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How To Use Live Stream Video To Market Your Real Estate Listings | #TomFerryShow Episode 17

二十多年来 我致力于给你带来最好的商业策略 让你们的生意昌盛
For over 20 years I’ve dedicated my life to bring you the very best business building strategies to keep you thriving.
准备体验你一直在寻找的成功吧 欢迎来到汤姆菲力秀
Get ready to experience the success you’ve been searching for. Welcome to the Tom Ferry show.
大家好 欢迎你们 这是第17集
Hey everybody welcome to the Tom Ferry show. episode 17
帮我个忙 麻烦在我的YOUTUBE频道下评论你看视频时的愉悦体验
Do me a favor write out the gay would you post a comedy that’s on my YouTube channel
或者给我的推特Tom Ferry发私信
Or send me a Twitter at Tom Ferry.
And of course you can always post something on Facebook.com/Tom Ferry
Love to hear from you.
So today we are gonna talk about Babushka dolls.
还有 Periscope这个软件 以及为什么这个软件很重要
We are gonna talk about periscope and why I think that’s important
还有你的2020年目标和这次会议期间一个与Zillow小小的比赛 希望你能赢哦
Your 2020 vision and a little Zillow competition around the summit which I hope you win.
So a few weeks ago I was in
我和我们72个最厉害的客户在那边 他们手下的团队庞大
I was there with 72 of our our best clients.These are men and women running big teams.
我们现在讲的是 为什么有些人在房地产行业无法成功
And we were really talking about,you know, why some people fail at real estate.
I don’t mean fail 87% fail on the industry I mean like
而是说 为什么他们从来没能达到他们所期望的的工作表现
Why did they never achieve the level of performance that they really desire and
最后 我的好兄弟布莱恩琼斯 嘿你好兄弟 如果你也在看这个视频的话
At the end of the day,my buddy a great guy Bryant Jones, speak it up to Bryant who’s watching this right now,
Shared with all my best clients the babushka metaphor,and he said
Here is the reason why people failed the performance of their best,here’s the reason why
为什么人们从来不能最大化获取信息 为什么那些团队没有变的十分牛
Human beings never get the most satellites here’s the reason why teams don’t become extraordinary
为什么好的点子只会出现在小业务中 都是因为 俄罗斯套娃 他是这样说的
And why great ideas stay at smal businesses. It’s because of the babushka dolls. Here’s what he said,
大多数人 当他们雇佣别人或者是认识新朋友时
Most people when they hire someone or they get a new friend ,
当他们接触到更多人的时候 他们往往自动寻找一个更小的套娃
Or they expose themselves the more,they look for that smaller babushka doll.
这样他们就觉得自己比他们强 自己是特别的 然而呢
So they feel big and special and important and then guess what happens ,
他们不断结识没自己厉害的人 自己也变弱 你知道为什么吗
They get another one and they go even smaller, you know why,
因为他们觉得 其他人都是里面的小娃娃而自己是最大最厉害最外层的那个
Because they are the king pam,she’s the best
你明白的 你自尊心的需求和渴望(通过认识比你厉害的人)变强的的愿望之间 是有矛盾的
You know what I am talking about,it’s that need for ego verses the desire,you know,to be the other way.
猜猜看怎么着 那些你不断结识的比你弱的人
And then guess what,all those people,you know you start exposing yourself to ultimately
最后你就会和最小最差劲最里面的套娃混在一次 我可能表达的不是很好
You start hanging out with people like this.and I probably totally destroying this babushka metaphor,
不过我觉得你知道我想说什么的 如果你总跟大人物一起 你就能做大事
But I think you know what I mean,at the end of the day, if you hang out with big people you do big things,
如果你在团队里 身边的人都很厉害 你就能做大事
If you surround yourself with people on your team,they are big people you’ll do big things,
如果跟那些野心大 有远大目标的人在一起的话 你就能做大事
When you hang out with friends that have big goals and big ambitions, you’ll do big things.
做领导 真正的关键 同时也是人生的关键
So the real key to leadership and the real key to life is
是你要做里面最小的这个套娃 然后不断寻找并靠近比你大的套娃
For you to be that little one and find the big one and the next big one.
最终 才能变得越来越厉害 所以如果你总是和厉害的人扎堆的话
And ultimately the next big one.so you surround yourself with amazing people.
你才能过上你想要的生活 成就你渴望的事业
And you really live the life you want and have the businesses you desire.
这就是俄罗斯套娃理论 希望你们听懂了
It’s all about the babushka doll my friend,I hope you got that.
第二我想讲一讲periscope这个软件 我很喜欢这个软件
Secondly, I want to talk you about this periscope,cause I am totally just on fire with it.
I was just walked my entire office and I was just thinking to myself.
Periscope in real estate you know,what can we do.
对了 如果你们还没下载这个软件现在可以下载了
And I think the simple answer if you have got the periscope got the app.
我知道mirrorcat Gary讲到过 但我真的很喜欢periscope这个软件
I know mirror cat Gary V talks about mirror cat I really like periscope.
You know whichever one suit your eye,
有个点子我很喜欢 那就是在帮客户预览一个房子的时候 用periscope记录下来
I really like the thought of going through a house that I am previewing for a client,
And doing a Periscope video of it. And then being able to have not only my clients seen it but have
Everyone that’s following me on Twitter seen it,
Or potentially every single person on Facebook if I decide to place there as well.
The reason why I really like this,
Santa Coner我的好兄弟 是BOMBOM的CEO
I got Santa Coner,my buddy from bombom he’s the CEO,
几周前给我发了一封很有意思的邮件 讲的就是
Send me an email of couple weeks back and it was fascinating talking about what this article refers to,
Epidemic of facelessness,the epidemic of facelessness
里面文章想表达的是 我们越来越依赖短信 邮件 消息 信件等等联系方式
And essentially the video was the message was, we’ve gone so heavy in text,email, text-message,letters etc.
然而删短信很容易 不回邮件很容易 把信扔掉 看也不看一眼很容易
That’s very easy for us to delete,it’s very easy for us not to respond it’s very easy to just sort of wipe out away and never look at it.
但是当你发了个一个视频过去 重要的是别人能通过视频看到你的脸
But when you incorporate the power video,or you get,most importantly,your face on there like
Hey let me send you a private message via video
你在视频中展现的是一种人形化 这是互联网的人形化
What happens is you become human,it’s the humanization of the phone,it’s the humanization of the Internet.
periscope帮助你达成了人形化视频营销的目的 把你的脸录进去吧
That I think things like Periscope, and video marketing,getting your face back out there
因为比起删短信 人们一般不会看着视频连同你的脸一起删掉
Cause it’s just harder to delete the face verses just the text.
记得去下载periscope 我会经常在上面发视频的 你知道的吧 我关注了我的团队
So Periscope,check it out I am gonna keep doing a lot. You know what I am following is team ferries,right?
他们很棒 记得要跟一会出来的STRAYA沟通下哦
Awesome dude.you gotta be speaking with the Straya coming out.
他可能会在澳大利亚做现场的periscope视频 所以关注我的团队的periscope
Probably gonna do a little live Periscope from Australia down there. So check out team ferries as well.
第三 我知道我现在有点手舞足蹈的 不过我现在确实很激动
Eh.third thing on my list,and I know I am kind of all over the place but I am just,you know,that’s how I am feeling.
我跟很多人比如拉夫 谈论过未来五年的计划 现在已经2015年了
I’ve been having a lot of conversations with people like Lav about the next 5 years and here we are in 2015
2020年 我问他们2020年的计划是什么
2020, and I am asking everybody what’s your 2020 vision?
站在一个朋友 面对一个客户的角度 还有你们 很感激每个花时间来看这段视频的你们
And as a friend and as a client and someone that,you know I am proud that you would take some time out of the day to watch the video
我想要问你们同样的问题 如果你们问我的话
I wanna ask you the same thing,you know,so for me it’s kind of easy
In many 5 years I am gonna be 50 years old.
重要的是 年过半百了
And there’s something about the significance that zero,right?
But there’s also this thing that’s in the back of my mind that keeps saying
那些大目标 如果我努力去实现他们我就能影响很多人
You know if I set some big goals if I really go for it I can really impact a lot of people.
我能改变很多人的生活 到五十岁我就结婚27年了
I can change a lot of lives,em.. I am gonna be you know,that time married for like 27years
我的大儿子已经上大学了 小儿子快上完高中了
My first son will be off to college my younger one will be finishing his senior year.
你开始想象你想要的生活 开始想象你想要影响的人
You start to imagine that kind of life you want, you start to imagine the people you want to impact,
The people you want to touch the things you want to do.
然后我就开始在纸上写下 精神与健康 财务 交心的关系
So I just start to writing down health and vitality, financial,spiritual relationship.
社交 等等各种我想要改变的生活方面
Social, all the different areas in my life that I want to have an impact.
写着写着 从一个两个词 写到了一系列目标
And I just started writing down one or two word phrases and then a series of goals behind it
观众们 我想要以一种激进的方式告诉你们
I would just I would challenge you as a Tom Ferry show,a viewer as one of my coaching clients as a friend watching this.
我们 作为人类没有尝试去突破
That you know we haven’t tempt it as human beings,to totally,
Totally overestimste what we can do in one year
And dramatically underestimate how much we can accomplish in 5 years,
Or in ten years.
所以我想问你们 你们也许正在看这个视频 或者是晚一点才看的
So I would just challenge you know it’s like hey it’s May you are watching this video or maybe it’s later in the year you just checking out the show.
我要你们问自己 你们的2020计划是什么 问别人他们的2020计划是什么
I would really challenge you to ask yourself what’s my 2020 vision, start to asking people around you what’s your 2020 vision.
What do you want to accomplish in the next 5 years? I mean,
你想像那些昏迷病人一样 明白自己的人生就像
Are you gonna be that person in a coma,you know their entire life just
心电图上的 哔 哔 哔
人生都还没有过什么经历就啊 突然一下死了
You know those people like not a lot happen until Ah they die.
我们要设计我们想要的生活 让我们的生活向我们的计划靠近
We wanna design how we want our life to be we wanna our life to be by design,
你的2020计划是什么呢 告诉我吧 如果你听完这段之后产生了共鸣别忘了告诉我
So what’s your 2020 vision let me know. Let me know if that message resonates for you.
最后 我们已经讲了俄罗斯娃娃 我喜欢这个娃娃 布莱恩琼斯谢谢你啦
Now last thing on my list,we’ve talked about babushka dolls, I love that, I love that, Bryant Jones big shout out to you
All my team plus clients teams no flag,alright,
我们讲到Periscope 我觉得你今天就应该下载这个APP
We talked about Periscope, and I think you need to download that APP today, check it out
记得关注我 我也会关注你的 让我们看看用它的效果怎样
Follow me or follow you let’s just see what we do with it right?
人们习惯不见面 与其说是房地产行业的问题不如说是整个营销行业的问题
The epidemic or facelessness isn’t issue in our industry as in it’s for all sales marketing business,
And so we wanted to get it.
第三件事 你的2020计划是什么 最后 你想知道我是怎样成功的吗
Third thing obliviously,what’s your 2020 vision? And the last thing,you know how I’ve got this success coming up?
你可能听说过 成功学论坛就要开始了(导演 这段不要编辑)
Eh…success summit coming up,you probably heard about it,no editing.
八月十号到十三号 八月十号是TOM X
August 10 to 13, August 10 is Tom X
我们已经有超过两千人注册参加这个会议 希望你也加入我们
We have a little over 2000 people already registered, we would love for you to join us.
这是个很大的会议 大约有来自全球的4500个人参加
It’s a big conference of be about 4500 people there from all over the world,
We did sign them up from Brazil this morning so
来自世界各地的人都过来了 为什么
People showing up from everywhere why?
因为他们想要和最强的人在一起 如果他们参加过我们举办的任何一个会议 特别是这个会议的话
Cause they wanna hang out with the best people.and if you’ve ever been to one of my conferences especially this one
TOM X的第一天 我叫了一些超棒的人过来做分享 类似于TED演讲的形式
The first day Tom X I got all these insanely great people to get up and share sort of Ted talk style.
15 -20 minutes
创新的 商业的 营销的 听听你的同行都在讲些什么
Innovative,business,marketing,hear it from your peers
接下去的三天充满着机会 我自己 我的教练甚至是我的全部教练
And Then next 3 days is all opportunity myself,my coach account for all of our coaches.
To take all of the very best things practises,marketing strategy
Innovative approaches that all our clients are using.
我们将这些全部公开 放在这本工作手册里面 给你们
And we open it up and we give it to you in this giant work book.
And I walk you through the journey of penals talking about how their doing about me-sharing.
Bring in Gats Bigger.it’s extraordinary then.
希望你能加入我们 Zillow还想做一件有意思的事 我们来看看
So I’d love for you to join us and Zillow wants to do something kind of fun so check it out.
Zillow想来一次竞赛 我并不知道具体比赛细节 你们觉得怎样
Zillow has a little competition a little challenge I don’t know,I don’t even know about the details,how about is this.
你知道的 ZILLOW 和我们的伙伴关系已经持续很多年了 所以这可能会惹恼某些人 不过管他的
They just, you know,Zillow has been a partner for a long time that probably pissed off at least one person,so,get over it.
关键在于潜在客户开发 这才是阻挡你成功的
Right, it’s just about the lead generation,just get in the way man.
Zillow,Wilter,Trilia,you know,Zebow
Boomtown 钉钉 应该有钉钉吧
Boomtown,dingding.com is there a,there should be a dingding.com
这不重要 只要能帮助你拿下潜在客户 为更多的客户服务 这就是我想要的 我不会抱着浪漫主义想这想那
Who cares!just get the lead and serve more clients,that’s my mind set,right?I romantisize all that garbage.
没错这就是与ZILLOW的小竞赛 去Zillowpremiereagent.com/TomFerry上报名吧
Alright,Zillow competition if you go to Zillowpremiereagent.com/TomFerry sign off the whole deal you know
胜出者将会获得 机票钱 对吗Eddy 还有一张门票 还有什么吗
One of you is gonna win,air fare Eddy? and a ticket,and anything else?
还有住酒店 一会Eddy会现场跟大家讲 不然如果有Zillow的人在看就不好了
And a hotel,so we got a live from Eddy so in case somebody from Zillow is watching and we screw that up.
就一个晚上 一定要去报名哦 机票费 酒店 门票 我们都全包了
One night,you just gotta do it,so air fare hotel ,and your ticket to the event,that’s pretty cool
心动了吧 随便一提 你可是个幸运的人
So you might wanna take an advantage of that as well,by the way you are a lucky person,
你的2020目标呢?我能赢的 我觉得你应该把这句话记下来
And your 2020 vision,do you have it there? I win things all the time.I think you should have that on the list.
今天就到这了 谢谢你们 我有点太兴奋了 太多我想讲的了可惜时间不够
So thank you so much I know it’s gotta all off the board today but I got so many things I want to talk about but so little time.
将你们的观后感反馈给我哦 在脸书或者是推特或者INSTAGRAM上都可以
So give me some feedback. Coach Tom Ferry on Facebook,Tom Ferry on Twitter you can hit me up on Instagram
记得在Periscope上关注我 我也会关注你的
You can follow me on Periscope but I am gonna follow you back
And remember where are my little babushka girl
Don’t shrink down to those little people
Be the little one and hang out with those big big big big people
这样的话 没人能阻止你进步的脚步 谢谢观看
And then you will be unstoppable. Thanks so much for watching.
感谢观看 如果你喜欢我们的内容别忘了点赞哦
Thanks for watching, if you love what you are seeing here, then click the button below,
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