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自我管理 - 彼得·德鲁克

Managing Oneself - PETER DRUCKER | Animated Book Summary

Managing Oneself by Peter Drucker
当今是拥有大量的 前所未有的机遇的时代
Today is a time of immense and unprecedented opportunity
以前你被迫做着同父辈们一样工作 不过那个时代已经过去了
Gone are the days where you are stuck having to do the same job that your father did
你可以通过努力奋斗 凭着天赋和雄心达到职业的巅峰
You can rise to the top of your profession with drive, talent and ambition
达到事业的颠峰 与你的出身无关
and it doesn’t matter where you’ve come from. However, to achieve this you must look
你得关注自己的职业 不要依赖公司为你制定的职业规划
after your own career and not rely on a company to do so for you
You must also personally make sure you’re engaged and productive.
In this book, Peter Drucker explains how to carve out your place in the world and when to change course.
他通过一系列的问题作出了阐述 我的长处是什么
He does so by asking a series of questions. What are my strengths?
你得了解你擅长的东西 因为一个人只能通过长处而出众
You need to know what you’re good at as a person can only perform from strengths.
而不是因缺点而出众 反馈分析是了解你长处的方法之一
Performance cannot be built on weaknesses. The way to identify your strengths is through feedback analysis.
Write down your expected outcomes for your key decisions and actions
9到12个月之后 与成果相比较
then 9-12 months later, compare them with the results.
以反馈为基础 你就能为行为做一个汇总计划表
Based on this feedback you can put together a plan of action:
Place yourself where your strengths can produce results.
努力提升自己的长处 避免知识上的无知 获得必备技能
Work to improve your strengths. Avoid intellectual arrogance and acquire skills as required.
改掉所有坏习惯 事实上一个缺点可能就是一个坏习惯
Remedy any bad habits. A weakness may in fact just be a bad habit.
例如 效率不高这个缺点可能是因为花费太多时间浏览网页
For example, a weakness of not being productive could be due to browsing the internet too much.
Eliminating that bad habit could remove the weakness.
通过确定一些无法胜任的不需要做的领域 然后回避它们
Know what not to do by identifying areas of incompetence and then avoiding them.
How do I perform? Drucker defines most people as being a either “reader” or a “listener”.
美国总统肯尼迪就是个读者 他周围聚集着一群智囊团作家
President John F. Kennedy was a reader who surrounded himself with a brilliant group of writers who assisted him by writing to him
before discussing months with him in person.
另一位美国总统 罗斯福是一位聆听者
Another American , Franklin D. Roosevelt was a listener,
他喜欢没有提前准备问题的新闻发布会 大家可以自由发表意见
preferring free-for-all press conferences with no advanced warning of the questions
所以他不是靠读和写来讨论问题 而是公开地和大众讨论问题
so he could discuss the matter out loud rather than reading and writing.
你可以通过许多途径来学习比如 阅读书籍 写作 实地做某事 坊间传闻 或者与别人交谈
You may learn through reading, writing, doing, listening or talking.
The important thing is to always employ the methods that work.
并非要你从根本上来改造自己 而是要努力改善你工作的方式方法
Rather than trying to radically change yourself, work harder to improve the way you perform instead.
我的价值是什么 从道德伦理方面讲杜拉克提倡他所宣称的镜面测试
What are my values? When it comes to ethics, Drucker advocates what he calls the “mirror test”.
每天早上看着镜子里的人问自己 我想成为什么样的人
Ask yourself “what kind of person do I want to see in the mirror in the morning?”.
Your personal value system should also be compatible with that of the company that you work for.
Avoid conflicts where your values differ.
例如 公司是注重短期目标还是长期目标 它符合你的价值追求吗
For example, is the company’s emphasis on short term results or long term goals and do they match yours?
最根本的测试是看你是否能和老板公事 你的定位是什么
This is the ultimate test to see if you’re compatible with your employer. Where do I belong?
Only a small minority know at a young age where they belong.
数学家 音乐家 厨师 大约在四五岁的时候知道自己的天赋 未来从事的行业
mathematicians,musicians and cooks but usually mathematicians, musicians and cooks by the time they’re four or five years old.
Most people do not know where they belong until they’re well past their mid-20s.
那时 他们想要获得很大的成功
By then though, if they want to be highly successful
他们应该知道自己适合做什么 不适合做什么 因为事业的成功离不开计划
they should know where they belong or rather where they do not belong as successful careers are not planned.
只有人们为机遇做好了准备时 事业才可能迎来成功
Successful careers develop when people are prepared for opportunities
因为他们清楚自己的长处 工作方式 自我价值观
because they know their strenghs, their way of working and their values.
Knowing where one belongs can transform an ordinary person that’s competent and hardworking
but otherwise mediocre, into an outstanding performer.
What should I contribute?
对一个 的员工来说 做出贡献要考虑以下几个因素
The quest on contribution for a knowledge worker involves several elements:
a) What does the situation require?
b)列出自己长处 方式方法 价值观 对于要做的工作我能做的最大的贡献是什么
b) Given my strengths, methods and values, what is the greatest contribution that I could make to what needs to be done?
c) What results have to be achieved to make a difference?
在这种情况下 几乎不可能太过超前
It is rarely possible to look too far ahead in this situation.
一个18个月的计划应该a)实现有意义的结果 并产生影响
An 18 month plan should: a) Achieve meaningful results and make a difference
b) Set stretched and difficult, but reachable goals
c) Gain a visible and measurable outcome.
their emploee should define codes and actions by planning what to do,
什么时候怎么样开始 制定目标以及实现最后期限
where and how to start and deciding what goals, objectives and deadlines to set.
Responsibility for relationships
自我管理要求划分责任关系 因为大多数人是与他人合作共事
To manage oneself requires taking relationship responsibility as most people work with other
people and are effective through other people.
Working relationships are as much based on people as on work.
It is important to take responsibility of communicating how you perform to reduce personality conflicts.
Trust between people is what companies are built on.
这并不意味着 同事之间一定要互相喜欢 而是要彼此理解
This doesn’t mean that colleagues necessarily like each other, but they understand one another.
杜拉克做出个结论 在当代工作职场中 自我管理要求个体中前所未有的东西
Drucker concludes that in the modern working world, managing oneself requires unprecedented things from the individual.
实际上这意味这每个有知识员工 应该想CEO那样思考和做事
This in effect means that each knowledge worker should think and behave like a CEO.



自我管理 杜拉克 认识自己的长处 规避缺点