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Is Your Cat Talking To You? - Simon's Cat

大家好 我是西蒙 欢迎来到西蒙的猫之逻辑 我们将通过对猫的深度解析得出
Hello I’m Simon, welcome to Simon’s Cat Logic, we’ll be finding out from a cat
他们为何有那样的行为 今天我们就来看看“肢体语言”
expert why cats behave the way they do, today we’re going to look at ‘Body Language’
嗯 我创作的这只又大又可爱的猫咪当然是无法说话的
Well I’ve created this big fat lovable cat who of course can’t talk so
那如果我想要表示他在传达什么 我就得通过肢体语言来表达
if I want to show an emotional how he’s feeling I have to do it through body
猫咪很擅长肢体语言 因此非常适合做卡通形象的塑造
language and cats are fantastic at body language and so it make some fantastic for
animation so you can look at a picture of a cat or an animation of a cat and
understand exactly what that cat’s feeling without using any words, so to draw
现在 我想要画一只生气的猫咪 我先画两只怒视的眼睛 然后呢
an angry cat I’d start with two angry looking eyes and then it’s ears would be back
它的耳后呢会给他一些小炸毛 因为他一点也不开心
give him some little ruffled fur, because he’s really not really not happy at all
蜷着背弓坐着 耷拉着他的尾巴 他真的一点儿也不开心
sitting on his haunches a bit, waggling his tail, he’s not very happy at all
嗯 西蒙的猫咪呢就是一个简单的设计 他真的就像一颗大肥豆豆
well Simon’s Cat is such a simple design, he’s basically like a big fat bean
没有给他画上胡子或其他的 所以没有太多要做的
really, he hasn’t really got any whiskers or anything, so there’s not a lot to work with
只是需要画一些简单的动作 就比如
by just doing a few little simple body language things like having a little
小小的倾斜的耳朵或者轻微膨胀炸毛的尾巴 但是我可以从中得知许多的情绪
tilted ear or a slightly puffed up tail but I can get over a lot of motion in
西蒙的猫咪没有说一句话 这些都是有关肢体语言的
the drawing with Simon’s Cat there’s no talking it’s all about body language
cat body language is an area that’s absolutely fascinating
然而呢 猫咪的肢体语言相比于社会生物来说 是尤其细微的
however cats are really subtle as a species much more so than social species
就如同我们自己 还有狗 因此呢 这意味着
like ourselves and dogs and therefore it means they can be quite difficult to
去解读他们在想什么会很难 在面部表情和
really read as to how they’re feeling what’s important is to look at facial
肢体语言中都很重要 尤其在不同情境中
expression and body language particularly in the context so we can
因此我们可以理解到底发生了什么 当我们看着尼吉尔的时候 他看起来放松多了
understand what’s going on, so if we look at Nigel here he’s looking rather relaxed
[Why do cats show their bellies?]
猫咪露出他们的腹部意味着什么呢 这其实是一种打招呼的行为
what it means when a cat shows their belly, it is actually a greeting behaviour
this is because they’re showing the most vulnerable part of their tummy and
这是信任的讯号 但许多人看到
it’s a sign of trust one of the things that many people mistake when their cat
rolls over and shows their tummy is that they think it’s an invitation to have it
touched, now unfortunately most cats don’t
actually like their tummies being touched and they may find they get
grabbed or bitten by the cat
[Tell Tails]
cats can use their tails to express a variety of different emotions
比如 如果尾巴的末端缓慢摆动
for example if the tip of the tail is slowly moving and
并且像这样翻转 意思就是它们心情焦虑或者被什么东西激怒了
flicking like this it can mean they’re agitated or something’s irritated them
if the tail is moving slowly from side to side and particularly if it’s at mid height
这就表示 犹豫不决 的感情 如果猫咪把他的尾巴
this can indicate this feeling indecisive if a cat is having its tail
像这样举高 并且尾巴尖弯曲 就是在和你打招呼呢
up high like this, but also curved at the tip it can be a greeting behaviour you’ll
see this both from cats towards other cats but also cats will greet people
like this two cats can also express themselves using their ears position
cats that are feeling nice and relaxed will have her ears facing towards in a
我们看尼吉尔 他的耳朵很敏锐 他正在听
relaxed posture if we look at Nigel his ears are quite alert and he’s listening
四周的声音 我很确定他非常清楚周围的事情
in to his surroundings and like I say he’s definitely very aware of what’s going on
当猫咪害怕的时候 他们会把两只耳朵缩到两边
when cats are actually scared they will move their ears both to the side and
有时到后边 如果他们把耳朵完全向后平放在头上
sometimes back if they put their ears completely flat back on their head this
is not only indication that they feel extremely threatened but also that they
are trying to protect their ears from injury
[Look into my eyes]
There are lots of different ways in which cats can use their eyes to show different
types of emotions from slow blinking to having dilated pupils and also whether
their eyes are half closed or actually in the squinty position
slow blinking where a cat slowly opens and close their eyes so a slow blink like this and it’s a
sign that they’re feeling relaxed and calm in the person’s presence they also
他们也对其他猫咪这样奇妙的是 如果你慢慢对猫咪眨眼
do it towards other cats what’s really exciting is if you slow blink a cat or
就是慢慢闭上睁开眼睛 看他们会不会回敬你
so slowly opening and closing your eyes and seeing if they do it back cats which
猫咪如果感到压力 不安或紧张 通常会瞳孔扩大
are feeling stressed or insecure or nervous will often have dilated pupils
this is to gain as much information about their environment as possible however
cats may also have dilated pupils if they are excited or they’re in hunting
举个例子 如果你注意到你的猫咪放大了他的瞳孔
mode for example if you notice your cat has dilated pupils it’s important to
take its body language as well as a context into account to figure out how
your cat is feeling if the cat is resting or feeling relaxed they often
当猫咪在休息或者很放松的时候眼睛会假寐着 但是这同猫咪感觉痛苦时的表情只有细微差别
have their eyes half closed however this are very subtly different to if the cat
is in pain where they’ll have more of a sort of squinty eye posture if you’re
如果你担心你的猫咪生病 我们就会建议你带猫咪去找兽医进行身体检查
concerned that your cat may well be in pain we’d recommend taking them to the
因而呢 通过观察面部表情和肢体语言
vet for a health check.So by taking into account facial expression, body posture
and the context we can really start to understand cat behavior and have a much
并且与我们自己的猫咪建立更积极的关系 我认为西蒙的猫咪的许多奇妙之处
more positive relationship with our cat, well I think a lot of the charm of
Simon’s cat comes from all the realistic sort of body language and the little
猫咪的细微动作和癖好 我也在养了一辈子猫的过程中
nuances and mannerisms that the cat does that I’ve kind of learnt from having
学习了很多 但偶尔我也会有些性急
lots of cats all my life but occasionally I tend to push push it a little bit and
会强迫他们做一些事情 喵 比如当他饿的时候指着他的嘴巴
have him do things like ‘meow’ point to his mouth when he’s hungry and pick up a
还举起棒球棒 我觉着这样子一定能激发西蒙猫咪的幽默感
baseball bat and I think that really brings out the humour of Simon’s cat
因为如果猫咪能的话 它们确实会那么做
because that’s what cats would do if they could I think