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第18周:钢铁油-资源争夺战 – 译学馆
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Iron, Steel and Oil - The Fight For Resources I THE GREAT WAR Week 18

这场战争的前三个月是以一种前所未有的形式进行的 而且
The first three months of the war have seen a whole new way of waging war.
由于武器更加先进 在短短几周内造成了成千上万的人员伤亡
In addition to the ever more effective weapons of war that now kill hundreds of thousands of men in mere weeks.
airplanes fly the skies to spot for artillery,
潜艇潜行于海底 让敌方葬身大海
submarines prowl beneath the seas to sink sailors to watery graves,
and cars and trucks transport men and equipment like never before,
and just as all wars at some point become a war for vital resources,
而这些新式的装备也需要一种新兴的能源 所以一战实际上变成了石油战争
all of these new machines require a new one and the Great War had now become a war for oil.
我是Indy Neidell 欢迎跟我走近一战
I’m Indy Neidell; welcome to the Great War.
When we left off we saw the Germans and Russians fighting the colossal battle of Lodz,
在此役中 德国没能控制这座城市 但是却破坏了俄国占领西里西亚的计划
which,though it did not result in German control of the city
did scuttle Russia’s plans for an invasion of Silesia.
伊普尔战役结束后 西线战场完全陷入僵局
With the end of the Battle of Ypres the Western Front had congealed into a frozen stalemate,
在巴尔干半岛 奥军正在把塞尔维亚人赶离科路巴拉河
and in the Balkans, the Austrian army was pushing back the Serbs from the Kolubara River.
现在 远北地区有10万多奥军被俄军围困在普热梅希尔要塞
Now, there were over 100,000 Austrian troops further north under siege by the Russians in the fortress of Przemysl,
而在克拉科夫附近 还有另一支奥军 正在战斗
but there was still another Austrian army fighting in the field near Cracow.
几周前 奥军在遭遇一次损失惨重的战败后沿桑河撤退
The Austrian army had retreated from the battles along the San River a couple of weeks ago after heavy losses
And though much of their army was holed up at Przemysl,
奥军尚有大批人马在克拉科夫 俄军谨慎行军 于16日对奥军发起进攻
They had a huge force at Cracow which the Russians, after cautiously advancing, had attacked on the 16th.
在接下来的十天中 奥军一直试图阻止俄军的大举进攻
Over the next ten days the Austrian army managed to stop the Russian juggernaut,
但最后奥军伤亡三万 并在26日不得不弃城撤退
but it costed thirty thousand casualties and by the 26th, they were forced to pull back
The Russians were now only 8 miles from Cracow, the capital of Austrian Poland.
此时奥地利军队尽管伤亡惨重 但至少仍然在向着巴尔干半岛进发
But the Austrians were making headway in the Balkans at least.
尽管奥军伤亡惨重 但他们还是一步步逼进塞尔维亚军队
Although they were suffering heavy casualties, they were pushing further and further into Serbia day after day.
事实上 奥斯卡·伯特里克将军认为塞尔维亚军队试图
Actually, General Oskar Potiorek thought that the Serbs were trying to
引诱他们深入该国 以便将他们包围
lure the Austrians deep into the country so they could be encircled,
but he reasoned- correctly- that they were not in a position to do so.
经过三天的苦战 24日 塞尔维亚人被迫从马连山撤退
After three days of fighting, the Serbs were driven from Mount Maljen the 24th,
but Potiorek did not follow this up.
因为他的军队也伤亡惨重 难以应付崎岖的地形
His casualties had been too heavy, and the terrain had become too difficult for his exhausted troops,
so the Serbs retreated unmolested.
Potiorek was still convinced, though, that the fall of Serbia was only a few days away
and even appointed the country’s future governor,
但在11月26日 当他的军队尝试穿过科路巴拉河和萨瓦河的交汇处时
but when his army attempted to cross the junction of the Kolubara and Sava rivers on November 26th,
塞尔维亚军队以一半的伤亡为代价击退奥军 奥军的攻势就此停止
the Serbs forced them back with 50% casualties and the Austrian offensive ground to a halt.
接连几个月 奥军都在这块战场上付出了惨痛的代价
As we’ve seen month after month, the Austrian army has had its share of disaster in the field
but the troubles in the army were also internal.
参谋长 十分担忧奥匈帝国的少数族群
Chief of Staff Conrad von Hotzendorf was so worried about the national minorities of the Austro-Hungarian Empire
attempting to seize power during moments of Austrian weakness during the war
所以他打算在 实施军事管制
that he tried to impose military rule in Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia.
但弗兰茨·约瑟夫一世拒绝了这一计划 康拉德的担忧并非没有道理
Emperor Franz Josef rejected this plan. Conrad’s worries did have some basis in reality,
因为波兰人 克罗地亚人 斯洛伐克人及其他少数民族的忠诚度让人怀疑
for Poles, Croats, Czechs, Slovaks, and other minorities were suspect in their sympathies,
many of those minorities having a stronger affinity for the Russian enemy
并且时不时地背叛奥军 改变立场
and occasionally even deserting and changing sides.
这里需要注意一点 犹太人不但没有像许多其他少数族群那样被怀疑
One side note here, Jews were not considered suspect as many of the other minorities were
and actually played a large part in Austrian military affairs.
Three of the Empire’s Field Marshalls were Jewish and eight of her generals.
当你想起一战时 你会觉得它在很多方面都与众不同
When you think about it, though unique in many other ways,
但一战的独特之处还在于 有如此多信仰不同宗教的人参与了这场战争
this war was also unique that so many of the world’s religions took part in it.
本周 巴士拉(现今伊拉克城市)战役结束
This week saw the end of the Battle of Basra in what is now Iraq,
where British and Indian troops defeated the Ottomans.
There’s a bunch of religions fighting right there.
现在 两周前 英军抵达法欧堡并将其攻占
Now,two weeks ago the British had landed troops and taken the Fortress of Fao,
the main Ottoman fortress on the coast of the Persian Gulf.
See, when the Ottoman Empire had entered the war at the beginning of November,
Britain had begun to worry about her oil facilities in the Persian Gulf.
The capture of Fao was the first step in securing them.
事实上 伦敦陆军部只是单纯支持守卫英国石油供应而不主动发起进攻
The London war office was actually favor simply defending British oil supplies and not engaging in offensive maneuvers,
But the Indian government, who provided the troops, favored a policy of “forward defense”.
你知道这意味着什么 位于阿拉伯河岸的巴士拉是下一个获取石油的地点
You can guess what that meant. Basra, on the Shatt-al-Arab River, was the next step in securing the oil.
11月19日 在亚瑟·巴雷特将军的带领下 英军发起进攻
On the 19th of November, under General Sir Arthur Barrett, the British attacked,
但大雨使道路泥泞不堪 阻碍了大炮的运输 拖延了进攻
but heavy rainfall that turned the land to mud stalled the attack until the artillery could finally be brought up.
奥斯曼军队在英军的炮击下溃不成军 仓皇出逃
The Ottoman army broke under the bombardment and fled the city,
两天后 巴士拉被占领
and Basra was occupied two days later.
这场战役本来可以轻松结束 石油的供应和运输都是安全的
The campaign could easily have ended then- the oil supplies and oil flow were secure-
but Basra turned out to be a pretty bad base of operations.
它虽然是个小港口 但它缺乏大量的基础设施 例如下水道
It was a minor port, sure,but it was missing a lot of basic facilities like sanitation.
没有铁路 公路极少 供水的河流十分肮脏
There were no railways,there were few roads, and the water supply was just the dirty river.
这条河是条潮汐河流 拥有众多附属支流 覆盖着几乎每天都被淹没的河漫滩
Now, the River itself was a tidal river with many tributary creeks that filled a flood plain that actually flooded on a daily basis,
一年中有一半的日子整个地区是被洪水淹没的 这使得巴士拉就像一座孤岛
and for half of the year the entire region flooded leaving Basra as an island,
所以巴雷特将军决定沿着奥斯曼军撤退路线逆流而上 安营于古尔奈(位于伊拉克南部)
so Barrett decided to follow the retreating Ottomans upriver to Qurna and try to make his base there,
底格里斯河和幼发拉底河在这里汇流 形成阿拉伯河
where the Tigris and Euphrates flow together to form the Shatt-al-Arab.
当然 在这场战争里需求巨大的原始能源并不止石油
Of course, oil was not the only raw material in big demand this war,
现在 我来给你展示一组统计数据
and I’m going to throw some quick statistics at you right now.
If you look at the part of France occupied by the Germans
you see that Germany now held 2/3 of France’s iron production,
a quarter of its steel, and a full half of French coal mining capacity.
Now, these are big numbers when you think of the enormous amounts of machines that need to be built and operated,
幸运的是 有一种”机械”不需要石油 也不需要煤:马
but fortunately there was one “machine” that didn’t run on oil and didn’t require any coal: the horse.
在1914年 做任何事情都离不开马
You needed a horse for almost everything in 1914,
and there was no way you were going to get your heavy artillery into place
without a great deal of horsepower.
据估计 一战中交战双方共在西线战场投入了二百万匹马
An estimated two million horses served on the Western Front on both sides during the war
and while I don’t have numbers for all of the armies,
但是感谢马克斯·哈斯廷斯的著作《大决战》 我得到了英国的数据
I do have some British numbers thanks to Max Hastings book “Catastrophe”.
在战争开始的12天里 英军购买了165000匹马
In the first 12 days of the war, the British army bought 165,000 horses.
The horses and mules of the BEF had an annual mortality rate of 29%
with 13,000 of them dead by the end of 1914.
你可能会想 既然它们如此重要 一定会被善待
You’d think that since they were such a vital necessity they’d be better treated in general,
事实并非如此 专业的骑手和马夫匮乏
but such was not the case. There weren’t enough knowledgeable riders and grooms,
还有一点 食物和水常被忽视和克扣
for one thing, food and water was often neglected or withheld,
士兵在马路上策马飞奔 鞍伤却不受重视
men galloped on paved roads, saddle sores were ignored,
and heavy plough horses were conscripted into armies to pull heavy artillery
even though all the experts said it was a really bad idea.
它们的口粮需求大 不堪急行
They required large amounts of provisions, could not make forced marches,
而且易感疾病 所以它们数以千计地死去
and were highly susceptible to disease,so they died by the thousands
and it was only trial and error by the British and French that finally discovered that
American country horses from the plains and badlands of the Dakotas
were far more suitable for war than any horses raised in barns
截止一战结束前 英国军队拥有近五十万匹战马
By the end of the war, the British army had nearly a half million horses
四年后 军队的兽医数量从360人升至28000人
and the Veterinary Corps personnel had grown from 360 to 28,000 four years later.
十一月份马上就要结束了 一战已经进行了四个月
So here we are near the end of November, exactly four months into the war,
在本周末 奥军在塞尔维亚陷入困局 它们在普热梅希尔被包围 在科拉克夫也遇上麻烦
and in end of the week the Austrians are stuck in Serbia, surrounded in Przemysl, and in trouble at Cracow.
The British are on the move into Mesopotamia,
在比利时 法国 波兰以及东土耳其 交战双方都在忍受冰冻 处境悲惨
and in Belgium, France, Poland, and Eastern Turkey everyone on both sides is frozen and miserable.
瓦伦丁·弗莱明 他是国会议员也是创作詹姆斯·邦德的伊恩·弗莱明的父亲 曾写道
Valentine Fleming, MP and father of James Bond creator Ian Fleming,wrote,
“这将会是场持久战 尽管交战双方都希望它立刻结束”
“It’s going to be a long war, in spite of the fact that on both sides every single man wants it stopped at once.”
从将军到士兵 每一个人都盼望停战
This was absolutely true, from the generals on down.
There was no end in sight; there was no relief in site,
在炮火相对缓和的一周里 西线战场的人们
and the men on the western front who had a week relatively free of constant bombardment
惊心动魄地穿过无人区 庆幸自己成功活下来
and furious rushes across no-mans land considered themselves lucky.
The only way to win this war was to seek new technological advantages
石油是必不可少的能源 交战双方都陷入了对石油的抢夺中
and one of the requirements for them was oil. Both sides now found themselves in a struggle for oil
而且将持续四年 成千上万的年轻人会因此丧命
that would last for four years and kill thousands upon thousands of young men.
Most of these young men lived the last days of their live in a vast network of trenches
这些战壕早期十分简单 经过快速发展升级
From the early improvised days, it didn’t took long till these trenches were a parallel world
结构变得复杂 其用途也远远不止躲避敌人子弹
with structures that would go way beyond the inital purpose of pure protection of enemy bullets.
If you want to find out more about the trench system,
check out our special episode on trenches right here.
And let us know in the comments what other
topics you want to see in future special episodes.
See you next week.