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灵感时刻:演说家Eric Thomas访谈 – 译学馆
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灵感时刻:演说家Eric Thomas访谈

Moments of Inspiration with Eric Thomas

莱斯·布朗不支持我 我的代理人鲍勃也不支持我
Les Brown sat me down. I’ve had Bob proctor. Sit me down
还有约翰·麦克斯韦 你知道这些人和我说
John Maxwell like these people [have] literally
“不要这样做!” 就是在直接打击我
sat me down you know like “Don’t E!”
我们欣赏你所从事的工作 但你并不完全了解你在做什么
We like what you’re doing, but you don’t know it all
so you need to understand don’t go this route
Go this route and to my babies out there.
他们还不谙世事 别让他们暴露在危险下
They just don’t know they have not been exposed and
这是我们这一代的责任 我并不想冒犯我们开拓事业的先辈
that is it’s our responsibility in this generation, no disrespect our pioneers
we got to keep teaching them history
We got to keep feeding that history
但是兄弟 他们生来就得到我们的呵护与教导
But man, we got to be their present [like we]
they have to be able to come to us and get the right information
So that’s why I’m telling the shorties
举个例子 如果你追求你的热情所在 追求你的梦想
Look if you chase [your] passion you chase your dream
追求成为更好的自己 兄弟
you chase the better you man
我以切身经历告诉你 这些你都会得到
I’m telling you from experience all that stuff will come
但同样的 它们也不会使你快乐
and again, it’s not going to make you happy
Which is why I love the 21 year old who said I want my daddy
因为这说明他会回家 家会给他处理困难的力量
Because that’s what’s gonna make him home where he can deal with
使他跨越艰难 他将会成长
that issue and he can get past that man. He’s gone man
他将会进入人生的下一个阶段 所以对我所有的孩子来说
He’s gonna be on another level so to all my shorties out there
让我告诉你 如果你想要通过
Let me tell you something if you want to blow up
by getting to know who you are
那就早上早点起床 找到你的目标
Wake up early in the morning [and] find your goal
找到你的梦想 找到你的热情所在 比如早起
Find your dreams find your passion like wake up and
live for something go after something
I’m telling that is the true measure of success it took you 12 years
to get a four-year degree
是的 你真正从底层做起并扭转了局势
Okay you turn it around you know your company’s doing over a million dollars
from the bottom like really started from the bottom
How do you manage to keep everything balanced with?
你知道你的职业 你去各个地方出差 你有家庭
You know your career you go on places you have a family
and I know your family’s our most important thing
How do you balance the two because
there’s a lot of fathers out there listening like man
我正在尝试 我想要了解自我
I’m trying to I want to know for myself
Like how do you balance doing all of this
因为在天平的两端 一端是你的家庭
because you have the family on one end
But you got to provide for the family on the other end
and you got to keep both both mediums happy
I’ll be real with you.
我之前从没有说过 但现在你问我
I’ve never said this before, but where you ask me
关于一个成功男人的问题 当你与众不同
a man phenomenal when you’re phenomenal
我坦诚地告诉你 当你变得出色 你做事可以事半功倍
I’m just gonna be honest when you’re phenomenal you can do more
以我自己举例 凌晨三点时
with less time you know so [three] o’clock in the morning
I’m starting off my day with prayer. I’m trying to get centered.
I’m trying to get focus
尽我所能做到最好 所以我每天花一个半小时散步四到五公里
I’m trying to get right so I walk about four or five miles
这使我全神贯注 使我精神抖擞
hour hour and a half I get centered I get my spirit
你想 我回到家家里总是乱七八糟
Right you know I come home mess, you know
我还要像妻子那样收拾衣服 接孩子 我仍在做这些家务
I’m the wife’s clothes get the kids are in there still doing it
—兄弟 我都有经验了—你结婚多少年了?
-Man, I’m grounded.-How long have you been married?
—我结婚24年了 还是我自己熨衣服
-I’ve been married 24 years, still ironing clothes
-Is she listening?
I doubt is she is listening
She just heard the guru story for the first time
还是在去年年底 她长这么大
like the end of last year like she had never watched a video
还从来没过看一盘录像 但我没有看不起她的意思 兄弟
a day of her life, so but no man
只是你知道 我时刻谨记
just you know writing down my priorities like
优先考虑我的家庭 比如永远铭记我的家庭 永远铭记我的团体 永远铭记我是从哪里走向成功的
not forgetting my family not forgetting my community you know not forgetting where I started
I think so many people who started from the bottom
当他们一路打拼到社会顶端 他们就忘记了他们的出发地
when they get to the top, man, they forget their where they forget
Why they do this in the first place.
So when I went from average to phenomenal
说真心话 我的回报是不同的 真的 当你平凡时
I’ll be honest the paycheck is different for real when you average
你付出了难以想象的努力 当你出类拔萃时
you get paid so much when you’re phenomenal
They write you a different check and
当我得到报酬时 我决定做一些出色的事
what I decided to do [q] doozy when I got paid
I decided instead of saying let me do 20 gigs.
我决定做一些其他的事 现在这些事如我所愿
I decided to say you know what now that things are working out for me
I’m only gonna do five or six a month
I’m only going to be out of the house two days underneath
so instead of just you know
I want more more and more and more.
我告诉我自己 我只是需要很多的东西来生存
I said to myself like I only need so much to survive
I need so much to be a blessing in my community
所以现在我一天只工作五到六个小时 其余时间待在家里
so now I’m only doing five or six I’m staying at home
You know taking my daughter to school
你知道在早上 我和我妻子
You know in the morning after spending time worship
with my wife on our way to work
我就获得了我的个人时间 我可以把时间花在健康上等等
you know get my own personal time in my own health in
所以对我来说 兄弟 这只是关于如何平衡的问题
So for me man. It’s just about being balanced
你要知道什么是重要的 把握那些重要的东西 对于那些不是很重要的东西
Keeping what’s important important and those things that are not as important just
要注意先后次序 兄弟 这就是我努力实现梦想的方法
Prioritizing men and so that’s how I pull it off and
并且我保持和优秀的人交往 比如我的妻子 一些坚强的进取者
I keep good people around me my wife iron sharpens iron
不论男女 我不和
So do a woman sharpens another I do not
hang around people who don’t stretch me
I do not hang around people who are inferior
I hang around people it says it right there only put people on your team
Who are willing to work harder than you do [so]
I’m around people who tell me the truth people who tell me ET
兄弟 他们都说“好吧 ET”
Man, they’re saying right ET. That’s right
“你要做这个 ET 你不能做那个”
You need to do this ET. You shouldn’t do that
And I surround myself with good people
并且我坚信我平衡了和上帝的关系 和我妻子的关系
and I think between the balance my relationship with God my wife man
And just the way I prioritize my time



美国著名演说家Eric Thomas的访谈,与你讲述他如何正确分配时间、平衡家庭与事业,一步步走向成功!