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英语答疑:将来进行时 – 译学馆
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Learners' Questions: The Future: present continuous, be going to, will

大家好 我是英国广播公司学英语栏目的丹
Hi guys! Dan for BBC Learning English here
还有本周的学员问题 看完这个视频后要找到答案哦
with this week’s Learner Question. Find out what it is after this.
本周的学员问题是来自奥地利的克里斯蒂娜 她的问题是你能
This week’s learner question comes from Christina from Austria, who asks: Would you be able
解释一下当谈到“将来”的时候 “will”和“going to”的区别么
to explain the difference between “will” and “going to” when talking about the future, please?
当然了 克里斯蒂娜 这是一个很常见的问题 希望我的回答能对你有用
Of course, Christina, it’s quite a common question. I hope this answer helps.
嗯 “对将来的预计”和“对将来的计划”是不同的 我们仅
So, there’s a difference between future predictions and future plans and we’re only
我们现在只探讨“将来的计划” 要记着这些规则只是
going to be looking at future plans for the moment. Please remember that these rules are
粗略的指导 有时候母语使用者会变通或者打破规则 要注意哦
a rough guide and sometimes native speakers bend or even break them – so be careful.
举个例子 一个人提着行李箱去机场 行李箱里有护照
So, a man goes to the airport. He’s carrying a suitcase. In the suitcase is a passport,
一些衣服 几副太阳镜和机票 他来到登记台
some clothes, some sunglasses and a ticket. He’s goes up to the check-in desk and he
他对工作人员说“我一会要飞去西班牙” 注意 这是现在进行时
says to the lady there, “I’m flying to Spain later today.” Notice this is the present
这种表达是为了将来的某个安排 它被叫做安排是因为
continuous. That’s for a future arrangement. It’s called an arrangement because it’s
它类似于一个计划 但是他有机票 机票可以看成这个计划的证据 这意味着
like a plan, but he has the ticket, and the ticket is evidence of the plan. This means
如果这个人消失了 航空公司依然预计他会到达并乘坐航班
that if the man were to disappear, the airline would still expect him to arrive for the flight.
That’s what the evidence means.
然而 登记台的工作人员说“对不起 这趟航班被取消了
However, the lady behind the check-in desk says “Sorry. No, that flight’s been cancelled.
但是你可以飞去澳大利亚或者俄罗斯” 嗯 这是个重要决定 所以这个人
But you can fly to Australia or to Russia.” Well, this is a big decision, so the man goes
去咖啡馆想一想 当他回来的时候他说“好吧 我将飞去
to the cafe to think about it. When he comes back he says, “Ok, I’m going to fly to
澳大利亚”这就是“be going to ”用于将来的计划 他有时间
Australia.” That’s be going to for a future plan. He’s had time to think about it in
在回答之前在咖啡馆里考虑 但是他没有票 所以这不是安排
the cafe before speaking, but he doesn’t have a ticket so it’s not an arrangement.
但是登记台的工作人员说“对不起 你在咖啡馆里想的时间太长了
But the lady behind the check-in desk says “Sorry! You took too long in the cafe. That
那趟航班已经走了 但是你还可以飞去俄罗斯”所以 这个人说“好的 我将
flight has gone. But you can still fly to Russia.” So, the man says, “Ok. I will
fly to Russia.” That’s will for a future based on a decision made at the moment of
他是当时马上做出的决定 在那之前没有计划
speaking.” He makes the decision at that time. No plan existed before that.
明白了吗 现在进行时适用于对未来的安排 “be going to”
Did you get it? That’s present continuous for a future arrangement. It’s be going
适用于未来的计划 而“will”适用于说话时做出的临时决定
to for a future plan and it’s will for an instant decision made at that moment.
克里斯蒂娜 我希望解决了你的疑惑 非常感谢你给我们写信
I hope that answers your question Christina. Thank you very much for writing to us. If
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