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六分钟了解圣经主题2:弥赛亚 – 译学馆
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Jon: There’s this crazy story at the beginning of the Bible we have Adam and Eve
and they in there in the Garden of Eden.
Tim: And everything in the garden is great exactly is it should be except
但有一棵树上的果子 上帝告诫他们不能吃
there’s this one tree that they’re told by God not to eat from because it’s
因为很危险 凡吃必死
dangerous and it will kill them.
乔恩:这样的话 那就远离这棵树就好了
Jon: So that’s it, just avoid this fruit tree and we are fine?
蒂姆:是的 看似简单 但是园里有条蛇
Tim: Right, it seems pretty simple. But in this garden there’s a snake
它说了一个不同的故事 如果你吃了这树的果子
and it starts telling a different story. It says that if you eat of this tree it is not
going to kill you
in fact it’s going to make you become like God.
乔恩:亚当和夏娃相信了蛇 吃了禁果
Jon: And Adam and Eve, they believe the snake and they eat the fruit.
Tim: And because it is this the goodness of the garden is tragically lost and the evil and death
enters into God’s good world.
Jon: Now, why is there a talking snake in the garden? I mean this thing is a problem.
蒂姆:是的 很奇怪 更奇怪的是 《圣经》中就没说
Tim: Yeah, it is very strange, and even more strange is the fact that the Bible doesn’t say why
那条蛇为什么去以及怎样去的伊甸园 只表明那条蛇
or how this thing even got there. It simply presents the snake as this
是反叛神的创造物 想要引诱人们
creature who’s in rebellion against God and wants to get
怀疑神的良善 诱惑他们走向灭亡
other people to doubt God’s goodness and lead them on a path toward death.
And so whatever this snake is,
它确是充满世界和我们生命的 罪恶的源头 如今也是如此
it’s the source of evil that pervades our world and our lives even still today
乔恩:不过 希望还是有的 因为上帝给了
Jon: But there is some hope because right here in the story God makes this really
interesting promise to Adam and Eve.
蒂姆:未来会有一人 夏娃的后裔
Tim: That someone is going to come in the future, a son of Eve,
降临世间 打碎毒蛇的头 消灭罪恶的源头
and this guys gonna come is gonna crash the Serpent’s head and destroy evil
但是 战斗中
at its source. However during this battle
the serpent is going to bite this guy’s heel.
Jon: So it’s like I’m mutual destruction
蒂姆:是的 这是个奇怪又美好的应许 为故事的关键情节打下伏笔
Tim: Yes. It is a strange and beautiful promise and just hanging there until the next key moment in the story…
…when God singled out this guy named Abraham
and says that through his family goodness and blessing is going to be
restored back to all of the nations in the world
当我们追溯这一家族时 发现亚伯拉罕的后裔里有个叫犹大的
and as we follow this family we get to one of Abraham’s great-grandsons, this guy named Judah.
他得到应许 一个王要从他的后代中产生
and he receives this promise that a king is going to come from his line
and that the whole world is going to follow this king, and he’s going to bring
peace and harmony and there will be lots of
葡萄园里有大量的食物 酒 奶 非常美好
food and wine and milk in vineyard and it’s going to be awesome.
Jon: The first king that we meet from the line of Judah is a guy named King David
and he’s a hero maybe he is the Snake Crusher
Tim: But it turns out that David is infected with the same evil
他没能击垮那蛇 相反 却被打败了
as the rest of humanity. He never crushes the snake
不过 上帝应许大卫最终从他的支系产生这个王
just the opposite. However God makes a promise to David that this king
但是 正如你在故事中看到的
is going to eventually come from his line. But as you go on in the story
one by one each generation of his sons they’re just total
他们投降于蛇 选择罪恶
chumps they give in to the snake, they choose evil
他们追求金钱美色权力 拜其他的神
they go after money and sex and power and following other gods.
Jon: Things get so bad that they run the nation of Israel
right into the ground and the big bad Empire of Babylon just takes them out.
Tim: So now there are no more Kings to even fulfill this promise.
Jon: So seems like the whole plan is lost.
蒂姆:但在这个黑暗时期 还有些被称为先知的疯子
Tim: But during these dark days there’s these crazy group of guys called Prophets
他们一直提及这个王 提醒人们相信应许
and they kept talking about this coming King and reminding us of the
会有一个王降临世间 战胜罪恶 复兴乐园
promise that he’ll come he will defeat evil
其中一个重要的先知 以赛亚
and restore the garden. Now one specific Prophet Isaiah –
he tells us more about why this King is bitten
Isaiah says that the promised King receives this wound
because of humanity’s evil, and that it kills him.
但是后来祂又回来了 以赛亚说因祂受的伤害
But then all of a sudden he comes back and Isaiah says that is because he suffered this wound
that he can now become a source of healing to other people.
乔恩:但是在《旧约》末尾 蛇胜了王
Jon: But the Old Testament ends and the snake crushing King that everyone’s been
所有人都认为 应许之王不再出现
talking about never shows up.
蒂姆:正因此 《新约》开头就介绍
Tim: And that is why when the New Testament begins it introduces us to
Jesus of Nazareth
不是别人 正是成全自古以来的应许之人
not as some random guy but as someone who comes to fulfill these specific ancient promises.
乔恩:是的 我们知道祂出自亚伯拉罕 犹大 大卫一脉
Jon: Yeah, we learn that he’s from the line of David, Judah, and Abraham.
Tim: And he goes around Israel announcing
that the goodness of God’s kingdom is here now and he begins
祂医治百姓 赦免他们的罪 铲除罪的污染
confronting the affects of evil on people by healing them by forgiving them of their sins and evil
乔恩:这时 许多百姓相信耶稣就是应许之王
Jon: Many people are now believing that this is in fact the promised King
Tim: But Jesus began telling his closest followers
that he was going to become king and bring peace
by taking the full effect of humanity’s evil into himself.
Jon: That fatal snake bite wound.
Tim: And so it seems like the serpent wins
故事要以悲剧结尾 除非接下来
and this story actually would be a tragedy except for what happens next.
Jesus rises from the dead.
乔恩:这样 耶稣拥有了战胜罪恶和死亡的力量
Jon: And now Jesus has the power over evil and death for himself.
蒂姆:《新约》后面的部分 使耶稣
Tim: So the rest at the New Testament is then making this claim
the Jesus’ power over evil and death has now become available
to us to begin confronting the effects evil in our own lives.
乔恩:但至今 罪与死依然是困扰所有人的问题
Jon: But even still, death and evil are a real problem in our world all around us.
Tim: And so the story of the Bible ends
by describing this future day when Jesus comes back
祂要完成其使命 祂要彻底消灭那蛇
and he finishes the job. He destroys the snake once and for all, and he restores
the goodness at the garden here on earth