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平均法则 – 译学馆
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Law Of Averages - How To Be Successful In Anything You Do

One of the first real jobs that I ever had was doing door-to-door sales the pay
薪水只是微薄的回扣 因此常常出现一周工作
was strictly commission so it was entirely possible to spend 60 hours
working in a week just to make a grand total of nothing
幸运的是 培训中学习到的
not a dime now luckily for me the training that they provided was rather
一个很特别的理念始终陪伴着我 直到现在
exceptional and one particular concept has continued to stay with me till this
这个理念非常强大 让我生活的各方面
very day a concept so powerful that it has brought me massive success in all
areas of my life
这就是平均法则 现在来理解平均法则以及它跟你的关系吧
the law of averages now to understand this law and what it has to do with you
我来画张所推销产品的图 我推销电信业务
let me paint a picture of what exactly my job entitled i sold telecommunication
电视遥控器 台式电脑和固定电话 每天大多就是
services think TV internet and home phone i would spend the majority of my day
不停敲门 寻找潜在的顾客
knocking on doors looking for potential buyers there were three categories of
一天下来 我会碰到三种人
people that i would meet throughout the day
第一种最常见 也最难应付
the first was the most common they would hard-nosed customers they loved the
喜欢现有东西 对新产品没兴趣 也不想听你推销
current provider they had no issues with them and they did not want to hear your pitch
they’re the same ones to chase you off their porch with their surprisingly
家长里短把你赶走的人一样 顺便说下 只有顶级推销员
large collection of people’s true story by the way now only the best of the best
才能让他们掏腰包 即便这样 成功概率也微乎其微
salesman to get them to buy and even then the rate of success would be
extremely low these guys made up about eighty percent of all consumers next up
下一个是比较难应付的顾客 他们比第一类心软
where the medium difficulty consumer they were much less common in the heart
consumers and they made up about ten percent of the consumer base they were
他们对产品不关心 说不上喜欢但也不算讨厌
indifferent about the provider they didn’t love them at the same time they
didn’t really hate them either there would always be one or two things that
但大多数时候 他们并非真的想买
they wish could be improved upon but for the most part they weren’t really looking to buy
但他们愿意倾听 顶级的推销员能够接近数量
however they were willing to listen the best of salesmen could close a decent
可观的顾客 中等的也能抓住几个顾客
amount of these guys while the moderately good salesman could also grab
但如果你是新手 那么可能很难卖出产品
a couple but if you are new to the game you’d have a pretty hard time making the
最后是容易推销的顾客 他们非常少
sale and finally there were easy consumers they were extremely rare but
但他们购物直接 早已对现有物品心存不满
they were straight out buyers they were already having issues with their
考虑换新 但没空去做
providers and we’re considering on changing but never really got around to
it if you as a salesperson or to find these people no matter how bad of a
不论推销技术多烂 都能成功
salesperson you were you basically add a sale
你要做的就是别搞砸了文书 找到这些人的机会
all you had to do was not screw up the paperwork and the chances of finding
是百分之百的 平均法则指出 必然事件的可能性出现的机会均等
these was about 100 now the law of averages states that the likelihood of
如果频率增加的话 也就意味着
certain events evens out if the frequency is increased which meant that
如果一天下来遇到的顾客都是难应付的一类 我不会气馁
if I spent an entire day bumping into only hard-nosed consumers I was not to
因为我一直敲下去 最后总会碰到容易推销成功的顾客
get discouraged because if I kept on knocking I would eventually bump into an
这种现象很寻常 并非仅此一例 我甚至有过
easy consumer and this was very often did not the case there’s even one
很特别的 记忆深刻的一天 那天我刚结束培训
particular day which I remember extremely vividly had just finished
training and I was finally out on the field on my own i was in this humongous
我在一栋巨大的15层 300多户的公寓楼里推销
apartment complex with about 15 floors and over 300 doors
那天 我花了十个小时敲门 被左邻右舍吼
I spent 10 hours that day knocking on doors getting yelled at left and right
我心里暗想 爱平均法则 我信了你个邪
in my head I was thinking love averages my ass
我脑海里充斥着产品的范围和价格 外面的天气
it’s all about the territory and the price of the product and the weather
你知道 我要证明他们错了 我要敲完所有的门
outside you know what I’m gonna prove them wrong I’m gonna finish knocking on
all the doors and I’m going to show them that the law of averages is a hoax and
当我走到这栋大楼的底层 敲开最后三扇门
when I got to the very bottom of this 15 floor complex the last three Doors guess
猜猜发生了什么 他们都是容易推销的顾客
what we’re all easy customers back-to-back they were practically
begging to be switched over
I remember going on that they baffled by the power of the law of averages and
这些年来 它越来越根植于我脑中
over the years working there it only became more and more ingrained into my
那么 平均法则和你有什么关系呢 你又不做销售
mindset now what does the law of averages have to do with you you don’t do sales
不论你的目的何在 都会遇到很多被一口回绝的情况
well no matter what your goal is you’re gonna bump into a large majority of hard
一些随口的拒绝 如果你技艺超群
rejections a couple of indifferent rejections ones that if you are skilled
可以说服他们 一旦遇到顾客等你上门的
enough you can win over and once in a blue moon going to bump it some
千载难逢的机会 就抓住它
opportunities that are literally just waiting for you to show up at their
不论是约会 找工作
doorsteps whether it be in regards to your dating life getting a job or even
在创造性工作中获得赞誉 大多数人
getting recognition for creative work the large majority of people are going
都会拒绝你 你必须记住 行动得越多
to reject you what you have to keep in mind is the more times you take action
被拒绝得越多 也越容易找到愿和你并肩同行的人
the more times you get rejected the closer you are to finding those who are
所以 如果你想找个女朋友 就出去
excited to actually work with you so if you want a girlfriend you gotta go out
then approached more woman
如果想得到一份体面的工作 就得不停应聘
if you want to get a decent job all you have to do is apply to more places and
if you want to get recognized for whatever creative expression that you
就得从现在开始不断创造 如果一开始撞上
take her in all you gotta do is keep on creating now don’t worry if you bump
拒绝的高墙 不要担心 这就是游戏的规则
into a wall of projections early on because that’s how the game works
你总会收到一些拒绝 生活是所有人的游戏
you’re supposed to get rejected life is all the numbers game and the odds are
并不能事事如你所愿 但只要你不放弃 最后就会成功
never going to be in your favorite but if you keep playing you’re gonna win and
这就是我的益友 平均法则
that my friend is the law of averages