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好奇和感兴趣有什么区别? – 译学馆
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Is There a Difference between 'Being Curious' and 'Taking an Interest'?

人们常说 好奇心可以填满知识缺陷 这一说法来自于
丹尼尔·保尼尔的作品 或是来自于乔丹·利特曼和他同事的很多作品
Berlyne’s work, goes back to a lot of work being done by [Jordan] Litman and his colleagues
这是根据好奇心的两种形式区分的 兴趣 知识性好奇
presently — would distinguish between two forms of curiosity: interest, epistemic curiosity
或知沟好奇心 人们称其为兴趣剥夺 人们这样命名它的原因是
and knowledge gap curiosity; deprivation they call it. The reason that they call it deprivation
如果你对一个论题好奇的话 你一定会
is because there has been an argument that if you are curious, there is a certain kind
在满足好奇心前有一种负面的情绪 一旦
of negative feeling that you experience before your curiosity is satisfied. And once you
你得知了答案 你就会感觉放松 沉浸在一种积极的情绪中 我们认为
have this answer, you feel a relief and a positive feeling comes over you. We argue
如果你感兴趣 你就会搜索更多的信息 这是一个
that if you are interested and you are searching for more information, that is a rewarding
收获的过程 你不需要 也不太可能有反感的情绪
experience and you do not necessarily or you are unlikely to have an aversive feeling,
除非你在搜索的时候遇到了困难 才可能产生负面情绪
except you can have negative feelings develop because you have a problem in your search.
但这和填满知识缺陷不一样 我可以给你证明下
But that’s different than trying to close a knowledge gap. The way that I can best demonstrate
[to] you how we consider curiosity and interest to be different is by telling you to think
试想一下 你在读一本悬疑小说 当你读这本悬疑小说的时候
about when you read a detective story. When you read a detective story, the minute you
一旦你得知了谁是真正的凶手 你可能就不太想继续往下读了
find out who actually is the murderer, you might not even want to finish your book. And
相比之下 我们说 在哈利波特或其他结构性强的小说中
compare that to reading, let’s say, Harry Potter or some really well-constructed book
你不会轻易地发现知识缺陷的存在 你对许多
that you’re not simply trying to find out a knowledge gap; you are interested in many
人物角色感兴趣 对故事感兴趣 对人物关系感兴趣
of the characters; you are interested in the ideas; you are interested in the relationships;
你就会一直看这本书 不仅仅是时间长度有所不同
and you will keep on reading that book. Not only is the length of time different and the
或是厌恶的情感不同 还有一些不同的目的 当你感兴趣的时候
aversion different, but there are also — the purpose is different. Like when you are interested,
你会搜索很多信息 而不是为了填满知识缺陷而搜索特定的信息
you are searching for a lot of information, not just a specific information to close the
现在 其实有很多无法回答的问题 比如
knowledge gap. Now, there are some unanswered issues about this. For example, what happens
如果你对一篇文章感兴趣 但前提是你需要填满一个知识缺陷
if you have interest in a content, but there is a knowledge gap that you’re closing; is
那现在是不是和有好奇心不同了呢 我们讨论的就是这个 例如
that now different from just being curious? And we argue that it is. Because, for example,
有一个很喜欢玩桥牌的桥牌专家 他读了一本有很多迷题的书
take a bridge expert who loves playing bridge; he is reading a book with many, many puzzles,
是为了解决桥牌难题 他解决了知识缺陷 然后继续
solving bridge hands. He goes and solves a knowledge gap and then continues going on
解决其他问题 其他迷题 因为他对其内容有着那样的个人兴趣
to other questions, other puzzles because he has that individual interest in the content
that propels him to go on for further activity.