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Tom职场2 | 创新和创造力 – 译学馆
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Tom职场2 | 创新和创造力

Innovation and Creativity | #TomFerryShow Episode 2

我致力于将最优质 最有效的营销手段和策略呈现给大家
I’m dedicated my life to bring you the best, most effective marketing tools and strategies.
准备好感受你一直在探索的改变 灵感和成就
Get ready to experience the change, inspiration and success you have been searching for.
欢迎收看Tom Ferry秀
Welcome to the Tom Ferry Show.
欢迎收看Tom Ferry秀 我是Tom Ferry
Welcome to the Tom Ferry Show. I’m Tom Ferry.
这是第二集 今天我们要谈论的是创新和创造力
It’s episode two. And today we are talking about innovation and creativity.
So we know innovation is basically something new or different.
Right? It’s the creation of something new. 
Mike Vance 我心目中的英雄 我的导师 但他于去年9月离世 我曾有意写过他的一生
Mike Vance, my hero, my mentor, I wrote him about him in life by design , passed away last September.
如果你不清楚Mike Vance这个名字 请在今天去谷歌一下
If you don’t know the name Mike Vance, please Google him today.
他是Walt Disney的得力助手 在生命的最后八九年中负责理念和人才开发
He was Walt Disney’s right-hand guy, in charge of ideas and people development for the last 8 or 9 years all his life.
他在Walt 去世后也离开了
He left there after Walt passed away.
他创造了迪士尼世界 是迪士尼大学的第一任校长
He launched the Disneyworld. He was the first dean of the Disney University.
Walt Disney称他为“北美洲最赋有创造力的人”
Walt Disney called him “The most creative man in North America”.
When I hired Mike to work with me as my personal coach, I was in a reinvention mode.
他说“Tom 创造力就是把旧的事物用新的方法重新排列”
And he said: “Tom, creativity simply is the rearranging of the old in a new way.”
So we need to look back at it. What were the trends? What was hot? What was working? What’s not working?
And how do we make it better? How do we make it more relevant?
That’s the ability to be creative today.
我坐在这里 向我的导师致敬
And as I sit here, honoring my mentor,
我觉得……这真不可思议 我在谈论这些时几乎热泪盈眶 因为他就是那些我们生命中
I get..It’s weird. I get like teary-eyed when I kind of talk about it because he is just one of those people that we know in our lives
that just made such a significant impact on who I am.
And I know you have people like that in your life too.
所以 我大声呼喊你 Mike
So big shout-out to you Mike.
What we need to do is that we gotta be more creative.
我们要革新 你想在竞争中撤步退守或特立独行
We gotta innovative.You want to step away or separate yourself in the competition,
事实上 有时 当你和我都认识房产商的时候
The reality is you and I both know real estate agents at times,
could almost look like one of a many fish inside a giant bowl.
那么 我们如何脱颖而出?如何使自己突出?
So, how do we stand out?how do we separate ourselves?
How do we become the agent of choice in our marketplace?
那么 带着这些想法
So, with that thought in mind,
I believe we need to spend time every week innovating and being creative.
没错 一周一次的创作会议 一周一次的革新会议
That’s right. A weekly creative session, a weekly innovative session
where you are really looking at how to make it better?
所以 我思索起来 我们需要建立一个“如何做更好”的提示板
So it got me thinking. We need to create a “How do we make it better” board.
那么 如果我问你 你想给哪些业务领域带来影响?
So if I ask you what are the areas in your business that you want to have an impact on?
what are the areas of your business that you want to improve efficiency?
提高成绩?做得更好 创造更优质的客户体验
Increase results?make it better, have it be a better client experience.
如果我问你 你想给哪些业务领域带来影响?
if I ask you what are the areas of your business that you want to have an impact on?
你可能会说主要跟进 你可能会说数据库 比如获得数据库权利
You might say lead follow-up, you might say my database, like really getting my database right.
你可能会说电子商场 地理农场 上市前的程序
You might say e-mail marketing, my geographical farm, my pre-listing process,
my actual listing presentation.
You know sales edge program we are doing now “sold out the first one by the way,
恭喜 爱你的团队 干得好
congratulations, love your team, good job.”
在那个节目中 我们讨论关于上市发布会的事情
At that program, we talk about the listing presentation and I say,
“瞧 你应该完成你的上市目标 别人都该像你一样”
“Look, you should finish your listing presentation and people should be like this.”
That was awesome!
If people are blown away by your presentation,
那么你竞争获胜 能够上市成功的机遇 就如同在棒球比赛中九局的满垒后那样胜券在握
your opportunity in the bottom of the ninth with the bases loaded. to win the game, to win the listing,
if they are not blown away,
I’d say that’s an area of improvement.
你要做的就是问自己怎样才能做的更好 而且每周都要这么问
and you need to ask up how could we do it better?And every week you said,
what’s one change I can make?what’s one little thing I can do to improve the experience of the customer?
你知道要让他们说“是”变得简单 自然 更加自主
You know to have them say yes easy, natual, more automatic.
more of a “no-brainer”.
我会做什么?因此 你将从这些旁边获取更多信息
What would I do?So again, you are gonna get some ideas next to these.
每周创作列表都会持续增加 现在你记着
And every week that idea lists could just continue to grow, now remember,
除非你能将其转化成企划 否则创意毫无意义
Ideas are meaningless unless you convert it into a project.
但是你可能完成不了以上全部 好吧 这是我想要的
But you’re probably not gonna do them all. That’s OK. Here is what I want.
I want weekly creative time, weekly innovation,
where you’re looking at your business, the areas that you most want to impact.
And you are deciding how can I do it better.
And then by tracking all the best ideas,
你可以采用Mike Vance曾教给我的
You are going to begin to do what Mike Vance taught me which is,
把这个想法和那个想法结合在一起 能创造一种服务于更多客户的新奇企划
hey, this idea and that idea actually combine, create a really sexy new project that can really serve more clients,
它能创造更多的顾客 提升效益
can help more customers, can improve efficiency
can create higher profits, can create more sales.
And that’s what this show is all about.
最后 Tom Ferry Show 请给我的Twitter点赞 我将非常感激
So #TomFerryShow, give me a little love on twitter I’d certainly appreciate it.
Also, give me lots of feedback
我想知道你们喜欢什么 不喜欢什么 这是全新的一期
I wanna know what do you like, what do you not like. It’s all brand new.
我不会附加任何东西 告诉我你们在想些什么吧
I’m not attached to anything. Tell me what you’re thinking about.
就当帮我个忙 我已经下载了 对吧?我连接下方信息栏 对吗 Eddy?然后会有一个小链接
Do me a favor though.I downloaded all, right? I linked up down below. Right, Eddy?There will be a little link,
of like a simple 8.5 by 11 word doc that shows you this.
但是你要知道 那个需要整合和直观表示
But understand, this needs (to) be up and visual, needs to be big.
我对这个很狂热的 要是你在我的办公室里的话 你就会懂的
I’m a big fan, like (if) you’re inside my office, know
有300个梗概 并不是我写的 但是有人会在可擦写题板上写出
300 bones and I paint it, I didn’t actually paint it.But somebody painted it on my wall where it’s a dry eraseboard.
所以 你要整合这些创意
So you need to get these ideas up.
结合起来 直观表示 保持活力
Get them up, get them visual, keep them alive,
keep the innovation of the creativity of your business alive.
结合之前的想法接着直观表示 然后立马行动
Up and visual, do it right away.
永远记着 你的策略现在已经超越以往你的激情法则
Remember always: your strategy matters and now more than ever your passion rules.
这是第二集的全部内容 我走啦
It’s episode two. I’m out.
嗨 我是Tom Ferry 非常感谢您来观看我的yotube节目
Hey, I’m Tom Ferry. Thanks so much for coming by my Youtube channel.
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