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在秘鲁利马尝尝法国味儿 – 译学馆
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La p'tite France - a taste of France in Lima

So we’ve been eating lots of Peruvian food while we’ve been here in Lima but today we’re
doing something a little bit different. We got a recommendation from my Aunt to come
Surquillo这里有个法国的面包房叫做Lap’tite France
here to Surquillo where they have a little French bakery. It’s called La p’tite France
and it is in a really up and coming area, so we’re going to go inside and eat some French
好了,现在和我坐在一起的是Simon,他是Lap’tite France 的所有者之一
Okay, so right now we are sitting with Simon who is one of the owners of La p’tite France
and we’re just going to be talking a little bit about the project they having going on
So can you tell us how this idea came about to open a French bakery in Lima?
Yeah, the point is just like I move here like 2 years ago with the idea to start a business
我就想寻找一个好像贸易一样 我可以用
in gastronomy. I was just like trying to find a good like business I can do trying to use
法国传统做事的方法 所以如果这儿缺失了什么
the French traditional way of doing things. So if there is something missing here it is
那就是块好面包 主要的想法就是用法国老风格的方式
like a good bread. And the main idea was to do the French way by the old style fashioned.
做面包 但是用当地的材料
To do the bread but with the local ingredients.
And now can you tell us what are some of your most popular breads and pastries that you
是 它当然很法国 就像传统的法国因为
sell here? Yeah, definitely it is like the French. Like the typical French things because
就叫我之前说的 我们只是在卖一些法国传统的东西 像羊角面包或法棍
as I said before we are just saying a like the typical French things. Like the croissant
传统的法国面包 并且我觉得现在可能我们需要
and the baguette. The typical French bread. And I think now maybe we’re going to try some
尝一些甜点 既然我们坐在这里了
pastries since we’re already here.
Okay, so we have a nice sampling of French pastries and breads in front of us. We have
我们有羊角面包 我们有pan au chocolate我们有所有这些东西
croissant, we have pan au chocolate, we have all kinds of stuff so now it is time to sample
所以现在是时间尝尝他们啦 是的 品尝测试
them. Yes, taste test.
Okay, so what are you trying first? So I’m trying the brioche with apple and cinnamon
它看起来很好吃 你可以看到这里面有大量的苹果
and it looks delicious. You can see there is a generous amount of apple right inside.
看看那个 你的脸上到处都是糖衣 那是个好签名 很好吃吗?
Look at that. You have icing sugar all over your face. That’s a good sign. Tasty? You
你真该尝尝那个苹果 你能尝出来这个甜点的质量非常好 因为
can really taste the apple. You can tell the quality of the pastry is really good because
it just melts right in your mouth.
所以我要吃这个古典的 pan au chocolat它有点像软软的牛角面包
So I’m going for the classic pan au chocolat. It is kind of like a fluffy croissant with
里面有融化的巧克力 让我们看看你能不能注意到它吧
melted chocolate inside. So let’s see if you can get it to focus on there. Can you see
你能看到里边的东西吗?是的 哦啦啦 让我们尝一口 唔 哦耶 我是非常棒的黑巧克力
the layers in there. Yeah. Oh la lah. Let’s take a bite.Mmmmm.Oh yeah. That’s a nice dark chocolate. And I’m normally not a fan of dark chocolate but
我一般不是黑巧克力的粉丝 当它完全融化时里面软软的 真的很赞
when it is all melted and gooey inside it really works.

So the last one for me to try is a dessert croissant with almond paste. You can see there
你可以看到这里有很棒的厚夹层 就在最底下
is a nice thick layer right at the bottom there.
哦耶 我喜欢所有带杏仁的东西 这东西就像我觉得我们
Oh yeah! I love anything with almonds. And the thing is like I think we’re going to be
马上就要吃晚饭了 但实际上我们不会很有胃口
eating dinner soon but we’re probably not going to have much of an appetite after having
在吃过这么多零食之后 哈哈哈
all of these snacks. Hahaha.
然后把最棒的留到最后 我其实忘了这个的名字
And I’m saving the best for last. I actually forget the name of this one but it is a lot
但它很像牛角面包 有好多夹层 里面有巧克力
like a croissant with all of the layers and then it has chocolate inside and also something
还有叫crema pastelera的东西很遗憾我不知道它的英语名字
called crema pastelera and unfortunately I don’t know the name in English but it is really
它真的很棒 而且我喜欢这些甜点 嗯
good. And I love this in pastries. Mmmm.
这么赞 面包又松又软 就像咬到一朵满是巧克力的云
So nice. The bread is so airy and fluffy. It’s like biting into a cloud that is filled
with chocolate. How is that?