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I Challenge YOU to take the IGNORANCE TEST

本次视频 我将根据汉斯·罗斯林的无知度测试向你提三个问题
In this video, I’ll ask you three questions from Hans Rosling’s ignorance test
to see if you are smarter than a chimpanzee.
瑞典学者汉斯·罗斯林 是卓越的医生和统计学家
The Swedish academic, Hans Rosling was not only an accomplished physician and statistician,
but a fine public speaker as well.
他的“你见过的最好的统计” 是我最喜欢的TED演讲
His presentation on “The best stats you’ve ever seen” is my favourite TED Talk of all-time,
and shows him at his gifted best,
他将幽默和视觉动画相结合 兼具教育性和趣味性
mixing humour with visual animations to produce something both educational and entertaining.
他以事实代替观念 把统计学带进生活
Using facts rather than opinion, he bought statistics to life
他揭秘神话 证明人类种族不断改进 让你感到更积极更乐观
and left you feeling more positive and optimistic with his debunking of myths and proof of the human race improving over time.
罗斯林说 我们把世界划分成两类国家:发达国家 发展中国家
Rosling said that the idea you can split the world into two types of countries, developed and developing,
这种划分是过时的 错误的
is outdated and wrong.
他说 “难道英国 德国 美国没有正在发展吗?”
“Are the UK, Germany and the USA not still developing?” he said.
Is your world view correct?
How much do you know about the world?
你可以参与汉斯·罗斯林的无知度测试 了解一下自己
You can check by taking Hans Rosling’s ignorance test.
Question 1.
What percentage of the world’s one-year old children is vaccinated against measles?
a)大约20% b)大约50%
a) Approximately 20% b) Approximately 50%
c) Approximately 80%
Questions 2.
1950年 世界儿童(0-14岁)人数不足10亿
In 1950 there were fewer than one billion children (aged 0-14) in the world.
2000年 数量几乎达到20亿
By 2000 there were almost two billion.
联合国专家认为截止到2100年 数量会达到多少?
How many do UN experts think there will be in 2100?
a)40亿 b)30亿
a) 4 billion b) 3 billion
c) 2 billion
Question 3.
过去二十年 极度贫困人口占世界总人口的比例是…
In the last 20 years the proportion of the world population living in extreme poverty has…
a) Doubled
b) Stayed the same c) Halved
这三个问题的答案都是 c)
The answer to each of these three questions is c).
这些问题在全世界许多国家都被问到过 但结果却不容乐观
These questions were asked in various countries around the world and the results were not good.
在所选国家中 每道题的答对人数是最少的
For almost every question in every country, the correct answer was chosen by the least amount of people.
实际上 在很多情况下 人类的答对人数反而低于黑猩猩
In fact, in many cases the amount of correct answers was lower than it would have been if a chimpanzee had answered the question,
而黑猩猩只是随便选选 因为他们是没有知识的
picking an answer at random because they have no knowledge.
所以如果你的 “无知度测试” 一塌糊涂 证明你缺乏知识吗?
So do you lack knowledge if you got the answers to the ignorance test wrong?
不 不一定
No, not necessarily.
当你的得分比随机的分数差 33%或更低的正确率
When you score worse than random, i.e. in this case 33% or less,
it means you have preconceived ideas.
问题不在于缺乏某方面的知识 而在于你的理念
The problem is not a lack of knowledge in the subject, it’s these ideas.
先入为主是一种事先形成的 没有足够证据的观念
A preconceived idea is an opinion formed beforehand without adequate evidence.
比如 很多人“概括化”非洲 认为整个非洲都是一个样子
For example, many people generalise Africa, treating the entire continent the same way,
rather than judging each country on its own merits.
提到亚洲 你不会说“我不打算去泰国度假
When it comes to Asia, you wouldn’t say, “I’m not going on holiday to Thailand
because there’s a war in Afghanistan”.
Not all the countries in Africa are progressing at the same rate.
出生率增高啦 儿童的死亡率下降啦 这很普通好吗
In some growth is up and child mortality is going down, something truly worth noting.
肯尼亚的经济增长率超过5% 而英国只有2%
Kenya’s economic growth is over 5%, by comparison the UK’s is only 2%.
So why do you have these preconceived ideas?
首先 慢而稳的变化被认为没有新闻价值
Firstly, slow, steady changes are not deemed news-worthy
and are therefore not as well reported as other more shocking stories.
现在 全世界每个女性的平均生产数是2.4个孩子
The average number of children born per woman across the world is now 2.4.
而1963年 是5个孩子
Back in 1963, it was five.
所以 世界上儿童的数量停止增长
As a result, the number of children in the world has stopped increasing.
This is one of the biggest events in the history of mankind
and it has been pretty much completely missed by the media.
其次 在这个飞速发展的世界 你在学校学到的很多知识可能已经过时了
Secondly, in a fast-changing world, many of the things you were taught at school may now be outdated.
最后 许多人固执己见 有失偏颇
Finally, many people generalise their personal experiences, which can be very biased.
请建立实事求是的世界观 对抗无知
A fact-based worldview, fights ignorance.
我们需要实事求是 这样我们才能了解这个世界 才能获益颇丰
We need to start acting based on facts to help us understand the world and better benefit from it.