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过度性功能症(性上瘾)的10个症状 – 译学馆
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Hypersexual Disorder

10 signs and symptoms of Hypersexual Disorder
What is hypersexual disorder
According to a proposed definition for the DSM–V
It’s defined as a sexual desire disorder with an impulsivity component
2010年 美国精神病学会
In 2010, the American Psychiatric Association
released a draft of symptoms that may define sex addiction
formally known as Hypersexual Disorder
1 过度手淫
1. Excessive masturbation
Excessive masturbation is one of the most common early sex addiction signs
据PsychCentral报道 它指的是你的生活状态而非手淫频率
PsychCentral reports that it is about how you are living your life instead of how often you masturbate
只要手淫只占据你生活的一小部分 不影响日常活动
As long as masturbation remains simply a part of your life and does not take over daily activities,
then you don’t have a problem
People with hypersexual disorder often masturbate to escape problems in their lives or relationships
and they usually masturbate during other sexual activity,
like viewing pornography or talking to a phone sex operator
2 性强迫
2. Obsession with Sex
过度性功能症会导致其患者痴迷于性 直到性占据他们的全部生活
Hypersexual Disorder causes its patients to become obsessed with sex to the point that it takes over their lives.
They spend an extraordinary amount of time fantasizing about their sexual urges
and engaging in sexual behavior.
美国临床心理学家 史蒂芬•J•西依博士
Dr. Steven J. Seay, a clinical psychologist in the U.S.
explains that sexual obsessions are very common in people suffering from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
这些性强迫涉及不必要的关于性的想法 主意 冲动
These sexual obsessions involve unwanted thoughts, ideas, impulses,
or images focusing on sexual content.
患有过度性功能症的个人会感到内疚 羞耻 绝望和抑郁
While individuals with Hypersexual Disorder feel guilt, shame, hopelessness, and depression,
而患有性强迫症的个体甚至认为自己是恶心 不正常的或是邪恶的
individuals with OCD and sexual symptoms see themselves as digusting, deviant, or evil.
3 花过多的时间计划性活动
3. Excessive time planning sexual activity
如同毒品成瘾一样 性成瘾者会花费大量时间计划何时以及如何约到下个目标
Just like drug addicts, sex addicts will spend a lot of time figuring out where and how they will get their next fix,
as Hypersexual Disorders puts it.
当它影响到了生活的其他方面时 就变得相当有害了
This can also become harmful if it takes over other aspects of their lives
比如 成瘾者通常会将性活动计划安排优先于工作和私人关系前
For example, addicts usually prioritize planning sexual activity over work or personal relationships.
4 频繁观看色情作品
4. Frequent viewing of pornography
影片 成人杂志 网站 聊天室 网络视频
Whether it’s videos, adult magazines, websites, chat rooms, or webcams
people with Hypersexual Disorder view pornography in a variety of ways.
They may also use dating websites to connect with others who are interested in sexual relationships
然而 需要注意的是 色情成瘾并非性成瘾
It is important to note, however, that porn addiction is not the same as sex addiction.
色情成瘾是性成瘾的一种 但相对于性成瘾 它有着自己独立的成因和症状
Porn addiction is a type of sex addiction, but it has its own causes and symptoms independent from sex addiction
According to,
色情成瘾还未正式被《精神疾病诊断与统计手册》第五版列入诊断范围 但它可以导致一系列严重后果
porn addiction is not yet an official diagnosis in the DSM-V, but it can lead to serious consequences.
5 频繁使用电话色情服务
5. Frequent use of phone sex services
与色情作品类似 性成瘾者通常会转向使用电话性服务来满足自己需求
Similar to pornography, sex addicts will often turn to phone sex services to satisfy their needs
This is because phone sex provides addicts with some form of human contact,
taking it a step further from masturbation and pornography.
The use of phone sex services can sometimes escalate into hiring prostitutes,
猥亵和性骚扰 在性交中滥用药物
reckless sexual activity, substance abuseduring sexual activity,
性侵 或是危险性行为 比如自淫性窒息
sexual aggression, or dangerous sexual behavior, like autoerotic asphyxiation.
6 有多个性伴侣和频繁的一夜情
6. Having multiple sex partners and frequent one-night stands
为了得到满足 性成瘾者经常有多个性伴侣以及频繁的一夜情
In order to remain satisfied, sex addicts often have multiple sex partners and have frequent one-night stands.
This can be problematic
有研究表明 性伴侣的数量与心理健康息息相关
as studies have shown that there is a correlation between the number of sex partners and one’s mental health
有趣的是 研究人员发现参与者染上物质依赖症的几率
Interestingly, researchers have found that the chances of developing substance dependence
increased with the number of sex partners that participants had
This correlational relationship was particularly stronger in women
然而 研究人员还指出 临时性关系通常源于缺乏情感满足
However, the researchers also noted that casual relationships usually stem from lack of emotional fulfillment
因此 这些关系中的人们可能会由药物滥用转变为自我药物治疗
thus people in these relationships may turn to substance abuse to self-medicate.
7 与性伴侣保持情感上的分离
7. Staying emotionally detached from sexual partners
性成瘾者无法与其伴侣建立并维持正常 健康的关系
Sex addicts are unable to establish and maintain normal, healthy connections with their partners,
so they often avoid becoming emotionally attached to their sexual partner
A survey done of more than 1,000 people in 2013
showed that having an emotional connection makes better sex
然而 性成瘾者缺乏发展正常关系所必须的亲密情感与脆弱性
However, sex addicts lack the emotional intimacy and vulnerability that is needed to develop a real connection
so they often have mindless, meaningless, and emotional sex with their sexual partners
8 陷入性行为与价值观的直接冲突
8. Engaging in sexual behavior that directly conflicts with personal values
麦金利健康中心指出 了解你的性爱价值观尤为重要
The McKinley Health Center states that it is extremely important to know what your sexual values are
它可能与父母的性价值观 信仰 文化并不匹配
which may not match those of your parents, religion, or culture
For sex addicts, this causes a strong internal conflict
While some sex addicts may be devoutly religious,
但他们仍难以克制性行为 因为他们已经高度成瘾
they will still find it hard to stop and resist sexual activity because they are highly addicted
这导致了一个死循环 只有继续进行性活动才能满足他们的需要
This causes a cycle where they cannot stop, but continue to engage in sexual activity to fulfill their needs
They might even progress into having multiple partners or extramarital partners,
频繁一夜情 以及招妓
frequent one-night stands, and sex with prostitutes.
9 经常参与性变态行为
9. Frequently engaging in paraphilias
Sex addicts often engage in paraphilias, which are sexual behaviors that are considered unusual or unacceptable
包括裸露癖 窥阴癖 性虐待 性受虐以及恋童癖
These include exhibitionism, voyeurism, sadism, masochism, and pedophilia
据《心理学今日报》定义 裸露癖是将自己的生殖器或性器官暴露给陌生人
Exhibitionism involves exposing one’s genitals or sexual organs to a stranger, according to Psychology Today
窥阴癖是对观察他人裸体 或是脱衣服 或是进行性交
Voyeurism involves having sexual fantasies, urges, or behaviors regarding the act of observing a person who is naked
会产生性幻想 性冲动 或发生性行为
getting undressed, or engaging in sexual activities
Voyeurism became formally known as Voyeuristic Disorder in the DSM-IV
Sadomasochism is sexual activity in which one person enjoys inflicting pain on another person
who derives pleasure from experiencing pain
最后 恋童癖指对面对儿童时产生性欲
Lastly, pedophilia is when one experiences sexual feelings towards children.
10 无法停止
10. Inability to stop
性成瘾者的主要标志之一是无法停止 即使需要面临后果
One of the primary signs of a sex addict is an inability to stop despite the consequences
这些后果包括财务上的 社会关系上的 健康上的 或是情感相关的
These consequences may be financial-, social-, health-, or emotionally-related
比如 性成瘾可以开始影响工作中的表现
For example, being addicted to sex could begin to affect performance at work,
which could result in unemployment
性成瘾也是一个昂贵的瘾 因为成瘾者要在招妓和网络性服务
Being addicted to sex is also a costly addiction because addicts spend on sex through prostitution, online sex services like
比如性幻想聊天室 或者电话性服务上花钱
sexual fantasy chat rooms or phone sex services.
在健康后果方面 性成瘾者的滥交可能会导致意外怀孕或性病
In terms of health consequences, sex addicts’ promiscuity can lead to unwanted pregnancy or STDs
Hypersexual Disorder, or sex addiction, is a serious disorder that affects nearly 12 million people in the United States
随着网络上色情作品的增多 色情聊天室和网络视频服务的增加
This number is increasing due to the availability of sexual material online,
as well as the increase in sexual chat rooms and webcam services.
If you are suffering from Hypersexual Disorder, or if you know someone who is,
尝试在附近找到一个性成瘾者匿名小组或访问 以找到您附近的认证治疗师
try to find a Sex Addicts Anonymous group nearby or visit to find a certified therapist near you
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