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Is Hope for Weak People? One Man's Journey through Life with MS | Richard M. Cohen

我有一个非常……回到当我被诊断为多发性硬化症的时候 我曾经对希望的看法
I have a very—I’ve had a very skittish relationship with hope going back to when I was diagnosed
with MS.
很长一段时间里 我真的不相信世上有希望这回事
I really didn’t believe in the idea of hope for a long time.
坦白讲 我曾经认为它是为弱者准备的 就是说 我觉得
Frankly, I thought it was for weak people, you know, I thought that the strength, personal
个人的力量和坚持 可以替代希望
strength and perseverance, could replace hope.
And when I was at the Vatican I met with a lot of doctors and scientists who were already
他们已经采取了干细胞疗法 我被吸引了
doing stem cell therapy and I was really quite taken.
我是说 我十分惊讶
I mean, I was quite surprised.
我对干细胞疗法总是抱有一种未来主义的态度 我认为它听起来很棒
I always sort of had a futuristic view of stem cell therapy; I thought it sounded great,
but it was down the road.
当时我脑海里闪过了此前从未感受到的希望 它真的给了我很大的冲击
And I had this flash of hope that I had never felt before and it really washed over me.
I mean it was quite astonishing to me.
坦白讲 见过这些人之后我下定决心去寻求一个能帮助
And frankly, having met all these people, I was determined to find somebody to help
我的治疗小组中有一个叫Saud Sadiq的神经学家 他是纽约治疗多发性硬化症的权威
And one of the people on my panel was a neurologist named Saud Sadiq who’s a big MS guy in New
他邀请我回纽约的时候去见他 我把这件事记在心上
York, and he invited me to come see him when I got back to New York, and I really had in
此外 他偶然提到他向FDA(食品药品管理局)提出过一个申请
my head—and by the way, he casually mentioned that he had an application into the FDA, and
I was really interested.
当FDA(美国食品药品管理局)批准了临床实验申请时 那已是花了数年的游说才得来的
And when the FDA approved the trial, which had taken years of lobbying to make happen,
他说我将是他治疗的第一个人 不为其他原因
he told me that I was going to be the first one he treated, not for any reason except
仅仅是我的疾病表现很不寻常 它只在身体一侧有症状
that I had an unusual presentation of the disease because it’s on one side of my body.
而大多数人是身体两侧都有症状 因此在我身上更容易记录到治疗有进展
Most people, it’s on both sides so it was much easier to chart progress or the lack
of progress with me.
所以不夸张的说 我是世界上第一个接受这种特殊治疗方式的人
So I was literally the first person in the world to be treated with this specific kind
这种特殊的细胞叫做间叶细胞 是一种很大的 空白干细胞
of cell that’s called mesenchymal cells, which are big, blank stem cells.
And that was the beginning of the trial.
但那时我开始了写作 我意识到自己对希望有一种态度
But I started writing at that point and I realized that I had an attitude about hope
这种态度正在改变 一直在变化
that was changing, it was in flux.
我认为 寻找希望 应该是一本很棒的书 因为对我来说寻找希望
And I thought the search for hope would be a good book because finding hope for me was
a journey, you know.
看 我现在的想法不再不切实际
Look, my head is not in the clouds.
我不会再吹着Dixie的小曲儿 或沿街蹦蹦跳跳了
I’m not whistling ‘Dixie’ and skipping down the street.
另一方面 我觉得我的忍耐和行为举止也变了
On the other hand, I think that my bearing and my demeanor have changed.
我认为我变成一个更开朗的人 不一定更聪明 但是更健谈了
I think I’m a brighter person, not a smarter person, but a more voluble person.
I think my state of mind has changed, you know.
而希望 虽然希望和乐观是不同的 但是希望可以孕育乐观
And hope—though hope and optimism are different, hope can breed optimism.
And I think I’m more optimistic about changing my life than I have been.
这里没有任何 我的意思是 生活无论对于健康的人还是患病的人都是一个旅程
There are no—look, I mean, life is a journey for the healthy and the sick.
We don’t know the destination.
So there are no predictions here for me or for anybody else.
但是自从我开始写这本书 我对自己和未来的前景
But I just feel better about myself and better about my prospects for the future since I’ve
been writing this book.
Because I’ve been sick with various things at various times, you know, I’ve seen a lot
of clergy very much in passing.
我和他们交谈 因为他们是非常有趣的人
And I talk to them because they’re interesting people.
我与犹太教神父们 基督教神父们 牧师们以及伊斯兰教长们交谈 他们都在让人们相信希望
I talk to rabbis and priests and ministers and imams, and they all sell hope.
他们都是非常善意的 但他们对希望也是很教条的
And they’re very well intentioned, but they’re very doctrinal about hope, you know.
我更相信它是自然有机的 无论希望存在于何种层面上 它都在我们的
I’m much more of the belief that it’s organic, that to whatever extent it exists, it’s inside
of us.
我想我们可以跟随希望的脚步 但却不能为希望立法
And I think we just go where it takes us, and I just don’t think you can legislate hope.
另一方面 我坚信你可以敞开心扉 如同我所做的这样
On the other hand, I do think that you can open yourself up, which is what I did.
我是说 当涉及到希望时 我曾经封闭自己 扔掉了那把打开心扉的
I mean, my mind was closed and locked and I had thrown away the key when it came to
但之后 我改变了
But then it changed.
当我开始写这本书的时候 那真是一个对自身的质疑 并且我从中理解了许多
And once I began the book it really was a very personal inquiry and I learned a lot
about where I stood on hope.
所以 我非常开心 我完成了那本书
So I’m very glad that I’ve done it.