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如何给你喜欢的女生发信息 – 译学馆
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How to Text Girls You Like - What to Text a Girl to get a Date

嘿 朋友们 这里是实用心理学 在这个视频里
Hey guys,it’s practice psychology and in this video
Improvement Pill is going to be teaching us how to text girls with the intention of setting up a date
and don’t forget to check out his channel
if you enjoy a smooth voice and mesmerizing mentorship in the link below.
朋友们 这里是改进药丸
Hey, guys,Improvemente Pill here
对你们当中不了解我是谁的人来说 我经营一个类似实用心理学的频道
For those of you who don’t know who I am.I run a channel very similar to practical psychologies
今天 我们打算聊聊另一个非常流行的话题
Today we’re going to be talking about yet another popular topic
就是你们一直咨询的 如何给女孩子们发短信
that you guys have been requesting: how to text girls.
Nowadays, more and more people are communicating using instant messaging,
包括脸书通讯 照片墙 色拉布 当然还有过时的短信方式
this includes things like Facebook messenger, Instagram, Snapchat and of course good old-fashioned texting,
这就是为什么今天我打算给你们展示 什么是给女孩发信息的最有效的方式
which is why today I’m going to show you exactly what the most effective way of messaging and texting a girl is.
Especially if your goal is to start something more than just a friendship.
现在 在我们开始之前 我想解释清楚关于发短信的一些东西
Now, before we get started, I want to clarify something about texting.
Texting is not something you want to do a lot of.
事实上 你应该保持短信数量最小化
In fact, you should keep your texting to a minimum.
The number one goal of texting should be to set up a face-to-face interaction.
这是因为你给某人发的短信越多 就越让你看起来有很多时间
This is because the more you texting someone,the more time it looks like you have.
这样想吧 如果你是一个在生活中有许多事要做的人
Think about it this way.If you’re a guy who has a lot going on in his life.
你有很多计划要做 你有兴趣爱好去享受 你有朋友一起去闲逛
You have projects to work on you have hobbies to enjoy, you have friends that you hang out with.
你多长时间会回一次短信 不经常
How often do you respond to texts? Not often.
That’s because when you’re having a good time
当你享受生活时 你不会玩手机
when you’re enjoying life, you’re not on your phone.
因此 你给某人发短信越多你就越看起来像有很多空闲时间
So the more you text someone,the more free time it looks like you have.
你越有空闲时间 你越看起来像个屌丝
The more free time you have, the more of a looser you look like.
And girls are very keen to picking up on this.
非常有趣 一种非常奇怪的事发生了
Funny enough, a very strange thing happens.
When you stop responding to messages as frequently as you used to.
In fact, it’s happened to me multiple times.
我将要跟一个女孩交谈 她会说些东西
I’ll be having a conversation with a girl over to incident and she’ll say something
我会看一看 然后把话题转到我的生意上或者我面前的事物上
I’ll take a look at it and then get sidetracked on my business or what’s in front of me.
你看 四个小时后 这姑娘再次发信息给我 试着重新开始那个谈话
Lo and behold, four hours later, the girl messages me again trying to restart the conversation.
Why do they want to respond to the conversation?
好吧 是因为她们知道我的生活非常有意思
Well, it’s because they know that I’m somebody was a very fun life,
我的生活如此让人兴奋 感到有趣 以至于我全然不记得回复她们 她们想要加入进来
a life so exciting and fun that I honestly forgot to respond to them. And they want in.
They want to hang out with somebody like that.
好了 这个话题说得够多了 让我们聊聊实际的短信环境
Alright, so enough with that. Let’s talk about the actual context of texting.
Again, I want to emphasize that
the number one goal for texting should be to set up a face-to-face interaction.
This is mainly because attraction is most easily built in person.
你打算如何通过信息展示自信的身体语言 开玩笑地触摸她 和她拥有亲密的私人时刻
How are you going to display confident body language,playfully touch her and have an intimate private moment over text?
这是不可能的 你不能
It’s not possible. You can’t,
even if you’re extremely good at all three of those things,
但是你不亲自见到她 她决不知道你会这些
but you never meet up with her in person, she’ll never know that you have them.
第二个目的是跟她展示我很好玩 如果你很无聊 为什么有人会想跟你出去玩
The number two goal is to show her that I’m fun. If you’re not fun, why would anyone want to hang out with you
当然 学习这些最好的方法是有现实生活中的例子
And of caurse, the best way of teach these is a real-life example
So I’m going to pull a random interaction I had with a girl on Tinder,
which is something that I stopped using a long time ago.
因此首先我要做的是看看简介 百分之九十九的情况下你将不得不发出第一条信息
So the first thing I do is look at a profile. 99% of the time you’re going to have to send the first message.
Messages there are somehow related to her profile have the highest response rates.
我注意到她说我们仅仅是朋友 我打算就这一点跟她开个玩笑
So I noticed that she says friends only. And I’m going to tease her about it.
当发信息时我的心态变得有趣 能想出真正愚蠢的玩笑
My mentality when it comes to texting is to have fun and make really stupid jokes.
所以你能在这里直接看到 我抛出了个劣质小玩笑
So, as you can see right here, I throw in a cheesy little joke.
接下来我提出的问题是她来自哪里 这被称之为一个获得资格的问题
The next thing I bring up is where she’s from. This is called a qualifying question.
It gives me some information that I will need in order to meet up with her in person.
It gives me an idea of where our good spots that I can bring her.
It brings me one step closer to getting her number and meeting her face to face.
So the next thing you’ll notice me doing is talk about her work.
这里我要做两件事 首要我说的是她的工作很无聊
Here I’m doing two things. First thing I say is that it’s boring,
which shows her I don’t mind speaking my mind.
其次我要做的是抛出另一个获得资格的问题 涉及到当前的主题
The second thing I do is I throw in another qualifying question that is related to the subject at hand.
如果她的工作很无聊 她肯定会做些有趣的事 对吧
If her work is boring, she must do something fun. Right?
这带来两个问题 首要这让她处于需要证明自己的位置
This does two things. Number one is it puts her in a position where she needs to prove herself.
所以想想 噢 我不无聊 我做这个 这个很有趣
So, think, oh, I’m not boring, I do this and this were fun.
第二是它给我更多的信息 比如可以带她去哪儿
And number two is it gives me more information, as to where I can bring her.
如果她喜欢喝酒 我们可以出去喝一杯 如果她喜欢抽烟我们也可以去抽烟
If she likes drinking,we can go for a drink. If she likes smoking hookah, we can do that.
不管是什么它真的并不要紧 所以我发现她喜欢喝酒 我就这个揶揄她
Whatever it is, it doesn’t really matter. So I find out that she likes drinking, and I tease her about it.
因为她从技术上来说还很嫩 揶揄的幽默类型称作角色扮演
because while she’s technically under age. The type of teasing humor is called role-playing,
并且它非常强大 如果她选择配合的话
and it’s extremely powerful.If she chooses to play along with it which she does.
我另外开个玩笑 立即问她另一个获得资格的问题
I make another joke, and I immediately ask her another qualifying question.
这一个问题尤其重要 因为现在我离能约她出去只剩下几步远了
This one is especially important. As now I’m only a couple of steps away from actually hanging out with her in person.
And you’ll notice the pattern here I always say something that is fun,
and then I immediately ask a qualifying question.
我向她表明 我值得她出来
I show her that I’m worth hanging out with.
然后我采取行动让我们能够出去 她乐在其中 因为她实际上觉得我很有趣
And I make a move to actually get us to hang out. She plays along, because she actually thinks that I’m fun.
记住这个小建议 就是绝不要说你想做什么或你想要点什么的话
A good tip to keep in mind, is to never say things like “do you want to” or “would you like to”.
你想说句弗雷泽式的话 因此你建议一些你们两个都能做的事
You want a Fraser sentence, so that you’re suggesting something for both of you guys to do.
她仍然可能拒绝 她想去 但是这需要更多的信任
She can still say no. She wants to,but this portrays more confidence.
好了 她跟这个计划无关了
Okay, so she’s done with the plan.
我告诉她 在实际约会前一两天我会发信息给她
I tell her that I’m going to text her a day or two before the actual date.
并且我要来她的电话号码 在约会的前一天我才再次给她发信息
And I ask for her number which she gives me. I don’t text her again until the day before the date.
And the only thing I ask is “are you still coming”. And I also give
我也会给她细节 就这些了 期间没有更多信息
her the details. That’s it. No more texting in between.
因此你能看到我是怎么给女生发信息 我尽可能少的给她们发信息
So as you can see this is basically how I text girls. I text them as little as possible,
发信息最初的目的是建立面对面的交流 基本上就是约会
with the primary goal of setting up a face-to-face interaction,which is basically a date.
My other goal is to make sure that I sound as carefree and fun as possible.
朋友们 再说一次 我的名字是改进药丸
Again, guys, my name is Improvement Hill.
I run a channel similar to practice psychology.
If you guys are interested in learning more about getting girls like you. I suggest you
建议你查找下方的说明 在那里收看我的视频
check out the description below and watch my video there.