the body,
and becoming a happier person,
回到山式 抬起脚趾
the back to the pose, so l’m gonna lift the toes,
放松脚趾 找到合适的位置 与臀部同宽
then I’ll relax them down, and see where it fit, hip with part,
与臀同宽 然后从脚底开始
hip with apart, then l’m gonna travel up for my foundation,
drawing energy up from the arches of the feet all the way up through the legs,
engaging the legs all the way up through the growing the pelvis area,
and then of course, traveling up this spine through the crown of the head,
fingertips relaxing down at my side.
So mountain pose or Tadasana,
it’s, as if the tip of my head is the top of the mountain,
and then my fingertips grazing sides,
you can turn your palms open or keep them parallel.
This is a good moment to give a shut up to my family and friends in Colorado, rocky mountains,
rocky mountains, and offer some action points,
顺便提一下 山式对坐骨神经有好处
so, the great thing about Tatasana is, uha, this is great for sciatica by the way,
great posture, uhm, pose,
但是我马上要留心 我转到这边来
but is l wanna notice right away, l’ll change the side here,
but l wanna notice if my heart is beginning to collapse in,
and l’m finding this roundness in the spine,
当然 这时打开肩膀 就发现心脏自然提起了
and so, of course, l wanna loop the shoulders open and find that natural lift in the heart,
胸腔的提升 使得腹部能够内收
that lift in the sternum, this is gonna allow me to draw my navel in,
支撑腹部 腹部运动自如
supporting the belly, and toning the belly,
这样讨厌的身体就变好了 就像我的朋友说的那样
so we can get bitch body ready, as my friend does like to say,
当我打开肩膀 腹部内收 打开心的时候
and, as l loop the shoulders, draw the navel in, open my heart,
l have what, l, kind of call this, Adriene,
身体这样运动 感觉非常好 瑜伽真好
and getting carry the way, which is like, l’m like, oh, yes, feel so good, yoga,
and then l’m like, start to feel this pressure in pain of my lower back,
都打开了 然后疼痛
and l like, feel so open, and then pain,
so l will take that awareness that check in,
and I’ll scoup my tail bone in to support this openness,
that l have, so I’ll literally go from my,
我从这个姿势开始 就像《泰坦尼克》电影中那样张开双手
so l’m going from here, like Titanic, uhm,
《泰坦尼克》 我超喜欢
Titanic, l love Titanic,
so when it goes from here to,
scoupping my tail bone in to meet the pubic bone or the pelvis,
which also tones my belly naturally without having to hold any tension,
腹部内收 尾骨上卷
but engages it, so navel draws in as the tail bone scoups in,
l’ve opened my shoulders and my heart,
and now you starting to see that l’m not, uhm, forward or back,
站得很正 头在心上方 心现在肚子上方
but l’m centered, head over the heart, heart over to the pelvis,
and then it’s like, ok, we’re boring mountain pose, Tadasana,
在儿童瑜伽中我们说 tada ~sana ~
in kid’s yoga, we go, tada~ sana~,
但实际上不仅是做动作 需要用到意念
but actually it’s over boring, it’s a very conscious, uhm, place,
运用呼吸 配合着做很多动作
or l am pressing with the breath, and there are a lot of activity going on,
从头顶一直到脚跟 全身都要参与
where I’m actually engaged from the crown of the head all the way down to my heels,
l’m drawing energy up from the earth,
and the tops of thighs have this really sweet inner rotation,
内旋朝向对侧的腿 外旋朝向身后的墙
the rotaining in towards each other, out towards the wall behind you,
或身后的窗户 对吧?
all the windows behind me, right?
同样的动作 只不过是我Adrine的版本
and then same thing just to show you little Adrine’s version is,
用力 腿部夹紧
l have this engaging quality, has engaging quality in the legs,
where the tops of thighs quads rotating in, and out towards back the wall,
如果你有瑜伽砖 或者
to feel this actually, if you have a block, or you can just, uha,
用你的手机夹在两腿之间 千万别这样
uhm, l don’t know, pick your smart phone in between your like, don’t do that,
but it could be anything substantial, or square between the legs,
how about a yoga block?
这个很棒的姿势 用来体会用力的感觉
and this is just a great place for me to feel that engaging quality,
现在站立 骨盆略微向前倾斜
so here l’m kind of standing with my pelvis forward,
a lot of stand like this naturally, playing a lot of pressure in lower back,
瑜伽砖夹在这 我感觉到了强烈的挤压的感觉
the block there, l feel this like, intense squeezing sensation,
大腿内旋 然后外旋转向身后的墙 象开瓶器一样扭
and when l rotate my vibes towards each other, towards the wall behind me, it’s almost like a PEZ dispenser
我真的感受到了这个动作 我的腿现在就感觉像是
l really feel that action, and now my legs are like,
whoo, working like mad,
一起来做吧 一起来体验全身运动
and so just coming to align at here, just so we can experience full thing,
肚子吸进去 心提起来
navel drawing back, heart lifted,
肩胛骨 肩胛骨靠到一起
shoulder blades, shoulder blades are coming together,
意念向下走 朝向尾骨
melting down, towards the tail,
and the tail scoupping in to meet the pelvis,
我真的想要投资瑜伽砖 如果我有钱 我会
l really invest in this block, if l have tons of money, l would say,
对你们说 给我发邮件 我给你寄瑜伽砖
say, send me a email, send you a block,
或许有一天会这样的 总有一天
but maybe one day, not day, uha, some day,
it will happen, blocks for everyone, another great way to, uha,
l should make promises l can keep,
it will happen, blocks for everyone, another great way to,
对初学者 要背靠着墙
typically for beginners, is to back it up against wall,
and use the wall to really check in with, uhn, uhn, that line,
头在心上 心在肚脐上
of the head over the heart, the heart over the pelvis,
and once I’m here in Tadasana,
大腿上部内旋碰到一起 尾骨上卷 卷向盆骨处
tops the thighs rolling in together, tail bone scouping under to meet the pelvis,
打开心 打开肩 就像你的双臂也能呼吸一样
heart open, shoulders open, like your arms can just breath some time,
a long neck linkling through the crown of the head,
of course, l’ll begin to tap into my breath,
what good is doing the Asana or the pose without marry it into the breath?
这时闭上眼睛 如果你闭上眼睛
Then from here, l can close my eyes, and if you close your eyes,
as you may start to feel a little drunk, little wobbly,
没关系 稳定双脚
so, uhm, that’s ok, just hold onto your foundation,
张开脚趾 双脚铺平站稳
spread the toes, stay rooted all four corners of the feet,
如果你觉得有一点不稳或头晕 呃 我不知道怎么表达
and if you still start to feel little unbalance or dizzy, uhn, l don’t know what else to say,
just part, the eyes open, and find a Drishti or a focal point on the earth
对于平衡体式这是很棒的技巧 改天我们会具体讲
kind of hold on to, great tips for balancing poses we’ll take on the another day,
but holding onto a little pieces of lint,
a little heart-shaped pieces of grass,
土或灰尘 地上的任何东西
or dirt or dust, whatever on the earth,
holding onto that as we liften links in and engage the full body,
after we’ll bring the palms together here in Tadasana,
lifting the sternum to the thumbs,
意念一直延伸到头顶 另外一个人做法就很舒服
link them into the crown of the head, and another option is super yummy,
就是我们现在这样 10个手指
just where we are here, is we can take the fingertips,
bring them behind the tail bone here,
still checking in with the lower body,
going through all my check points of mountain pose, or Tadasana,
but this time I’ll interlace the fingertips drawing them down,
经过尾骨朝向脚跟 腹部压向脊椎 打开肩
pass the tail bone towards the heels, navel to spine as l open up of the shoulders,
打开胸腔 如果能把手掌放在这个位置 就这么做
open up the chest, if l can bring the palms together here, l’ll,
otherwise I’ll just keep the wrist nice and square,
肩胛骨相对向下 产生空间
shoulder blades drawing together and down, creating space,
counteracting all of those hours that computer or anything that we do,
比如肩膀内扣 几乎所有不良体态
with the shoulder grounded, just almost everything,
hell, and, fingertips drawing down,
肩膀后旋 远离耳朵
allowing the shoulders, ha~, to rotate away from the ear,
心向上提 舒服
heart lifted, yummy,
打开胸腔 打开心
open chest, open heart,
山式 我们也可以双脚并拢做这个姿势
mountain pose, we can also do this for the feet flush together,
视频开始时 我说最好是两脚分开做
but l say as begining, point, it’s nice to go heap with the part,
双脚与臀同宽 脚跟在臀部下面 只是为了保持平衡
the bone step, heels underneath the hips, just for balance the sensibility,
好的 这就是山式Tadasana
Ok, look, so that was mountain pose, or Tadasana,
或tada ~sana~
or tada~ sana~, uhm,
the great thing about Tadasana is you can do it anywhere,
everywhere, anywhere, and everywhere,
也不是任何地点 你得考虑一下
not everywhere, ok, you have to think about it,
我在这儿做 不是任何地点 但是你懂得
where l have really here, not everywhere, but you get what l am thinking,
it’s a great pose to check in with your posture with your line mat,
有助于呼吸 因为我说过 在一个空气新鲜的商店里就能做这个动作
great container for the breath cause l’ve said before, you can do it in a greshy store,
你也可以在酒吧做 也可以在瑜伽垫上做
you can do it at the bar, you can do it on the mat,
什么地方都可以 好 留下你的意见
anywhere and everywhere, uha, leave comments,
如果你想了解我闪闪发光的脚趾 可以看看我的博客
uha, read the blog if you wanna talk about my bling big toe,
咱们可以聊天 我会告诉你我的故事
uhm, let’s chat, l’ll tell you the story,
订阅这个频道吧 如果你还没有订阅的话
uhm subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already,
下次见 谢谢收看 Namaste
and see you next time, thank you so much, Namaste.