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当你的生命终结的时候 – 译学馆
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当我回顾我的一生 我曾问过自己一个问题 现在我有个问题想问你们
And as I looked at my life, I asked myself a question, and I want to ask you a question…
如果你有再活一次的机会 你们当中有多少人认为可以比你现在活的更好 请举起你的手
How many of you know, if you had your life to live over again, you could have done more than what you’ve done thus far raise your hands please.
这说明一点 那就是我们做的一切
Now that proves a point, of what we do
我们兑现的诺言 我们生活中创造的一切 对于我们都只是生命冰山中的一角
what we accomplish, what we produce in life, is only a tip of the iceberg of whats possible for us.
我告诉你!我才是真正的冠军!我才是世界之王!你们这些渣渣 批评我的都给我听好了
I told ya, I’m the real champion! I told ya I’m the champion of the world! All of ya bow! All of my critics crawl!
你们这些写Reign杂志的傻*! 现在你们想想那些曾给你们生活带来意义的一些目标
All of you suckers who write the Reign Magazine! I want you to think about some major goal that gives your life a sense of meaning right now.
Something that will give your life a sense of purpose and direction.
想想你要完成的个人目标 或者是职业理想
Some personal goal that you’d like to achieve. And some career goal.
或者是财务上你想达到的目标 想想你对社会的贡献 贺拉斯·曼说过
Some financial goal that you’d like to achieve. And your social contribution. Horace Mann said we should be ashamed to die
Until we’ve made some major contribution to human kind.
—Ipod 一个手机 你们明白了吗?你的人生目标是什么? 你的梦想呢?你这一生想干什么?
“And Ipod. A Phone.” – Whats your goal? -“Are you getting it?” – Whats your dream? What is it you want to do with your life?
如果每一个人都实现了他们的梦想 这个世界将会是怎么一副模样?
What would the world be like if everybody lived their dream?
我发现 生活其实并不应该像我以前过的那样复杂 生活就应该充满梦想与故事
Here’s what I’ve found about life, and it’s n-not as complicated as I used to make it. I think that life is about dreams
世间万物并不是一开始就存在的 这个世界曾经一片荒芜贫瘠 世间万物
and stories. Everything that exists. The world at one time was barren, but everything that exists.
酒店 飞机 这些不是凭空出现的 每天我们看到的一切 电脑等等的一切
Hotels, planes, they weren’t here. Everything that we see everyday. Computers…all of the things that we see
一些人有梦想 有人的梦想是舞台表演 他们的声音可以被放大 让成千上万人听到 所以就不用大声嘶吼
Someone had a dream. Someone had a dream of a person standing on stage and their voice being amplified, so they don’t have to scream
and yell and could be heard by thousands. Someone had that dream of how to transport us from one place to the other.
你身上穿的衣服 你现在坐的椅子
Quickly and safely. The clothes you have on. Where you are now seated, ALL came out of
一切的一切 都是产生于一些人的梦想中 都是世界上最伟大的成就—我有一个梦想
somebodies dream, the worlds greatest achievement. – “I still have a dream” –
当男人或女人死去时 最理想的情况就是 双手放胸前交叉 家人在身边为他们祈祷
The ideal situation for a man or woman to die, is to have family members praying with them,
设想一下 当你临终时躺在床上
as they cross over. Imagine if you will being on your death bed, and standing around your bed
被生命赋予你的梦想 理想 能力 天赋的鬼魂围绕在你床边
the ghosts of the dreams, the ideas, the abilities, the talents given to you by life
无论出于什么原因 你都从未追寻你内心的梦想 也从未践行这些想法
and that you for whatever reason…you never went after that dream. You never acted on those ideas.
你从来去不使用这些天赋 你浪费自己的才能 所以他们带着巨大的怒火 围绕在你床边 盯着你看
you never used those talents. You never used those gifts. And there they are standing around your bed, looking at you with large angry eyes.
朝你喊 我们来找你了!本来只有你可以让我们赋予我们活的意义!!现在我们都得和你一样永远的死去!
saying we came to you! And ONLY YOU COULD HAVE GIVEN US LIFE! And NOW we must die with you foreverrr!
我是无名氏 一个从不存在的男人…
“I’m Mr.Nobody. A man who doesn’t exist…..”