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Lose Weight | Lose Belly Fat | How To Lose Belly Fat

It’s summertime and I imagine you’re watching this video
夏天到了 我猜到你们会想看这个视频
because you’ve thrown away those baggy jumpers
and you want to get rid of the belly fat
well you’ve come to the right video
恭喜你 看到了这个视频
because I’m going to tell you with the help of science
how to get rid of belly fat now what I won’t be doing in this video is telling you to do something extreme
甩掉大肚腩 我不会让你们去挑战极限
like a thousand sit ups a day from a pole hanging
upside down because well it’s a little difficult
and also my tips are actually
相信我 我的建议更好
better however if you do mix exercise with my
不过 如果你愿意把运动和
tips then the results will be even better.
我的建议结合起来 那么结果当然会更好
So before we begin please remember that belly fat can also be a sign
在我们开始前 请记住 腹部肥胖也意味着
that your health is at risk of other conditions like type 2 diabetes, heart disease
你有可能会患某些疾病 比如2型糖尿病 心脏病
so not only is getting rid of your belly fat going to make you look better,it also make you healthier
因此避免腹部肥胖不仅会让你身材更好 还会让你体格更棒
so I guess it’s a win-win
now dieticians recommend that if you eat 500 less calories than your daily requirement every
膳食学家认为我们每天摄入的能量 要是能比人体每日必需量再少500卡路里
day you’re going to be losing about 0.45 kilograms every 7 days which is
about 1.8 kilograms every four weeks
which is incredible to say you would be losing that much weight
这简直不可思议 能瘦这么多
without doing any extra exercise just by eating less food now you’re probably thinking to yourself
就只靠少吃还不用运动 现在你可能在暗自盘算了
but Abraham I already know this
everybody knows this eat less food lose more weight which you are correct
谁都知道少吃点东西 就能多瘦点 这点没错
But here’s how you do it properly
according to a study done from Oxford University
which leads me on to tip number one
让我想到以下建议 第一
so to do this you’re going to have to get rid of snacks between meals you’re going to
be having three meals a day and no snacks between them
一天吃三餐 但两餐之间不吃零食
if you do snack you’re probably
如果你吃了零食 你可能
not going to hit that target
of 500 calories less than your daily requirement
tip number two it’s all about portion size so you don’t need to
第二条建议是 是关于分量的 也就是你不必
change what you eat but you are gon na have to change your portion size and I’m going to tell you all about that next so
改变自己吃的东西 但你得改变吃的分量 下面我会告诉你详情
in the study participants were told to eat no more than a fist sized portion at
实验要求参与者每餐食量不超过 一个拳头的大小
each meal so what does this
mean this means that you can only have a daily intake of three fist-sized full of carbs
two palm-sized portions of lean protein and two cupfuls of vegetable or salad the
两个手掌大小的精益蛋白质 两满杯蔬菜或沙拉
participants could also have two fist sizes of fruit and they could also have
参与者还能吃两拳头大小的水果 他们还能吃
two servings of fat or oil covering the tip of the thumb
participants could also have 200ml’s of skimmed or semi skimmed milk or if they
didn’t want to have milk they could have two pots or two 125gram pots
如果他们不想喝牛奶 他们可以喝两罐或者说两罐125克规格的
of natural low-calorie yoghurt
now I’ll leave the full description of this diet in the description for you as well.
Tip No. 3
In the study participants were told
在本次研究中 实验参与者
that they could eat their usual foods which is
great you can do that too but remember
这点很棒 你也可以这么做 但是记住
if your usual food consists of high sugary foods or high fat foods like fast food
如果你的日常饮食包含 高糖高脂食物 比如快餐
for example then you’re gon na need to avoid it and that was tip number
那你就得 去掉这些食物 这就是第三点
three now when it comes to the results
of this study it’s pretty incredible but
before we go there there was also another group in the study who didn’t change their diet
但是在这之前 还有另一组实验人员 他们没有改变饮食
but instead did 10-minute abdominal workouts every day
但是 他们每天做十分钟的腹部运动
for six weeks and it had a great result
坚持做六周 依然出现了满意的结果
there was a two centimeter reduction
in their waistline but the clear winner of this study was our group the diet control group so
但是实验中更大的赢家 是我们的饮食控制组
after six weeks there was a reduction of 5 centimeters in the waistline which is incredible
六周后 参与者腰围缩小五厘米 简直难以置信
there was also improvements in health parameters like blood pressure like blood glucose and lipids now just imagine
健康指标也有所改善 比如血压 血糖和血脂
for a second if you were to mix the abdominal workout group with the diet control group which is our group
想一下 如果你把腹部运动与饮食控制结合起来
just imagine the results now please remember
畅想一下结果 现在请记住
if you have thought about getting
unlicensed diet pills because it might seem like a quick fix solution just
要吃那些未经批准的减肥药 因为它们似乎能让你迅速瘦身
remember this that the contents are unknown,
那你得记住了 这种药成分未知
unproven and untested also 2 in 3 people have report serious side effects
也未经证实与测试 还有三分之二的人出现副作用
from them now I also made a video a while ago with
the MHRA about a unlicensed diet
so if you’d like more information on this I’ll leave a link up here and
所以 如果你想了解更多详情 我会留个链接在这里
in the description below for you
so check it out also a
big thank you to my fan in Australia for
sending me this tie it’s got little Kangaroos
寄给我这条领带 上面还有可爱的袋鼠
on it and it looks fantastic
I really like it thank you
我真的很喜欢 超感谢你们
so much they’ve asked to remain anonymous so I won’t give their name but thank you again
他们要求匿名 所以我 不会说出他们的名字 但是再次感谢
and let’s us know how you get on with these tips
and if you’ve got any of your own tips leave a comment too see you next week
另外如果你还有自己的建议 记得给我留言 下周见
I think the results could be (stammers) pretty incredible and I messed that up (laughter)
我想结果会超……乎想象的棒 我又说坏了
please remember that the contents are unknown, untested and un something something (laughter)
再次强调 未批准减肥药的成分未知 未经检测 还有什么来着(哈哈)
conditions to like type two bi (pause) biabetes, type two biabetes is very bad (laughter)
还有像2型糖虐病 糖虐病非常可怕(口误哈哈)
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