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Meet the Speechwriter Behind Obama's Best Jokes

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I will never forget the first speech I wrote for the President
Where it was a speech delivering in Puerto Rico.
(波多黎各语)我还记得 自己当时想这事有多奇怪
( speech in Puerto Rico )I remember thinking how totally bizarre that was.
作为演讲稿撰写人 你会认识到 你的点子主要是受奥巴马总统启发而来
As a speech writer, you always recognize that it’s not really my idea right to inspired by President Obama
但能坐下来 参与整件事 这个事实
but just the fact that you can sit down and be part of that,
就让我觉得很不真实 我一直都这么认为
that is, em, is totally surreal i mean, and never stops me surreal.
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你进入白宫的时候 才24岁
You were just 24 years old when you started at the White House,
how did that come about?-I did not mean to become a speech writer.
I didn’t really mean to go into to politics or anything like that,
那时我在飞机上 飞机正开始爬升
but i was on the plane, and we just began our initial descend,
i was sort of channel surfing on the free airplane cable.
我看到了一个候选人 这个人我听说过 但是不太了解 就是巴拉克•奥巴马
I saw this Candidate who I heard of but didn’t know all about Barack Obama.
( Obama speaking )they said,
(奥巴马发言)有人说 这一天永远不会到来
( Obama speaking )they said this day will never come.
(听众欢呼)听完这段演讲 我就觉得 没关系 无论他干什么
( people hail )By the time that speech was over i was like never mind, whatever he is doing
我都想一起干 我完全被震住了
i wanna be part of that, I was totally awestruck.
就是那种时刻 飞机降落后 我就走上了不同的人生道路
It really was one of those moments were like by the time we hit the tarmac i was on the totally different life path.
这事可是千载难逢 但那次演讲真的很棒
That doesn’t happen a lot, but it was the heck of speech.
(奥巴马演讲)你们这样做 是因为你们坚信一个美国信念
( Obama speaking )You did this because you believed so deeply in the most American’s ideas
那就是 无论条件多么艰难困苦
that in the faith of the impossible odds,
people who love this country can change it.
people hail
你认为 帮地球上最具权势的人撰写演讲稿 最大的挑战是什么?
what was the biggest challenges of helping the crafted speech for the most powerful person on the planet?
你得认识到 这件工作的重要性。 我们撰写演讲稿的时候 明白
You have to realize how high the stakes are. We would write speeches knowing that
有人的全职工作 就是把总统所说的话掰开揉碎 反复琢磨
there are people’s full-time job is to pick apart every single word the President said,
有的时候 就是断章取义
and sometimes just take things out of contexts and
that can be incedibly intimidating.-How do you even get started it
撰写总统演讲的 流程是怎样的?
working on the speech for the President, what’s you process?
如果我不知道要写什么 就会试着说出来
If i really didn’t know what i wanted to write i will try saying instead.
演讲稿需要被读出来 也需要有人听
The speeches are meant to be read and meant to be heard,
所以 如果我觉得能完成
and so if i thought like i could start to finish, make that arguement
in my own words just talking to myself, then i can
我就能从头开始写 让总统满意
go back and begin to shape in the way it were and make sense for the President.
在写作过程中 你灵感的来源是什么?
What have been your resouces of inspiration after you going to this process?
有的时候 我就登上油管
Sometimes i will do was i will go on youtube and pull out
a video of that Iwoa speech from 2008
反复观看。 (奥巴马演讲)有人说这一天永远不会来临
and kept play.( Obama speaking )
They said this day will never come.
重新观赏这些文字 感觉它们蕴含的力量
Re-watching those words and feeling that sense of power

和责任。 当你怀疑做这些事是否真能带来改变的时候 这么做能让人保持信心
and responsibility. You know it keep you going when you wonder whether it’s all making any differences.
2008年 我参加了奥巴马竞选活动 志愿者们离开的时候
I worked at Obama Campaign at 2008, and all of my volunteers when they left
they took one of the hope posters on the back of
cardboard that all signed their names. So i had it, sort of facing the other way
把它正面朝墙放着 这样能看到他们的名字
where the hope side was against the wall so i could see all the names. It just reminder
它提醒着我 我所做的
that what i was doing was not just about
不只是我的工作 也不完全是为了总统 而是为了所有和我一起工作的人
my job, it was not just even about the President, it was about people
和地方。 对我来说 我的仪式就是
phone and places like the one i had worked. For me really all over my rituals about trying to
重新找回2008年那时的感觉 把自己
re-capture that feeling i had at 2008, to put you back in that
放回21 22岁 那时你确定自己能
mindset when you are 21,22 years old then you are absolutely sure that you can
改变世界 明天就能成功
change the world that you are pretty sure you can do it tomorrow.
( music playing )You worked on numbers of White House correspondent speeches
which i known for high lighting the President’s humor.
How has comedy been a tool for you in terms of
getting a political massage out?
过去八年 有趣的是
What the interesting things for the last 8 years is getting
要博取人们的关注 正变得越来越难
people’s attention has became harder and harder and harder.
我写了不少有关气候变化的演讲稿 自己觉得很不错 但听众不买账
I wrote some speeches on climate changes that i am proud of but they didn’t have huge audience.
We did something with Luther the anger translator and
President Obama got really upset over climate change,denial on Congress
and that had 14 millions reviews on Facebook.
(奥巴马演讲)海平面上升 更猛烈的暴风
( Speech from Obama )Risen seas, more violent storms.
(愤怒翻译版)会有蚊子 人们在火车里
( dubbing )You have got mosquitos, sweated people on the train
(愤怒翻译版)汗流浃背 太恶心了!
( dubbing )sticky it up, it was just nasty!
人们喜欢有趣的事情 更容易接受段子
Something that’s funny just gets people to pay attention, it gets people engaged.
President Obama has amazing comedian timing.
没错。 总统能很好地掌控停顿时间
Yeah, he really does. The president can hold a pause just right among time
获得关注后 迅速甩包袱
there is little bit attention and cut it with punch lines.
(奥巴马演讲)当总统从来都不是轻松事 我仍要修补千疮百孔的移民系统
( Obama speaking )A big president is never easy, i still have to fix the broken imigration system,
提出否决威胁 和伊朗谈判
issue veto threats, negotiate with Iran.
( Obama speaking )all while finding time to pray five times a day,
( people laughing )
( people laughing and clapping )which is strenuous.
有时候 你写的东西 你知道的
And it’s also just the moments when you write something whether, you know
a joke or more serious line about argument,
它们都不知不觉地 变成了谈论某一事件的构成要素
they break through in some way becoming apart of natural conversation of an issue.
很多时候我们是团队创作 但能作为团队的一份子
and a lot the time that is team effort, but to be one part of that team
也是很特殊的一件事。 为奥巴马总统工作 你最喜欢的是什么?
it is a special thing.What do you love most about working with the President-the President Obama?
嗯 我认为 这是十分不寻常的经历
Well, i think there is just something extraordinary about
能为他这样优秀的作者 演讲者工作
working for somebody who is a such good writer, such good speaker
他有这样一种能力 只要走进一个房间 就能给其中的每个人留下铭记一生的回忆
and has a ability to just walk into a room and create memories that everybody else are going to remember for lifetime.
所以 你能从或大或小的细节中 参与改变人们生活的时刻
And so you can to be part of all of those life changing moments in little ways,
而只是我自己走进房间的话 就不会有这种事情发生
big ways and that it is when i walk into room that doesn’t happen.
所以 能参与其中 感觉很不错
So that was nice to get a place of my part of that.
希拉里 克林顿和唐纳德 川普在发表政治类演讲时
How did Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump differ when they come to
有何不同? 请准时收看下一期
giving politic speeches? Be sure to watch this episode of
Secret Daily to learn more. Clinton is trying to reach out the younger voters
他们可能不太了解克林顿的政治资本 所以需要花费更多精力
who may not to be familiar with Cliton legacy and this may take little extra
而川普则因为有很高的电视曝光度 所以不用太担心这个问题
effort that wouldn’t take Trump who already has a established television presents.
我认为 对于像她这样不太擅长表演的人来说
Somebody who is by her own admission not a natural performer,
克林顿正在进步 而且也找到了正确的关注点
she is trying to get better and better and focus attention where it needs to be.
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