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如何正确地深蹲(健身动作) – 译学馆
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How to Squat Properly (MAJOR FORM FIX!)

怎么样 小伙伴们?
What’s up, guys?
Jeff Cavaliere
Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM.
Obviously, the squat.
Obviously a major focus of a lower body strength program.
Because it’s one the most functional movement patterns we do.
We do know that there are some checkpoints, though with the squat.
And I think that a lot of guys are overlooking one of the most important, and I’m want to
show you that today.
当我们做深蹲时 我们都知道肘部要弯曲 头要抬直
When we squat, we know that elbows should be tucked, head should be up, feet should
脚要在一条直线上 脚趾朝前我们蹲下去时膝盖便会向前伸
be on a line, toes pointed out, knees go out as we go down.
不久我将会做另一个视频 讲一种并不是适合所有人的深蹲方式
Now, I’m going to do a whole other video talking about how one squat position doesn’t fit for
好了 那个日后再说
everybody, ok, but we’ll get to that at a different time.
在这节课 即使我们知道那些要点
For this video, though, we know those points.
我希望向你们展示 甚至你把所有那些动作点都做对了
And I wanted to show you how even when you have all those checkpoints right, chest out,
对 挺起胸来
仍然有一个地方 你居然还是可能会做错
There’s still one thing that you could be doing dramatically wrong, and I’ll show you
how to fix that today.
现在我们随便拿一根棍子 把它放地上这儿
So we take any kind of a stick that we can put on the ground here, and we know that if
要知道 如果你想正确地做好深蹲运动 你身子要直
you want to squat, and squat properly, you should be square, right.
It’s like playing golf.
Anybody’s that ever played golf, they should be squared to the line.
So, my feet are square here.
我们再把脚趾伸出一点 好了 还是和直线保持一致的
We’re going to point the toes out a little bit, ok, still square to the line.
Whether your toes are straight ahead or whether your toes are pointed out, your feet are still
square and lined up on that line.
当我开始下蹲 膝盖又会伸出去 然后我蹲了下来
When I go down into the squat, again, the knees will go out, and I come down.
Head’s up.
Chest out.
肘部也弯了下去 对的
Elbows down, right.
Gluts engaged.
There’s still one major problem.
如果我拿着这个 我把它放我臀部这儿 好的
If I take this, and I put it up against my hips right here, ok, this has also got to
be square.
这样做应该也能保持身线一致因为我做到了 而且我的脚没有动到哪里
These should be square with this because I can do this, and my feet have not changed.
我只是让臀部放开了 但我的脚没有移动
I have just opened up my hips, but my feet haven’t changed.
如此我可以认为我身子是正的 因为我头抬直 胸挺起
So, I can think that I’m square because I’m facing ahead, my chest is ahead, my feet are
squared, my feet are level.
所有动作点都对 但我只是放开了臀部
Everything is good, but I’ve just opened up my hips.
小伙伴们 这种情况总是会出现 因为我们人本身是非常不匀称
And it happens all the time, guys, because we’re very asymmetrical people whether we
就算我们是整天都坐着 我们臀部四围的肌肉也是会长得两边不均衡
sit all day and we develop imbalances in the muscles around our hips,
又或者我们两腿长度有点相差 也会导致这种情况
or we have an actual leg length imbalance that will cause something like this.
But this torsion that’s going on here is a very common problem.
所以 如果我像这样旋转的话 会发生什么呢
So what happens is, in a really exaggerated way, if I were to turn all the way like this,
好了 完全夸张了
ok, complete exaggeration.
没有人会像这样 我试着蹲下
No one’s ever going to look like this, and then I try to squat.
Look what happens to the right leg.
The left leg goes down fine.
The right leg is caving in.
好吧 我们看到膝盖下边脚翻了出来
Ok, we got a valgus at the knee.
It’s looking like that.
这是一个对你的膝盖有害的姿势 特别是如果你在做深蹲的时候
This is a bad position for your knee, especially if you count up all the reps of squats that
you’re doing.
而且这样做蹲举时在相同位置也会引起伤害 小伙伴们
And this applies to dead lifts as well, guys, same position.
The same thing can happen up here at the hips.
You count up all the reps that you’re doing damage here at your knee, that’s going to
cause a problem over time.
所以 我们要做的就是保证我们这儿也要摆好动作
So, what we want to do is make sure that we’re squared off here, too.
How do you do that if it’s already something that you can’t perceive, and it’s already
而且适应了自己身体的 你会怎么办?
something that your body has adapted to?
Here’s one quick thing that you can try to do.
When you get up in your position here, I’ll put it down here first.
如果你是身体有点紧绷的那种人 还有另一种办法
If you’re the kind of guy who’s a little bit tight, it could be the other way, too, but
这样子吧 你不知道自己是否有点放开了
to demonstrate here, if you’re somewhat open,
如果你的脚是摆直的 但你的臀部好像有点放开了甚至你也不知道有没有放开 最好的办法是
if your feet are square, but you’re hips are somewhat open, the best way to check for that
and to make sure even if you don’t know you are, is to squeeze your glutes tight.
Just like that.
I squeeze my glutes together as tight as I possibly can.
What that does is it levels off the hips.
It will square them off.
我刚发现在做回到这个位置动作时 我的左臀肌需要用到更多的力量
I just found that by being back here, my left glute had a lot more work to do to get me
才使我恢复重心位置 好了
back to center, alright.
就这样 我收紧臀肌
So, I squeeze the glutes.
现在 从这里开始 好 那我下蹲开始做一次深蹲 然后这样我做完了一次
Now, from here, ok, then I go down into my rep, and then I come out.
在我做另一次之前 我再次用力收紧臀肌
And before I go another rep, I squeeze those glutes again real tight just to make sure
以确保我没有往后倒出界线 好了
that I didn’t fall back out of line again, ok.
我就停在这儿 然后再下蹲
But I stay here, and then down.
And then up and through.
And the same thing can happen and apply to a dead lift as well.
下蹲 起身
You go down, you come up.
蹲举时会更容易点做到这个 因为它是蹲举中一个很自然的部分
It’s a little bit easier there because it’s a very natural portion of the deadlift to
come up and actually squeeze, follow through with your hips.
但是在深蹲时 很多小伙伴就会一下子起来了 就好像是刚好逛到这儿
But on the squat, a lot of guys will come up and kind of hang out right here which looks
看起来很好 显得你很屌似的
good, it looks like you’re at the top.
但你的身体并没有真正完全地伸展 而完全伸展
But you’re not really fully extended, and that full extension is going to set your hips
会让你的臀部平稳摆正 这样一来现在才是所有动作都到了点子上
properly so that now everything’s in line.
送多个小贴士给你们那些有玩高尔夫的人 此乃绝招
A little Bonus Tip for you guys that do play golf, that is a major issue.
你放好球对准了线 那就旗开得胜了
You set your alignment up, there’s the flag.
You’re here.
Everything’s good.
The hips are open.
Likely, you’re going to come over the top and probably either slice the ball or whatever.
But you have to be lined up no matter what it is you’re doing.
And especially when it comes to the gym.
你应该做有用功 使你达到强身健体的效果
You want to be doing reps that are quality that have you in the right biomechanical alignment,
否则 你会长期遭受关节问题 疼痛 不舒服等问题的
or, you’re going to cause joint problems, pain, discomfort, all that stuff, for a long
所以啊 你要确保自己把动作做对了
So, you want to make sure you set yourself up right.
那现在你知道怎么做啦 小伙伴们
So, there you have it, guys.
再说一次 这个贴士 是我要煮的健身毒鸡
This tip, again, this is where I put on my physical therapy hat, and I try to show you
我试着让你们从生物学的角度看到 一直做错误的事儿会如何导致更大的问题
guys from a biomechanic standpoint, how doing the wrong things can actually lead to bigger
不要只记得追求你的力量层级 而要真正遵从你的身体 你的身体都知道
Forget just in your strength levels, but really to your body.
经过了一定时间 通过你的身体机能的运行情况 它就会开始有明显的表示了
Over time it starts to have major implications on how you function.
因此 我就做了这些视频出来给你们啦
So, I got to get these videos out there to you as well, and I think now that we have
我想现在有了我们的第三个视频了 广告插的漂亮吧哈哈
our third video, it kind of slots in nicely.
I’m able to give you guys sort of that PTS video to help you.
但再说一次了 你看见了 只是臀部之间一点干扰罢了 别怕
But again, you can see, just a small tweek in the hips,
我还会告诉你 怎样做会不止能修正一些你们自身所有的生理缺陷
and I’ll tell you, will it not only just correct some of these biomechanical flaws you have,
but it’s going to allow you to lift more weight.
这会让你更强壮 因为你的身体现在会按它想要的方式运行 呢
It’s going to allow you to get stronger because you’re body’s now working the way it wants to.
小伙伴们 让我们把科学回归到力量里 再一次 不夸张 只为一个目的
Guys, we put the science back in strength, again, not to be flashy, but to do this for
就是让你们都更强壮 更灵活和更爱运动
a purpose, to make you guys stronger, more functional, and athletic.
如果小伙伴们想要获取一个完整的课程来达成这个目标 这就是ATHLEANX系统健身训练课
And if you guys want a complete program to help you do that, that’s the ATHLEANX Training system.
And you guys can get that at ATHLEANX.COM.
同时 让我知道你们是否喜欢这些视频课吧
In the meantime, let me know if you like these types of videos.
What other problems are you dealing with?
What would you like to see me cover?
Leave that in the comments below.
还有呢 一如既往 如果你喜欢这个视频并觉得有用 也点个赞哟
And as always, if you like the video and found it helpful, a thumb’s up, too.
好了 小伙伴们 几天后我会再回来
Alright guys, I’ll be back here in just a couple days.