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If Disney Princes Were Real

很久以前 在一个遥远的地方
Once upon a time in a far away land
住着一个美丽的女孩 她梦想着找到她的王子
there lived a beautiful girl who dreamed of finding her prince.
唉 现实生活不是童话故事这就是迪斯尼王子们为什么……
Alas, real life is no fairy tale. Here’s why Disney princes…
-Prince: So, this is love.
Would make terrible boyfriends.
-Prince: My dad do this party so I could meet a girl who’s…
-Girl: Emotionally independant…
-像我们一样性感 富有
-Prince: Hot, and rich like us.
-那么 你愿意嫁给我吗?-哇
-Prince: So, will you marry me? -Crowd: Awww.
-Girl: I think I left my straightener on.
[Tripping sound]
[cameraphone clicks]
嘿 嘿 嘿 嘿 嘿
Hey, hey, hey, hey, Hey!
-Girl: What are you doing?
-噢 感谢上帝 我以为你死了
-Prince: Oh, thank god I thought you were dead.
-Girl: Then why would you try to kiss me?
-等等 别转移话题 这七个给你发消息的人是谁?
-Prince: Uh, hold on. Don’t try to change the subject. Who are these seven guys texting you?
-呃 他们就是我的室友
-Girl: Uh, they’re just my roommates.
[Dramatic music]
-Beast: So now that we live together we need to establish a few ground rules.
-Girl: Actually I’m a little hungry.
-Beast: You are not allowed to step foot into that side of the house.
尤其是我的房间 永远 禁止进入
Especially my room. Ever. It is forbidden.
-好的 但厕所在那边……
-Girl: Okay, does that include the bathroom…
-并且我要随时随地知道你在哪儿 做什么
-Beast: Also I’m gonna need to know where you are and what you’re doing at all times.
-因为有时我会孤独 你按我说的做 我就把你爸爸从地下室放出来
-Beast: Because sometimes I get lonely. Do this and I’ll release your father from my basement.
-你绑架了我爸爸? -搞定了
-Girl: You kidnapped my dad? -Beast: Nailed it!
-Girl: Who are you talking to?
[ocean sounds]
[soft flute music]
-打扰一下小姐 你看到我女朋友了吗?
-Eric: Uh, excuse me, miss? Have you seen my girlfriend?
-埃里克 是我
-Girl: Eric, it’s me.
-你们长的很像 等等 我在推特上关注你了 对吧?
-Eric: Oh yeah you look familiar. Wait, I follow you on Twitter right?
-Girl: You don’t remember the crazy lady you stabbed with a boat for me?
-Eric: I think I know what the love of my life looks like.
-Girl: Even your dog knows it’s me.
-把狗给我 雷娜 你要去哪?
-Eric: Let me get my dog back. Reina? Where’d you go?
[piano music]
-噢 抱歉宝贝 你能给我买单吗?
-Naveen: Oooh, sorry baby. Think you can spot me?
-Girl: Again?-Naveen: My parents just cut me off.
-不 你需要找一份工作
-Girl: No, you need to get a job.
-哈哈哈 我有一份工作
-Naveen: Hahaha! I got a job.
-我的音乐 你像那样醒来 你像那样醒来 完美
-Naveen: My music. You woke up like that. You woke up like that. Flawless.
-Girl: You know what? Have fun making love to your mini guitar.
-Naveen: It’s a Ukelele.
-Naveen: Can I at least borrow your car to get home?
-Girl: Take the bus!
-你太好了 你已经知道了
-Naveen : You’re so fancy. You already know.
-等等 你的名字不是阿里吗?
-Girl: Wait, your name is not Ali?
[Dramatic music]
-阿里王子 不是阿拉丁那是我 一个撒谎成瘾的骗子 一个劫匪
-Aladin: Prince Ali, no Aladin, yeah that’s me a compulsive liar, someone who plunders.
-呃 你为什么唱歌?
-Girl: Uh, why are you singing?
-你想听什么我都告诉你 为了进入你的奇迹洞穴
-Aladin: I told you what you wanted to hear to get inside your cave of wonders
-Girl: My cave of what now?
-Aladin: The mansion we slept in is one that I crept in, the way I get laid is through deceit.
-Girl: Who are you people?
-我们开的那辆车是我偷的但住在街上的时候 谁还需要车呢?
-Aladin: The car that we road in was one that I’d stolen but who needs a ride when you live on the street?
-Girl: You’re homeless?
-Aladin: That monkey you swear follows us everywhere is my one and only friend.
[Monkey howls]
[Chinese music]
-是啊 我最近的约会非常糟糕 那你呢?
-Girl: So yeah, I’ve had the absolute worst luck with dating lately. How about you?
-现在的情况有点尴尬 我以为你是一个男人
-Shang: This is a little awkward. I kind of thought you were a dude.
-对不起 你说什么?
-Girl: Excuse me?
-Shang: It’s just from certain angles, and your hair is pulled back in these photos.
-Girl: I have boobs.
-噢 抱歉 我想我把你当成了一个男人
-Shang: Yeah, sorry. I guess I made a man out of you.
-Prince: I have been looking everywhere for you.
-你知道吗?我受够了迪斯尼的王子们 单身就从来不会困扰我
-Girl: You know what? I’m done with Disney princes. Being single never bothered me anyway.
-Narrator: And she lived happily ever after.
-Prince: Why does this always keep happening to me?
-嘿 你还好吗?
-Shang: Hey, how are you doing?
-Beast: Ladies love it when you kidnap their fathers.
-如果你明白我的意思 我就给她建个图书馆我的意思是 我打算建一个图书馆
-Beast: I’m gonna build her a library if you know what I mean. And by that I mean I’m actually going to build a library.
-说真的 你到底在和谁说话?
-girl:Seriously who are you talking to?
-Beast: I’m talking to Lumiere!
[Mock Disney music]