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给世界上最毒的鱼挤出毒液 – 译学馆
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Milking the WORLD'S MOST VENOMOUS FISH! - Smarter Every Day 117

大家好 我是德思坦 欢迎来到 天天变聪明
Hey it’s me Destin, welcome back to Smarter Every Day.
有时我喜欢光着脚漫步在庭院里 这过程还是挺好的 直到我被一小株有黏性的草扎了
Sometimes I like to walk around in my yard barefooted, which is awesome until I hit a little sticky weed, which hurts.
I’m about to ruin the beach for you.
那里有一种叫作石鱼的动物 它是我见过的最刻薄的生物
There’s an animal called the stonefish that is the meanest thing that I have ever seen.
我们将给它挤奶 尽管他连乳头都没有
We’re gonna milk it, even though it doesn’t have nipples.
睁大眼睛看吧 这就是科学
Goggle up. Science is about to happen.
这里是詹姆斯 库克大学的研究水族馆 是吗?
So this is the research aquarium here at James Cook University right?
是的 这里的所有生物都能咬你并杀死你
– Yep. This is where we’ve got everything that can bite and kill you.
好吧 由于你的职业 叫什么来着?毒师是吗?
– OK cause you do what? What’s the word? Venomologist?
噢 毒理学家
– D’ahh. Toxinologist.
– Toxinologist?
德思坦 我跟你说过多少回了
– Destin how many times have we got to tell you this?
抓着一只石鱼的毒理学家 杰米 西摩博士
– Toxinologist, Dr Jamie Seymour, grabbing a stonefish.
– The most venomous fish in the world.
世界上最有毒性的鱼 在他手上
– Most venomous fish in the world, with his hand.
– Ahh. Just drain a bit of water.
– So why are we not wearing leather gloves when we do this?
– Probably because you can’t feel properly.
– Oh OK.
– Yeah it’s better you get a better feel for the fish.
好 那鱼现在很紧张吗?
– OK, and so is the fish under stress right now?
不 它们的鳃可以储水 所以它们在干燥条件下仍可以呆几个小时
– No they can hold water up in their gills, so they can stay out of water for a couple of hours.
– Really?
它们是潮间带生物 所以它们适应这种情况
– They’re inter-tidal animals, so they’re used to this sort of thing.
– So they get kind of caught in pools and stuff.
是 它们通常在退潮的地方逃跑时被抓 这时我们便会抓它们
– Yes, and they’ll often get caught where the water’s drained out and then they’re away and running. So we’ll move our prop fish.
See how the spines just whipped up then?
– Yeah.
– So that’s what we’re trying to look for.
脊柱 它有两根脊柱
– That spine, there’s two spines.
啊 这里 这里 这里 这里…都有一支 沿着整个背 共有13条
– Ahuh. There’s one there, there, there, there, there, there, there. All the way down the back. There’s 13 of them.
And they’ve all got venom associated with them.
– They all have venom sacs.
都有 是的 因为全身被肿块和坑坑洼洼覆盖 所以有点难以观察
– All of them, yep. A little hard to see because the animal’s got lumps and bumps all over him
but there’s a little lump on each of these spines, either side,
所以沿脊柱向上 那儿还有那儿都有毒囊
so the spine comes up, there’s a venom sac there and there,
当你的脚或者其他什么东西踩到它的尖上时 它的脊刺扎入你的脚
as your foot or whatever comes down over the top of it, the spine goes into your foot
如果不是这三种情况 是不会有毒液射出的
and there’s no venom sac until it gets about a third of the way down
接下来你的组织挤压毒囊 毒液沿脊刺射入你脚深处
and then what happens is your tissue compresses the venom sac and shoots it up along the spine which is now deeply embedded in your foot.
– So it’s like stepping on a hypodermic needle that is upside down ready to squirt as soon as it has force applied.
– Exactly.
好吧 讲得通
– OK that makes sense.
– This is what we’re gonna use to stick over the spine of the stonefish
so that’s gonna act like somebody’s foot.
你必须把它控制到合适的厚度 所以脊刺应该像这样
You’ve gotta get it the right thickness, so the spine will be like that
我们将把它从刺顶上推下去 它将捏住毒刺
and we’re gonna push this down over the top and it’ll squeeze the venom blades,
and the venom will go boosh!
好 作为一个毒理学家 你做些什么?
– OK what do you do with the venom, as a toxinologist?

– Ooh..
我记住你的职业了 我记住了
– I got it, I got it right!
有几件事 首先我们将尽力弄懂它是怎样工作的
– Several things. One we’re trying to work out how it works,
但 另一件事是我们事实上要把它送到联邦血清实验室
but one of the other things is we actually give it to the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories
who make an anti-venom for this thing.
One of the most well used anti-venoms in Australia,
because we probably get, I don’t know, seven, eight hundred, maybe a thousand people a year get stung by these things up the east coast of Australia.
– Really?
是的 咱们一个人握住鱼一个人把这东西放到脊刺上
– Yeah. Someone’s gotta hold the fish and someone’s gotta put the thing down over its spine.
我可以握住鱼 我有点害怕
– I can hold the fish, I ain’t scared.
Am I capable of putting the rubber down over the spine?
– It’s not hard. [laughs]
你真的知道我 对吗?[笑声]
– You do know me right? [laughs]
啊 也许你应该来握鱼
– Ah maybe you should hold it then.
Hold the fish like that.
– Right.
如果它跳的话 只要紧抓着就好了
– And if he flicks, just hang onto him.
好 我做得了这个事
– OK. I can do that.
我不认为它会跳 我认为我们将用
– I don’t think he’s gonna flick. I actually think we’ll use..
当我和我的孩子们做像这样的事时 我也会跟他们说它已经绑紧了不用害怕
– I told my kids like when we’re doing stuff like this is hang on tight and don’t be scared. It’s like that here?
好 记住 如果你让他跑了 然后我被蜇了 我会揍你一顿
– Exactly. Just remember if you let him go and I get nailed, I’m gonna so beat the crap out of you.
好 我们将从1080帧到1920帧是吗?
– Alright. We’re gonna go 1920 by 1080 right?
– Yep.
好 你想要什么?每秒1500帧的怎么样?
– Alright what do you want? What 1500 frames per second?
– Yep.
– Got it?

– Yep.
– There it goes!
真惨 这将注入你的脚?
– Good grief. And that would squirt into your foot?
– Yep.
[ music ]
(In unison) Ohhhhh.
(杰米)噢 好棒的摄影师 这伙计应该得艾美奖
(Jamie) Man, what a cameraman. This guy should get an Emmy award.

– Ohhhh!
(德思坦)这伙计已经得了艾美奖了 不是吗?
(Destin) This guy does have an Emmy award, don’t you.
是的 我已经拿了一个了
– Yeah I’ve already got one of those.
那真酷 看
– That’s cool, look at that!
(Destin) So how long does it take him to replenish that venom supply?
这取决于食物 如果他们再摄入 不过他们一般不
– It’s now dependent on food. If they start feeding again, and they often don’t,
但如果再摄入 大概需要两三周
but if you can get it feeding again, about 2-3 weeks.
– Why would they not start feeding again?
– They get grumpy.
– Really.
我们把他们养在实验室里 他们两三个月不会重新注入毒液
– We’ve had them in the lab here and often they won’t feed for 2-3 months.
(德思坦)当你踩下时 毒液
(Destin) And as you push down, that sac below..
(Jamie) There was a sac about here and a sac about there, so as it comes down
当它下移时 它推进这些毒液
it comes down and it pushes on those sacs
and there’s a little channel that runs up each side of the spine,
所以当毒液挤出毒囊时 它由脊刺的一边向下从脊刺顶部射出
so when the venom gets pushed out of the sac, it comes down the side of the spine and out the tip of the spine.
– How sharp is that?
– Yeah like a hypodermic needle.
– That’s crazy man.
– It’ll go clean through a wetsuit bootie.

– Yeah?
我们认为它是一种小孔毒液 在细胞中冲出一个通道
– We think it’s a pore formation venom, so it punches holes in things, in cell membranes and stuff.
And it’s just designed for pain.
– Really?
疼 疼 疼 更疼
– Pain, pain, pain and more pain.
离我远些 我是一只坏鱼
– Get away from me, I’m a bad fish.

– Exactly.
好 看边上的眼晴
– OK point to the eye on this side.
所以 这有一个眼睛
– So there’s an eye just there.
– What?!
是 就在这儿
– Yeah, just there.
噢 我看见了 它很明显
– Oh I see it! It’s very.. it’s clear.
– Rocket scientists.
(Destin) [laughs]
小心绳子 小心绳子
Watch the cord, watch the cord.
是 那真不错
– Yep. Heh that’d be good, wouldn’t it.
是 脸上扎上石鱼倒刺
– Yeah, get some stonefish barbs in the face.
– And get electrocuted at the same time.
And there he goes.
噢 哇
– Oh wow.
我们在这儿拍摄世界最丑的动物 有德思坦 还有石鱼
– So here we are, filming one of the world’s ugliest animals. We have Destin, and we also have a stonefish.
这是石鱼 这是世界最丑的动物
This is the stonefish, and that’s the world’s ugliest animal.
谢谢 好了 让它回去吧
– Thank you. Alright let’s put him back.
好 我希望你喜欢天天变聪明的这期关于石鱼的节目 就像我们喜欢超级英雄汉莫克时刻
OK I hope you enjoyed that episode of Smarter Every Day about the stonefish just like we’re enjoying super hero hammock time,
put your spiderman glasses on.
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Where do we listen to audio books?
– In the car.
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– That’s right. Anyway if you would like to listen to a book, we’re reading one together right now at super hero hammock time.
What book are we reading?
《狮子 女巫 魔衣橱》
– The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
好《狮子 女巫 魔衣橱》
– That’s right, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
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我是德思坦 你正在收看的是每天变聪明 玩得开心
I’m Destin, you’re getting Smarter Every Day. Have a good one.
再见 说再见 说再见
Bye, can you say bye? Say bye.
– Bye.



挤出石鱼的毒液 并拍摄观察