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MIND CONTROL - New Motivational Video (very powerful)

你能够知道自己想要什么 该做什么
You can know what you want, you can know what you should be doing,
但是没有灵感和动力时 你该怎么办?
but how do you make yourself do it when the feelings and the motivation isn’t there?
When all you got is fear.
You can always control what you think and how you behave.
And we spend way too much time trying to focus on manipulating how we feel about things,
and not enough time practising the skills of controlling your behaviour and your thoughts.
大多数人坐等准备就绪 坐等勇敢 坐等自信
A lot of us are sitting around waiting to feel ready, waiting to feel courageous, waiting to feel confident,
坐等一个永远不会来的时机 永远不会
waiting for the right time and that’s not ever coming. Ever. Ever.
想法不会改变你的生活 你只有通过行动才能改变
You’re not gonna change your life up here. You only change it through action.
我们凭感觉做决定 有95%的决定都是凭借当时的感觉
We make decisions of feelings. 95% of our decisions are made by how you feel in the moment.
这就是问题所在 你需要控制这些时刻
And that is the problem. You need to take control of the moment.
我们都有这样的能力 我们还有另一个能力 没有人可以阻碍你
We all have that ability. We all have next level ability. There is not other people that are holding you back.
你的老板不能 你的父母也不能 那些都是借口
Your boss isn’t holding you back. Your parents aren’t holding you back. Those are excuses.
To me, there is no such thing as luck. Okay?
运气就是准备遇上机会 简单明了
All luck is, preparation meeting opportunity. Plain and simple.
You have to be ready, prepared for that situation.
Like you think that you need to feel confident or courageous in order to get started.
你不需要 实际上你只需要开始 这就是生活之谜
You don’t. You actually just have to start and that’s the riddle of life.
躺在床上 希望早晨醒来时能有动力和改变 这不是谜底
That lying in bed, hoping that you wake up some morning motivated and changed. That’s not the answer.
实际上你必须学会如何鞭策自己 你必须学会如何利用决定的力量
You actually have to learn how to push yourself. You have to learn how to leverage the power of your decisions
and you’ve gotta learn how to take action when you don’t feel like.
You have to be prepared to take any and every opportunity that’s presented to you. Alright?
Nothing is just gonna happen.
但人们不愿意听到真相 因为真相伤人
But people don’t wanna hear the truth. Cause the truth hurts.
但是你在痛苦中成长 真的 真的是这样
But you grow from pain. You really, you really do.
你不知道怎样面对成功 你不知道怎样面对失败
You can’t know how to deal with success, you can’t know how to deal with failures,
你不知道怎样面对生活中的困难 如果你从未尝试过任何事
You can’t know how to deal with the bumps in the road that if you haven’t had a taste of everything.
如果你只记得嘴里的那点苦涩 你就不愿再次尝试
And once you remember that bitter taste in your mouth, you never wanna feel that again.
You can’t control the things that trigger you
无法控制你的恐惧 怀疑和不确信
and the fact that you’re gonna feel afraid and you’re gonna feel doubt and you’re gonna feel uncertain
但是你可以停止这种感觉 控制住自己
but you can always interrupped that feeling and take control in the moment
and actually shift what you’re thinking and shift how you behave.
在本能 责任 冲动和理智之间有5秒的时间窗口
There is a 5 second window. Between the instincts, the shoulds, the urges, the inner wisdom.
如果你听从它 它可以改变你的生活
The things that can change your life if you listen to it.
Got a 5 second window from the moment you feel that instinct to move.
如果你不这样做 你的大脑就会消灭它的
And if you don’t, your brain is actually designed to kill it.
5 seconds is all you have.
当你感觉到自己在犹豫时 那一刻的力量是巨大的
The second you hesitate and you feel yourself hesitating, that is a moment of huge power
因为在那一刻你本来应该付诸行动 但你退缩了
because what’s happened is you’ve just started to pull back from something that you need to lean into
这时候如果你开始倒数:5 4 3 2 1
and if you count backwards: five, four, three,two, one
and then this is the neuroscience behind why the stupid little trick works.
计时是一个动作 倒计时需要专注
Counting is an action. Counting backward requires focus.
这对你来说还不大习惯 所以当你感到自己犹豫的时候
It’s also not a habit for you then, so when you feel yourself hesitate,
你在告知你的大脑: 出事了
you’re triggering your mind that something’s up.
Your mind now goes into a cognitive bias called the spotlight effect.
It magnifies whatever it was that you hesitated doing.
比如突然之间 你会觉得说”我不想这么做 我不知道 要不下次再说吧”
Like all of the sudden, you’re like “Eh, I don’t feel like it. Like I don’t know, maybe I’ll do it later.”
And your mind is doing it because your mind is trying to protect you.
犹豫是向大脑传递的一个危险信号 告知它有事发生了
Hesitation signals a red flag to your mind that something’s up.
这种小小的犹豫 是我们每个人都有的习惯
Just that small hesitation it’s a habit that we all have.
Should you hesitate if you’re getting a tattoo? Yes.
Should you hesitate if you’re gambling? Yes.
Should you hesitate if you are signing a legal document? Yes.
You need your prefrontal cortex for those things.
You need to interrupt it to make a decision.
你是否应该犹豫打个电话? 不
Should you hesitate in making a phone call? No.
Should you hesitate on speaking up in a meeting? No.
Should you hesitate when you feel yourself starting to procrastinate
但是又觉得应该要把工作做完的时候 该犹豫吗
and you know you have work that it should get done?
不 你不应该犹豫
No. You shouldn’t hesitate at all.
Should you hesitate in saying the thing you really feel in your heart? No.
You shouldn’t.
Should you hesitate in edit yourself and your talk?
不 你不应该
No. You shouldn’t.
But we’ve all trained ourselves to.
所以犹豫其实就是一种习惯 你开始关注这个习惯
So it’s actually this habits of hesitating, you start catching yourself,
犹豫一个充满力量的时刻 你要在这个时刻做一个决定
it’s a huge moment of power because you have a decision to make
and you gotta make it in the next 5 seconds.
你可以继续放任自我停滞不前 也可以选择倒数5 4 3 2 1
Or you’re gonna go on autopilot and get trapped in your mind or are you going 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
然后唤醒你的前额叶皮质 继续前进
and awaken your prefrontal cortex and drive forward.
Everything matters.
如果你能掌控任何情景 把”只是”这个词去掉
If you take any situation and just take the word “only” and take the word “just” out of it
it changes the whole phrase.
It’s just a game.
这是个游戏 这只是个工作
It’s a game. It’s only a job.
如果在面试结束之前你觉得这只不过是一个工作 我建议你立刻起身离开
If you feel like this is only a job before this interview is up, I advise you to get up and leave right now.
因为还有其他人会填补这些位置 然后得到这份工作并把它视为一份事业
Cause there’s somebody else who’ll fill these seats up and take that job and turn it into a career.
小心这些词语 有陷阱的词语
Be careful of those words, trap words.
I’m just gonna smoke one cigarette.
That shows you their preparation for a mental standpoint of how weak they really are.
有很多人只是”无名小卒” 很少人是”举足轻重”
There’s a lot of people that are just “a something”. There are very few people that are “the something”.
所以当别人介绍我 说我是一个讲师的时候
So when people introduce myself as a trainer,
我就会说: 我不是”一个讲师” 我是”你们的讲师”
I’m like “No, I’m not A trainer, I am THE trainer.
It’s a huge difference.
所以自我怀疑 担忧 拖延 多虑 分析麻痹 恐惧
So self-doubt, worry, procrastination, overthinking, analysis paralysis, fear
those are all thinking patterns that are habits.
我希望人们知道 一件最重要的事是你不是忧虑者
One of the most important things that I want people to understand is that you’re actually not a worrier.
You have a habit of a worrier.
Big difference.
你不是拖延者 你只是有拖延的习惯
You’re not a procrastinator. You have a habit of procrastinating.
Big difference.
Every one of those behavior patterns and thinking patterns can actually be interrupted
and replaced using science.
You can use a simple trick.
当你感觉自己在犹豫 你意识到了
The moment you feel yourself hesitate, the moment you’ve got one of those moments where you
这就是刘易斯所说的 必须迈出舒适区的时刻
know that you need, this is that moment that Lewis talks you about where you gotta step outside of your comfort zone
你要投入你的激情 要冒险 要感受恐惧
and you gotta lean into your passion and you’ve gotta really take some risks, and you gotta feel the fear
and you gotta do it anyway.
That’s the moment where you just woke up
And now you got a decision to make.
Are you gonna drift back into the habits or you’re going to awaken your prefrontal cortex
and drive forward and focus and do something new?
你想要做电话推销吗? 不 你不想
Do you feel like making that cold call? No, you don’t.
你想做运动吗? 不 你不想
Do you feel like doing that third set of reps? No, you don’t.
你想展开一段很艰难的对话吗? 不 你不想
Do you feel like having that hard conversation? No, you don’t.
Do you feel like ending this relationship whether it’s in business or in your life that is sucking you dry?
不 你不想
No, you don’t.
我们凭感觉做决定 但它剥夺了所有的快乐和机遇
We make decisions based on our feelings and that is robbing you of joy and opportunity.
让你看不见这个事实: 5秒钟的决定就可以改变你的生活
And it is blinding you from the fact that how you change your life is one five second decision at a time.
One push at a time.
如果觉得自己永远没有准备好 没有动力
And if you, if you accept the fact that you may never feel ready and you may never feel motivated
没有信心 没有有勇气 这些都没关系 你仍然可以继续前行
and you may never feel confident, you may never feel courageous and that’s okay, but you can still push yourself forward
随着时间的推移 你会发现自己拥有了行动力
What happens over time is as you start to see yourself becoming the person that takes action
you start to see yourself becoming the kind person that speaks even though your voice is shaking
一个倾向于行动而不是思考的人 猜猜会发生什么?
or the kind of person that has a bias toward moving instead of a bias toward thinking, guess what happens?
You build the skill of confidence and courage.
这个方法适用于所有人 我花了三年的时间来写这本书
It’s working for people around the world and you know, in the book, it took me three years to write it
规律背后隐含着科学奥义 这本书收集了150多个社交媒体上的帖子
It’s all the science behind the rule, it’s got more than 150 social media posts in it so you see
你可以看到很多人如何用它摆脱拖延症 建立信心
stories from around the world of people using it to end procrastination, to build confidence
加深人际关系 开展业务的故事
to deepen their relationships to launch businesses.
There’s only one “you” and there will only ever be one you
所以要让自己听从内心的想法 付诸行动
so make sure that you listen to what your heart is saying and always do that.
你可以在5秒内改变自己的生活 如果你开始想要行动的话
I would say you can change your life in 5 seconds and the moment that you feel the instinct to act
那就倒数5 4 3 2 1 去做吧
count 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 then go.