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无人机快递的发展 – 译学馆
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Instant Drone Delivery: How a Former Google Lab Will Disrupt the Ownership Economy | Astro Teller

Light up the world
在X实验室设计的 被称为“翼”的无人机 有其
The unmanned aerial vehicle project at X, which we call Wing, has as its aspiration
搅动剩余摩擦的送气装置 像推动其他物体一样
to remove the bulk of the remaining friction from how we move physical things around in
the physical world, particularly the so-called last mile problem.
回顾历史 看看世界上的物体 是怎样动起来的
If you look at the history of how physical things have been moved around in the physical
每一次 交通工具的摩擦力都在减少 例如轮船 火车 汽车 快马邮递
world, every time a chunk of the remaining friction was removed from that process, boats,
planes, trains, the automobile, the Pony Express, the mail system, every one of these things
这些都是我们重塑物体移动方式 减少成本和复杂性的结果
as we got more organized and removed cost and complexity from how physical things got
moved around in the world the world became so different that it was impossible
以至于 就算提前预测 也不会想到它会多么的
beforehand to even predict how different and how much better it would be on the other side
of that introduction.
We take for granted the remaining friction as though it’s natural and will continue forever.
If you could have anything that would fit in a bread box brought to you within one or
虽然仍需付费 但几乎免运费的话
two minutes, you still have to pay for the thing that’s in the breadbox but it could
be brought to you nearly for free, then our world would be radically different.
Those batteries that are sitting in a drawer in your house or apartment right now discharging,
正因为你觉得自己会在圣诞的早晨或因随便什么事儿 会在电量耗尽前用些电池
you have those batteries, you’re wasting the planet because you think you might need a
使你成了地球上 一个铺张浪费的人
few of those batteries before they fully discharge on some Christmas morning or something.
但若你觉得在需要时 能做到“手到擒来”的话
But if you believed you could have any shaped battery you want just in the moment you need
it you wouldn’t bother holding all those batteries.
You probably have a hammer in your house or apartment.
Why do you have that hammer?
You almost never use it.
And we all have to have a hammer for the occasional moment when we want the hammer.
But we could probably share one hammer around 10,000 of us.
果真如此的话 想想我们的世界该有多富裕
Think how much richer the world would be if we could have that.
怎样才能做到 在需要时
How are we going to make it so that you could have the hammer just appear within a moment
or two when you want it?
比如要钉个东西 至多喝杯咖啡的功夫 锤子就来了
You say I want to hammer, you get a cup of coffee at the most and the hammer is there.
对此 我们的建议是 你可以用一个小飞行器
And our proposal for how to do that is that you can make small vehicles that fly through
安静又安全地 把想要的任何东西送过来
the air quietly and very safely and bring to you whatever you want.
我们认为 开始时 社会会接受用这种方式运送食品
Our prediction is that at first society will adopt these for the use of delivering food.
毕竟 食品是生活必需品 且用量规律
Food is something that almost everybody uses and that they use on a very regular basis.
现在的食品运输市场非常健全 而且人们
There’s already a very robust food delivery market and people express an interest in having
a lot more delivered to them, with respect to food.
所以 该技术可能最先被应用于这方面
So that is likely to be the early adoption of this technology.
But the long run promise of being able to move things around inside of cities and suburban
areas in particular without having to create more traffic congestion, without of the carbon
footprint that comes from large trucks moving packages around, without the sound and safety
problems produced by large trucks moving around our city, all of those problems can be solved
所有这些 都能很快通过飞行器送货 来解决
by flying what you want what you need right now to you through the air.
说实话 去年一年 我们制造了一千多架翼型无人机
We’re public about the fact that we did more than a thousand flights last year in Wing
我希望看到 今年的产量至少达到去年的百倍 而明年达到今年的百倍
and I would like to see at least 100 times that many this year and 100 times as many
the year after that and I don’t think that that’s at all out of the question.
There are regulatory conversations to be had and demonstrations of safety to be proven
我们要进行 监管谈话和安全示范
as we step through this process in the United States and in other countries.
加大科技投入很重要 和骨干人员认真负责的工作
And it’s important that we push hard on the technology but also work thoughtfully and
论证项目的安全性 通过我们取得的每次进步
responsibly with the regulators to demonstrate the safety and to build their confidence in
what we’re doing as we take each incremental step.