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令人兴奋的魔法磁铁 – 译学馆
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Mind-Blowing Magic Magnets - Smarter Every Day 153

嗨 我是德斯丁 欢迎来到「每天聪明点」
Hey, it’s me Destin. Welcome back to Smarter Every Day.
You might not know this,
but every single hydraulic pump in every car you’ve probably ever been in
都有一个小磁铁去抓刨花 从而使汽车装置不出故障
has a little bitty magnet in it to catch shavings so that the mechanism doesn’t foul up.
我之所以知道这个 是因为在我小时候父母都在这个车间工作
Now, I know this because when I was growing up both of my parents worked at this plant
and made steering pumps.
很有意思的是 他们会将不合格的磁铁带回家
The cool thing about that is that they would bring home the magnets that were out of spec
把它们给我 够我玩上几个小时
and bring them to me and I got to play for hours
and understand things about how magnets attract and how they repel each other.
所以 今天我想谈谈磁铁
So, today I wanna talk about magnets.
尤其是 和一个叫加勒特的孩子做个慢动作实验
Specifically, I want to do a slow motion experiment with a little boy named Garrett
who reminds me of my child-like fascination with magnets,
然后我还想告诉你 磁铁工业的下一次重要变革
and then after that I wanna talk to you about the next great manufacturing leap in magnets.
「可印刷式磁铁」 超级不可思议
Printable magnets! It’s amazing.
Let’s go get Smarter Every Day.
[Destin] Two “R”s two “T”s? [Garrett] Mhm…
德斯丁:这是加勒特 名字里有两个R两个T
[Destin] This is Garrett, two “R”s two “T”s.
德斯丁:嗨 加勒特!加勒特:嗨 你好吗?
[Destin] Hello, Garrett![Garrett] Hello, how are you?
德斯丁:我在美国康乃迪克州 加勒特带来了一些东西 我们将在慢镜头下演示
[Destin] I am in Connecticut and Garrett brought something for me to do in slow motion.
加勒特 给我带了啥 加勒特:磁铁
What did you bring me, Garrett? [Garrett] I brought magnets that
我不想现在就把它们翻过来 因为要花很长时间去重做
I don’t want to flip them right now ’cause that’ll take a long time to redo
但是当你翻起一个 它们就会全转过来 几乎是瞬间合在一起
but when you flip one they all turn together and almost instantly go back into one.
德斯丁:这是你自己观察到的 对吗
[Destin] And you observed this yourself, right? This is
是你想出并要做的 那么我们在慢镜头下尝试 好吗
something you came up with and you want to do. So, we’re going to try in slow motion right?
加勒特:一旦我翻过第一个 它们就会折叠起来
[Garret] Once I flip this first part over and these are all going to fold over onto it.
五 四 三 二 一 零
Five, four, three, two, one, zero.
德斯丁:真的很酷 加勒特 真的超级超级酷
[Destin] That was really cool actually, Garrett. That was actually very very cool. (laughter)
Alright so… (laughter)
[Destin and Garrett] Whoa… [Unknown voice] The force is strong with this one.
德斯丁:这是你自己想出来的 嗯哼加勒特:对
[Destin] And you came up with this idea, huh?[Garrett] Yup.
有一天 我盯着它们 把它们排成那样 然后 偶然翻起一个 之后就这样了
I was looking at them one day and I was making them into that and I accidentally flipped one and it did that.
德斯丁:真的 很棒
[Destin] Really? Alright! (applause)
Playing with magnets as a kid was pretty simple:
把一块磁铁的南极对准另一块的北极 它们就会相吸引
you had a north face and a south face and they would align and slap together.
但是现在 会有不一样的事情发生
But now, something else is happening.
We’re at a company called Polymagnet here in Alabama
当你看到他们的商标时 大概能想到人家是做什么的
and if you look at their design you kinda get an idea of what they’re doing.
They can print specific magnetic designs on the surface of a magnet.
接下来 你从未见过的离奇的事情就要发生了
Now, you’ve never seen anything like this because it’s bizarre.
当你操纵磁场时 会产生新颖 独特 神奇的事情 让我们拭目以待
You can get new, unique, crazy, behaviours just by manipulating that magnetic field. Let’s go check it out.
这是杰森•摩根 工程负责人
This is Jason Morgan, head of engineering.
他同意教我有关魔力磁的事 并展示了一些常人没见过的东西
He’s agreed to teach me about Polymagnets and show me some stuff that most people don’t get to see.
摩根:那么 这是块普通的磁铁德斯丁:对
[Morgan] So, this is a conventional magnet. [Destin] Ok.
[Morgan] So, if you look at the conventional magnet…
德斯丁:等下 等等 这是什么摩根:这是个磁场观察膜
[Destin] Wait, hold on, what is this? [Morgan] This is magnetic viewing film.
[Destin] Magnetic viewing film. [Morgan] Yes.
[Destin]OK.[Morgan] What that does is shows you transition
in the magnetic field.[Destin] Uh-huh?
[Morgan] So it allows us to see where the magnetic field transitions from north to south.
德斯丁:好 明白了摩根:这是块普通的磁铁
[Destin] Got it, ok. [Morgan] So, this is a conventional magnet,
it’s a neodymium magnet.
所以它有南极和北极 磁场会从一极传到另一极
So, got a north face and a south face and the magnetic field goes from one face around to the other face.
[Destin] Can we draw on the whiteboard? [Morgan] Absolutely.
[Destin] We’ll say this is our magnet here.[Morgan] Right.
德斯丁:那么 磁场线是这样出入的 对吗
[Destin] So, the field lines are going to go out and in, right?
大卫:你说的对 我们知道 磁场线是闭合的圈 这样才不违背麦克斯韦定理
[David] Yeah, you’ll have, you know, closed loop, don’t wanna break Maxwell’s equations,
all the way around from your north pole to your south pole by convention.
德斯丁:好 明白了
[Destin] Gotcha, ok.
摩根:所以 我们所做的不同之处就是 把磁极设计到磁铁表面
[Morgan] So, what we do different is we take a magnet and create pole regions on the surface.
So, we create north and south on the same surface of the magnet
and what that allows us to do is close that circuit that David was talking about
in a much more compact space,
贴近磁铁的地方就会产生更强的磁场 磁力也更强 但……
and that gives us a stronger field close to the magnet, a stronger force, but…
德斯丁:好 我大概懂了 你的意思是 之前我们的磁场线是从北极到南极的大圈
[Destin] Ok, so, I think I got it. So, what you’re saying is if we’ve got the big loop here north and south
你们在做的事情 就是让线圈更紧凑了
you’re doing the same thing only they’re looping much closer together.
[Morgan] Correct.[Destin] Like that?
Even in on itself.
摩根:差不多吧 其实应该是
[Morgan] Almost. Right, so, what actually happens
is you have the north and the south on one face the magnet
and so what happens is we have the field go like this and so
而不是以前那种会产生干扰 浪费能量的磁场
instead of this long field that can create interference and waste energy
这个小磁场更紧凑 所以磁力集中于磁表附近
you have a tight field so that it’s tightly controlled and you have the force really focus near the magnet.
德斯丁:这些人就像现代版的魔法师 他们在磁场上创造出
[Destin] These people are like modern-day wizards. They can create whatever magnetic field they
want on any of these magnets.
I sat and talked with him for about an hour
and came to understand that the way the magnet interacts with the target material
determines how strong it’s attached.
And so what you’re saying is the magnetic field in this one
从上面出发然后绕了一圈跑到它的背面 对吗?
is going to come up and around and go all the way back to the back of the magnet, correct?
[Morgan] Correct.[Destin] Ok, in this one we have a tighter grouping of the
magnetic field so the circuits are going through the steel and they’re completing
从它的另一面透过去了 对吗?
just outside of the steel on the other side, correct?
摩根:不 它们是在同一面德斯丁:磁铁的同一面 那它们其实
[Morgan] On the same face of the magnet [Destin] Same face of the magnet. So, they’re
not going all the way back around to the back side… Gotcha.
Here, I have a very dense spacing of magnetic fields
and so they’re all completing inside the steel.
摩根:几乎在里面 对德斯丁:我的理解还不错吧?
[Morgan] Inside the steel, correct.[Destin] Do I understand magnets?
摩根:嗯 你挺懂魔力磁的德斯:魔力磁
[Morgan] You understand polymagnets. [Destin] Polymagnets.
Let’s say you have a piece of steel that’s a certain thickness
and you wanna attach this one-inch magnet to it.
工程师们首先要设计并打印出磁区 然后把磁体和钢块
Engineers first design and print the magnetic field and input both the magnet and the steel
into this pull test machine to quantify the exact force versus distance curve.
只要愿意 他们还可以改变磁场
If they want to they can then change the magnetic field
来制作出想要的 精确的磁力曲线
and tailor it until they get the exact force curve they’re looking for.
这种操纵磁力的能力 包含精巧的几何学知识
This ability to manipulate the strength of the magnetic field coupled with a really clever geometry
allows you to create fascinating magnetic behaviors.
比如说 这两个磁铁它们相互吸在一起
For example, these magnets, they’re attracted to each other
but they don’t touch.
它们仅相隔几毫米的距离 看起来像悬停了
They stop just a few millimeters away and seem to hover.
This behavior is what they call a spring.
摩根:这个叫弹簧 不过与普通弹簧有所差异
[Morgan] These are Springs. Alright this is a spring that’s a little bit different
它更复杂一些 能被用作碰簧锁
a little more complex and can be used as a latch.
你看它像个弹簧 不过你应该把它想成
So you see that it acts as a spring so if you think about it, let’s say, like a
一个门闩 你可以利用它作为门关上时的缓冲
cabinet door closure. You could have a cabinet door that came together in a soft close with some,
就像吸收冲力的东西 然后扭一下就能吸住了(惊讶) 它们吸得很紧
some shock absorption but then you could twist it to lash (Destin gasps) and it holds strong.
[Destin] No way.
所以 我可以把它拉开 像这样 我把它拿近一点然后旋转……
So, I can pull against you, like that. I close it and then when I turn it…
[Morgan] Locks into place.[Destin] That’s ridiculous.
时间到 当你拿在手上时比视频里的感受更加不同
Time out! This is way different in your hands than it is on a video.
引力和斥力在同一轴线上 只要你转一下就打不开了
Attraction and repulsion in the same axis in then you rotate and you can’t pull it apart.
现在我们知道 任何成熟的科技都宛如魔法
Now we know that any sufficiently mature technology looks like magic until you
understand exactly how it works.
Watch the faces of my highly-educated engineering co-workers as I put this in their hands.
What’s going on there?
[Friend A] I’m not really sure. (Laughter)
[Friend B] That is weird… How does that work?
[Friend C] Ooo it catches… I have no clue.
[Friend D]…
既然它并非魔法 那么它是怎么运作的呢?
So, if it’s not magic how does it work?
摩根:你让它处在结合点 它们会紧紧吸住 但是你把它转一下
[Morgan] You have that locking point, where it holds tightly, but then you turn past into it
and it will hold in that spring location.
[Destin] That’s genius.
That’s gonna change doorknobs. I really think it is.
德斯丁:你们觉得呢?摩根:我们很喜欢它 非常地喜欢
[Destin] Are you excited about that? [Morgan] We like this. We like this one a lot.
Jason agreed to let David show me some of the special machines in the back that
they invented program magnets. They look just like 3d printers only you load a
放一块普通的磁石 就能做出任何你想要的磁场
blank magnet and it can create whatever magnetic field you can imagine.
我们等了5分钟左右 它开始产生变化
While we waited the five or so minutes it takes for these things to run,
我离开这里 去见其他磁力技术极客 向他们请教一些术语
I went back out and met more magnet geeks and tried to learn more lingo.
德斯丁:你刚才说「磁素」?磁力极客:对 「磁素」
[Destin] You said a “maxel”? [Magnet Geek] A Maxel.
[Destin] A Maxel is a what? [Magnet Geek] It’s a magnetic pixel
[Destin] Really? [Magnet Geek] Yep.
[Destin] And so a magnetic pixel would be a node inside the magnet that’s printed.
那么你打印的图像 就是由磁素构成的大卫:差不多吧
So, the image that you just printed is created by magnetic pixels or maxels.[David] More or less.
[Destin] Can we go look at it? [David] Oh yeah.
想想看这些磁素 机器以某种方式在磁铁上打印出北极和南极的磁素
Think about these maxels. Somehow this machine creates north and south polarized maxels inside the magnet.
你把这些像素组成图像 就产生了力
You can add these pixels up to basically make images that can create forces.
If you couple one image with a complimentary image
you can then create incredible three-dimensional behaviours.
这个技术太过先进 现在还没有足够时间
This technology is so new there hasn’t even been enough time
to think through all the different applications.
I think it’s a game-changer.
I’d love to hear what you think in the comments and
请把本视频转发给你聪明的小伙伴们 看看他们有何感想
please consider passing this video along to all your smart friends to see what they think.
总之这就是 「每天聪明点」之磁力奥秘
So this is the Smarter Every Day magnet.
摩根:嗯 那我们……
[Morgan] Yeah so we’ll…
德斯丁:哦 老兄 你其实可以搞个大号的弹珠轨道 能做到吗?
[Destin] Oh man! So, you could make a marble track. Could you do that?
[Morgan] Give me bigger magnets. (Laughter)
德斯丁:这个真的很神奇 我们该走了 「每天聪明点」
[Destin] This is bizzare. Alright so here we go, Smarter Every Day.
We have a marble,
And it follows the field lines.
So, there you go.
The entire foundation of magnetic circuit design technology just changed.
不可否认 它给了我一种小时候第一次见到磁铁时的惊艳
I’m not gonna lie it makes me look at magnets just like I did when I was a little kid.
我爸妈就在那个工厂工作 把我养育长大
Okay, my parents worked at that plant growing up to support the family.
我立志成为一个工程师 并在晚上制作油管视频
I choose to be an engineer and make YouTube videos at night so let’s don’t
不要觉得奇怪 因为聪明的你知道它的原理了
make this part weird because you’re smart people you know how this works.
「每天聪明点」由听书网赞助 如果你喜欢听书网的话
Smarter Every Day is supported by and I would love it if you decided to support audible
so they wanted to continue supporting Smarter Every Day.
You know what’s going on.
等等 看下这个 这个印刷磁铁显示了一个促销码
Oh wait! Look at this! A printed magnet telling you the promo code.
If you want to get a free audio book of your choice,
你可以去 这网站我也常去 并没有强迫你的意思
go to I actually use this I’m not just telling you to do something
你也知道他们一直支持「每天聪明点」 这是一个
because you know they support Smarter Every Day. This is something that
真正帮助你每天聪明一点点的节目 如果你想要支持本节目
will actually make you smarter every day. So if you wanna support Smarter Every Day
去选一本书吧 我会很高兴的
go to to get a book of your choice. I would like that.
另外 感谢魔力磁公司
Also, I wanna thank Polymagnets,
他们创造出了非同一般的东西 这些可印刷物有着无穷潜力
the group that actually makes these things, for printing all the crazy stuff this is an untapped potential.
他们会把科技用在哪 会在医疗领域吗?
The medical field? What could they use this technology for?
它真的让人难忘 总之大家可以去他们网站看看
It’s pretty impressive. Anyway go to check out their website they have some really cool features on there.
That’s it.
如果你觉得本节目值得订阅 那就不要犹豫 如果还没有 欢迎订阅「每天聪明点」
If this earned your subscription feel free to do that but if not I just want you to get smarter every day.
我是德斯丁 大家再见
I’m Destin. Have a good one.